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Originally posted by armaania13

Originally posted by Dmg8594

Originally posted by armaania13

Originally posted by Dmg8594

Originally posted by vaishiksg

hey wen r u going to upd8.pls tell teh that i will cum that time only

LOL Right now I'm not even sure if I am going to update! I haven't begun writing yet! Have work! Dead

Shruuuuu --- I can kill you for this!!! You put up a note saying you might update, and then 2 hours later, you turn around and tell us you havent even started writing!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRAngryAngry
I have been checking every 5 minutes...

I'm so sorry! Dead

I actually went off to sleep after writing the note, and then I woke up, I had to work, because it was pretty late...And the work's just refusing to get over now, there's so much! 

Its alright, Shru!!! I understand!!
I just hope you are able to give us an update earlier than the weekend..
Take care!!!

OH shruuu....not a problem.
Finish off your work first...thats more important offcourse Smile
Please try and update it tomorow if possible Tongue

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Originally posted by RheaKSG4eva

Shruthika !!!!
Congrats !!!!
and now i'm reserving for the comment :)


OMG !!!
Shruthika !!!!
This was amazing !!!
Like really !
Riddhima going talli ?
tht was unexpected actually !
Well i like the song - your love is my drug :)
Update soooooon !!!
Plz plz plz.... *angelic face*

With loads of love
Your greedy reader :P


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Chapter 20: What happened last night?

"Ow!" I mumbled, massaging my head which was in terrible pain. I had never experienced anything worse in my life.

I looked around me to find Nikki sprawled next to me on the bed, while Rhea and Muskaan were sleeping on the next one.

I groaned, as a terrible pain pierced through my head once again. What the hell was happening? I vaguely remembered Nikki's bachelorette. How Nikki had gone drunk, the conversation with a very very drunk Anjie, the guys showing up....And I gulped 'how I tried telling Armaan the truth. And then the interruption caused by his fianc.

But the rest of the events through the night remained foggy in my mind. I vaguely remembered having a few drinks. That explains the headache, I thought. And the lack of memory. But what had happened after that?

I shut my eyes, in frustration, trying to remember, something. I had a feeling something had happened last night ' something significant, something good. But what?

I looked around me once again. I saw Nikki sleeping next to me, a frown plastered on her forehead. Poor thing was going to have a terrible headache throughout her sangeet and wedding, I smirked.

"Oh shit the wedding!" I jumped out of bed, only to feel a terrible pain in my foot. "Ow!" I massaged my foot, and saw it bruised, with a slight swelling. Where the hell did that even come from! And then I remembered ' the dance! Oh god! Had I danced last night? If I had been the centre of attention for that, I swear I would kill myself! Or probably the embarrassment itself would kill me! I won't be able to show my face to anyone in the wedding today!

"Oh crap! Nikki wake up!" I shook Nikki, as the wedding struck my mind yet again, but she slept on. "Niks! Hurry up! It's already 1.30, the function begins at 11! Your Mum will kill us! Please!" I shook her again, but in vain. "Nikki, Abhi's eloping with another girl!" i yelled, and sure enough, I saw Nikki jump right out of bed.

"What!" I saw her bewildered and startled expressions, and couldn't help but laugh. She glared at me and threw her pillow at me, but the next second held her head. "Ugh! What's with my head!" She sighed loudly. The commotion woke Muskaan and Rhea up, who groggily looked from Nikki to me, and then as if they had regained their orientation, sighed.

"Oh!" Rhea and Muskaan said together, realizing the cause of the same searing headache in each one of our heads.

"Uh, do you'll have any idea what happened...Last night?" I shuffled my feet nervously, but none of them seemed to remember. Of course, how would they? They themselves had already been too drunk to remember my drunken stunts!

"Nikki, beta!" We heard Nikki's Mum knocking on the door, and I saw Nikki's face turning from a confused one to a horrified one. It was priceless.

"Oh shit! Yes Mum, we're just getting ready!" Nikki called out and looked at us helplessly, while we started scattering around, here and there, getting our things. "I'm screwed! I'm super screwed! My perfect day! It's ruined!" I saw Nikki plopping herself on the coffee couch and crying. I went over to her and wiped her tears off, giving her a reassuring smile.

"Nothing's ruined! We'll be ready! And anyway, it's a tradition, the bride should always make the groom wait! Right Muski?" I said to Muski who had taken the place next to me.

"Absolutely. Now c'mon! Don't waste your time moping around! Get your butt in the washroom. Or we're leaving the bride behind!" Muskaan pulled Nikki's cheeks, making her smile a little and pulled her up, pushing her towards the washroom.

"I think we should get her dress and stuff ready, or else she'll crack!" Muskaan said to me as soon as she was gone, while I nodded.

We got her dress, her accessories, all ready on the bed, and then got to sorting ourselves out. Having lost at calling dibbs, I unfortunately was the last one to take a wash, and hence, the last one to be getting ready.

"Ridz, I need your help with the make-up!" I saw Nikki groaning, and walked over to her, still in my lilac lehenga and blouse.

"You need help! Dude, I'm not even freaking ready yet!" I said incredulously, as I saw her dressed from head to toe. She surely looked drop-dead gorgeous!

"It's my wedding! You can come in your pajamas if you want, but I have to look the best!" Nikki said arrogantly and I sighed. The bridal woes were back!

"Where'd Muski and Rhe go?" I said, while applying eye shadow on her eyes.

"They went to check if the rest were ready...Anjie especially..."

"Oh okay! And Niks man, what was up with you yesterday! I mean you were completely losing it over the drinks!" I mock scolded her, while she looked down guiltily. "What's wrong?" I sensed from the look on her face that there was something on her mind.

"I dunno...i know I shouldn't have gotten so out of control and all...But...I was just...You know...Having second thoughts..." She mumbled while I looked at her shocked. Second thoughts?

"About what?" I asked cautiously.

"About the wedding...You know...I just thought...Was it happening too quick or something...Maybe I was rushing into this..." She held her gaze down, while I looked at her understanding what she was feeling.

"Hey! You love Abhi right?" I asked her, kneeling down before her.

"That's not the point!"

"i know! But it surely leads to the point! You're doing this because you're in love with him. And no one here doubts, for even one second, that you guys are meant to be! And who cares if it's happening fast? If you believe he's the one, then it isn't wrong! Moving things fast doesn't necessarily have to be wrong..." I said, while she nodded. "And anyway, who says it's fast? You've been together for 8 years! That's a very long time you know!" She smiled I gave her a side-hug. "And you know, sometimes, it's taking things a bit too slow which makes you lose out on those things which ould have made your entire life something completely out of the world." I said slowly, staring into space.

Nikki was worried she had taken things too fast. I, on the other hand, regretted having taken things for granted and way too slowly.

"Ridz, you're okay right?" I looked back at Nikki and smiled half-heartdely, while she just squeezed my hand to let me know that she was there for me. And you know what? I knew she always would be! "By the way, you got DRUNK! Oh my god! Riddhima Gupta got DRUNK! I didn't know I would live to see this day!" She said dramatically, while I smacked her arm.

"Hey! It was your bachelorette! I just figured, that if everyone was getting drunk, why should I choose to stand out!" I lied through my teeth, not wanting to tell her the truth and spoil her special day.

"Seriously! But I can't believe I missed seeing you drunk! In fact, if you hadn't been looking like a complete mess right now, I wouldn't even have known!"

"I look like a mess! Oh freak! Niks! I gotta get dressed too!" I quickly got up and moved around.

"But I'm the bride!"

"And I'm the bride's best friend!" I called out, shuffling from here to there and getting ready.

I took in a sharp breath as I felt my insides hurt. The intense running towards where Nikki's sangeet was being held had made my stomach hurt real bad; but I couldn't help it. I was already way too late! Nikki had left the room as soon as she was ready, leaving me alone to get ready on my own.

I entered the marquee with a deep breath and heard the loud music of the normal marriage din and the loud, shrill voices of others who were singing and dancing. Suddenly, they all stopped, looking at me for a fraction of a second. I felt my cheeks go crimson, as almost all eyes turned towards me. Thsi wasn't a desired reaction to 'fashionably late', I thought.

I saw the gang sitting right at the other end and began walking towards them when I felt eyes following me. Looking back, I was startled at the giggles I had unknowingly invited. I frowned, looking down, checking to see if there were any unwanted things showing, or if I was wearing two wrong shoes, or worse, if I had forgotten to wear something I should have!

But I looked fine. Absolutely fine and ordinary, although I had wished to look extra-ordinary in a 'I'm-gorgeous' kind of way. Shrugging, I made my way ahead anyway, when the gang turned their eyes to look at me. Nikki waved at me and I smiled. So I looked fine after all. But then I stopped again.

There was another pair of eyes staring at me intensely, and I felt my tummy swarming with butteflies as his eyes tracked me up and down. I started walking again, my pace considerably lesser than before.

"Hey!" I mumbled towards Nikki, who was getting her mehendi done.I quietly went and sat next to Nikki, right opposite Armaan who was still looking at me. I avoided his eyes, frowning. I had a weird feeling that something had changed between us. And then I remembered his words. Of course! Everything had changed, but it wasn't anything I was unaware of!

I looked around amidst all the loud music and again saw a group of girls ' who I remembered seeing at the party the previous night ' giggling away while looking at me.

"Uh, Rhe, am I looking okay?" I asked Rhea who was sitting next to me, uncertainly.

"Yeah you look fab! Why?"

"Uh, why are those girls looking at me and laughing?" Rhea turned in their direction and frowned.

"Ridz, honestly I have no clue!" Rhea looked back at me and gave me a grim smile. "Oh, and who cares? They're probably just jealous or something, because you look gorgeous!" Rhea smiled at me and I nodded shrugging.

"Thanks!" My gaze wandered around again, and I saw Armaan looking at those girls. His face looked as if he knew something. I looked at Andrea who was sitting beside him, looking amazing for a change in her white choli ' matching Armaan and his favourite color.

I was soon pulled on to the dance floor along with the rest, by Nikki's family. Looking at the bright smiles on Nikki and Abhi's faces, I couldn't help but give a whole-hearted smile. Their happiness was infectious...

"They look so amazing together!" I mumbled with a dreamy smile, placing my hand on my heart.

"Yeah, they do!" I looked beside me and saw Armaan smiling in their direction. I wanted to say, 'That could have been us...' but reprimanded myself. It was my fault we were where we are right now. Not his! He has a right to live his life...Be it without me...

"Umm, Armaan can I ask you something?" I asked uncertainly, as those girls caught my attention once again.

"Yeah!" He answered immediately, his voice eager.

"Uh, do you know why thoe girls...I mean...Uh...What happened last night?" I finallt asked. I had a gut feeling that those girls' giggling had something to do with something that happened yesterday.

"You don't remember?" He asked, his voice blank, face expressionless.

"Umm, no...I guess I got too drunk..." I gave a nervous chuckle, while I saw his jaw tighten. Damn! He was angry after all! "But that definitely means something happened! Oh god did I do something stupid?"  My eyes widened in horror, but Armaan's face remained expressionless. I looked at him expectantly, trying to gauge what he was thinking.

"Oh, umm..." He began in a monotone.

"I sang didn't I?" I asked, voicing my fears while he looked at me slightly perplexed.

"You remember that?" He asked, his eyes narrowed.

"Yeah, but I don't know what I sang, where I sang, although it's pretty obvious, that the entire world was a witness to my amazing singing skills!" I sighed and massaged my head with my hand.

"Umm...No...Uh, you just'" He said nervously. "You just sang some random thing. Don't know what. That's probably why they're laughing." He gave a tiny jerk of his head in the girls' direction.

"Oh crap!" I bit my lip, embarrassed.

"So you don't remember anything? Anything at all?" He asked me, his voice showing hints of irritation.

"No...Except things that happened before I drank, and I vaguely remember singing and falling. My foot's bruised'"

"It's okay! We should go!" He began to walk away, when I pulled him back, holding his hand.

"Armaan, aren't you angry? I mean'"

"I'm not...Why should I be? Anyway, we should go!" He gently disentangled his hand from mine and walked away, leaving me in deep thought. Of course, why would he care, I thought angrily. But I had to give him a message.

"Hey listen!" I called out and he stopped, just turning his head slightly as if to say 'Go on!'. I narrowed my eyes at the attitude he was throwing at me. "Mum's called you and Rhea to dinner tomorrow..." I said arrogantly, not wanting to let him know that I was actually looking forward to him coming home.

"I already talked to her!" He replied and ontinued walking away while my jaw dropped. When did he talk to my Mum? Things were just happening out of the blue in my life nowadays, I thought! But nevertheless, my heart felt light today, for some unknown reason. Not having experienced that feeling in a long time, I decided to cherish it while I could, because this was me we're talking about...And when you're me, you know there's a lot more to come...Definitely!


Part completed! 

It's very short, but it's kind of a filler, and mostly the next part is gonna be one too, but it will be interesting nonetheless, because I just kind of gave away what's coming in the next part! Lol! And definitely, Armaan's PoV is coming in another 2 parts, DEFINITELY, so, please, don't ask me about that this time! LOL It will come when it has to! I have BIG plans for it! Big smile Wink 

I'll send the PMs TOMORROW! Too sleepy right now! Haven't rested since I got back in the afternoon! *Phew* Long day! Enjoy in case you guys already checked the part out! Hopefully I won't need to send PMs tomorrow! LOL

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nice part plz write more soon and dont worry you can take ur time :P we understand :D

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XOXO Smile

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Heyy !!!
Thats awesome!!!
Niki and her bridal woes.....huh...
it was fun :)
waiting for the next installment ;)


OMG !!!! Shruthika !!!
i just simply LOVE the way u write !
I advice u to become a writer !
Waiting for Armaan's pov !
This was yet another AMAZING part !

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great installment
i can niki is bak to her normal self LOL
pllzz update the next instalment soon x

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Update soon

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