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A Walk On The Beach-AR#2[Link to New Thread: P156]

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To say that I'm happy would be a complete understatement, because right now, I just feel like, on top of the world, in 7th Heaven, on Cloud 9, etc, etc.! LOL

When I began this FF, I honestly didn't think it would cross more than a thread, although I definitely WISHED it would, and see, my wish came true! Yay! Big smile

I know every writer says this (because I'm a LOYAL follower of some of the best FFs on IF! LOL), but nonetheless, at the risk of sounding too cliche, I would still like to thank ALL my readers from the very bottom of my heart for all the comments, all the encouragement, and most of all, for overlooking all my mistakes and still loving my FF so much! I can't thank you guys enough! Embarrassed

And now, as a 'Thank You' gift for you guys, I'm just gonna go, write an update SUPER-FAST, and come back here to post it up! Big smile

Thanks so much for making 'A Walk On The Beach....' reach it's destination shore! Embarrassed Smile

Link to First Thread:- [Never thought I'd say this! Yay! LOL]

AR One-Shot:-

Disclaimer:- All characters and places in this fic are fictitious! No offence intended to any fan. Any similarities, be it to reality, DMG, any other show, or any other fic, is purely co-incidental! No copyright infringement intended! 
Also, I post my fic ONLY on India-Forums, and I wouldn't want anyone to post my fic anywhere else, without my consent! I would, without a doubt, consider it as plagiarism otherwise! My readers, please do let me know if you see any of that happening! 

And also, as the official writer of 'A Walk On The Beach...' I copyright the title of my story, and it's contents, and I would appreciate it if no one 'borrows' any part of this story! I would consider that as plagiarism as well! My loyal readers, in case you'll find this happening, please do let me know! 

Ok enough of this stupid disclaimer! Just put it up for safety! Big smile

*Thank you Aanya, for the wonderful and beautiful poster! Love you! It's just right for this story! Thanks a tonne! <3 Hug*


Chapter                                       Page No.

19. Your Love Is My Drug!                                 Page 1 

20. What Happened Last Night?                        Page 24

21. Paneer Tikka, Biryani and Cupcakes             Page 47

22. To Say, Or Not To Say?!                             Page 84

23. Confessions                                                 Page 106

24. Paying Back...                                               Page 138

Chapter 25 onwards: New thread:
Link to Third Thread:-

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Chapter 19: Your Love Is My Drug!

"Nikki I'm not feeling really good today, and I'm really not in the mood to get drunk...I think I should just skip the party and rest tonight!" Even in my mind, these words didn't sound at all convincing!

There were two reasons why I wanted to skip the party. One, I wasn't really interested in sharing people's happiness when my life spelled impaired doom! And second, I had just got the world's best surprise a while ago. The scene itself had made me wish that the earth would swallow me up!

Armaan and I had returned back to the hotel, only to find a very special guest waiting for us! As she yelled 'surprise', I shut my eyes and my mind echoed 'oh-no' along with her loud voice.

"Hey Andrea!" I plastered a smile on my face, and my eyes widened in horror as she pulled me into a rib-crashing hug. "Uh, great to see you too!" I patted her back, trying very hard to shake her off me, but she was in no mood!

"Where's Armaan?" She pulled back and asked me eagerly. I looked around me and found him nowhere.

"He was right behind me!" I muttered looking around. "He's over there!" I pointed towards the reception; he was talking animatedly to the receptionist.

What had followed was me being a witness of a very pleasant sight of a nice warm welcome from Armaan's side. Finding the best opportunity, I had quickly raced up to my room to find Nikki, Muskaan and Anjie who were happily chatting away.

"Andrea's here..." I tried sounding as casual as I could but the other 3 threw me pitiful glances.

"We know! She wanted to surprise us all...You okay?" Nikki asked me while I gave a small nod and looked at Muskaan and Anjie who were still looking at me with utter pity.

"You told them?" I glared at Nikki, while she bent her head down in shame.

"What? Hey, they found out themselves!" Nikki said defiantly.

"Yeah, she just confirmed our doubts! You okay by the way?" Muskaan patted my shoulder while I gave her a small reassuring smile.

"I'll be okay!" I had muttered at the time.

But the fact remained. I wasn't gonna be fine! Why was God so hell bent on making my life miserable, I wondered!

And so, these were the two reasons, I wasn't feeling up to attending Nikki's bachelorette. I didn't want the reason of my misery to be flaunting about right in front of my eyes, gushing about how happy she was, and that she had least expected the sudden turn of events!

"Riddhima don't talk crap! I know why you don't wanna come, and that's hardly a reason! Don't make me go mad!" Just as expected, Nikki blasted me when I tried pulling the 'I'm-not-well' stunt on her.

"Do I need to?" I asked sceptically while she glared at me.

"Ridz, this is my special day! Do you think you could keep your feelings in check just for another 2 days...Tomorrow it'll all be over! Then you can go home and cry if that's what you're intending to do!" She said icily while I looked at her hurt.

"Fine, I'll come!" I said in a small voice and began to walk out of the room. Was it just me, or was everyone having a problem with me all of a sudden?

"Ridz, I'm sorry!" I turned around to see a guilty looking Nikki with her head bowed down. "I'm so sorry! I didn't mean that! I didn't mean that at all! Of course, you don't need to come if you don't feel like it! It's just that...It's my wedding, and I'm so stressed because I want it all to be perfect!" She looked at me all teary-eyed and I smacked myself in my head for ruining her day!

"Niks, it's okay! It's my fault! I'm sorry! You're right; this isn't supposed to be about me! And you know what, maybe going out will help me cheer up!" I smiled reassuringly and went on to give her a hug while she happily obliged.

"You sure? You don't need to do this if you're not up for it!" She pulled out and looked at me, almost expecting me to change my mind.

"Nah, I'll come! I'll get bored out here all alone anyway! And besides, it's poor bachelorette Nikki's last night before you know..." I said teasingly while she blushed.

"Hey help me dress up?" She asked me while I nodded with a grin.

"But why do you wanna dress up anyway? Not like Abhi's coming!" I winked at her while she gave me a sceptical smile in return.

"Okay first, I don't dress up ONLY for him! And second, you think these boys won't gate crash? Seriously?" She winked at me and I nodded and grinned. Knowing the boys, we all knew they would try their level best to find out where we were and gate crash! Because that's what they do! That's how they are! Jobless.

"Anyway what're you wearing?" Nikki asked me while she compared the two dresses in her hand.

"Oh, umm, I don't know...Haven't decided..." I lied. Somehow, I no longer felt like wearing the dress I had bought the day before with Armaan. I especially didn't feel like wearing his favourite colour!

"Okay! Decide fast! And c'mon help me! Only an hour left!" Nikki snapped me out of my thoughts and I sighed, getting up to spend the next one hour in getting ready.



"Nikki, please avoid getting too drunk!" I giggled as I heard Abhi pleading Nikki. Apparently, Nikki had a tendency of going overboard with her drinks, and we all had been a witness of that whilst in Cali.

"Abhi, it's MY bachelorette! Leave me alone! And I will enjoy myself as much as I want! And I know you guys went to that stupid strip club last night for your bachelor's so, don't even stop me!" Nikki glared at Abhi while Abhi looked petrified by the look on her face.

"They went to a strip club!" I said incredulously. I hadn't even known Mumbai had any of those!

"It wasn't anything like a strip club! I mean, it was pathetic and shady!" Abhi said defiantly while our jaws dropped. While Muskaan and Anjie were busy glaring their beaus up and down, I saw Andrea giving Armaan nasty looks, and I at once stood in the gap between them to block her sight.

"So all you guys went?" Andrea said angrily, while the boys looked down.

"Andrea, they're boys! Big deal! If they don't go to a strip club, where do you expect them to go? Toy shops?" I said in their defence while the other girls looked at me with 'betrayal' written all over their faces. The boys just sent me grateful glances.

"Armaan!" I rolled my eyes as I heard the standard 'Armaan' from Andrea's side. It normally meant that Armaan had to speak up and prove me wrong.

"Uh, An, it was Abhi's bachelor's...I couldn't miss it right!" Armaan said hesitantly and I wondered, Andrea was 'An' now?

"Ugh! Forget it! It's useless! You listen here Abhimanyu Modi, I'm gonna get drunk, stoned, high! YOU can't stop me!" Nikki gave him a murderous glare and stomped off while I giggled at Abhi's helplessness.

"Uh, are you planning on getting drunk too?" I heard Armaan whisper in my ear.

"Why do you wanna know?" I asked although I knew the reason. I wasn't very comfortable with drinking and usually even a small shot or two was enough to set me off, and Armaan was well-aware of this fact.

"No it's just; someone will have to be sane enough to get the rest back safe and sound! And since you can't handle them well anyway, I doubt you'd go for it! Just asking!" Armaan shrugged while I fumed. So he thought I couldn't handle them?

Yes, maybe I couldn't, but he didn't have to say it, did he? I mean, many people can't handle them! Big deal! That doesn't mean that I shouldn't, or rather, couldn't drink at all!

Without saying a word to him, I followed Nikki out. Before walking out the door, I glanced back and saw Armaan holding Andrea and whispering sweet nothings in her ear before giving her a small peck. Turning away, I walked out, tears pricking my eyes, but I was determined to not let them fall....And now I was all the more determined to get drunk!



The party was in full swing, and although I tried, I couldn't stop Nikki from gulping down shot after shot, bottoms up, an hour into the party!

"Ridzi relax! I can handle it!" Nikki giggled while I sighed.

"I would believe you if you weren't facing the wall right now and talking thinking I'm standing there!" I turned Nikki by her shoulders while she burst into fits of laughter at my statement.

"Oooopppss!" Nikki giggled while I looked around, searching for Muskaan, Anjie, Andrea, anyone else from Nikki's gang. But they were all either dancing away, or drinking down. Either way, I took a rough guess that I was the only sober person present there...And I had a feeling my guess was right...

What was it about drinking anyway? Although I had ordered one for myself as well, I had been unable to finish it, and it remained untouched on the bar counter whilst I, alarmed at Nikki's over-enthusiastic mood of drinking, left mine there and ran to her.

"Ridzi even you should get drunk!" I turned and saw Anjie grinning at me. She wasn't exactly drunk, and if she was, well she was handling herself really well!

"I don't want to! My best friend's wedding's tomorrow, and I need to make sure she and her guests reach there tomorrow!" I murmured while Nikki got off my hold and marched off in the opposite direction.

"Why do you want to be the responsible one! Especially when you're the one who's going through the worst heartbreak!" Anjie patted my back a little too hardly, and I looked at her amused. Where did my heartbreak come from amidst all this?

"Because I'm worried! Nikki's not normally this tipsy! I mean she just went overboard with her drinks tonight!" I looked out for Nikki worriedly, completely ignoring Anjie's implication.

"That's because of pre-bridal woes! Her life's gonna change forever tomorrow! It happened to me as well, and with Muski too! But then Muski gets drunk all the time, so I dunno about her really!" She winked at me while we sat down at the bar, keeping a constant eye on what Nikki was doing. I was worried she was gonna puke so bad that her dress would be spoilt, and I just knew she would blame me for it!

"I agree with that point! I mean her entire life's gonna change! Imagine having another person, another family's responsibility all on your shoulder!" I mumbled in deep thought.

"Can I ask you something?" Anjie asked me with a stupid grin on her face. She was drunk all right! "Are you commitment phobic?" Anjie's stupid grin turned into a sympathetic one and I scrunched my eyebrows amused. Was I?

"No! Why would I be! I mean I've been in long term relationships before...Aakash, Sid..." I shrugged. How the hell was I commitment phobic?

"Well didn't you somewhere know that none of those relationships are gonna last?" Anjie pulled each and every word and I tried remembering why I was having this conversation with someone who barely knows me and is half drunk!

"Uh..." I mumbled, unaware of what to say!

"I mean it's so obvious you love Armaan! We all guessed when he came here! And sometimes we just wonder, that maybe you never got into a relationship with him because you were afraid it would be the last relationship you would ever get into!" Anjie shrugged nonchalantly while I pondered over what she had said.

People always say the truth in their drunk demeanour, that was a scientifically proven fact, or so I had heard...So I had been a topic of amused discussion for people? My love life was so interesting for all the wrong reasons? And now I was a laughing stock ' falling in love with your best friend especially when he's in another committed relationship, especially when you had a chance to be with him forever....Hell, I guess I was a laughing stock in my own eyes as well!

"Seriously Riddhima...If Atul was in Armaan's place, and I was in your's...I would have at least given it a thought! Especially when the world around me is saying the same thing!" A lone tear trickled down my cheek as I heard Anjie say that..

How could I blame Armaan or Andrea for the changes in my life? How could I blame anyone for this? Wasn't it all my fault? I had never once given Armaan and me a thought, although I knew I was definitely attracted to him when I had moved there...Then what went wrong? Why did I give up on him? Oh right, because Andrea came along, I remembered. And then, it was just the rear of rejection, fear that maybe he never felt the way I did, as he was inclined on dating Andrea....But then now, this loss was more real, more hurtful....I could have just let him know my feelings at that time, maybe something could have happened, maybe something would've been different. Because now, even if I do confess, then what? He can't possibly back out of such a huge commitment as an engagement. Even though I hated Andrea, I could never put her through that heartbreak, because I knew, she loved Armaan too...

"Awww....Did I hurt you Riddhima! I'm so sorry!" I looked at Anjie who let a small tear slip from her eye and she cupped my face. I smiled and shook my head, removing her hand and got off from the seat, moving aimlessly around the pub.

I looked around for a distraction, and there, I found it...I saw Nikki, her hand covering her mouth, and I instantly knew what was coming next. But before I could move, I saw a worried Abhi running towards her in full speed and I sighed in relief. So Nikki had been right. The boys had gate-crashed after all!

"Oh man! I had no idea girls can be so out of control as well!" I looked at Atul standing beside me, and a second later he ran towards Anjie who was dancing away with no care of the world.

I held my hair with my hands, frustrated at my current mind state, and at the total chaos that was Nikki's bachelorette!

"Have you seen Andrea anywhere, Munchkin?" I saw Armaan right in front of me, looking at me expectantly while I shook my head.

"She was dancing when I last saw her. But don't worry; she's just downed a couple of shots. Not completely drunk!" I muttered indifferently.

"And you're sober right? It's good we had decided to gate crash! Just look around here! I mean, it's a total jungle out here!" Armaan frowned looking around and I nodded.

"Anyway, I'm gonna go and look for my drunk fianc...Be right back...I think you should wait outside by Abhi's car..." The term fianc from his mouth was enough to set my eyes on fire, as I felt them burning with hot tears. "Hey Munchkin what's wrong?" Armaan looked at me shocked, confused and worried as a small tear made it's way down my cheek. I shook my head and whispered a small nothing, but her didn't give up.

"Hey, I'm Armaan remember? You can't hide things from me! What's wrong?" I looked up, straight in his eyes, and that's it, I was lost. To hell with Andrea! To hell with his stupid engagement! To hell with the entire world! This was my chance at being happy, and I will grab it! To hell with if it's right or not!

I took a deep breath, and prepared myself to say those big 3 words, those precious words which meant the world to me now! "Armaan I'"

"Armaaannnnnnnnnnnnnn!" I looked behind Armaan to see Andrea throwing herself on his back, obviously drunk!

"An, baby!" I rolled my eyes as Armaan turned, and Andrea hugged him tight, not letting him go. "You're drunk as well! C'mon we gotta get going!" Armaan tried to get a giggling Andrea to listen to him, but she was too drunk to listen. When did she get so drunk, I wondered.

"No I wanna stay!" I heard Andrea moan in a baby-voice and cursed her timing in my mind. She had to come now!

But it was the last straw when all of a sudden she pulled Armaan towards the dance floor, and worst of all, Armaan didn't even look back once, he didn't even remember that there were still tears in my eyes, that I was just about to tell him the most important fact of my life!

I felt my heart shattering when I saw the two close dancing, and finally, their lips meeting in a kiss. Looking away, I placed my hand on my heart, wondering how a broken heart could still be alive and beating...And then, all of a sudden, with renewed courage and determination, I marched towards the bar.

"Vodka!" I yelled to the bartender, who looked baffled at my rude demeanour and quickly pulled up a shot in front of my eyes.

Taking the shot in my hand, I looked back at Armaan who was lost in his fianc, and without thinking twice, I gulped the burning fluid down my throat.

As a reflex, I began to cough. That thing was disgusting, and I wondered how people drank that! But then, all of a sudden, my head felt light, and all my worries seemed to have drowned and disappeared. Looking back at Armaan and Andrea again, I ordered for one more, and on an instinct, gulped it down, bottoms up. I was sober enough to call for a few more, or so I thought...I probably will never know how drunk I am gonna get tonight! But who cares? There's no one here who cares about me anyway! I'm all alone! And so, I was gonna drink, get high!

I didn't remember how many shots I had thrown into my body, and nor was I interested. There was only one thing in my mind right now, and frankly, I guess he was the only person who invaded my mind nowadays. I wanted to tell him everything...Tell him how I felt about him...Not that he didn't know, he just didn't know that there was another name to what I felt about him...It wasn't friendship...I was positive it wasn't! And he had to know! For some weird reason, I felt I still had a chance, and in some deep corner of my heart, I still felt or rather hoped that maybe, just maybe, Armaan is just playing a dirty prank on me, and if I came clean, he would tell me he loves me too, that all of this was a joke, a very, very, very bad joke...

And then, maybe as an answer to my heart's prayers, I saw something that broke my heart all over again - that neck piece, that same neck piece which I had loved, in Andrea's neck. And that ring Armaan had been looking at yesterday adorning her finger. So none of this was a joke...It was true...Armaan was never gonna be mine, he would belong to someone else.

But I wouldn't let him slip away that easy! I had to do something! I had to tell him! Right now! That instant! But how? He was too wrapped in his Andrea to notice.

I got off my seat and fell, balancing myself on the bar's counter. Was that normal for someone who was drunk, I wondered. Maybe it was! But if I wanted to confess, I would have to make my way to the stage. How would I walk? Like a normal person! Yeah, I could do that!

I began to walk, my head light, my confidence soaring in air, and I reached the stage.

Pushing the DJ aside, I looked down at him and frowned. He was looking at me angrily. I mumbled a sorry and tears began to fall down, but I wiped them off anyway. Switching off the music, I looked around at the crowd which had stopped to look at me. But I searched for that one person, that one face, my heart's desire ' literally!

And then I smiled from between my tears...He was wearing a frown on his face, but I just smiled wider. I loved him...!

Turning, and still smiling, I removed the mini jacket I was wearing over my dress. I could look as hot as Andrea too! Armaan had to know! I knew what I was doing, somewhere, I knew what was going on, I knew what the consequences of this would be, but I was doing this anyway...I was drunk, I could use this to my advantage! Turning on the music again, I pulled the mike, and although somewhere in the back of my mind, I knew I was a terrible singer, I began to sing...

"Maybe I need some rehab,
Or maybe just need some sleep..
I've got a sick obsession,
I'm seeing it in my dreams..

I'm looking down every alley,
I'm making those desperate calls,
I'm staying up all night hoping,
Hittin' my head against the walls!"

I heard the crowd laughing, but my eyes were stuck on Armaan who's eyes were wide as if shock! To make my point I jumped off the stage, feeling a spasm in my feet, but I ran anyway, with the little amount of sanity left in me.

What you've got boy is hard to find,
I think about it all about it all the time,
I'm all strung up my heart is fried,
I just can't get you off my mind...

Because your love, your love, your love, is my drug!
Your love your love your love...
I said your love, your love, your love, is my drug!
Your love your love your love...

Won't listen to any advice, Mum's telling me I should think twice,
But left to my own devices I'm addicted, it's a crisis!
My friends think I've gone crazy, my judgment's been kinda hazy,
My status is gonna be affected if I keep it up like a love sick crack-head!

What you've got boy is hard to find,
I think about it all about it all the time,
I'm all strung up my heart is fried,
I just can't get you off my mind...

Because your love, your love, your love, is my drug!
Your love your love your love...
I said your love, your love, your love, is my drug!
Your love your love your love..."

I saw Armaan looking away, probably embarrassed, and I felt tears prick my eyes. I was embarrassing him now? But I was determined. Did he not know that I was doing this for him? Well, then I had to make it clear to him! Marching towards him, pushing a drunk and knocked out Andrea out of his arms, to which he tried refuting, I pulled him towards me by his collar. He was so close, just a few inches apart, and I could feel his breath. I smiled through that one tear which had escaped my eye. And then, all of a sudden, as if the world had drowned, I saw his eyes change...Overcome with happiness of some kind, as if I had found that hidden depth in his eyes, I heard my voice again...

"I don't care what people say,
The rush is worth the price I pay,
I get so high when you're with me,
But crash and crave you when you leave...

Pushing him away, I giggled seeing him tumble and lose his balance. Turning, i focused my attention on two guys who were staring at me.

"So I got a question;
Do you want to have a summer party in my basement?
Do I make your heart beat like an 808 drum?
Is my love, your drug?

I felt that guy pull me close and laughing, I snatched his drink, gulping it down. But then I felt someone pulling me back, and suddenly, I felt myself floating. Drinks could actually make you fly! But I wouldn't give up! I tried looking for Armaan from where I was flying, but I couldn't see him anywhere...

"Because your love, your love, your love, is my drug
Your love your--"

I felt my head throbbing, and the world around me revolving, and I knew this had nothing to do with Earth's normal revolution. Feeling my eyes go all heavy, I shut them, and then, all went black....



Thoda FILMY lagega, but trust me, I've witnessed even worse situations than this singing and dancing, there was way more than this included in what I've witnessed, so I know that such things can happen in reality as well! LOL 

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hey congrats!
so happy for you!

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congrats.......hope u will open many more threads,and we get to read many more part.cant wait for the part..........

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Waitingg for d updt Tongue

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congo congo congo...waiting for ur update and please add me in your pm list :)

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Hey shrutika,

 Could u plz sugest sumother FFs which u hd liked ... jus 2 fill in d gaps between ur updates .. plz ...
i m a big fan of ur ff i think wich ever u sugest r gotta b gud  Smile 

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