FF: KIDNAP 2 - An Sequel[Promo on page 25] (Page 3)

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Now wat hapnd to FANAA???
Anyways this update was very good.

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Awesome Preeti! And Congrats too! Looks like we going to have lots of action in this story! Quite like Krishna as the Tough Guy!!! Looking forward to the next part soon! Take Care! 

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piyarapiyari IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 1:02pm | IP Logged
all the best for ur exams and love ur ff

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ssshh Goldie

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 7:31am | IP Logged

nice updateSmile,poor pratShocked,but its destinyLOL.

i think krishna is a clam but dangoursConfused.i miss ur Mr cockroachLOL ,i hope he will be part of this ffBig smile.
waiting ur next updateSmile.

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Aziya IF-Rockerz

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finally u back with an update..that too my fav story ke sequel!!!!!!!wow!!in the first update itself,Pratigya was kidnapped by Krishna.....i read it yday night itself but fell asleep with mob in my rushed to comment here.....ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
i jz started lubing this story nw itself.......!!!!!!impatient to knw wats gonna happen nxt.......nw update karbo na jaldi?
n all the very best for ur exams beta...
u lub Karan......i lub Arry

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wow !!!! nice update...looking forward for the next update.... 
best of luck for ur exams...

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Part 2 


The next morning dawned with lots of anxiety in the rashtrapati bhavan. There had been no news about her and everyone was worried. Sham saxena hadn't slept the whole night. They all were waiting for the phone to ring and any news of the president's daughter to come. Naina had also come downstairs n was waiting for the phone to ring. She too was worried sick about her daughter. The colour of her face had faded and she looked pale and sickly.  One of the policemen entered with a worried expression. On seeing him sham stood up, thinking he had some sad news. The man spoke "there is a women to see you".

S: I said I'm not giving interviews to the media

Man: no shes not a reporter. Its more serious than that.

S: what?

Man: there has been not one but two kidnappings

Sham looked in shock as an middle aged women entered from the door. She had her eyes red from crying and her clothes indicated that she was poor. She had dark circles below her eyes and when she entered the whole room went into silence. Who was she? How was she related to the second kidnapping? Who was kidnapped? On seeing the president, she fell at his feet and began crying bitterly. Sham was confused but he asked for someone to bring water as he lifted the women up.

S: tell me whats wrong?

W: my daughter……my daughter…….*crying*

S: your daughter. What happened to her?

W: she hasn't returned home since yesterday.

S: Whose her daughter and how is that related to my daughter's kidnapping?

Man; her daughter use to work as one of your kitchen staff. And sir…..

S: what???

Man: sir I asked all your servants. They said that her daughter hasn't been seen since your daughter's car left the gates. Maybe your daughter took her along with her.

S: but its not necessary she disappeared with my daughter.

W: where would she go then? she left home to come to work then I haven't heard of her.

Man: I confirmed with your servants. She was here till yesterday morning but the watchmen at the gate say he hasn't seen her leave.

S: oh my god. You mean even her daughter was in the car.

Man: I think do sir.

W(crying): what will I do now? She was our only bread earner. My daughter…..


Krishna was watching the news. It had the same news about the kidnapping of the president's daughter. But this time they were flashing photos of her, saying that if any one has news of this person please contact. The photo gave Krishna a jolt. He stood up in anger and walked down in anger. As he reached the room he banged it open and entered. Pratigya on seeing him she scrambled away in a corner. He came in and caught her wrist. She didn't like the look he had in his eyes. he pulled her up and dragged her out of the room. He threw her in one of the rooms and locked the door shut. She edged back in fear. He made his way to her and put his face inches to hers. She shut her eyes in fear. He pointed at the still running tv and yelled "whose that?"

P: d..d…d…president's daughter.


P: p..p…pratigya

K: I didn't ask your name….i asked …..uuufff forget it. the baseline is you arnt her. if I hadn't killed that driver I would killed him right now.

Pratigya weighed the chance she had to make a run. He was standing between her and the door. But if she was lucky enough she could make it to the door and then run. But another thought struck her, he had men all around. She wouldn't be able to get away. Krishna was meanwhile banging his fist on the wall, angry at having his brilliant plan soiled by some crackpot driver. He noticed her looking beyond at the door.

K: if you think you can get out think again. It won't be possible there are men all over and even if you are lucky enough, you won't get home. You are far from delhi anyway. So just stay out of my way till I figure out what to do with you.

P(scared); what are you *gulp* going to do?

K: when I figure that out darling I will surely tell you. now who are you anyway and what were you doing in the car?

P:  well I work at the rajpati bhavan.

K: you're a servant there?

P: yes

K: aaah right. So can you tell me where the president's daughter is?

P: I don't know

K(angry): you don't know????? I have other ways to make you say the truth if you u prefer that.

P(scared): I'm saying the truth. I don't know. She …paid me to sit in the car in her place.

K: SHIT!!!!!!!

He stood up and barged out of the room in anger banging the door. The door shut with a huge bang that scared pratigya then opened wide again. Pratigya sat afraid in the corner. What would happen to her now? Now they knew she wasn't the president's daughter, in short of no use to them. What would they do to her?


It was maybe hours after which pratigya dared to venture out. That man hadn't returned nor had anyone else. The door was open but she was scared to go. she first peeped out, there was no one in sight. She stepped out and walked down the corridor. It was very quiet and she feared someone would appear suddenly. As she passed by one of the doors she noticed light in it. she peeped in and found it to be empty. There was a plate of fruits on the table and no one around. She hadn't eaten in hours and her rumbling tummy indicated that she was hungry. She decided to venture in and sample the fruits; hopefully no one would find her. but as she bit into the apple a door on the other side of the room creaked. She stepped back in fear then ran quickly and hid behind the sofa. She heard the room door click close and someone moving around. She was afraid to see who it was but she peeped just a little. To her surprise, she found that man who had yelled at her a few hours ago wrapped in a towel. He was un wrapping his towel. She closed her eyes in embarrassment and sat stiff behind the sofa. A minute later, she heard a voice "what are you doing here?" she opened her eyes and then stood up in shock. The man stood right before her in jeans and his chest bare which had tiny water droplets. His hair was wet too. she edged away in fear muttering "I'm sorry…I'll go". He caught her hand and pulled her near to him. she could notice he was looking at her and this made her uncomfortable.

K: what were you doing here?

P: I…..i….was hungry and I saw….those fruits..

K: so you decided to have them without asking?

P: no  I mean I'm sorry. I didn't know you were…i..

He left her hand and went to the table he picked up the plate and shoved it in her hand.

K: have it.

He moved away and headed to the mirror to comb his hair. She didn't know what to do. should she go or stay. Her inner voices said go. Locked in a room with a half naked man wasn't a pretty situation. She moved slowly to the door and unlocked it. as she turned the handle he spoke, frightening her.

K: don't go venturing out of the front door, its no use. Nor are you in delhi or miles near civilization.

P: where are we?

K: jungle. And ya maybe a lion or two may like you for dinner so stay in only.

She turned the handle and opened the door. She walked out and down the corridor looking back every 2-3 seconds but he wasn't following her. She reached the end of the corridor and recognized the room there to be the store room where she had been held.  There were no men there and the door was open. She turned around and headed along the corridor again. She passed that room again and caught a glimpse of that man exercising with dumbbells. She moved away quickly, she didn't want him to catch her watching him. As she walked down, noises increased. There were voiced of men singing in a drunken voice. The door of that room was open and she could see several men some had bottles in their hand while others with empty bottles rolling near their feet. They all looked drunk. She was afraid to pass by the wide open door, fearing any of them to see her. as she peeped again she caught the eye of one of the men who screamed to the others. A minute later she was dragged in and thrown in the middle of the room. Some of them were laughing, others eyeing her from top to bottom. She watched the eyes of all those men fear gripping her. they had surrounded her and she couldn't even make a dash for the door. One of them spoke up "come on sweetheart dance. Make our night jolly." Another one cheered, while some began hooting. She just clutched her duppatta and watched all those face in fear. One bent and caught her arm "get up and dance". She pushed his hand off. Getting up she tried pushing the two men who were between her and the door. But they didn't budge but instead pushed her to the floor. Her duppatta fell off and she tried to catch it but the first man caught it and began waving it. "you want it. come take it". he threw it to the next person and then to the next. They were enjoying playing with her duppatta. She was getting scared as the minutes passed. They were all drunk and she couldn't trust their intentions to be good. Tears filled her eyes, one of them joked "look shes crying, poor baby. Here come to papa". All laughed. One of them touched her inappropriately. She screamed loudly. They all were laughing again but suddenly stopped. The cause of this silence stood at the door in jeans only. He looked around in irritation then noticed her crying in the centre.

K: what is happening here?

Man: nothing sir. We were just having fun.

K: ya that I can see. By troubling her?

Man2: but boss you only said she isn't the presidents daughter. She of no use any way. We were just making her useful. *3-4 men laughed*

K; well men. Next time I find all you drunk you watch it.

He pointed his finger at all of them. then coming forward he caught pratigya's hand. She pushed it away.

K(angry): unless you want me to drag you out of here walk.

He caught her hand again and pulled. This time she didn't resist. Once out of the room she began crying bitterly. He stopped in between and left her hand.

K(irritated): for god's sake don't cry.

P: I want to go home.

K: and I want to go to America. Now get into any room you fancy and lock it. everyone is drunk here as you saw just now.

Unexpectedly, she put her hands around him and cried over his shoulder. At first he lightly pushed her off but seeing she was too upset he let her cry. Few minutes later, he patted her.

K: ok crying over. Leave me.

But she still didn't leave him. she was just too scared and upset.


He poured a glass of water and offered it to her. They were sitting in the room where pratigya had initially come. She was scared at first but then she thought it was either them or him. whats the difference they all were one and the same. Krishna took a jacket which was lying on a chair and gave her.

K: wear it.

She took it and put it around her shoulders. As she sipped the water slowly she was silently watching him. but he didn't seem to be interested he was typing something on his mobile. She thought a phone?? She could call help. But this time too he read her thoughts. He looked up from his phone and with a smile said "if you are planning to use this phone to make a SOS call then remember I'll drag you back to those people and leave you to your fate so don't dare touch my phone". She looked away in nervousness. He continued typing and then set it down on the table right in front of her.

K: do you even know how to call?

P: you press the number keys.

He picked up the phone and turned it. it was a touch screen.

P: where are the numbers?

K(amused): you don't even know how to operate my phone. But the threat still stays even if you use mobiles belonging to any one here. Get it?

P: my mother. She must be worried.

K(smile): not my problem is it? what do you want me to do call you mommy and tell her, her daughter is ok?

P: just one call please


He stood up and walked away. She stood up immediately; she was going to leave the room. She didn't trust anyone here. She sneaked out and ran down the corridor. She reached the storeroom where she had been previously locked she entered it and slammed the door shut. But to her luck, there was no key in the lock and she couldn't lock the door. As she turned she noticed,


"guess whose back????"LOL

Part 3


She noticed Mr. Cockroach running across the floor, which then flew and climbed upon her dress. Jumping in fright, she opened the door and ran down the corridor yelling. Krishna who on hearing the scream had walked out of his room, crashed into a running pratigya.  She knocked him down and fell right on him. Her hair spread all over his face and some managed to enter his nose. The tickling sensation caused him the sneeze. Pratigya rolled away in fright and stood up. Krishna seeing that she was off him sat up too. Then giving a sneeze again, he stood up. he caught pratigya's arm and pulled her into the room. He looked at her in anger and asked "what's the drama for?". A scared pratigya mumbling at first spoke out "cockroach".

K: where?

P: it was on my dress.

K "so why are you yelling its only a insect".

P: I'm scared of cockroaches

K; don't be sissy it's only an insect.

But unknown to both of them, the cockroach who had been on pratigya's dress and climbed upon Krishna's jeans when they both had fallen down. It was now climbing up his jeans. Pratigya noticed it and yelled.

K: shut up…..yelling 4 an insect who is god knows where by now.

P: its on you.

K: where?

He saw it there and yelled loudly trying to brush it off. It flew away and landed on pratigya's feet. She screamed and climbed up on the bed. krishna irritated by now took a newspaper rolled it into a roll and ran behind the fleeing cockroach. Pratigya watched in fright, she didn't want the cockroach to fly on her again. But clever Mr. cockroach had hidden himself somewhere and Krishna couldn't find him. throwing the paper down, he turned to pratigya.

K: its gone. Now get down from my bed.

P: sorry. *getting down* are you sure hes gone?

K(sarcasm): ya I called the cockroach and asked him. he told me hes in the next room.

P; sorry.

Walking with her face down she made her way to the door. But before opening the door she turned,

P: are you going to kill me?

K; what??

P: you said you were going to think what to do with me. are you going to kill me?

K: what use would that be to me? No.

P: then?

K: I don't know. Havnt thought about it. I have more important issues like finding the president's real daughter.

P: finding??? She would be at her home only.

K: she isn't she disappeared the same day that we brought you here.

P: means she went away?

K: yes. Everyone still thinks she was kidnapped. So shes missing.

P: I could help you to find her.

K: how?

P: I work there so I could maybe u knows find some clue to where she went in her room or something.

K; wow what a plan. So I should let you go to poke around in her room. You think im that stupid to free you and you set the police force on me?

P: no I really will help. Why do you want to kidnap ma'am?

K: none of you business. I have my reasons

P: i promise I won't tell anyone about all this if you let me go.

K: wow so you are so trustworthy?

P: I don't lie

K; how cute?

Pratigya turns away and walks out. She knew she had lost; he wasn't going to let her go. then she turned again and rushed in with a excited expression. Krishna upon seeing her looked irritated.

K: I said once I am not letting you go. don't you understand?

P: I think I know where she went.

K: okay. Lets believe you for a minute. Where?

P: I heard her talking to someone on the phone saying she will come soon. 

K: who?

P: well a friend…u know that type of friend.

K: a friend right????

P: that type friend.

K: what type?

P: a boy u know

K: boyfriend??

P: yes. She even told him that words and did that too on the phone.

K: did what?

P: that.

K: if you don't say properly I'm going get really angry

P: I cant say what she said.

K: fine write it down.

He passed her a notepad and a pen. She looked at him then scribbled something. H took and much to his dismay it was in hindi. He looked up and pratigya who seemed embarrassed.

K; cant you write in English.

P: no… my English is not that good.

K: great. Well you better read it as my hindi is not quite good.

P: I cant say that. I cant.

K; why not?

P: I cant.

He caught her arm and looked into her eyes. she looked away scared and tried removing his hand. He whispered "say it". she shook her head. He tightened his hold on her hand. She looked into his eyes with tears in hers pleading him to leave her. The arm was paining and she was feeling embarrassed at being held so close by a man. Seeing she had no other choice she said it very softly.

K: didn't catch you. say it a bit louder.

P: she said I love you and kissed the phone.

K(amused); what???? And you were creating a scene to say just that.

P: hmmmm

K: ok did she name that guy?

P: yes but I don't remember it. it was a funny name.

K: right… she it seems she ran away with some guy and paid you to sit in the car in her place leading to this whole mess-up.

P: yes.

K; okay so. I have a new plan now and If you help me, I'll set u free.

P: what help?

K: just do what I say ok.

He turned to go when she asked in a small voice "what will I have to do?'

K: I'll tell you tomorrow. Good night.

She walked out and watched him slam the door shut. As she walked down the corridor she felt a heavy feeling in her heart. What was he going to make her do? she feared the worst. As she passed by one of the rooms she noticed it had a key hanging in it lock. She went in and discovered it had food items stored. She didn't care as long as hs ecould lock her self safely in. she closed to door and locked it.


Morning she was woken up by angry voices. They were quarrelling about something.

Man1: you had the key yesterday.

Man2: yes but I left it in the lock

Man1: but now the key is missing and the door is locked. Who are we to open it.

K: break it down. What else?

Man2: yes boss

They were thuds at the door as they tried to break it open. Frightened pratigya huddled in a corner. The door broke open and a man stepped it. as he entered his eyes fell on her.

Man2: look boss what I found?

K; a rat, a cockroach whatever it is kill it and go find that girl.

Man2: boss its that girl only.

Krishna peeped in and on seeing her gave a relieved look. 'great' he said and walked in. he caught her hand and pulled her up. she was scared to resist him so she just followed him out and down the corridor. He led her into his room and made her sit. He then brought a tape recorder and said "when I press the button scream like anything get it?".

P: why?

K: don't ask questions just do it.

P: I cant just scream…

K: close your eyes imagine yourself in that room and scream like you did yesterday.

P: I cant…

He stooped down and looked at her with his face inches from hers. She moved back in a hurry. He blinked his yes at her and continued " do you want me to create similar circumstances of yesterday to motivate you to scream??". Pratigya looked frightened at the tone he had used. He use to use this tone when he threatened anyone. He never use to raise his voice but in a calm voice deliver a threat. She took a deep breath then replied "no….i'll try to scream". He stood upright and answered "good". Putting the tape recorder near her mouth he pressed the button. At first she was surprised but then suddenly began screaming like anything. Seconds later Krishna shut the device but she still hadn't stopped screaming. He was going to yell at her when he realized why she had screamed. Mr. Cockroach was sitting on his shoulder waving his antennae around. Krishna brushed it off, pratigya climbed up on the sofa with her legs up watching the cockroach. Krishna's work was done so he left pratigya to the mercy of Mr. Cockroach.  

Chalo ab commentAngryLOL

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nyc chp dear....m happy Mr cocroach s bk....wat vil happen 2 Pratigya??waitng eagerly 4 nxt chp...update soon...ya dear pls update fanaa also....thanks 4 d thrillng chp....take care...luv u....

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