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Originally posted by serialmaniac

Originally posted by ninita

hi preeti...henryLOLd way krishna was telling pratigya 2 say sorry 2 henry was funny...
so 4m nw i cn c hens,ducks,cows toubling pratigyaLOL...
but my cockroach s d best & i miss him alot...he'll be backStar
nyc chp who s dis angel???? His wifeLOL m nt rdy 2 belive, so u hv 2 update 2 make me belive u...cum on update sooonnn dea 
waiting 4 d nxt chp...bye tak care...

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Chp 9

She noticed the photo frame.

P: your wife is very pretty.

K(absentminded): Thank you. I know she looks quite an angel


Her heart felt heavy now, so it was true that she was his wife. Means he was married, to someone else. But why should she border it was his life afterall. He could marry anyone he pleased. She looked down at the floor, not in a mood to continue talking. He picked up the photo frame and looked at it then glanced across the room at her. A wide smile broke upon his face, like something funny hit him. He cleared his throat just as she had to grab her attention. She looked up and noticed the frame to be in his hand.

K: were you talking about her? (pointing to the girl in the frame)

P: yes. Your wife isn't she?

K (laugher broke upon his face): My wife????? If she hears this she will kill you. Well I wouldn't mind it but she's presently married to someone else and ya it won't be possible in this birth.

P(puzzled): means????

K: this is not my wife but my younger sister komal.

P: your sister??? Oh I'm sorry I thought.

K: what a assumption!!!! *grinning*

Pratigya looked embarrassed but on the inside she was feeling relieved that that wasn't his wife. But that didn't confirm that he was single did it?? but should she risk asking she thought. But suddenly she thought of what he would say if she asked. He would again taunt her by replying in a amused voice that she was too curious. But presently curiosity was killing her. She didn't know why but she wanted to know if he was married or not. She thought of how should she frame her sentence such that the question would look genuine not desperate. Krishna's eyes were watching her and he could almost read her thoughts. With a mini smile to himself he answered her unasked question.

K: my sister she got married very soon to her college sweetheart. I know shes younger to me but she got married prior to me.

P: so you are married? *heart going dhak-dhak*

Krishna decided to play along for some time. He wanted to see her get more desperate for information. He paused for sometime before answering as if he was thinking. Meanwhile pratigya's heart was beating and her mind racing at what he would answer.

K: well'''..about me its like'..urm'well'..what do you think?

P: me??? I don't know.

K: take a guess. Do you think I'm married?

P: urm'yes. And you have a baby too. You talked to your wife last night. (hoping it was untrue)

K: last night? That was komal. She was reminding me about attending her son's name ceremony.

P: oh!!!!

K: again another assumption??? What else assumptions due you have?

P: none *embarrassed*'.urm you didn't answer my question.

K(innocent): what question? (he was enjoying the torture)

P: about'.well yourself.

K: what about me?

Pratigya was hesitant to ask again. She knew he would only taunt her more. It was better to not ask but her stomach had butterflies. She wanted to know. He smiled quietly at her desperation. Then, very innocently recalled the question "ok about if I was married or not?"

P: yes *bit her lip*

K: well about me''.*long pause*''''I'm''(pratigya crossed her fingers unintentionally)'..


But alas, some dumb man decided to appear at the door at that minute only to announce that arushi was acting all funny. Krishna got up and left. Pratigya watched him leave and see the door shut. Shit she exclaimed. Couldn't the guard come minute later? He was almost going to say it. Krishna reached the other end of the house and entered the room where arushi was imprisoned. She had been throwing a fit and had broken several things around the storeroom. The men there had overcome her and tied her once more. Krishna bent before her and spoke "what's all this drama?" arushi spat on his face. Anger boiled at 101 degree in krishna's brain. He wiped his face with a cloth and continued " if you don't stop acting funny, there are other ways to make you behave"

A: I am not scared of you all. You can't hurt me.

K: really?? And who said I wont. I don't care in what state you are as long as you are alive.

A(horrified): what do you mean??

K: misbehave and you will see what I mean.

Arushi debated whether to answer back or not. The man looked confident when he said he would carry out his threat. She feared what consequences he had spoken about. But her dear ego barged in and won the debate.

A: I don't care. I will never co-operate with you criminals. I'll ensure you people are behind bars as soon as I get back home.

K: and who said you are going back home? (All the  men also laughed)

A(shocked): what do you mean?

K: as long as your father fulfills my demand I need you alive but after that I have no use of you. So in short you return home alive, dead or worst isn't my problem.

A: you people are going to kill me???

K: if you piss us off maybe. If you co-operate then I'll think.

Arushi say the determination in his eyes. He wasn't lying. It was better to stay silent then to invite his fury. She shut her mouth and looked towards the ground. Krishna understood that he had won the battle. She had laid her weapon down and surrendered. He stood up with a sense of accomplishment and went out after instructing then men to report any more misbehavior to him. Arushi watched him leave with revengeful eyes. Let her get back home, she would get back with this man. When Krishna returned, pratigya was fast asleep on the sofa. He took a blanket from the cupboard and covered her with it then returning to his computer.


As correctly predicted by Krishna, the basement was checked by the CBI and after a unsuccessful search around they called sham saxena to report the bad news. Sham saxena sat down on the sofa disheartened. He had half hoped that they would find arushi. Sitting opposite him on the other sofa, nainaji read the expression on his face and started her ganga jamuna. Other developments that occurred were that another letter reached rajpati bhavan with the photo of the real daughter (arushi) and a letter. Everyone knew what the letter contained. Just one sentence: Release Sajjan Singh and on his safe return home your daughter will be released. This sent a wave of anger amongst the public and a new juicy bone for the media. There were nationwide protests that for the life of one person they couldn't put in harm the life of hundred others. This man was a dangerous criminal; they couldn't just see him free. The opposition party had a blast and was on an interview spree criticizing the president. The political system was in jeopardy. Sham saxena knew that once he would release sajjan singh then he would have to hand in his resignation but he didn't care. The daughter was more important than the chair.  The decision was taken and arrangements were in full swing. Once his daughter would return he would hand in his resignation and move away from the limelight for a while. He was to go back to Allahabad, his home town and settle their till all the hue and cry died down. Some time away from the media's eyes would be good. The pardon of sajjan singh was in process and a few days time it would be official.


Next morning, pratigya was woken up by maybe henry or some other cock yelling cock-a-doodle doo. She sat up and rubbed her eyes, the sun was falling right at her face throught the window. Krishna was fast asleep with his hands over his head. She noticed that her handcuffs were still on. But then an idea struck her. She pulled out a pin fromher hair and tried using it to unlock the handcuffs. At first it didn't work but suddenly it clicked open. She saw this as a chance to make a run for it. She stood up and walked to the door, watching at evry step if he had noticed her. He seemed to be very smart in reading her every thought and anticipating every mover of hers. He could be faking the sleeping act also for all she knew. When she reached outside the room she faced another boulder. The men. She would have to be careful that they don't spot her. But everything was so silent that she managed to reach the front door without any trouble. Unlaching the various locks on the door she stepped out into the courtyard. Was it accidently or intentionally but henry the cock was back cock-a-doodling near her leg. W*F At first she jumped then seeing it was only a red cock she smiled and yelled shoo to it. but the stubborn cock refused to shoo away. It stood there arrogantly as if it was waiting for its apology. Pratigya then with a smile said sorry to it, thinking what would he(Krishna) say if he knew she apologized to the cock. The cock accepting the apology shooed away to peck someplace else. Pratigya debated where to go now. Onme of the farmhands came whistling with a cow behind it. pratigya rushe deto hide before he spotted her. The cow and the man disappeared but another passed by making his way to the henhouse to collect eggs. All the hens rushed out for their morning feed. In a juffy the courtyard was covered by hens pecking around. Pratigya decided to make a dash from here before anyone spotted her. One side of the way was covered by the hens so she ran to the opposite side.


Meanwhile, Mr Cockroach who had by mistakenly been packed away when the men were packing to come here, squeezed out of the bag in which he had been packed, and rushed out of the door. Walking down the corridor he studied his new surroundings. He crawled under one of the doors and entered the storeroom where arushi was locked. Arushi had had an uncomfortable night and was half asleep and half awake. Seeing the cockroach in front of her she gave a blood curling scream. Krishna woke up with a jerk. Hearing the scream he ran out of the door without noticing that pratigya wasn't there. Unlocking the store room he rushed in followed by 2-3 sleepy men. Arushi yelled "cockroach". irritated Krishna turned around and walked away leaving arushi to Mr. Cockroach's mercy.


Pratigya managed to get a bit far from the house but was almost seen by another farmhand. To avoid getting caught she rushed into the nearest gate without knowing what it led to. Soon she was standing in mud and dirt much to her annoyance. The farmhand headed right to the gate in which she had run into. She ran across the mud to reach the other side but tripped over a pink creature rolling in the mud. The creature looked at her and said "oink". Pratigya stared at the pig and would have almost shrieked if the gate hadn't opened. The man peeped in then closed the gate and walked out again locking it behind him. Another pig wobbled her way and oinked.  A baby peeped from under the mud right beside her but was too afraid to say oink to her. She got up and raced to the gate all covered in mud. she streached her hand out of the gate to unlock the latch but her hand couldnt reach it. a pig came to smell her feet. she jumped in fright, she then decided to climb over the pig sty gate. she succeeded in climbing over. Next she ran into the horse stable, as again some farmhands were on the move. She cursed her fate as there seemed to be men everywhere she tried to run. A man walked in smoking a pipe from the stable entrance. She had no other place to run out from as it seemed there was only one entrance. She saw an empty horse stall so she hid in there. But alas another man who had taken a horse on the morning run brought him back. The horse was sent back into his stall, the very stall where pratigya was hiding. Now pratigya was stuck at the rear end of a horse.  

  See the horse who got pratigya stuck in his stall.




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hi preeti...hw r u?
paavam pratigya cud nt get d answr 4m krishna...
i think ma sweet cockroach s hvn nyc tym wid arushiLOL...
evn pratigya s hvn nyc tym in d farm wid the animals there
dat was vry sweet of pratigya 2 tell sorry 2 henry hahhaha...& i hope evn dis tym krishna cums b4 pratigya tries 2 leave 4m d chp..
i always luv 2 read ur ffs nyc thrillng,kidnapping goonda ffs

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nice update.
update soon

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nice chap...waiting for the next one:)...

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nice chp dear, update soon
Mr.cockraoach is backClap I hope even this time pratz will be caught by krishu
n try 2 give a maha update like maha episode

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Pratigya's eyes buldged out in shock Smiley as she gazed accross the room. When the door had opened she had expected him(krishna) to walk in. She knew she was being released today as he had told her she and arushi ma'am were soon going as whatever his demands were had been fulfilled. but instead before her at the door stood the notorious criminal Sajjan Singh. He too saw her and developed a confused expression Smiley. Wonderng if the president's daughter was arushi, who was locked in the storeroon then who was she. At that precise moment krishna entered, saying "Dad". pratigya looked shocked Smiley



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I missed so many chapters..

chalo theek hai..

me off to read...

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