Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

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Welcome back,'Mohabbatians', to show 'Kitani Mohabbat Hai' iss show se by sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments;
However, not to forget few rules.
1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
5. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
6. First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for KMH forum" 
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.
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Originally posted by Dr.BasketGupta


WE'RE NEARING 100 EPISODES SOON Party so in that excitement we have decided that we are going to have our own fun here on Mohabbat Lounge. I know there is barely much time for it and we are just announcing this, but my brain did just realize we reached 93 episodes LOL

Alright so I'm going to shut up....and let Tehreem post what is going to happen because I have to leave for college and I'm already late LOL 

Alright sooo there is another part to this like Tehreem said wait till I edit LOL

you ready??? *DRUMROLLS* 

Alrightttt so the next thing we have is VM/Siggie/Avi Contest Thumbs UpThumbs Up *yes i want u to copy that emoticon* so all you creative people, get your minds working and software's rolling because you have to make some amazing VMs/Siggies/Avi!!! Dancing I know everyone is excited about this...because I am excited to watch all of them Approve 
PM me with the subject as "VM/Siggie/Avi Contest" and hmm the deadline is Saturday, March 11, 2011 Big smile

Maximum siggies allowed: 2
Maximum VMs allowed: 1 

soooo content is basically, 100th episode celebration VM/Siggie/Avi PartyDancing

Originally posted by -tehreem-

Thankeyou soo much MissDrBasketGupta thats the first time you are letting me speak Ermm
Ok w/e lets fight later right now everybody must be waiting for that special note we have which you didnt care to post TongueLOL
So Hello Mohhabatians =)
As we know that Episode 100 of Kitni Mohhabat hai is nearing  so its time for ......... guess guess yes you are right ....CELEBRATIONS Party
We are going to have a bash on this very day when our ML is going to make a centuryPartyTeheh i cant believe that its growing up Day Dreaming
So for the celebration we are conducting  an award function and some other things so that you guys can participate and show your love towards ML and KMH ( it doesnt mean other people dont love it i know they can express much better in words )
For award function we have some nominations what you guys have to do is nominate ML members for every category BUT BUT we have some rules defined for it
1) You can nominate the same person for different categories only two times that means a certain person can be nominated for one and then the other thats it not more than that.
2)If you think two members deserve the same award then write both their names both not more than two.
3)These awards are just for fun and celebrations DONOT i say DONOT take them personally and nominate people randomly not by their specific quality or something =)
So the nominations are as follows
1) Best spammer of ML
2) Best writer of ML
3) Best entertainer of ML
4) Ghajini of ML
5) Miss absent of ML
6) Lady gaga of ML
7) Bittu sharma of ML
8) Raj of ML
9) Don of ML
10) Teacher of ML
Now after voting you guys have to pm all the nominations to me that is -tehreem-  and the subject must be Nominations for ML award function or just Nominations LOL


Do vote guys its a kind request though i can order also but i chose to remain polite LOL
 P.S Maaf kar dena if i made any typos LOL
P.S.S something is still a mystery which Miss Pooja is going to tell and if she doesnt i cant help but edit this post again LOL

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Arjun saying 'sab log aa gaye' aro says 'tum chalo mein aati hu',   role reversal hua tha kya LOL, pehli line aro ki honi chahiye thi.  expected a peck from arjun as well or some attitude se bhara look like agar tum kar sakti ho to main bhi kar sakta hu Wink  just kidding Tongue  the scene was sweet with arjun still taken aback by what arohi did Embarrassed.  aro was on roll today , bahut hyper ho gayi after kissing her hubby LOL

those girls , jinki kal insult huyi thi, got a good chance to get back at arjuna and bua , but maine kaha na aro is on roll today , she comes to rectify her mistake (usine to bua ko kaha tha naam likhne ko). am not a good judge of dance but can say this much , arjun's expressions were good in the dance Thumbs Up while arohi looked over confident or may be that type of dance requires that sort of expressions I think. anyways  kritz looked  pretty Embarrassed (itne bade earrings kaise dalte ho bhai,  hurt nai hoti ?).   loved the ending of the dance with both of them smiling Star

then we are thrown back to earth with ullus's scene Cry .  aro's mom planning a wedding  aur uske taal mein taal milate huye kartar ShockedStern Smile.   but  bua decides enough of this nonsense  I have to speak and tells them 'shayad apko ajeeb lage' (use pata hai na ki kaam ki batein ullus ko ajeeb lagta hai) 'arjuhi ek dusre se pyar karte hai' Clap Thumbs Up and amrit is shattered Broken Heart and brings out her anmol logic Silly 'par maine KHUD un dono ko sath mein dekha hai !!!!!' GeekErmm LOLROFL,  sunliya na arohi amrit ne tumhe dhondz ke sath bfast khate huye dekha isiliye tumhe arjun ko chod ke dhondz se shaadi karni padegi Wacko , cant beat this logic hai na Angry,  even kumud looks smarter here ROFLROFL

Lovedeep bua tries to knock some sense into amrit 'dekha hoga sath mein, dond aro ki childhood frnd hai, gayi hogi milne' and then gets StarStarStarHug  for what she says  next 'shayad apko bura lage ,  lekin arjun bura ladka nahi hai, mana ki uski parvarish galat huyi hai par uski kaam ki alava aisa kya hai jo use bura sabit kare '  excellent lines writer ji ClapThumbs Up. but  kartar singh  who is on the verge of retirement  becomes cranky and says 'kabootar1 miss ho gaya to kya hua, abhi kabootar 2 mila hai , hume rishta jodna hi padega, aro ya phir dhondu se puchne ki zaroorat nahi  hai ' Silly . chuhon ne kumud ki nai ahluwalia's ki akal ko bhi
kutra hai LOL

micky is planning some dangerous stuff for arjun...oooo scaaaary Dead may be he will find another kalia the crow who can do situps on a branch while firing aimlessly  and relentlessly  ROFLROFL .  but aro is still stuck with evesdropping syndrome listens to all
this and tries to warn arjun Thumbs Up.  har pati ki jaisa hi arjun  ko bhi apni patni ki baat samajh mein  nahi aayi LOL  ki kyun itna  pareshaan ho rahi, whats the big deal , kaam hi to hai LOL.  lekin aro aaj hyper hai na challenges him to take her also  on his jobEmbarrassed. loved this scene  Clap and thier matching tee's Tongue.

romit sanchit simi - scene was painful to watch today Sleepy,  dhondz trying to confront archi Geek.  dude take my advice  learn something from arjun, show some attitude, be urself,  stop trying to act like srk Stern Smile, suit nahi kar raha hai,  and  shayad isiliye hi archi has left you Silly.. but srsly if we are made to watch their scenes Confused finetune  them please .
Last scene takes the cake again.  natak karte karte  bhul gaye ki natak karni hai, eventhough arohi's nautanki  left jay and arjun in confusion LOL it did lead to a  beautiful recap of memories for them Embarrassed  credit goes to  jay's parents for not liking the faltu frnds but impressed  by arjuhi and start asking them how they met etc Clap. I superliked the line 'shayad ek dusre ko hi  dhund rahe the ' Star while  the destiny moment was shown plus it applies to their first meeting as well Thumbs Up.   I am impressed  at how they both were made to remember their first meeting  and loved the expressions here ClapClap.


expected that the epi will continue from yday's last scene with arjun's surprised  expression ,  lagta hai  editing mein  gadbad huyi phir se.   director ji aaj ke episode mien kabhi kabhi laga ki shayad ek hi take mein okay kar diye  shots Wink.   nevertheless good episode .

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Ok writing a take after soooooo long!! but aaj to take likhna banta hai.. with my status change Dancing.. isiliye take in a hatke style!! full of my fav emoticons!! chal kuki shuru ho ja!! LOL


Loved the continuity of the 1st scene.. On The CheekBeautiful moment!! Loved Arohi's love blinded smily face which said everything in her heart abut her love being a really nice person at heart and ignoring all other characteristics that has been annoying her so far!! she was completely in love for the moment.. while Arjun was a little taken aback by this sudden love expressiveness of Arohi!! He was shocked that Arohi took the first step towards him.. he heart always wanted this but was in a trance with this sudden happening.. he wanted it but now was not able to believe it.. his confused expressions said everything!! he had been pining for this love from arohi but didn't wanna admit it in the fear that this is a dream Arjun & don't fall for it.. If I would open my eyes... this dream would shatter!! But that sweet smile of Arohi after kissing him was an assurance that No, this is for real & I have forgotten the past & moved on a little today!! beautiful scene!! loved it..

Coming back to today's epi.. Arjun was still confused.. no taken aback.. is the right way to describe it!! He reminded Arohi that everybody has gathered & they should leave.. bechara tab bhi confused that jab chalte chalte sab logon tak pohocha.. soch raha tha.. yeh meri biwi ko kya ho jata hai bar bar.. isse samajhna namumkin hai!! LOL Poor him.. usse kya pata tha.. ki uski Jhasi ki rani has another Jhatka planned for him!! Shock!!! ElectricDance & me!! Damn those girls.. got a chance to get back at Arjun!! Angry unhe kya pata tha ki aaj to his wifey is on a roll! Loved Arjun's expressions.. when when Arohi convinced him to relax & just dance as she does.. bechara Arjun itna to apni poori life nahin dara hoga!! LOL But Arjun don't worry.. when ur wifey is there.. into all dancing mode Ballerinawhich made Arjun get into his dancing shoes too Dancing Alright!! coming to the salsa dance.. it was a bit of a let down for me!! not that I completely disliked it.. as a dance it was fine but It looked a bit too rehersed.. It wasn't passionate or romantic as I wanted it to be.. it was a mere performance!! but no complains.. at least we got to see arjuhi getting comfortable with each other!! Their smiles to each other at the end said everything.. Loved that loving smiles they gave each other! Also, not to forget Jay & Lovedeep bua.. who understood arjuhi's love for each other I've Got It during the dance!!  specially bua, she was happy, contented & satisfied that Arohi is with the right person & that they both love each other & r meant to be with each other!! Couples Aha!! bua.. u got it right!! chalo good going Arjun.. one ulluwaliya on ur side.. but lots more to go!!


Ok.. coming to Ullu's!! Duhtrue to their name.. inki logic na mujhe kabhie samjh aayi thi na kabhi aayegi!! somebody Shoot me!! Shoot Meaur Amrit to harroz.. apne hi uluupanti ke records todti hai!! koi mujhe batayega ki yeh log Arjuhi ke love ke baare mein jankar itne Shock 5kyon ho gaye!! jab arjun ne khud inko challenge dete waqt kaha tha ki he loved arohi & vice versa.. to aab kya badal gaya.. aab saath mein rahenge to yeh hona hi tha na!! Wink Buaaaaaaaaaaaaa!! Hugall the hugs from me 2 u today!! loved her.. for being honest & telling KSA, amrit straight that Arjuhi love each other.. but her line for Arjun touched me... "Arjun bura ladka nahin hai bauji.. mana ki uski parvarish galat hui hai par uske kaam ke alava aisa kya hai jo use bura sabit kar sake.. Arjun Arohi ke liye bilkul sahi ladka hai" ClapClapClap Oye Hoye!! she rocked for saying it right on KSA's face!! but yeh Amrit.. kaha na maine.. she surpasses her ullu title with each passing day.. plss koi mujhe samjhao ki ladka ladki saath mein dikhe.. to kya uska matlab yeh hota hai ki they love each other & get them married!! Shocked bapre!! aise mein to mere mom-dad ko heart attack aa jayegaFainting.. aur meri to 100 shaadiyan ho gayi hoti abhi tak!! thank god!! yeh sirf ulluwaliya logic hai nahito.. I'm to dead!! LOL aur Kartarji!! Aksh.. didn't I tell u.. this guy has memory loss prob!! plss inko jaake koi yaad dilao ki unhone hi arjun ko uski file wapis di thi & was super impressed with his imandari!! to aab kya ho gaya.. iss poore ghar ko memory loss syndrome hai!! pagal khane ke beds bhi kaam padenge!! LOL lekin ullupanti ke saath saath kartarji ko adhipanti (half-info) ki bhi syndrome hai!! kabhi to poori baat pata karlo.. inko DIG kisne banaya!! Arohi ko banana chahiye tha.. kartarji sikho kuch apni poti se.. detectivegiri mein she's the best.. apko to adhi baat pata hote hue bhi aap nikamme hai.. lekin use to baat ke baare mein bilkul na pata ho phir bhi baat kahina kahin se poori pata kar hi leti hai!! I'm telling u.. I have big doubts that Arohi's not Ullu blood!! LOL yaar koi to characteristic milte ho un logo se!!

Coming to awal number ka chachundar!! Mickey!! Steamedek din na mein iska murder kar dungi!! poori DON style mein Cannonball aur Kumud ka to Arohi style mein blast karungi.. Pumpbut Micky!! yeh sahi mein DON ke bete ke naam par dhabba hai!! chachundar.. kuch to kaam apne aap kar liya kar.. apni bhabhi ko satane ke ideas bhi mom se lene padte hai.. big kalank on singhu family!! Dead


but let's give 5 stars to Arohi for today StarStarStarStarStar true to her words!! Clap sabki memberships bandh karvadi.. sivay Arjun ke! LOLLOL Oye hoye!! yeh hui na baat.. just love her.. she does whatever she says, just like hubby dear!! Yipieeeee Dancing 

kya tarif karti hai yeh ladki apni saas ki, "apne to kaminepan mein khud ko hi beat kar diya" LOL Loved loved loved her today for standing up for Arjun!! "Har baar iss family ke liye Arjun hi kyun apni jaan khatre mein dale, Micky aise koi kaam kyun nahin karta??" sweetheart!! aise kaam karne ke liye sher banna padta hai.. lekin Micky to chota sa chachundar hai LOLLOL yeh lo!! apna answer khud hi de diya.. "Micky mein koi problem hai kya?? ROFL" Arohi u rock!! Clap I'm waiting for the day when Arohi does this to Micky In The Garbage Loved her for rubbing it on Kumud's face "mein bhi dekhti hoon ki app jaise logo ke liye arjun apni jaan khatre mein kaise dalta hai" muaahhh!! "Jannat.. ur Jhasi ki rani" title is officially gone for the day!! definitely taken away by Arohi Singhania!! You Are The Woman She was on a roll today.. no stopping from scene 1!! Loved this scene btw Arjuhi.. felt like after the salsa night & cute cheek kiss.. they were very comfortable with each other today!! loved how Arjun tried to explain very calmly just like a hubby to arohi that his work is not that dangerous & bla bla!! but today.. Arohi was not buying it at all.. laga diya ek aur sixer!! "agar iss kaam mein koi khatra nahin hai to mein bhi tumhare saath chalungi, mein bhi to dekhu akhir tum karte kya ho" lovely!! Go Arohiiiiii!! aab yeh bhul mat jana tumne jo kaha hai.. waooo guys.. I'm already in Arjuhi land.. socho.. dangerous trip!! khatra.. arjuhi together.. arjun saving arohi if in danger or arohi all concerned if anything happens to arjun!! in any case both would show love for each other... super hot seq's, cute nok-jhoks, love & only love!!Yayyyyy!! *kuki slaps herself* aare kuki.. come back!! abhi der hai.. pehle yeh jay-dhondu ki shaadi to nipta le!!

Loved Arjun too in this scene.. he was amused & surprised seeing Arohi care so much for him.. he had a super cute faint smile when Arohi said she would go with him.. awww.. so cute!! but he was confused as well.. & questioned the most stupidest Q to himself.."pyaar to dhondu se karti hai to mere jeene marne ki itni tension kyun le rahi hai?" *kuki bangs her head to the table* aare duffer.. iska jawab to 2 yrs ka kid bhi de sakta hai!! kya karu mein iska but no problem.. arohi will handle him!! but loved how arohi came back to answer his Q!! LOL bechara was so confused seeing his wife ke badalte rang dhang!! LOLLOL they were cuteness personified today!! me in arjuhi land still!! Day Dreaming


Royally FF'd dostana track!! ROFL phir bhi mujhe Romit-sanchit ka biggest fan ke nominations mile!! LOLLOL


Coming to dhondu-Archi scene!! yeh banda hamesha SRK world mein hi rehta hai.. lagta hai Archi ne bhi iske SRK obsession se insecure hoke use chod diya hai!! LOL aaj to DDLJ ke exact dialogues bole.. aise copy karta rahega to kaunsi gf manegi tere pass wapis aane ke liye!! he's in desperate need for a love instructor!! Lightbulb Ideaaare abhi to do do love guru's hai!! ek apna Raj.. but usse bhi better.. usi ki gf ka fiance!! LOLLOL dono hi surat mein pitega!! Raj aur jay dono hi arjun ke chamche hai!! so, sorry dhondu.. abhi u'll have to learn on ur own!! LOL Anyways!! back to the scene.. today I genuinely thought dhondu loves Archi.. but Archi's still angry with him for unknown reason!! so, still can't say whose side I'm on.. untill I get to know the stroy behind their breakup!! but felt like.. Archi does have a liking towards dhondu as well.. but will wait for the pic to be clearer & will then comment on it!!

OK!! Loved jay's parents!! this was what was needed!! inki wajah se arjuhi ke dil ke raaz khul gaye aur hume sunayi bhi de gaye!! good job!!

The day was totally Arohi's today!! she bowled Arjun & Jay completely!! btw.. did u guys notice.. Arohi ne Jay ke bhi pair chuye.. LOLLOL bhabhiji jo kaha tha!! aaj to she was on fulto drame baazi mode!! LOL Jay.. tumne pehli baar witness ki arohi ki dramebaazi.. so, tumhe shock lagna banta hai!! tumne to bol bhi diya, "arohi.. super good hai!!" Jay abhi yeh to sirf trailer hai.. abhi poori pic to baki hai.. thode aur din ruk jao.. woh bhi dikh jayegi!! bas arohi se request hai.. iss bechare bande ko itne trailers mat dikhana jaise tum arjun ko dikhati ho, ke darr jaye aur khud hi shaadi se mana karde.. apne best friend ka chuhe jaisa haal dekh kar!! sochega.. arjun shaadi se pehle sher tha.. aab shadi ke baad chuha ban jata hai apni biwi ke samne.. shaadi itni khatarnak hoti hai ki insaan microscopic size ka ho jaye!! to mujhe nahin karni shaadi.. to phir dhondu ka rasta clear!! LOLLOL

lekin yaar!! jay ka shock hona to banta hai.. par yeh arjun apni wifey ki nautanki dekhke kyon shock hai.. woh to yeh roz hi dekhta hai!! aur aaj kya hua.. kaal tak to bada bad boy attitude dikha rahe the Arjun.. aaj tay tay phus!! biwi ke samne.. bhigi billi ban gaye!!

Totally loved flirty arohi & stammering, shocked Arjun & super shocked Jay!! Shradul is doing an awesome job.. cupid#4!! LOL itne saare cupids hai phir bhi inki love story turtle ke speed se bhi nahin badhi.. thank god.. jay ke parents ne woh kaam kar diya!!

Arjun: "lekin jab do ajnabi milte hai to bheed apne aap hi piche chut jati hai"

Arohi: "hamare dost pata nahin piche reh gaye the ya aage chale gaye the"

Arjun: "kuch pata hi nahin chala, hamare aas paas koi aur nahin tha"

Arohi: "shayad ek dusre ko hi dhondh rahe the"

These two lines so describes 2 ppl in love!! who forgets everything around them when they get lost into each others love, emotions & stays in their own sweet world where they r all alone even with 100 ppl surrounding them!! it is a world of their own where no one but only those 2 can be!! really good dialogues!!


Arohi: "roshni"

Arjun: Andhera.. lekin jaise hi main arohi ko dekha to chand ki kami mehsus hi nahin hui"

To me these lines specifies the importance for each other in their lives!! Arohi replied roshni symbolizing that Arjun would be the one that would brighten her life by feering her from the protected cover of her family and by fulfilling her wishes and filling her life with all the happiness in the world!! while Arjun replied darkness.. which symbolized his life at that time which was full of darkness, emptiness, voidness.. which had no aims, love or that longing of a happier life!! which on meeting Arohi changed.. jaise chand ki roshni kali raat ke andhere ko cheer kar hum tak pohochti hai.. vaise hi.. arohi ka pyaar uske dil ke aas paas bane saari andheri deewaro ko cheer kar uske dil tak pohoch gaya!! she touched his soul and his heart and completely changed his lonely life into a blossoming garden which now has lots of love & dreams which he has seen & can be fulfilled only by her!!


Karan & Kritika did a fab job here!! the love for arjuhi was so visible in their eyes, that love struck expressions were brilliantly protrayed and loved how both of them were completely lost into each other.. were in a trance where they forgot the world around them!!

This scene rightly showed the emotions they have for each other.. loved the bringing back of their first meet and masqerade party memories.. they were very apt and shoed at the right time.. when both of them r letting their past inhibitions go away and are once again sucumbing to their emotions of love!! Juts hope CV's continue from this scene & not end it abruptly!!


Just one complain of today's epi!! the editing was pathetic.. the scenes were randomly cut out.. plss editors play a close attention to detail and don't end the scenes like this.. it affects the story flow which really pisses me off!!

but other than that.. story wise.. it's going gr8!! loving it so much!! & again.. awesome job specially by Karan, Kritika, shradul, lovedeep bua!! keep rocking guys!! ClapClapClap



Sorry for a super super long take guys!! woh kya hai na I didn't write a take for abut a week or more.. so saari kasar aaj hi nikal li!! LOL sorry if I bored anyone.. Wink

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luving jay's character more n more.. Hug entry acchi thi..Wink 
luved the continuity..Thumbs Up chalo accha hai.. we got to see aru's pyar bhari aankhein again..Day Dreaming arjun bechara luked so confused.. uski biwi ko kab kya sujhta hai..kisko pata..abhi khisaklo yahan se.. Winkeven when he walked into the crowd..he was as though usse yakeen nahi ho raha tha ki uske saath abhi abhi kya hua tha?!?!ShockedLOL

these girls i tell u.. very Censored..  arohi's entrance to save her husband from the soup she had put him in.. Dancingn arjun's face changing a 100 diff shades.. Embarrassedshud he be happy wife is joining him in dance..Confused wait dance!!! ShockedOMG!! nahiii... Nuke luv those rxns.. itna darr!! itna khauff.. LOLhubby dearest.. why fear when wifey is here..Big smile

the dance itself.. liked it.. peppy song.. Dancingtoo well rehearsed to pass as a surprise for arjun..Wink but well its a show.. but what is bua so happy about??Shocked is she flat out happy to see them in love? Ouchwasnt she supposed to be first atleast shocked n surprised??D'oh 
n ya kuki, song n dance ended up abruptly...Ouchluved karan n kritz all teh same..dint mind the song much..felt like it echoed the speeding feelings in arjuhi's love graph.. Embarrassed

yeh ulluwaliyas..Angry inke ghar me sirf inki betiyon ko thodi akal hai.. baaki sab toh.. Angrydont get me started.. luv u bua..Hug Clapu wer always in my neutral books.. now u got into my good books..Star Thumbs Up
but why in the world is arohi's mom disgusted.. Shockedcriminal n all toh thik hai..but it dint occur to her that arohi is in love with teh guy all these days!!! Angry
"Arjun bura ladka nahi hai bauji, haan maana ki uski parvarish galat huyi hai par uske kaam ke alava aisa kya hai jo usse bura sabit kar sake"StarStarStar
yeh KSA bhi na.. khud usko clean chit diya.. abhi inko bhi memory loss ho gaya kya??Ouch nikal pade dhondz ke ghar.. wapas inhi ka tamasha banega.D'oh. kabhi toh puri info lelo!!!LOL

yay!! arohi ne kumud n micky ke clubs cancel kara diya!! go arohi!! best bahu ka award tumhe hi milega!! best wife ka bhi..!! Clap

"dusra, arjun ki taraf uska badhta hua posessive attitude.. its just killing me" 
ya us too kumud..but in a gud way.. hum toh fida ho gaye iss mohabbat se!! Embarrassed

"agar arohi ko pareshan karna hai toh go thru arjun!!"
arohi.. hears all this but doesnt understand the essential part.. arjun ko use kar rahe hai arohi ko pareshan karne.. arre arohi puttar..ab toh dushmano ko bhi tumhara pyar nazar aa raha hai.. ab toh bol de..!!D'ohLOL

micky.. kaminey.. tujhe sharam nahi aati.. teri mom tujhe suggestion de rahi hai ki ek ladki se dushmani kaisi nibhani hai..ROFL tu toh DON ka beta kehlane ka layak bhi nahi..

"mein dekhti hun ki aap jaise logon ke liye arjun apni jaan khatre me kaise daalta hai" 
yes arohi yes.. sahi pakda tumne.. ab isi raste chalti rehna..wapas bhatakna mat.. ab Mrs. Don bachayengi Mr. Don ko.. there are so many possibilities.. arohi will go with arjun..more jungle trips? more trips ofcourse..Dancing more proximity, takraar, tashan, nok-jhok..Day Dreaming bring it on!! 

"mujhe yahan se divorcee ban ke jana hai, widow nahi"LOL 
arre arohi.. par tujhe jaana hi kyun hai.. Winkarjun luked happy with the concern.. n am happy with all this concern..Big smile
but then all that happiness came crashing down..Ouch yeh arjun bhi na.. khotta hai bilkul.. 
"ajeeb pagal hai, pyar toh dhondu se karti hai, toh phir mere jeene-marne ki itni tension kyu le rahi hai?" hayye mere buddhuram.. LOL iska kya hoga!! arohi seems less concerned with LKL.. maybe after arjun ke badboy avtar ka khulasa.. she knows not to worry so much??Confused or maybe i am just reading too much into her expressions.. LOL

more dostana trak.. romit n sanchit ladte rahenge aur koi aur dulhaniya le jaayega!!LOL k FF this part!!Sleepy

dhondz-archi - aaj meine dhondz ki aankhon me woh dard dekha..toh yakin hua ki sach me voh is bandi se pyar karta hai.. Winkarchi..not so much.. abhi tak woh denial me hai..Ermm accha hai.. the longer she takes.. the longer we get to see arjuhi in their current phase.. Partythoda stability hona chahiye na.. nahi toh yeh super fast badalte sequences me mujhe chakkar aane lage the.. D'ohLOL

luv jay's parents.. "bhagwaan kare aapko pehla beta hi ho!!" aate hi shuru ho gaye.. Clapkeep it up.. roz aise interesting aashirwaad dete rahiye hamare arjuhi ko..Evil Smile unka story speed up nahi hua..toh aapke aashirwaad ka hi toh sahara hai!!ROFL

luved arohi's chapar chapar and micky's burai!! Thumbs Up aur karo arohi..humari taraf se bhi chaar paanch galiyan aur de do!! LOL
"arohi is super gud eh?" jay yeh toh sirf trailer hai.. tu dekhte jaa...Tongue teri bhabhi ke naye naye rang.. but arjun.. tumne toh dekhi hai na iski nautanki.. tum bhi utar jaate maidan me..Wink why u so surprised dude!!?? uss din toh badi sari practice ho rahi thi.. ab kya hua... biwi ko dekhte hi saari hawa nikal gayi?? chalo koyi nahi.. monday ko tum shuru ho jana!!LOL

Kritz totally stole the show..StarStarStar kya sharmati hai boss!! Clap n Jay's rxns... luved 'em.. Shardul is too good.. Karan's nervous stammering.. always floors me!!StarStar

n jay ke parents ki meherbani se yeh dono ne ek thali me khana bhi kha liya!! yay!! Party

"lekin jab doh ajnabi milte hai toh bheed apne aap hi piche reh jaati hai"
"humare dost pata nahi piche reh gaye the, ya aage chale gaye the"
tum dono ko toh abhi bhi pata nahi kab tum uncle aunty se baat karna chod..ek dusre se baat karne lage.. woh bhi pyaar se.. wah wah!! luv the dialouges here.. Clapthey so reflect how love ignores all else.. jab woh aapke saath ho, toh baaki ki duniya se kya kaam.. mein bas unhe dekha karun aur woh mujhe aur baaki ki duniya bhaad me jaaye!!LOL

those eyes.. feasting on each other.. Day Dreamingwoh intensity, woh passion.. Blushinghayye nazar na lage inko!!

aur uncle-aunty ke meherbani se hume arjuhi ke dil ke mausam ka bhi pata chal gaya.. DancingDay Dreaming
"wahan pe roshni thi ya andhera"
Arohi: "roshni"
Arjun: "andhera, amavas ki raat thi lekin jaise hi maine arohi ko dekha toh chand ki kami mehsoos hi nahi hui" hayye arjun, tune toh maar dala yaar!! EmbarrassedStarStarStar

awesome fab mindblowing job by KK2, Shardul.. Dhondz n archi in their small part did a gr8 job.. Clap

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Res! (I LOVE Arohi! Heart)


Omg, the salsa dance was SO cute!! I was actually expecting it to be more intense and passionate but instead it was smooth and soulful. No complaints! Embarrassed I loved Arohi's attitude and expressions! And for a change, we had the male partner following the female partner's lead! LOL LOL LOL
Bua is so amazing! I don't know why but despite of what Arjun did for her yesterday, I had a feeling she'll be against them but she supported them. I'm so happy! I should stop underestimating characters, seriously!LOL LOL But Amrit's and KSA's reaction really disappointed me, specially KSA. Once upon a time, he had seen love in Arjun's eyes for Arohi. Arjun doesn't even hate Arohi any longer but even if he did, love is not such a weak emotion, you know. Hate can only mask it, not erase it. Ever heard that we hate those people the most whom we love the most? IDK, it's not like I was taken aback or I didn't expect it, but I'm disappointed, nonethelessOuch
Someone please tell me what workouts Kumud does??! She's already lost that paunch, though she's still bulky everywhere else Tongue Anyhow, getting to the point, I find Michael (I'm still not sure about how to spell his name even after so many months, maybe because I didn't care enough Wink) to be a pretty spineless character, no offense to his fansOuch All he ever does is amateurish scheming. I've never seen him do anything useful and productive even in a negative or evil way. He's quite nikamma if you ask me. His words are definitely louder than his actions!
Arohi reminds me of 'Yeh hain Youngistaan, meri Jaan'. One can see how her mere presence has changed the whole atmosphere in the Singhania mansion. That's Arohi for you. Hate her, love her, you just can't ignore her! I can never get tired of of saying that I love Arohi's characterisation. Yes, there were times when she got on my nerves but when? When she was behaving like those typical weepy, self pitying protagonists of any other show. She's long been back to the Arohi I loved. Strong headed, will powered, sensible, yet, childish! She wants to bring about a change in the ways things work. She can't tolerate the Ss taking advantage of Arjun's submissiveness towards them. You know, Arjun is so smart and intelligent. I kind of feel bad that he lets the Ss take advantage of his devotion towards them. I can't even blame him. He feels obligated and even if it was for his own selfish reasons, RPS did give him a new lease of life Ermm
Aww!! You know the best part of the episode??! Arohi's love was SO evident today!! What can be better than fighting WITH your love FOR your love, for their benefit?!!
Sanchit-Simi-Romit made no sense today but I loved it, nevertheless LOL LOL LOL Hayyee!! Sanchit-Romit share an amazing rapport! They're so cute Day Dreaming
And omg, humare Dhondz ko kya ho gaya aaj??! DDLJ se seedha Darr??! Quite a new shade to his character, though, the actor could've been as a possessive, obsessive and passionate lover but oh well, he was convincing enough, I guess =)
And gosh, Arjuhi were so cute as the perfect couple! Day Dreaming I don't think they needed to act much, they are a perfect couple, it's natural Embarrassed Specially Arohi was superb! Undoubtedly, she was my star today <33 Uncleji-Auntyji were pretty adorable, like a newly married couple LOL LOL LOL
And Arjun was so clearly frustrated with the whole thing!! 'Aap khana khayiye!' 'Pehle aap khayiye na!' ROFL ROFL I think given a choice, Arjun would've strangled everyone around him! ROFL ROFL ROFL
The last scene with Arjuhi describing their journey was DREAMY and nostalgic! They were so not pretending in that! And it was very impactful! Clap Clap Clap
Gosh! Why did the episode end! I was so lost in the intensity of the moment that I didn't even realise that it was time for the episode to end!! I was so sad! I wanted more! Cry Cry I mean, seriously, the next show started so suddenly without a warning! Had I not known better, I would've actually thought 'Yeh kaun naye log aa gaye show mein?' Shocked Shocked Shocked

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glitter567 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged

just loved today's epi lots of Star for arohi...just love seeing the caring and protective side of her Star

the last part just blew mw away especially when jay's mother asked if there was roshani or andhera

arjun: roshani
arohi: andhera

just wow Embarrassed.Day Dreaming....arohi who was afraid of the dark...and arjun whose life was filled with darkness
but now their life is filled with light beacuse they have each other!! 
kudos to the dialogue writers ClapStar

both of them replying at the same time whilst gazing into each others' eyes Day Dreaming having a nostalgic moment when they reflected back on the time they first met and also the midgnight meeting of the two souls that destiny has decided to bring together!!!...

rememberedd these lyrics:

Zubaan Khamosh Aankhon Se baat Hoti Hai..

Aise Hi Mohabbat Ki Shuruwaat Hoti Hai,

Unhi Ke Khayaalon Me Khoye Rahte Hai.

Pata Nahii Kab Din Kab Raat Hoti Hai...

sorry getting a lilttle emotional EmbarrassedLOL i can just blabber on about this sceneLOL



Loved the way the epi started off with those men carrying jay in LOL so then everyone settled down whilst jay gave the speech, he mentions how he is on a budget....of course we know that jay!!!! that's why you have landed on the bandini sets and will be using this as the venue for your wedding functions ROFLROFL
It is then shown arjuhi are still in the same spot, that peck on the cheek really came off as a surprise na arjun?  Embarrassed and without knowing how to react on this he makes an excuse by saying everyone is here Embarrassed and arohi say's ''you go i'm coming''. WOW!! arohi I am pleasantly surprised with you, yesterday you had us thinking if this whole thing would be some sort of plan to get back at arjun for his bad boy attitude....but it wasn't, it actually was a genuine and a real kiss in order to say thank you to him for saving bua from the insult...arhi meri taraf se lots of>> Star for this!!! mwah!!
Arjun's name was on the top the list of the people who will be dacing, and as soon as jay mentioned that it must be a mistake... those bimbos take this chance and start taking a dig at bua and arjun, and force arjun to dance...then what happens??? wifey to the rescue StarStarStar just loved it how she insinuated herself to save arjun's backStar...she was the one who put him in this position and now she will be the one to save him!!! Wink
then we got the awaited salsa dance scene...i have to say it was nicely choreographed and  I actually didn't mind the was a peppy, foot tapping number, it went with well with the dance! but arjun's expression at the start of the danceLOL bless him..he looked so scraed and shyLOL but then just went with the flow and enjoyed himselfStar
bua througout the whole dance couldn't help smiling...i'm wondering was she smiling because she was saved from another insult or seeing arjuhi together and their chemistry made her happy in her heart? ErmmLOL
i like the sound of the latter option...chalo whatever the reason was at least she was smiling, a sign that she will support them Wink
needless to say karnika did a fab job and danced gracefully ClapStar


will edit the rest when i get timeEmbarrassed...

Edited by glitter567 - 11 March 2011 at 3:54pm

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adhasrujana Senior Member

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 8:52am | IP Logged
res really feeling bad for Japan

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