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sajan ff***love finds its way***#2(last update:33) (Page 5)

gunjanmariya Goldie

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 4:23am | IP Logged
thanks alot for liking dear...
gunjan mariya..

princess_sara IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 4:51am | IP Logged
The update is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautifullllllllllllllllllllllllllll amazing.....
i hav the song in my computer,so while reading i was listening to this song...
it was amazingggggggggggggggggg

jaldi se next part update kar yaar.....

luv u


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-CreativeSoul- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:09am | IP Logged
wow awsome amazing update
totally lovved it
sajan were to romantic
love them sssooooo soo much
waiting for next part

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Shafoo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 1:49am | IP Logged
tht was sooooooooo  niceeeeeee part

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SaJan-SaJan Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 9:57am | IP Logged
awesome updates.....
sorry cud nt comment earlier.....
used 2 read ds ff in d starting but cud nt cm online coz of colg n exams....
n i cmpltd reading all d updates in 3 days.....
u rock dear....
u r a gifted writer....
plz do cont soon...
thnx a lot 4 d pms....

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SM_317 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 1:14pm | IP Logged
heyyyyy awesomeeee n romanticc part..lovd itt..congpp 4 ur new new thread..cont soon..n thanks 4 dpm..

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gunjanmariya Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 6:34pm | IP Logged
thanks alot frndz for all the lovely comments..Hugim glad u all liked the update..
@sajan-sajan awwwww thanks alot for ur reply dear and its ok if u r late..all the updates in three days...?ShockedwowwwwBig smile...aur main gifted sweettt...thanks alot yrHug.
@all i'll try to update tomm...
gunjan mariya..

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gunjanmariya Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 11:26pm | IP Logged
here's the update...enjoy!
part 46....

samrat:chashmish ye jacket pehen lo..bahir buhat thund hogi...
gunjan:nai its ok...
samrat:jaan main keh raha hoon na...pehen lo..
(then they came outside and the driver was already waiting for them)
driver:mr and mrs samrat shergill?
(then the driver told them that dad and mom already talked with him and he'll be with them for the whole trip..he'll take them where ever they wish to go..he takes them to the house and mom and dad arranged for them)
gunjan:thank God ander agaye...thodi daer aur bahir rehtay na toh main pakka ice cream ban jaati...
samrat:right...yahan kitni thund hai... thoda rest kar letay hain...
samrat:hmmm...par pehlay kuch kha letay hain..mujhe bhook lagi hai...acha tum betho...main kuch bana kar laati hoon...
main help karoon?
gunjan:no thanks..main kar loongi... u wish..
(gunjan made pasta...after having pasta both changes and went to sleep...)
(gunjan's sleep broke...she slowly opens her eyes and saw samrat who was still sleeping..she smiles..kisses his forhead and after taking shower...she made coffee and came to room...sam was still sleeping so she thought not to disturb him...she takes the cup of coffee and came to was cold.her eyes were enjoying the breezez were touching her face...she felt two arms around her waist and warm breadth on her back..she closes her eyes)
samrat:(kissing her hair softly)good morning jaan...
gunjan:(keeping her hand on his hands)good morning...kab oothay?
samrat:(he keeps his head on her shoulder)bas abhi...
gunjan:ye jaga kitni sunder hai na...i mean har taraf greenry hai...
samrat:haan sunder hai...par meri jaan se zyada nai...
gunjan:turned and hit him playfully)stop buttering..
samrat:buttering nai im serious chashmish...
gunjan:yaa right...
(she was about to go when sam pulled her close and puts his hands around her waist)
samrat:meri good morning kiss...
gunjan:(smiles and kissed his cheek)
samrat:(let her go)thanks jaan...
gunjan:acha abb ye batao plan kia hai?
samrat:plan ye main shower le kar aata hoon..ooskay baad breakfast kartay hain...and then we'll go out...
gunjan:hmmm...sounds fun..
samrat:yup...hum log yahan ke best places ko visit karein gay...specially the hills and mountains...
samrat:kia hua?
gunjan:nai phir mujhe nai jaana samrat...
samrat:arey kyun?
gunjan:nai mujhe aisi jaghoo se buhat darr lagta hai...i wont go..
samrat:(pull her close)jaan jab main saath hoon toh darnay ki kia baat hai?
gunjan:phir bhi samrat...
samrat:phir bhi kuch nai...hum ja rahay hain...and thats final!
gunjan:ok fine..!
(they had breakfast and got ready,the driver took them to some special places and after that he takes them to this place...)
samrat:wowwwwwww...beautiful place haina chashmish...
(and she holded her hand tightly)
samrat:kia hua jaan u ok?
gunjan:samrat mujhe aisi jaghoo se buhat darr lagta hai..thodi scary hum plzz ghar chalein...yaan phir kahin aur...
samrat:arey jaan relax...main hoon na...
(then on seeing her face sam got an idea...)
samrat:jaan tum yahan wait karo...i'll be back in 5 mins...
gunjan:nai samrat...main yahan akeli nai rahoongi...
samrat:jaan main bas aata hoon...
gunjan:nai main bhi tumharay saath chalti hoon....
samrat:arey baba bas 5min i'll be back...
gunjan:pakka 5min main ajaogay na?
samrat:ya....just 5mins....
(samrat left....gunjan was waiting for him...5min,10min,15mins left...tears started to form in her eyes....)
gunjan:samrat ne mujhse 5min ka kaha itna time hogaya hai...akhir samrat gaya kahan hai...
main khud jaa kar dekhoon...nai nai...kitni khatarnaak si jaga hai...yahi wait karti hoon...
par samrat...wo abhi tak kyun nai aya...mujhe dekhna he hoga....
(and she started looking here and there...she was walking suddenly she look down and saw samrat's jacket...she quickly picks it up)
gunjan:(her heart starts beating on high rate) toh samrat ka jacket hai....par wo khud kahan hai.....(she was almost crying)
samratttt.....samratttttttt kahan ho tum.....samratttt....
4,5 steps away she saw samrat unconsious...she was shocked...she quickly runs upto him)
samrattt...samratttt ooothooo....samrat kia hua hai tumhay....samratttt
(when she did'nt got any reply...she started crying like hell)
samrrraatttt...samrat ootho plzzz...
(samrat slowly opens his eye and starts laughing...gunjan got shocked)
gunjan:samrat tum ye....
samrat:chashmish tumhaara face.....(again starts laughing)mujhe ye pata tha ke main ek acha actor hoon...par itna acha actor hoon ye mujhe nai pata tha....
gunjan:(she was dammm angry)tum naatak kar rahay thay....
samrat:naatak nai chashmish...mazaak..!!!
mazaaak kar raha tha....par tum toh sach samajh gayi...
gunjan:mazaaaaakkkkk?????samrat tumhay pata bhi hai ke mera kia haal ho raha tha....
samrat:chashmish mazaak tha...tum itna serious kyun le rahi ho??
gunjan:oh yaa right...main itna serious kyun le rahi hoon...tum ne toh bas mazaak kia tha....
gunjan:par tumharay isss mazaak se mera kia haal hua iss baat ka zara bhi andaza hai tumhay samrat???
tum....(she started crying)
(now samrat felt guilty so he cups her face)
samrat:jaan im sorry...maine toh bas...mujhe nai pata tha ke tum issay sach samajh lo gi...aur...
gunjan:kia hum plzz abb ghar chal saktay hain....
(she was still angry...the whole way gunjan was quite...they came home...and after taking shower..both sitting in bedroom...samrat working on laptop...gunjan sitting on bed and reading book...she was'nt saying anything)
gunjan:kuch chahye?
samrat:chashmish idher aao...
(gunjan did'nt said anything and stay still...samrat walks upto her...he sat on bed and she got up to go...but sam holds her hand and made her sit on his laps...he puts hsi hands around her waist and head on her shoulder)
samrat:kia meri chashmish mujhse abb bhi naraaz hai...
(tears started rolling down her cheek....sam made her turn her face holding her chin)
samrat:(wiping her tears)im sorry...mujhe sach main andazaa nai tha ke mere mazaak se tumhay itni takleef hogi...
gunjan:mazaak doosroon ko hasaanay ke liye hotay hain ke rulaanay ke liye...
samrat:issi liye toh sorry keh raha hoon chashmish...i promise main phir kabhi aisa mazaak nai karoonga...
(gunjan hugged him and again started crying)
samrat:arey mera baby toh phirse ronay laga....
gunjan:(with sobs)abb phir aise kabhi nai karogay na?
samrat:kabhi bhi nai...
(and he breaks teh hug)
samrat:chalo abb jaldi se ready ho jao...hum bahir dinner karnay chaltay hain....
(then they both got ready and went to the best hotel for dinner..waiter came to take order)
gunjan:samrat hum...
samrat:i know tumhay kiya kehna hai....
samrat:yahiii na ke samrat hum italian food khayein...
(and both laugh)
gunjan:tumhay har baar pata hota hai main kia kehnay wali hoon...
samrat:magiccc....(and both again laugh)
(after dinner they enjoyed slow dance and then they came home...gunjan opens the door of her bedroom and she was surprized....the whole room was decorated with flowers and candles)
gunjan:samrat ye sab....
(he puts his finger on her lips) sab kuch sirf aur sirf tumharay liye...u liked it?
gunjan:i love it!thanks...
(and gunjan hugged him)
samrat:my pleasure my princess..
(he too hug her back in bg the song started)
Pee loon tere neelay neelay nainon se shabnam(samrat broke the hug)
Pee loon tere geelay geelay hoto ki sargam(he started carresing her lips)
Pee loon hai peenay ka mausam(he places a soft kiss on her lips)
Tere sang ishq taari hai,Tere sang ik khumari hai(gunjan turns and samrat hugs her from the back)
Tere sang chain bhi mujhko,Tere sang bekraari hai(he nuzzle in her hair)
Tere bin jee nahi lagda, tere bin jee nahi sakda(he mooves her hair from the back and kissed there)
Tujhpe hai haare maine vaare do jahan, kurbaan, meharbaan, ke main toh kurbaan(she turns,he holds her hand and twirls her)
Sun le zara, tera kurbaan(she smiles and after twirl she came in his arms)
Hosh mein rahun kyun aaj main(her carresses her face)
Tu meri baahon mein simti hai, mujh mein samayi hai yun(he puts his hands around her waist and she puts her hands around his neck)
Jis tarah ki koi ho nadi, tu mere seenay mein chupti hai sagar tumhara main hoon(samrat tighten his grip,she smiles and places her head on his chest)
Pee loon teri dheemi dheemi lehron ki cham cham(he slolwy starts mooving his hand on her back)
Pee loon teri saundi saundi saanson ko har dum(she was feelign his touch)
Pee loon hai peenay ka mausam(he places a kiss a on her shoulder)
Tere sang ishq taari hai,Tere sang ik khumari hai(they broke the hug)
Tere sang chain bhi mujhko,Tere sang bekraari hai(samrat kisses her neck passionately)
Tere sang ishq taari hai,Tere sang ik khumari hai(gunjan losing herself in his love)
Tere sang chain bhi mujhko'Tere sang bekraari hai(then he kisses her on lips and soon it turned into passionate one)
Shaam ko milun jo main tujhe(they slowly landed on bed still kissing)
Toh bura subah na jaane kyun kuch maan jaati hai yeh(first gunjan and then sam on top)
Har lamha, har ghadi har pehar(he broke the kiss and lies next to her)
Hi teri yaadon se tadpa ke mujhko jalati hai yeh(gunjan came on top of him and kisses his forehead)
Pee loon main dheere dheere jalne ka yeh gumm(then she kisses his cheeks)
Pee loon inn gore gore haanthon se hum dum(and then she kisses him on lips passionately)
Pee loon hai peenay ka mausam(both got lost in eachother)
Tere sang ishq taari hai,Tere sang ik khumari hai(then again sam came on top)
Tere sang chain bhi mujhko,Tere sang bekraari hai(he kisses her eyes)
Tere sang ishq taari hai,Tere sang ik khumari hai(he kisses her cheeks)
Tere sang chain bhi mujhko,Tere sang bekraari hai(he kisses her neck)
Tere bin jee nahi lagda, tere bin jee nahi sakda(then he locks her hands in his hands)
Tujhpe hai haare maine vaare do jahan, kurbaan, meharbaan, ke main toh kurbaan(he hides his face in her neck)
Sun le zara, tera kurbaan(both completely got lost in eachothers love)
(and the song ends)
(sajan sitting on bed in eachothers arms,covered with white bedsheet)
gunjan:ek baat poochoon..
samrat:poocho jaan..
gunjan:ummm nai rehnay do..
samrat:arey pocho na chashmish kia poochna hai?
gunjan:tum par college larkiyaan fida thi na?
gunjan:tumhay kabhi koi larki pasand nai ayi?
samrat:nahhhhh!oon main se koi bhi itni khaas nai thi jitni meri jaan!
u're the besttt!!!!
(gunjan smiles and hugs him)
gunjan:acha samrat ek aur baat poochoon?
gunjan:tumhay bachay pasand hain?
samrat:(smiling)ye tumhay achanak bachay kahan se yaad agaye?
gunjan:aise he...
samrat:(in teasing way)aise heeeee???
gunjan:haannnnn....abbb batao...tumhay bachay pasand hain na...
samrat:haan pasand hain...aur u know what chashmish...
samrat:mujhe buhat jaldi hai papa ban nay ki....plzzz meri ye wish jaldi jaldi poori kar dena...
gunjan:(blushing)hmmm...kar doongi..
samrat:mujhe na ek pyaaari si angel chahye..(pulling her cheeks)bilkool tumhari tarha ki honi chahye..
gunjan:larkiii??? meri princess ho...main ooskay saath kheloonga...!hum khoob masti karein gay!
gunjan:nai samrat....mujhe toh larka chahye...bilkool tumharay jaisa...(smiling)basket champ!
samrat:nai jaan larkay buhat tang kartay hain...larkiyaan achi hoti hain...sweeet and innocent!
gunjan:nai larkaaa
samrat:larkiiiii!!!!!!!!!!!!and thats final!!!!
gunjan:u can't decide bhi hota hai ooper walay ki marzi se hota hai....
samrat:ok then main ooper walay se he kehta hoon...(joining his hands)plzzz God agar aap meri baat sun rahay ho na toh plzzz meri wish ko poora karna aur mujhe pyaari si princess dena...(seeing him praying like that gunjan smiled and keep staring...)
samrat:kia hua tum mujhe aise kyun dekh rahi ho?
gunjan:(pulling his cheeks)kabhi kabhi bilkool chotay baby jaise behave kartay ho!
(samrat smiles and hugs her)
(sajan in dining area)
gunjan:samrat khaanay main kia khaogay??
samrat:kuch bhi chalega jaan!
gunjan:ok then...main bread and eggs bana loon?
gunjan:tum betho main abhi bana kar layi...
(then gunjan made bread and eggs and after having breakfats they both sat on couch...gunjan is reading book and samrat is watching tv...his head is on her lap)
gunjan:samrat volume kum karo na...
samrat:chashmish book chodo aur ye film dekho...kitni achi hai..
gunjan:bas thoda sa paragraph reh gaya hai...let me finish it first...
(after finishing the paragrapgh both watched the movei and then)
samrat:achi movei thi na..
samrat:abb kuch khayein?
gunjan:hmm....par kia?
samrat:ummm...lemme thinkk....tea aur chicken rolls..!!
gunjan:wow...abhi bana kar laati hoon..
samrat:tumhay banay aatay hai na rolls?
gunjan:samrattt.....u know im a good cook!
samrat:nai if u want toh i can help u..
gunjan:(smiles)no thanks mr.shergill..main kar loongi..
samrat:nai i think i should help u!
gunjan:nai main...
samrat:chashmish mere hotay huye tum akeli kaam karo..acha lagta hai kia...chalo main help karta hoon...
samrat:chalo chalo(and he holds her hand and takes her to the kitchen and they starts making rolls and tea and samrat was continously teasing her...they had funnn!and then the veg rolls and tea was ready they had their brunch next day they visited some special places of switzerland..they were enjoying every bit of the trip,they've spent their days in loving and teasing eachother and afterr staying there for one week they came back to mumbai)
(samrat lying on bed)
samrat:uffff im soo tired...
gunjan:samrat abhi sona nai..abhi we have to unpack the stuff...
ooskay baad shower le kar lunch karna and then u can sleep!
samrat:nai chashmish mujhe buhat neend aa rahi hai...
gunjan:acha theek hai main saara unpack khud kar loongi..tum bas shower lelo..main khana banati hoon...khana kha kar so jaana...
samrat:but tum bhi toh tired ho na...chalo pehlay so jaatay hain....
gunjan:naiii samrat kitna kaam hai...
samrat:ok fine phir pehlay kaam khatam kartay hain..phir soyein gay..
(gunjan smiles and then they unpack the stuff and they shower and then gunjan made lunch and after the lunch they went to sleep,they woke up in evening and they were having tea)
gunjan:samrat tum office kab se join kar rahay ho?
samrat:kal se...
gunjan:oh wow...means kal tumhay subha jaldi oothna parega...
gunjan:haaan baba humay...
samrat:just kidding...if u want tum daer tak sona...main khud he ooth kar chala jaoonga office...
gunjan:nopess..!!!mujhe acha lagega agar main tumharay liye subha jaldi oothoongi...
samrat:thats y i say...
samrat:(pulling her cheeks)u're the bestttt!!!!!!
gunjan:(smiles)acha main ye cups kitchen main rakh kar aati hoon...
(his cell phone rings)
samrat:hello...hey maaa hows u?
mom:im good beta....tum theek se pohanch gaye naa...
samrat:haan maa theek se pohanch gaye thay....
mom:acha gunjan kaisi hai?
samrat:she's fine maa...
mom:acha tum log hum se milnay kab aa rahay ho?
samrat:shaam ko ayein gay maa...
mom:jaldi aao tumharay liye ek surprize hai...
samrat:surprize?kaisa surprize?
mom:bas hai ek surprize...jaldi se aaja...aur lele apna surprize.. toh lagta hai mujhe abhi he aana parega..!
mom:haan toh aaja...waise bhi im missing u both...
samrat:hum bhi aap ko miss kar rahay hain maa...bas shaam ko miltay hain..
mom:hmm...acha ye bata how was ur trip?
samrat:it was awsome maa!maine aur chashmish ne buhat enjoy kia...
mom:haan..thats good..acha jab tu aye toh bring ur camera...i wana see the pictures..!
samrat:ok maa...see u in the evening byeee...
mom:byeee u..
samrat:love you too maaa..!
(and he cutts the call)
(sajan came to shergill mention.....his mom opens the door and she hugged sajan then they met dad and then)
samrat:mom aap kuch surpize ki baat kar rahay thay?
samrat:kahan hai mera surprize...?
mom:tumharay room main....go see..!
(samrat came upstair and when he opens the door it was dark,he turn on the light and he was surprizeddd)
(he went to her and huggged her..she too hug him back)
samrat:(broke the hug)what a pleasent surprizee..
nupur:oh sam i missed u so muchhh...but tum(hit him)mujhe bina bataye tu ne shaadi bhi kar li...
main tumse buhat naaraaz hoon!
samrat:sorry yrrr i just.....and wait a minute tum mujhse kia naraaz ho...main tumse zyada naraaz hoon...tum wahan he ruk gayi...wapis kyun nai ayii???
nupur:arey wo main bus wo fasion designing...
(gunjan came)
gunjan:nupur mam...
(she went to her and hugged her)
nupur:congratzz toh tum mrs.shergill ban gayi ho...
nupur:samrat ki wife ke roop main toh tum aur bhi pretty lag rahi ho..
(gunjan blushes and sam smiles)
mom:so samrat hows ur surprize?
samrat:awsome maaa...!!!
mom:chalo abb neechay chal kar bethtay hain...
(they came downstair and chat for sometime and then they had dinner and again started chatting...
samrat:so tum akeli ayi ho?
nupur:hai koi....
samrat:achhaaaa toh abb tum mujhse chupaogi??maine toh tumse kabhi kuch nai chupaya...
nupur:haan waise he sach hai....u know gunjan....samrat pyaar mai hai ye baat bhi sab se pehlay main he samjhi thi...
samrat:yaa...coz u were my best frnd na!
samrat:areeeee!!!!!!actually oos waqt mere paas ek best frnd thi...but now i have two!
ek abhi bhi meri best frnd he hai..aur doosri meri patni ban gayi hai....
(gunjan blushed and sanu smiles)
samrat:acha abbb batao...
samrat:tum kiski baat kar rahi thi....someone special?
samrat:what sam.....mujhe aur chashmish ko kab milwa rahi ho oos se?
nupur:yup...actually main oosay tumse aaj he milwana chahti thi...but oosay kuch kaam liye oos ne kaha ke wo tum logo se kal milega...
samrat:hmmm...waise tum dono serious ho?i mean u and that guy...
nupur:offcourse sam..!
samrat:acha tum oosay kab mili aur kahan mili?
nupur:hum london main milay that time...wo mujhe bilkool pasand nai aya tha...phir hum milnay lagay frndzz banay aur phir...wo buhat acha hai sam...he is dammmm sweet...kabhi kabhi aisa lagta hai life is so incomplete without him!
samrat:wwowww...u're so changed....pehlay kabhi tum aise baat nai karti thi..
nupur:i know....i think thats call love!
samrat:yaaa...!toh kal hum oos se kahan mil rahay hain...
nupur:kal humaray fav hotel pay...saath main lunch karein gay...
samrat:ok cool..
(then they chatted for sometime and then sajan came home)

ok frndzz thats it for today...hop u all enjoyed reading it!
precap:khil rahay hain pyaar ke phoool par koi laut aya hai beetay kal se...beetay kal ki parchai kia asar daalegi in ki zindagi mai..jaan ne ke liye do read***love finds its way***
do comment..
gunjan mariya...

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