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Sr Os-When A Heart Breaks(Part 4:Pg.12) (Page 9)

jacobharry10011 Goldie

Joined: 21 May 2010
Posts: 1354

Posted: 17 March 2011 at 11:51pm | IP Logged
Wat an update madamjiSmile
Loved Sid's anger ,cried for Sid's painCry n kind of Happy that Riddhima is sad

Pragzie IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 March 2008
Posts: 20467

Posted: 18 March 2011 at 3:12pm | IP Logged

Originally posted by veena_rocks

heyyyyyyyyy pragati

jst luvd d way u described siddhima's pain n d quotes were nyc

Riddhima heart broke . She wished she could tell that she wanted to be with him ,but she herself didn't know what she want . She didn't want to hurt him further .

dis confused me, does she really wanna live wid Sid n nt tht psycho

pls cont soon

you will get to know that in the upcoming partEmbarrassed

Originally posted by sidma_love

Pragzuuuu HugHug

Super Awesome part ..

Siddy Cry Cry Cry 
I can so feel his pain Ouch

Loved d dialogues & quotes u ve used 
They were so apt for d situation Smile 


It was like a FATAK on Ridz's face Evil Smile
She deserves every bit of it Evil SmileEvil Smile

I hate her & dat so called ' brother ' AngryAngryAngry
But I love Sid's love for her Embarrassed

Awwwww Sid still took the pic as a memory Cry 

Why do I feel dat its still not OVER ?? Wink 

Continue superrrrrrr soon.... 
thanks harshu diHug
she deserves several fataaks on her faceLOL

Originally posted by subia-17


fabulous part
Clap Clap Clap

Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry Cry

awww my siddy widdy i soo wanted sid 2 say all this dat women deserves all this bt i can imagine how much pain n how much he  hated himself 4 saying this 2 ridhimma 'coz he loved her n still loves her soo muchCry Cry Cry

i so hate her for giving sid all d pain Angry Angry Angry n her boyfriend who doesnt deserve 2 be called a brotherDead Angry

i like d way u described sid's n even ridz pain even thou i hate her bt she is d one sid loved TongueLOL

he still takes her picture with himOuch


is it gonna be sad ending 4 meConfused i dont think so

n its still nt over i feel n hopeLOL

the quotes u used are juss amazing Embarrassedn so apt 4 d situationClap Clap Clap

looking 4 d next part

thank you Hug
i know he doesnt even deserve to be called a person forget being called a brotherLOL
thanks againEmbarrassed

Originally posted by loveSR

fabulous partTongueTongue 

Originally posted by 144128

i dont have words to describe 
it was fantastic
yes riddhimaz fault is unforgivable
thanx for the PM


Originally posted by monty22

Pragzie Hug

yayyyyyyyy u forgive me.........Dancing Dancing

amazing siddy..Cry it hurts me to watch him in pain...Ouch

maiyya......... does she have amnesia problem? Silly oops how can i forget that  D'ohshe has.......ROFL

she deserve OSCAR.......................ROFL  ROFL

love all the quotes ......Embarrassed

looking for next part....Tongue
she is definitely has amnesia and is also slightly paranoidLOL

Originally posted by Lennie

Again i love the quotes you have used and i love NS's quotes

Funny how she said friendship isnt broken, is she right in the head, everything is broken, they never started as friends and all that
Shame on her and how she is as a woman, what does she expect Sid to say and feel, Sid is emotionless now and that word fraz will forever haunt him and its killed each emotion and memory
i too lose NS's quotesEmbarrassed
riddhima i feel is never right in the head atleast 3-4 screws must be looseLOL
exactly she should feel ashamed of herselfOuch

Originally posted by indian_beauty

Pragzuuuuuuu Hug
bacha ur an amazing writer yaar Clap
and this update CryCryCryCry
my Sid man I can't see him in so much pain CryCryCry
man he still loves her but CryCryCry
he still takes their picutre with him Ouch
and tht woman bloody farzy maiya AngryAngryAngry
can she go die somewhereAngryAngry
but still it wud hurt Sid cuz he loves her so much Cry
I hate tht so called brother AngryAngry
I wish I can just strangle him or sometthingAngryAngryAngry
 she deserves an Oscar LOLLOLLOL
Oscars ke itne bure din nahi aaye haiLOL
and I'm sure this is not the end there's stil more to itWink
continue soonnnnnnnnn
oh n ya I loved all the quotes u usedEmbarrassed
perfect for the situationEmbarrassed
thanksHugi am sorry for making you cryOuch wait i'll give you rope then you strangle him ok?LOL aha saahi kaaha she actually deserves a kela awardLOL

Originally posted by jasangel

sorry for making you cryOuch and thanks for readingEmbarrassed

Originally posted by zeenia

Pragzie!! You made me cry!! Sids pain was unbearable!!
But Ridhimma deserves every bit of his anger after what she did to him!!
Wonderful wonderful update but now that you've given the ending away to Reets I wont be able to read anymore cos you know I hate sad endings!!Unhappy
I guess Ridzy and her farz deserves it!!
P.S Is there anyone else out there besides me and Nami who still like SR??LOLLOL
rrey no i am sure you'll find the ending to be bittersweetEmbarrassed
we love SR we just done like riddhima muchLOL

Originally posted by ...Noorya...

awesome PragzzTongue
it was soo sad and i love the dialogues
why Sid was trying to control his anger i wanted him to become Sexyface at MayaAngry
"Will you call me"!!! is she seriousAngryAngryAngryAngry
grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr im starting to hate her again nowLOLLOLLOL
whatever the end will be im sure its gonna be wonderful as u are such a great writerBig smile
ooh and the quotes are just beautiful
thanksHug sexyface is too heart broken to be sexyface we all love
NS is great isnt he?Embarrassed

Originally posted by sonia1000

It was nice PLZ make happy ending for SR PLZ PLZ PLZ. I really want them together

Originally posted by neet06

I couldn't agree more with all that everyone else has written..

This is such a fabulous piece of work dear... I'm moved to tears... Seriously.. All that pain, sorrow and angst in Sid... N you portray it so beautifully well..
I love the quotes that you use in between... They are just so apt to the situation..
I really don't have words dear.. This is such a heart touching, soul stirring piece of work...
Keep up the good work dear..
Love n hugs
means a lotEmbarrassed

Originally posted by StarshineHues

OMG Pragzie. You broke my heart. Broken Heart  Broken Heart  Those quotes. Sid's pain. So, so much of it. I was sobbing. Somebody needs to take his hurt away. And that woman. She wants to be friends ? After walking all over his heart ? After calling him a farz ? I don't think she can possibly hurt him more. The way you captured his pain, and her desperation, it was so raw, so beautiful. I'm so glad he's not letting her see him break down, she isn't worthy of it. Lovely, lovely update, you have to write more SOON. 
HugHug i am so sorrryOuch ahh well we all know riddhima ca be oh so naive
and no thanks but a big hug for youHugHug

Originally posted by kritishah3

Praggu i m speechless!!! 

I seriously don't know wat and how to start with....I literally cried reading both the parts of ur OS Cry  Broken Heart Stern Smile  All i can say is Please Riddhima Please Atleast Spare Sid now....Stern Smile U have destroyed and ruined an innocent person's life who only gave u hope smiles n happiness and in return u have given him only Miseries for Whole of his Life....Stern Smile STOP IT and LEAVE HIM ALONE PLEASE I BEG OF U Pinch Unhappy JUST GO AWAY Stern Smile Broken Heart

Waiting for the next part cont soon......
thanks kritzu diHugHug and sorry for making you cryOuch 

Originally posted by nikita_88

OMG Pragzie, the end was just killing - I loved how he packed her red suitcase (had to bring it in? LOL
The pictures, their room really well done! 

But wow, I have to say I don't hate this Riddhima she tried, to stop Sid, Which is a big task in itself. 

I can't wait to see what happens next - the middle of their story is still remaining. 

Cont soon! 
how could i not bring the red suit case?LOL

Originally posted by Ovi_Tanni

Hiii pragzie......
the way u describes sid's pain....m crying 4 him.......loved d dialougs u hav used.....ridhima really deserved it after wat she did with wat she wants frm sid does she has nt any shame....that farz is over thn y she came to sid......& the quteos r very beautiful.......

Originally posted by JERAN_rocks

Pragzie Hug
Broken HeartU made cry CryCryCryCry  hate Ridz maiyaOuchOuch
After whole fiasco for what she is at Penthouse?ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedAngry
Tumne mereko pyaar ka matlab sikhaya"

"Ab yeh rishta hi meri sacchai hai Tumhi mere sachchai ho,mujhe farak padta hai "

"Iss baar hum apni maarzi se shaadi kar rahein hai "

"Mein sirf tumhare saath rehna chahti hoon "

Sab jhooth.......AngryfarzAngryliarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr........hate her and his so called lover for what they did with SIDAngryAngryAngryCryCryCryStill want SR to be togetherLOLWink
As much as i hate A----------------------R more than that i love SiddhimaEmbarrassedHoping for SR reunionOuchcoz u r not like talli cvsAngryLOL
anyways u wrote it wonderfullyEmbarrassed
Love quotes...Big smile
Update sooon....................Embarrassed
thanks for pm...;)
i hate them tooOuch

Originally posted by Liashna

Awesome Pragzie!! Beautifully written.... I feel like am reading a novel....

Great job dear!!!! 

Thanks for the lovely update!!! Do pm me please!!! 

Originally posted by jyoti_31390


Super duperrrrrr update.......loved it....

do PM me next time u update......

Originally posted by ANNU30

Pragzie Hug
Thanks for WONDERFUL OSClapClapClapClapClap
After whole drama why she came back to PenthouseCryConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedAngry

Broken HeartU made us cry CryCryCryCry  hate Ridhhima when our sid cry for herAngry

whenevr u update ur OS plzzzzzzzzz PM me
Hug thank youEmbarrassed

Originally posted by jacobharry10011

Wat an update madamjiSmile
Loved Sid's anger ,cried for Sid's painCry n kind of Happy that Riddhima is sad

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Pragzie IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 March 2008
Posts: 20467

Posted: 18 March 2011 at 3:14pm | IP Logged
Thank You so much for your commentsHug. They always mean a lot to me and they are very touchingEmbarrassed I am sorry for making you all cry * hands out tissues *

Part 3:

Riddhima " Sid .."

Sid's anger had ebbed away so in small voice he said " hmm "

Riddhima was shocked she had expected anger or another bout of harsh words she hadn't expected that. She hadn't expected to hear his defeated tone which spoke of the pain he was going through . Riddhima bit her lip  and closed her eyes as she felt tears forming in her eyes . She had already given him enough pain . Infront of him she didn't have any reason to cry .

"Sid I want to say I am Sorry "

"It's all right Riddhima I forgive you " he said in the same disinterested tone

Some how this just made Riddhima feel worse. She didn't want him to forgive him she wanted him to yell at her .

Finally all their belongings were in their respective suit cases.  Riddhima suddenly noticed Sid's feet . His soles covered in blood . Bits of broken glasses were cutting deeper into his sole with each step he took but he didn't seem to be in pain . He was about to take a step when Riddhima stopped him

She took out the first aid from the cupboard and was about to take out it's contents when Sid said "Stop Riddhima just stop showing your fake concern and just stop.Please"

Not wanting to argue with him Riddhima reluctantly put the first aid box  back.

They left the bedroom while memories  filled their heart and mind . This room was the witness of the love Riddhima had never felt or maybe refused to feel . This room was the witness of Sid's undying love for Riddhima .

"Riddhima before I go I just want to say I m sorry for the harsh words I said "

Sidhant didn't  want to end things with Riddhima bitterly . There was too much of love . Too many memories .

Riddhima looked at Sid completely bewildered.  Not knowing what to say she just stuttered "N..o . Noo. Need to say sorry. I deserved it "

Sidhant just smiled a sad smile " No Riddhima you didn't . As a wife you were very good . Farz nibhane mein kaafi acchi thi "

Riddhima flinched . Sid mentally kicked himself for saying some thing bitter again .

"I didn't meant it like that . I just meant that you were a good wife "

he gave her a bright smile . She smiled back. She felt that his smile was incomplete . The usual mischievous glint in his eyes was missing and his smile didn't quite reach his eyes

After a very pregnant  pause Sid said " Bye riddhima "

"Bye Sid "

Funny isn't it? Some times people are perfect for each other . But their  consequences  actions and their words drive a wedge between them. Some times people love each other but some times they still stay away from each for reasons unknown even to them .  Some times people hate to hurt each other but they still do because of the circumstances.  People often don't recognize the effect their words can have on a person.Some times it breaks your heart to say good bye to a person but you still do . In anger ,in frustration or in sadness they say words that they never meant to . Those words haunt them for the rest of their lives.  Choose your actions and words wisely . As Dumbledore were wisely  said in Prisoner of Azkaban "The consequences of our actions are so complicated, so diverse, that predicting the future is a very difficult business indeed." Our actions and words make up our destiny and fate

Saying good bye to a loved one is always painful . Sid and Riddhima smiled at each other . Their eyes shining with tears . Their face contorted with pain . Finally Sid turned to go but at exact that moment'..

I know its a bit shortLOL but promise next part will be long :)

Edited by Pragzie - 18 March 2011 at 3:23pm

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indian_beauty IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 February 2010
Posts: 48019

Posted: 18 March 2011 at 3:26pm | IP Logged
Pragzzuuuuuuuu Angry ek toh itna chota update aur upar se Cliffhanger....rlly nowAngryAngry

ok even though it was short....very was really good
Loved how Sid apologized to tht woman....after all tht she did to him, he still doesn't wanna hurt her...That's Siddhant Modi for you...I'm so proud of him Embarrassed

n nikammi continue soon warna Evil Smile

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RestlessWriter Goldie

Joined: 23 July 2010
Posts: 1956

Posted: 18 March 2011 at 3:30pm | IP Logged

Oh god I want to cry!!!! I want to stop them!! I want to hit Riddhima on her head and make her realize Sid's love for her!! I just want to do something to ease the pain and the angst!!!

Pragzie pls pls pls pls update real quick!!! Can;t wait to see what happens next... And please egt someone to bandage Sid's leg... Pls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wonderful job dear!! As you can see, I am getting all emotional here...
Its awesome!!

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...Noorya... IF-Rockerz

Joined: 02 March 2008
Posts: 6079

Posted: 18 March 2011 at 4:08pm | IP Logged
ok first tho it was too shortttt and u added a cliffhangerAngryLOLLOL
i must say its very ishmartWinkLOL
but u know im glad it was short coz it was toooo sad yaarCryCry
godd hw can Sid apologize for his behaviour and specially to HER!
but once again its Sid we are talkin aboutEmbarrassed
"No Riddhima you didn't . As a wife you were very good . Farz nibhane mein kaafi acchi thi"
i loved Sid for saying this to her
but it was too painfull to see them saying goodbyeCryCry

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nikita_88 IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 02 May 2005
Posts: 36918

Posted: 18 March 2011 at 4:45pm | IP Logged
Pragzieee Uff!! What a chapter - I can't even be mad at you for the cliff hanger!

It was so beautifully written and you quoted Dumbledore - this is why I love you (LOL The only reason I love you ROFL)

OMG Sid - you are writing him so well just like I imagined him, OMG saying a good wife - it was so Sid!!

Riddhima - Just speak up for once in your life!!
Lennie IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 30 November 2004
Posts: 35875

Posted: 18 March 2011 at 5:35pm | IP Logged
I loved how SId said Sorry coz he is selfless and he cares for her and he would not want to leave without saying sorry or whatever needs to be said

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