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Chapter 21: Paneer Tikka, Biryani and Cupcakes.

 I looked at myself in the mirror one last time. Although I was dead tired after the wedding the previous night, I was yet excited.

Probably because Armaan was coming. 

The wedding had been a total grand affair, and Abhi being Punjabi, it had been a complete package with the clichd din. Nonetheless, it had been enjoyable. What had been all the more hilarious, was Nikki laughing her way through the entire 'bidaai' ceremony. I laughed as I remembered how she had rolled her eyes looking at her Mum bawling her eyes out, and her Dad getting emotional too.

"Mum, Dad, I practically used to stay at Abhi's anyway! And I've stayed away from you guys for 3 years! 3 years! At least I'm in town this time!" Nikki tried pacifying her mother, who glared at her annoyed at her insensitivity. But well, that was Nikki!

As she happily drove away with Abhi, I wondered what would happen during my wedding. But then I thought about what would Armaan's wedding be like...Nah, too much of pain involved, Riddhima, change the topic now, my heart advised me.

But I still couldn't help it...Loving him came so naturally, that no amount of heartbreak could destroy that love, not to mention, I began to wonder how in the world I hadn't noticed that before! In fact, in spite of all the hurt he was putting me through for which I was partly responsible by the way, I was actually joyous when I realized we matched for the wedding. We were both dressed in the same turquoise shade of blue ' my favourite. Even my heart break could not kill that teenage kind excitement. It felt like I was in love for the very first time...

Who am I kidding? Of course I'm in love for the first time! I've never felt like that about anyone! But could it be love if it wasn't meant to be?

The doorbell rining downstairs broke my chain of thoughts and I took in a deep breath before stepping out of my room.

"Could you get that?" My mother smiled at me from the kitchen and I nodded.

Smiling, I opened the door to see Andrea's over-excited face in front of me. Who called her tonight? Armaan surely did not have the permission to invite someone to my house. Especially someone I don't like. Of course, I don't really care he's engaged to that particular someone! ' Strike One!

"Hey!" I gritted my teeth and greeted her anyway, as I saw Rhea and Armaan behind her.

"Hey!" Rhea came forward to give me a hug, and to my utter shock, so did Andrea. Ah, since when were things happening according to my expectations anyway?

"Come on in!" I looked at Armaan expectantly, expecting a hug as he walked in, but he just said a cheerful 'hi' and walked right past.

Shutting the door, slightly disgruntled, I followed them where I saw him giving a hug to Mum and Dad. I looked around me, trying to find any sharp object which would just go through and through his body! ' Strike Two!

My blood boiled when I heard him refer to Andrea as 'my fiance', and I resisted the urge to kill her right then and there.

"Toh Armaan, aagey kya karna hai?" I rolled my eyes at the typical Dad question which my Dad had thrown at him.

"Um, I plan on doing cardio, plan on applying to a few universities, but I'll get to know only after graduation...I've at least kept the applications ready." Armaan smiled.

"And Rhea's still got a long way to go...And uh, Andrea'" He looked at Andrea.

"I'm planning on doing GP uncle." Andrea smiled at Dad, and thankfully, my Dad was done with his interrogation after that.

"Armaan, engagement kar li, and no news from you or your father! He's forgotten his best friend!" My Dad laughed, while I rolled my eyes at his lame jokes. I thought of ways to distract him from the engagement topic. Maybe I could smash a vase.

"Arre Uncle, I had said no...I mean it's not official yet even, and besides, it was Nikki's wedding...And waise bhi, it's nothing big, we aren't even planning on getting married anytime soon...Just a commitment." Armaan smiled apologetically and squeezed Andrea's hand and I scowled. So what there was gonna be an official announcement as well?

"Oh! Toh official sagaai mein toh humein bulaoge na!" My Mum laughed, while I begged God to let the Earth swallow me rather than facing this embarrassment!

"Yep, mostly right after grad..." Armaan and Andrea looked at each other and smiled.

So great, I wasn't attending graudation. Armaan would hundred percent make me stay for his so-called official engagement if I went to Cali for graduation.

"Graduation! Riddhima ke saath hum bhi aane wale hain, so that's great!" My mother beamed while I looked at her shocked! When did that happen?

"Mum, you said I wasn't allowed to go back!"

"Yes, but still, it's your graduation. And if we're coming there, then it's no problem! It's just for a few days anyway!" Mum smiled while I gulped. "And we get to attend Armaan's engagement as well!"

"But I've applied for jobs Mum! And in most probability I will get at least one of them! I can't just let go of it!" I tried talking her out of it but in vain.

"Oh c'mon Munchkin, grad is in 2 weeks! In fact you could just come with us...We're leaving day after, come with us...I mean you can't seriously be serious about missing my engagement! It's my engagement!" Armaan looked at me with hurt eyes, while I looked down. That's the reason I don't wanna go you moron!



After the pleasantries were over, we switched to the dining area. And yet again, I felt excited, along with feeling anxious, because I had prepared the food today, for the very first time, I had cooked something which didn't include 2 minute noodles. I had just given some cock-and-bull story to Mum saying that I had grown up and I should take care of such stuff, and finally she had let me in her kitchen, after warning me against self-hazardous destruction.

I smiled as I thought about how I had skimmed through the entire cookbook, looking for recipes of all of Armaan's favourite dishes. I had short-listed his favourite paneer tikka and biryani, something he always complained about not getting in Cali.

As the food approached, I saw his eyes lighten across the table, and I smiled happily. At least something was going right!

"Yum, Aunty, that's all of my favourites!" Armaan smacked his lips, as my Mum smiled at me.

"Well I had no idea about that. But the paneer and the biryani's been cooked by Riddhima tonight! I've cooked the rest!" Mum began to serve everyone, while I got up to help her. It was true, since my Mum didn't trust my cooking skills; she had cooked her own course anyway, which included pav-bhaji and other assorted curries.

"You cooked?" Armaan looked at me bewildered, while I winked at him and grinned.

"I tried! Taste up now! You take the first bite! Let me know how it is!" I said to him eagerly while he grinned back at me and then eagerly looked at the food. I saw Rhea and Andrea smiling at me while my parents just smiled at my excitement.

I saw him break the bread and put the food in his mouth and my heartbeat rose. I looked at him expectantly, praying the food was okay, and tried gauging his reaction from his expressions.

"It's amazing!" He smiled at me widely, and it reflected on my face as well. As a cue, everyone began to break their bread, but I wasn't so nervous anymore. The person for whom I had made it had liked it. Mission accomplished! Nevertheless, I awaited all their response, and was bit confused at the fast changes in all their expressions.

"It's amazing!" I saw my Dad give me a vague smile, and I frowned. Bu the next minute I got the same response from everyone so my suspicions were put to rest. Not everyone could be able to put up a straight face.

I sat down, opposite Armaan and bent forward to get some of my master pieces for myself, when I saw Armaan lunge for it.

"Sorry, but I want some more!" Armaan smiled at me and to my astonishment, Andrea, Rhea and my parents took chances to get some too.

"Hey but I wanted some as well!" I frowned at the now empty bowl of biryani and paneer, while everyone exchanged glances. I had made a small amount lest it wasn't made properly, but now regretted it.

"Uh, it's okay! I don't care! I mean you should take that as a compliment! We liked it so much; we don't wanna waste it on you!" Armaan grinned at me while I gave him a sceptical smile. "And besides, if...Uh...Da Vinci had decided to keep Mona Lisa to himself, let's face it, Mona Lisa wouldn't have been so famous!" He added and then smiled sheepishly. I cocked an eyebrow. He gave such lame excuses only when something was fishy, but nevertheless I shrugged, and ate what was left for me.

As dinner neared it's end, my wandered back to why Andrea had come. I mean I had just invited my best friend and my sister-like friend. She had no business to be here, especially when I saw the two of them giving each other a secretive smile twice or so.

I was pretty pissed with the fact that Armaan had been that inconsiderate. How could he? Invite someone he knows I don't like...They were engaged, not married! And besides, like he said, it wasn't even official yet!

I frowned, when I noticed a piece of paneer still lying on my Dad's plate. Intrigued, I poked my fork in, and took a bite, while I saw all horrified eyes turn towards me. I soon got to know why. The paneer tasted aweful. Worse, in fact. Spitting it out, I looked at all of them, with moist eyes. I then noticed how the paneer remained almost untouched on everyone's plates.

"Why would you lie?" I almost shouted at the lot, but it was more directed towards Armaan.

"Hey, it wasn't all that bad! I mean'" Armaan began to say, while I looked at him daggers. "The biryani was pretty good!" I nodded sceptically and then indiacted at the huge remains of biryani on all their plates.

I felt so dumb! Of course they didn't like it! They were making it so obvious! I then finally understood that theory I had learnt in psychology years ago....People believe only what they want to believe, even when the truth's staring at them right in the face! ' And that my friends, was Strike Three!

Upset, I ran up to my room, too humiliated. If Armaan would have just said that it wasn't good, I could have at least prevented the rest from having it! It would have at least saved me the humiliation.

"Riddhima...Munchkin, man open the door!" I heard him knock on the door. "Okay, seriously the food wasn't that bad!" I heard him snort. Angry, I opened the door to beat him black and blue, but he stopped laughing the minute he saw me. "Oh my God! Riddhima you don't need to cry! Munchkin!" He tried cupping my face, but I pushed his hand away.

"Go away!" I yelled at him and I saw the others behind him. I looked behind him and then looked away. I saw Armaan signal them to leave and nodding, they all went back downstairs leaving Armaan and me alone.

"Riddhima, hun, the food wasn't bad! And it was your first time, don't be so hard on yourself!" He said softly.

"You don't understand! Nothing's going according to plan. I don't even think I had a plan! And, I should be very hard on myself! I ruined everything!" I cried.

"Hun, this stupid dinner hardly accounts for 'everything'! In fact, to be frank, we're not even gonna remember this!" He said softly, wiping away my tears with his thumb.

"Well, I'm not the only one who ruined it! You ruined it for me!" I said angrily while he looked on confused. "Why did you bring Andrea. I invited you! You and Rhe! What was she doing here?" I laid emphasis on the word 'she', not understanding the significance of her presence in my house!

"Riddhima she's my fianc." Armaan muttered, and I noticed he looked slightly annoyed. "What the hell is up with you anyway! You're crying at something you would have normally laughed at! And now you're actually offended about me bringing Andrea here? What're you, you on your PMS or something?" He asked me amused.

"No...I dunno...I..." I looked at the floor, unable to comprehend his words.

"You must be, you have such breakdowns only when you're on them!" I heard him snort, and I punched him with all my might. "Ow! Okay sorry! I'll zip it! But please smile hun! I can't see these stupid tears of your's! Makes you look freakishly scary!" He grinned, while I pouted and nodded, trying to tell him nothing was wrong. Bascially trying to lie.

"I'll see you down okay?" He gave me a small peck on my forehead and I looked at him shocked, and he looked equally shocked. "Uh...You, um...Sorry!" He muttered and swiftly turned and went back down.

He actually thought it was wrong now, didn't he, I thought miserably.


"Good morning Mum!" I yawned and walked to the table hugging my Mum from the back. "Where's Dad?"

"Emergency at the hospital! How are you up so early today?" Mum cocked her eyebrows gave me a sarcastic smile while I rolled my eyes. Now even half past noon was late? When I'm on vacation? Geez!

"Uh, nothing! Just...Not well!" I muttered. Well, that was true! I had bad pains and cramps throbbing through my entire body. Not to mention last night's dinner had done nothing besides adding to my stress! I was still pretty peeved about the whole Andrea and terrible dinner part, but oh well, I couldn't mope around forever!

"Oh by the way, your flight tickets for tomorrow have arrived!" All my sleepiness vanished at that statement.

"What tickets? Mum you weren't serious yesterday right?" I asked carefully, crossing my fingers.

"Riddhima, beta what's wrong? Are you and Armaan having some problems?" Mum asked me right on the nail, and I tried keeping a straight face.

"No Mum, it's not that! It's got nothing to do with his stupid engagement." I stated. It has everything to do with his stupid engagement! "It's just that, my jobs and all...And I just got back!" I concentrated my focus on the floor.

"Riddhima, bachcha, main aur Dad bhi aayenge na wahaan. And it's just a matter of a few days!"

"Yes Mum but'"

"But what? Riddhima, we want to see you graduate! And weren't you the one who told me graduation comes only once in your lifetime! Nikki bhi wahaan aane wali hai, and she's going there right after her wedding! Tum waise bhi yahaan kuch kar nahi rahi!" My mouth dropped as my Mum laughed and kissed my forehead. "Anyway, kal ki tickets booked hai! Tum bhi ajeeb ho, pehle wapas aana nahi chahti thi, ab wapas jaana nahi chahti! Start packing! Okay?" My Mum patted my head and I nodded slowly.

I sighed leaning against the kitchen counter. Just when I thought life couldn't get any more complicated! I felt my head even heavier than before, and the cramps were getting worse...And in such cases, I craved for just one thing ' chocolates! Opening the fridge, I scanned around, trying to locate any faint trace of any bar of chocolate but in vain.

I wish I knew how to bake a cake. A nice, creamy, chocolaty cake, with yummy icing on top. I knew if I would think about my cravings any longer, I might just start crying, so giving up, I turned to shut the fridge, when my eyes fell on a big basket right at the back. I pulled it up front, and held it, and I didn't have to open it to see what it was. From where had they just magically appeared? Especially when that's exactly what my heart craved for!

"Mum, who brought these cupcakes?!" I asked, excited in ecstacy.

"Oh, Armaan dropped them off in the morning! You were sleeping, so he didn't wake you up! Sorry I forgot!" My Mum muttered, as she poured water into a vessel.

"Armaan brought them?" I asked bewildered.

"Yeah, he said he was sorry for yesterday!" My Mum gave me a vague smile and I looked down sheepishly. To hell with my cooking skills, I thought. "I think there was a note with it!" My Mum indicated through her eyes, and I skimmed through the basket, trying to locate the note. And there it was...

"Hey Munchkin!

Think you need these! Out of habit you know! ;)


P.S. Sorry for yesterday! And thanks for trying! Luv ya! x x"

My eyes moistened against my will as I read that note. Of course! How could I forget...



"Armaan go away!" I screamed on top of my voice, trying to concentrate on my work. It was already pathetic to be spending Thanksgiving weekend in Uni, because of your annoying workload, especially when even your roommates are spending it with family! And it got even worse if pain took over every muscle, every limb in your body!

And Armaan...You wondering why I'm yelling at him? Well, the moron had been forcing me to come home for the weekend since the past entire hour, and I had finally given up and locked myself up in my room while he kept knocking on my door, hard, to annoy me!

"Munchkin c'mon man! It's Thanksgiving! You gotta come!" He knocked again and I threw my locked piggy bank at the door in frustration. I heard him utter a 'wow' as the sound echoed in impact. "Munchkin you gotta cool it! And you gotta give it a rest! I mean it's just stupid assignments!"

I opened the door with a bang. Why couldn't he just go away?

"Armaan go away! I have work, I can't celebrate Thanksgiving! And besides you need to celebrate it with family! I don't have any here!" I perched myself on the bed and hid my face in my hands as I felt tears rolling down my cheek.

"What are we the Adams' family?" Armaan asked sceptically; I glared at him and that wiped off his grin. "Munchkin what the hell is wrong with you? You spent last Thanksgiving with us, remember? And we're family as well! Are you on your PMS or something, because you seem to be losing it!" He looked at me seriously, while my expressions changed from sorrow, to confusion, to anger.

I took my pillow, and tried to beat the hell out of him.

"You pathetic excuse for a best friend! Moron! Pig! You're gross Armaan! And so damn disgusting!" I muttered angrily.

"Ow!" Armaan shielded himself and took the pillow from me. "You know what! Fine! Do what you want! We're not family right? Fine! Completely fine with me!" He glared at me and marched out, through the door of my bedroom and out of the apartment, leaving me all alone.

I sat back down, sighing and thought of calling him to apologise. But then he just left. Nah, forget it, I dismissed the idea. Grabbing my pen, I got back to finishing my assignments, but then, slowly, hunger began to take over.

I frowned. If I would have just agreed to go with him, I could have had tasty home-cooked meals, created by Aunty, and by my favourite chef in the world ' Armaan. He wasn't exactly great in cooking, but he always made it a point to bake me my favourite chocolate cupcakes on occasions like these, and in that case ' he was the world's best chef! And now, I would miss out on my cupcakes! Cupcakes...Yummy, creamy, chocolaty cupcakes!

The doorbell shook my calorie-filled thoughts and I sighed, getting up to answer the door. I checked the time. It was past 10. Dinner at home would probably even be over by now!

Opening the door, I was perplexed to find absolutely no one around. I was about to shut the door when my eyes fell on a basket kept at the doorstep. Frowning, I picked it up, and opened it to reveal a bunch of cupcakes kept in them. Each cupcake had a specific letter iced on it, and the whole thing together read 'Munchkin'. Smiling widely, I looked around trying to see him, but he was pretty good at hiding.

"You can come out now Nutcase!" I grinned and I saw him emerging from behind a pillar right opposite my door. Keeping the basket aside, I ran up to him and gave him a tight hug. "Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I was just'"

"Thinking about them! I know!" Armaan completed the sentence for me and I smiled. That was his thing: to tell what's on my mind without me telling him that. And in the past 2 years, our telepathic connection had just strengthened.

Too happy and overwhelmed at how surreal this was, I hugged him yet again and he laughed.

"Munchkin, ah, you're-strangling...Me!" He pretended to cough and I smacked his arm.

"Haha very funny! How'd you come back?" I pulled his cheeks while he glared at me at my action.

"Okay for the last time, leave them alone!" He massaged his cheeks and pouted. "And second, I felt bad for just you know...." He averted his gaze to the floor and I grinned wider. "You know...Walking out on you..." He mumbled in a small voice.

"Aww! My shweetu!" I pulled a Kajol from K3G on him, which always irritated him to no extent. Nevertheless, I pulled his cheek. "Chadddo!" I muttered and he shook his head at my crazy antics.

"You have to stop watching that stupid movie! It's having adverse effects on you!" He held my shoulders, shook me and told me with a serious face at which I rolled my eyes.

"Tch..! Armaan! Anyway, I'm hungry!" I declared and he shook his head yet again.

"Ale ale! Baby's hungry now! How sad!" He pulled my cheeks and I smacked his hands away.

"Gimme 10 mins!" I rushed inside when he pulled me back.

"Toh Ms. Munchkin, you think my little surprise could act like pain killers for you?" He whispered in my ears. "Maybe I become that one person who invented the one life saver for men ' to save them from harsh doses of PMS's!" My eyes widened at his words, and I turned to beat him black and blue yet again!

"Armaan ' you moronic ass! If you...Don't stop...Your pathetic lame jokes on such gross topics! I swear!" I punched his arms and stomach repeatedly, but he remained unflustered.

"Yah yah! Look who's gonna stop me! Someone who reaches my shoulder!" He said proudly and I pouted and turned.

"Oi!" He tried turning me but I wouldn't budge. "Okay fine! I'm sorry! Now can we please go?!" He sighed and I narrowed my eyes at him. "Okay Munchkin promise, I'll bake you your favourite cupcakes everytime!" I smiled as he made that promise. "Especially during that time of the month!" He winked at me and ran before I could make sense of his words. Obviously when I eventually understood his implication, he had to bake me cupcakes every weekend for that entire month!

But nevertheless, after that particular Thanksgiving, he always made it a point to bake cupcakes of my favourite kind whenever I was felling low, was upset, or was unwell. And most of the times ' well yes, it was always during that time of the month!



I smiled as I remembered all those times he had interpreted my mood swings as my 'teeny tiny women problem' as he called it, and everytime, he would bake me my favourite cupcakes. I was yet at a loss at how he always figured out those particular days, but moreover, he could gauge my sour or depressed moods even when it had nothing to do with PMS.

Shaking my head, I made my way to the table, the basket in my hand, looking foward to enjoying my breakfast!



It felt weird to be packing bags yet again. Thankfully I hadn't really unpacked the first time, and since I was already out of time, it was a good thing!

But what was intriguing, was that I was actually excited...About going back...It was just one of those feelings, where you feel like something right's gonna happen...

Maybe this would be the closure I was looking for...

Sighing, I packed my most needed stuff in my handbag; stuffing it mostly...I pulled out my journal, ready to be dumped into the bag, whena couple of loose things fell down. Bending, I realized it was his birthday snap, with his face covered in cake and he hugging me. I remembered our conversation right before I left Cali, while we were looking at this picture. How he had told me he would miss me, how he had read my mind...

"I'm your best pal right?" He had whispered as he hugged me. And I smiled. Of course he was. He always would be. And I would always love him, as a best friend, and of course, otherwise as well...

And I finally found the answer to my question. Just because it's one sided, it didn't mean it wasn't love. Because it was. And I knew, I would always love him, Andrea or no Andrea. And that little fact got me immense joy.

And this was a big thing for him ' this engagement. And did I really want to spoil it for him? Of course I didn't! I couldn't see him hurt...Especially if I was the cause. I loved him, and yes, it would hurt me to see him get tied to someone else forever. But what I felt for him was way much more than the hurt I was going through....And I would handle it...

I would attend his engagement, I thought determined. And I would be happy for him, do what all best friends do...I wouldn't let him down...

Lying down, I smiled from the heart for the very first time, but tears accompanied it...It was a weird thing, love....It gave you joy and sorrow all at once...Hugging his picture close to my heart, I fell asleep, looking forward to going back home, where I knew I would always belong no matter what....


COMPLETED! Big smile

Anyway, sorry, but Armaan's PoV will come in the chapter after next i.e. Chapter 23, and don't worry, after that, it's gonna be a complete laughter riot, hopefully (I dunno if I'm good at writing humor! LOL), but yes, so another 2 parts...Sorry I didn't calculate!

Anyway, all silent readers, well thank you so much for your comments! I was so happy when I read them, and I seriously didn't mean to be rude or anything! Ouch But I was just feeling like it was unfair, so I thought I should just tell you guys! And I'm glad that I did! Smile 

There are still some people who hit the like tab, but still didn't bother commenting, but I seriously can't help it anymore...Dunno why that happens, because I see their comments when I'm commenting on others' FFs....Whatever, it's up to them! Confused

Anyway, back to this part....Good. Bad. Okay. Amazing. Pathetic. Like it. Hate it. Whatever it is, please just comment on it! It matters a lot to me! Seriously! Smile

All regular commenters! Thank you so much for your patience and comments as usual! You guys rock for taking time off to read and comment! Hug

To all my wonderful readers, have a GREAT and COLORFUL HOLI! Enjoy it! Big smile

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woohoo first on the hot seat to will read and comment
and thankk you for thee installment :)
First Installment:
This was great, the whole dinner and the talk before and after. I really feel like pulling my hair..not wait Armaans hair and tell him to spit everything out and just give in to Riddhima.. Poor girl cooked, and it tasted gross LOL and then, they argued slighttly about Andrea...and he kissed her forehead and felt awkward..WHATTT?!?! And now for sure, i know hes got something up his sleeves, since his and andrea's engagement isnt even official and theyve been secretly smiling......grrrrr! I hope part 23 comes soon hehe! LOL Also, i just want to add that Riddhima should stop blaming herself about ruining her life and things between her and Armaan. I mean its not entirely her fault that she realized her love for Armaan only so much later, i mean you cant control just happens (so cliched i know LOL)...and If Armaan did love her during their friendship, he shouldve told her and or maybe hinted her MORE..though he did hint her quite a few times, but maybe a push wouldve worked and i have a strong feeling that that is exactly what he is doing right now, giving Riddhima a push towards her love and fighting for it...and about going back to Cali, i think the engagements going to be Armaans and Riddhimas...haha
Omg i hope i didnt guess all your plans for the future story plot...but hehe i just couldnt help it Embarrassed...Im loving this ff so muchh!! Youre doing a great job so far and i hope to read the entire part VERYY Take care Shru!
oh and i amost forgot, the last scene with AR was nice. Riddhima was finally just taking our her frustrations, and Armaan was confused and guessed because she was Pmsing..lmao! silly But i cant wait for her to just get Armaan back on track and quite torturing Also, the "STRIKES" you added throughout the part were cute..and its like Strike 1..realization HITS..llol
And dont worry, ill always keep commenting ;) afterall, all these comments encourage a writer and id love to read more from you anyydayy :D
Aiite Continue soon!
- D

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Oh the Armaan-Riddhima scene was cute <3
Tehe i hoped to see his POV but ok will wait :(
Great part update soon!

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Nice part!

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luved the installment!
this time, i'm so sure that this is a prank. i mean, everyone is acting weirdly. first armaan, then andrea, now ridz's mum! i really hope its some sort of trick.
in each part, i feel more and more sorry for ridz. you can't blame someone for not realising that she was in love! things happen when they ought to happen. it is not her fault.
i seriously hate armaan. he's pissing me off. even if it was a plan, he was so insensitive to ridz in the last few parts.

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awesome installment!
arghhhh y does that andrea need to cum she alwayz ruins everything Angry
i feel really sorry for ridz she had to listen to that marriage convo Unhappy
i wonder y they felt so awkward wiv the kissConfused
i cant to see armaans pov then theres all the answers to our questions Big smile
continue soon x

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
Be sure to fill in your reserved posts! Many of you guys haven't done that for the previous parts! 

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godisgr8 Senior Member

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 2:19pm | IP Logged
i love this ff...simply amazing..
i somehow dnt get d armaan -andrea he truin to get riddhima jealous...den y would he get engaed to andrea...n even if shes pretending to be engaed with armaan...y would she do so..since she doesnt like riddhima...
continue soon...Smile

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