FF: KIDNAP 2 - An Sequel[Promo on page 25] (Page 16)

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Preeetiii. . .
U r finaly bk!Big smileyaay!!
Behoodi,u didnt pm me fr chap 13. .i misd dat as i ws away frm IF.n wen i receivd ur nxt pm,den only i realisd dat i misd d earlier my server came as villain agn!grr. .cudnt cmnt since d past few days. .btw,omg!wat al hav hapend?so k found p n komal didnt evn knw abt SS?wat?KP arrestd?hope ths wont lead to another big trouble. .nw jaldi jaldi update karbo na!
PS:im onlyn thru sorry abt d quick n short cmnt. .bt that doesnt mean that i didnt lyk it. I ws thoroughly njyng d 3 parts!waiting to read wat hapns next!

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nice update,thanks for pm

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Thanks for the quick updateLOL
K and p got arrestedCryShocked lot of twist!!!!
waiting for next update

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wow, brilliant FF, P and K got arrested great twist,
oplse update asap, desperate to read.,

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wow brillaint ff, good work, lovely, waiting desperately plse update asap, cant wait to know wht happen next.

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vaishali..... IF-Rockerz

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preeti...loved ur's different..there is always a new twist in ur other chapters...nice update...waiting for next chapter...Tongue

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Chp 14


Both pratigya and Krishna were locked in the police car ans whisked off to the police station. Once there the police inspector decided to interrogate Krishna.

I: tell me the whole story.

K gave a large smile and stared at him

I: I asked you something. ANSWER ME

K: if you have forgotten your law let me remind you. I am entitled to call my lawyer.

I: no I haven't forgotten. Go ahead call. Abe ganpat isse phone laga ke de

He turned to pratigya sitting on the bench behind looking scared. Krishna noticed it and continued "and till he comes here I would like you to stop questioning us both". The inspector gave him a frown and walked away to his desk. Pratigya began sobbing quietly. Krishna, who had just finished calling, got up and sat down next to her on the bench. He was almost going to put his hand around her and comfort her but then decided against it.

K: don't cry. It alright we will get out of here soon.

She looked up with tears at the edge of her eyes. he took out his hanky and asked her to wipe them. pratigya knew he was going to get out of this mess, afterall if he could so cleverly plan and undertake the whole kidnapping couldn't he just cover up his tracks. He wasn't going to be prosecuted, he would be free soon.


The lawyer appeared along with a person from Krishna's office confirming Krishna's story that he had been sent to Delhi on official business that was to overlook the construction site for the new office branch and send a report back. The man confirmed that he had been sending regular reports on the work progress, so in no circumstances would he have been involved in the whole fiasco. The inspector looked confused he opened his mouth to push the pratigya angle in but the lawyer spoke first. He had spoken with the girl's maasi, the girl was here just to work and it was coincidence that she ended up in this house. pratigya was hearing the whole cover-up story and then realized why he had been on the laptop all day. He couldn't let his office know he wasn't working. He probably had even slipped off and gone to the site and proved he had been there all along. Krishna was smiling on the other end of the bench; it had been so easy to volunteer for an office paid trip to Delhi. He had done his work also, and taken care of the kidnapping. He even didn't require going to the site everyday, a trip once a week was fine. It had all added up but the appearance of pratigya at the scene had spoilt it. He wouldn't have needed to come to the police station also if they hadn't seen pratigya.


Once out the lawyer and office representative disappeared leaving Krishna and pratigya waiting for a rickshaw. Pratigya said that she would go home on her own but Krishna reminded her that she had no money on her. Finally a rickshaw arrived, both sat in. the rickety rickshaw when up and down the uneven road causing both the passengers to continually bump into each other, pratigya fell uncomfortable. But soon it reached the main road and the bumping stopped. But fate had something else stored for them. The shiv sena followers (to the ones who don't know who shiv sena is, it's a political group in Maharashtra) who were revolting against something were back soon the streets creating havoc. Seeing a group of these followers walking down the street with banners, hockey sticks and god knows what else the rickshaw guy panicked, abandoned his vehicle and ran. Krishna seeing the danger caught pratigya's hand and pulled her out. They ran down the street and entered a alley. The end of the alley was a wall. Krishna looked back thinking should they go back and find another way. Then decided against it, he looked at the wall and realized it wasn't quite high, it was climbable. He climbed up on the garbage lying in the corner and exerting himself was soon on top of the wall. Pratigya was suddenly overcome with a feeling that he was going to leave her here. But he turned and offered his hand "come on". She put her leg over the garbage and both the hands in his hand. She lost her footings causing her to fall, also pulled Krishna who fell on top of her. She put her legs again and soon with a little help from Krishna was on the top. The other side of the wall was a garden surrounding a small house in the middle. Krishna jumped down and walked away before realizing she was still sitting on the top.

K: what are you sitting there for? Come. Jump

She looked at the ground then at him but was afraid to jump in the fear of getting hurt. Krishna came near the wall and touched her foot which was dangling from the wall.

K: Don't be a sissy. Jump or I will pull you. 

She could see the expression he had, he was serious. She closed her eyes and jumped, falling with a thump, but alas her foot turned the other way in the fall and she sprained her ankle. With a loud scream she sat o the floor holding her ankle. Krishna kneeled down beside her and touched her hand, with the intention of touching the injured ankle, she flinched. He removed his hand and stood up offering his hand to her, to help her stand. "lets go to the house probably someone there will help". pratigya looked up at the offered hand and soon put her hand in his. But as soon as she stood up, the pain returned, causing her to sit down again. Krishna took her arm and put it around his neck, for a moment she thought he was going to lift her. his other hand circled around her waist and he soon got her on her feet, balancing on him as she hopped on the other uninjured foot. The house door opened and a dog came running and barking. Seeing the large dog, pratigya grew scared and looked at her companion. He didn't look scared, he just stopped walking and stood still.

P(scared): Dog!!!!

K: it wont harm. It's a trained one. If we run, then only it will attack. Otherwise it will wait for its master to come.

P: are you sure?

K: if it bites you u can bite me too *smile*

Pratigya turned to the dog who had come near them and was barking angrily. Its master or in this case mistress, a middle-aged women appeared with a stick. On seeing the limp women supported by a man, she shooed the dog off. The dog ran back into the house.

W: are you hurt, my dear?

K: she sprained her ankle jumping over the wall.

W: why were you jumping over the wall???

K; there was those shiv sena supporter all over the road and we got trapped in that alley so we climbed over the wall.

W: oh those shiv sena people!!! Im so sorry Tony (dog) scared you. its just that it's a bit aggressive with strangers, once you get to know him, hes quite a darling.

P: *smile*

K: do you mind if we come in. she s hurt and I don't want to wander around the streets in this scenario.

W: oh of course. Please do come in.


Two mugs of warm coffee and a bit of iodex, soon pratigya was feeling better. The dog tony was lying in its corner with it chew toy. The women and her retired husband sat opposite them at the dining table. Adamant that the outside situation may not be safe, they insisted that Krishna pratigya stay the night. After lots of persuasion, Krishna agreed. Krishna tried calling home to inform that he was safe, but there was no answer. The man and wife offered a simple dinner but lots of comfort words.

Man:…………..i used to be in the army but then after I lost my foot in the war they sent me home. It is so boring at home. We don't usually have visitors.

W: oh man. Let them eat in peace you have been gobbling like a turkey.

K: no its okay auntie. So the Army???  Sounds interesting. I always loved their uniforms.

M: oh those were the days. The glory, the spirit of fighting for your country, the patriotism.

K(smile): you must be missing it all. So what did you do after it?

M: oh I did odd jobs. A bit of this a bit of that, but no real fun in them. later this iron leg started giving problems so I retired.

K: oh okay

W: oh my dear. You both havnt had your dinner only gabble gabble. Naughty boys both of you.

Pratigya smiled at the thought "Krishna a naught boy'. While the man taking offense gulped down the rest of the food silently. After dinner, pratigya offered to help clear the table and wash. But the women didn't allow her at all. She told her to take rest, her foot may be quite better in the morning. Soon Krishna carried her up the stairs as the downstairs bedroom belonged to the couple who couldn't climb the stairs and shift up as the man had a problem of ascending the stairs with his iron leg. While the women tucked pratigya in bed and left her to rest while the two men were debating on the army and their uniforms post-dinner downstairs.  


Later, pratigya stirred and saw a shadow over her. She switched on the bedside lamp to find Krishna bending over her.

K: sorry. Did I disturb you? I was just taking the pillow. *picking up the pillow from next to her*

P: what are you doing here?

K: urm there has been a misunderstanding. They believe us to be a couple, so they expect me to stay here with you.

P: b…

K: and before you ask me why I obediently came here let me tell you I checked the other room and it's a dirty store-room. I'll sleep on the sofa don't worry. *cheeky voice* But if you want I will curl next to Tony the dog downstairs.

P: no it's okay. Sleep on the sofa.

K: thanks

He threw the pillow on the sofa and climbed up on it. Then turning to her he said "I'm sorry you got dragged into all this".

P: its okay (not at all meaning it)

K: and the jumping over the wall. I didn't expect you to get a sprain. How is you leg now?

P: its fine. But if I move it it hurts.

K: you mind if I take a look at it.

P: no (thinking of no better answer to it)

He got up and approached the bed. he pushed the blanket up and touched the ankle. There was a swelling there. he pressed it a little and asked "is it paining?'

P: a little.

K: I think you need a doctor and a tight bandage over the ankle. Tomorrow straight I am taking you to the doctor.

P: its okay. I'll go home and put a bit of hot water bag on it. it will be okay.

K: no I insist you see a doctor.

P: I don't like doctors. I wont go.

K: stop being a stubborn child. What so scary about a doctor.

P: their syringe.

Krishna burst into a laugh. "You are scared of an injection. They won't poke you with it just for a sprain". Pratigya scowled. Krishna continued "you don't believe me? fine poke me with that syringe only if they give you a injection". The scowl grew bigger.

K: good night. *getting up and going back to the sofa*


The next morning brought in another surprise for Krishna and pratigya. The women was standing at the bedroom door when Krishna opened it. she looked angry and ordered both of them down pronto. Confused Krishna aiding a more confused and limping pratigya came downstairs and sat at the dining table. The women looked annoyed while the man had a twinkle in the eye. Krishna dared not ask what was wrong but waited for any one of them to speak.

W: so. Who are you both???

K: my name is Krishna and shes pratigya, I told you that last night. Why what happened?

M(with a smile): read this newspaper.

He shoved a oily and almost torn paper at them. It contained the article of the famous kidnapping but with a few words and arushi's photo missing the article seemed like Krishna had kidnapped pratigya only a month ago in Delhi, and was still at large. Krishna looked at the article and all around. Had they the same doubt that the police had, that he was the kidnapper? The man was smiling while the woman scowled.

M: it turned up in our rubbish can. My wife seems to be a bit upset about it. but its common now days isn't it?

Krishna and pratigya taught in their minds. What's so common about kidnapping and why was the man laughing at it? the woman spoke "you people have no respect. Jo maan me aata hai karte ho. Humph." She got up and went.

Pratigya looked at the man with a questioned look. He with a chuckle removed the whole confused atmosphere "she's a bit old fashioned. This running away from home an d all doesn't get into her right. She was always against this youngsters business."

Pratigya blinked in confusion while Krishna hit logic. He understood what conclusion this couple had come to from the half article. They had assumed that he and pratigya had run away from home together (probably because parents were against their union) and in response someone from pratigya's families had published an article claiming that he had kidnapped her. He smiled at the innocence of the couple.

K: well what can we say? It just happened.

Pratigya looked at both the men in confusion. She opened her mouth to ask but Krishna squeezed her hand under the table. she looked at him questioning, why did he stop her? the women returned with paratha and still annoyed "well I have breakfast ready, it none of my business any way what you people do. but I fell pity for your parents'.


After breakfast and with thanks to the hospitable couple, Krishna escorted a limping pratigya to the gate. He had told her when he had taken her to wash her hands, about the couple's conclusion. She was shocked that he went along with the story. She had half-a-mind to tell the women the truth but decided no. Krishna wouldn't let her do it. As she walked down the path to the gate she wondered what the future held for her. was this the end of the kidnapping fiasco or just the beginning?



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Aziya IF-Rockerz

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hru beta?
read the!KriYa out from  police station n that too by our chaalak krishna..Wink
LOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL...Pratigya jumped the wall n twisted her leg...ROFL..thanks to Shivsena people...WinkEmbarrassed
aww!!!it was so sweet of the old couple to arrange the nights stay for KriYa..that too upstairs..Wink..kam se kam,krishna carried her..WinkEmbarrassed
ehm ehm...KriYa on same room..uh huh!i guessed ryt..the couple misunderstood them to be husband n wife..
Krishna curling down with Tony,will be a cute scene to watch..ROFL they r heading twrds the sweet!Big smile...LOLu have made Pratigya to be scared of syringes..role reversal.LOL
gosh!this was the punch!ROFL
couple thinking that KriYa eloped from their home..LOL.the last thing in the world that Pratigya cud ever think of!but it was good that they didnt find out the truth from the newspaper article..otherwise,it'll another trouble on their way..
nw wats gonna happen next?are they gonna face further problems on their way to doctor?
plzzz jaldi jaldi update karbo na?n y r u not updating fanaa?it was moving rlly intersting n u stopped it there itself?
do i missed something?yes...Big smile

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