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Why Geet din't speak when asked abt dad:Mod's note Pg7 (Page 7)

serendipity2 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 2:52am | IP Logged
Yes i was saying the same thing yesterday after the episode. Why didn't geet speak up and say that maan is the father of the baby...i was waiting and waiting....but she just stood there and waited for maan to say it.Ouch

Even though maan answered that he is the father, i felt if geet had said it it would have had more impact.

The serial is about geet and her life this was a good time for her to say who the father of the baby could have been a very powerful scene with a return of the old geet....but the cv's wasted another opportunity.

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Preethi-Premi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 2:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by drdee142

Preethi & Mona I agree that a woman is another woman's biggest enemy and I glad Hima wrote this post. Hima I'm so with you, reading some of the other posts makes me so sad, how can one women talk like that about another one.

Every relationship is unique and every couple have the own way of handling their life. There always is a balance somewhere when each person understands the other an tries to balance out things with their behavior. That's what Maan and Geet do. Maan knows when to indulge Geet and when to put his foot down and Geet knows when she needs to be bubbly or funny with Maan and when she has to show him her caring.

The perfectly understand each other and compliment each other so why do others have an issue.

Also everyone talks about serious issues like MC, marriage insecurities like they are experts, one has to live this moments to understand it. I experienced both these things so know exactly how they can affect a person so it just makes me mad to see everyone talking so lightly about these things

What people don't understand is Maan and Geet are using this Nhok-Jhok and funny things to keep their passion at bay as they cannot consummate their love and can't take the chances of getting lovey dovey and romanticSmile At least that's my POV
@Dee - Sorry to hear that...CryCryCry I know what it is to have MC... I have had a close friend of mine go through the same...It is very painful..CryCryCry Emotionally draining and life changing..CryCryCry
Just that people dont realise that we cannot get romance by killing a poor fetous...Cry
Also as you said they are keeping their passion underwrap by their comedy side... well said!Clap

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Amoureux IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 2:59am | IP Logged
Thanks for the awesome post Hima. Beleive me jumping to conclusions is human nature and only a sane FEW try to put themselves in the shoes of the person in a situation and try to think about reactions.
Thanks once again for the awesome post Clap

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dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 3:28am | IP Logged
@mona ... U know mona ... even my blood boils when i c such posts ... that's the reason I never go out of crazy thread .... i stay in there itself .... very true dear ... we love maaneet that's Y we can't stand bashers ....... sara phasad ka jad hain yeh jealousy
@preethi .... yes dear agree ..... sara phasad ka jad hain yeh jealousy ...
thanks preethi for the compliment ...
thanks preethi ... 4 observing ... & the reason is my love 4 maaneet ... I can't stand if any one is bashing either of these 2 ...... I know there are plenty of supporters for maan ... but for geet ...we have very few .... agree dear that we are the minority in here .... but can't sit and watch them right ... I am telling you ... my blood really boils whn ever I see some topics ... but control myself .... & just over look those topics & treat them like they don't exist & then make a post to support geet ....
I have been watching geet from day 1 & I can clearly see the pain in geet's eyes when ever it's abt the baby in the beginning days ...
speaking about MC ... In my family we had 3 MC & I know how difficult it is ...
My mother even after 30 years .......still remembers & criesCryCryCry for her 1st MC ... it was more like the baby was born but died instantly ..... I don't know the term though ......
then my sis .......she had a MC in her 7th month beginning it was so painful for her too CryCryCry...... she even talks abt the baby .......coz it happened in 7th month beginning she had to go through the painful labour pain process & deliver the baby ...... they did not show the baby to her  but the baby was very very beautiful it seems ...
then My bro's wife .......she had her MC after 2 months CryCryCry 
for all these MC's My mother sits & cries for hours CryCryCry ...what 2 do try & comsole her but still the pain is there ......
You don't know how much I hate devil ... that I always either call him kamina /devil & I can never forgive or forget what he did to geet .... ask mona & dee they will tell U how much I hate him ..........
My friends say that ...  I love to hate the devil LOL


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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 3:28am | IP Logged
**Mod's note**
Friends Its an individual person's POV whether they want to support Maan's character or Geet's character....So while giving out your views..plss don't attack the member personally and go against IF rules...yes I know fans r emotionally attached to Maaneet's characters but at the end of the day they r fictional and members out here r to support your fictional favourite characters,don't get into personal fights with real members out here....hv a healthy debate about MSK is right or Geet is right or both r right or both r wrongLOL...but  don't get personal plss...its just a request and not a warningSmile
Geet DT

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--Magnificent-- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 3:34am | IP Logged
Sachi mein Hima ....that was proud moment for Geet ,  and i felt like applauding Maan  Clap Clap.....what a marvelous man he is ....him saying that especially in front of that DevIL ....meri toh ankhen bhar aayi  @ that moment ......GC DD and SS were really brilliant ....

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dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 3:49am | IP Logged

@dee ........ thanks dee ......  that's wht these people need to know that each couple has their own way to handle their situation .........

that is what the relationship of a wife & husband is ....... to understand & compliment each other & be there for each other in time of need ....
dee I 2 hate when every one is talking about MC ...
&reagarding the insecurity issue I am thinking it is not regarding their marriage ........ It is more related with the baby ....... you have read that post naa what i made on insecurity ........
sorry to know abt what u went through dee .......
that is exactly even what I thought dee ... they are having their silly fights only to keep the passion away ...... other wise we all know what a passionate couple they both are & were before their wedding ....
tell me dee what is the necessity for them to have silly fights about color of the room .... just to distarct their passionate thoughts ...
the couple who were earlier sleeping in different rooms are now sleeping comfortably together ..........
coz thy know that now thy can control their feelings ......
for them the earthly pleasures were never important ..... & they also know that they have their whole life ahead for them to con. their marriage .......
it's not that the world is coming to an end & they have to do it today ...
If they are stopping themselves it's coz 4 them .... their baby matters the most ...... so what ever these 2 are doing they both are right in their own way as always ...........

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 3:49am | IP Logged
I had written something on FB about my views on Geet...pasting the same hereEmbarrassed
MSK loves Geet in selfless manner...thats a given fact and noone is denying it...
But in a relationship its important that if your partner is doing something silly, u should b there to recitfy your partner's out of MSK and Geet,tell me who is the more matured one...MSK right ? when Geet was behaving in a childish manner and wanted to drive the car,why can't MSK here fulfill his responsibilities as a hubby and order her strictly that no she can't drive it...its my order...If Geet had become silly or childish during her honeymoon trip ,then even MSK had become henpecked thereOuch then why always we r quick to point out Geet's mistakes and when it comes to MSK we say its his selflless love...if she is enjoying her life after going through all the traumas in life and during her enjoyment she acts a bit kiddish ,we r quick to say this is not the Geet we know...but when MSK acts like a henpecked hubby ,we say oh what a gem of a person he is...thats the point which needs to b discussed hereErmm...

Since many posts hv pointed out all of Geet's let me point out MSK ka mistakes as well...
1)Becoming henpecked after marriage..

2)We say Geet shouldn't hv hidden the truth about blood from MSK...but how can we forget MSK hiding the pregnency-complication truth from Geet when he too could hv shared it with her...but oh how can I forget,that was his selfless love for he has full right to hide it..but when Geet hides something for MSK's sake,she becomes selfish...right ??Ouch

3)In anger MSK has every right to say hurtful words to Geet he said that night when Geet questioned her about sleeping separately and his remark was "I married u and gave u Khurana surname...isn't this enough"....that time all said oh MSK did it for Geet's sake..its selfless love...but if Geet ever says such hurtfull comments for MSK,she becomes selfish ..right ??Stern Smile
So in short this has been the trend...when Geet remains quiet or hides something from MSK,she becomes weak and selfish but when MSK does the same his love becomes selfless Ouch
Yesterday Geet kept quiet in the hospital..mayb that was her mistake but was MSK right either in taking this direct decision of giving job to Dev in Khurana company without telling Geet about his decision earlier..afterall they r husband-wife and MSK doesn't bother to ask Geet even once before giving job to DevConfused..But why noone is raising question on this ??Confused
Even I m a married woman...Its not always necessary that your married life is always a bed of roses with only matured conversation and proper sex-life on a daily basis..huhhh thats only possible in fairy talesLOL...half of the married couples including me hv our fights and bickerings on a daily basis and thats what keeps the much needed spice in married life...and in Maaneet's case its not a one sided bickering happening..both Maan-Geet r active participants how is only Geet at fault here ??Confused..and why the word "fault" actually arises here...they both hv their share of fun moments through nok-jhoks which r not meant for analysis or serious takes...don't we hv our share of fun and silly nok-jhoks in married life...Is marriage only restricted to physical intimacy kya ?Confused
My whole point is that somewhere both MSK and Geet r at fault right from their honeymoon period which resulted in the accident first and then Dev entering I dunno if its really the fault of the CVs or the script or they r showing these mistakes deliberately to develop the Dev track because only when both protagonists will commit some mistake,Dev will get a chance to hv his say between them and only then the story will progress naBig smile...if the protagonists r always perfect ,then story aage kaise progress hoga ??LOL...thats my whole point here...Smile

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