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Destiny's Play-Pt LXV,LXVI,LXVII-126,133,138-19/3 (Page 110)

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Three weeks later

It was the day before Holi, the spring festival. The children of Jai Hind chawl lit up a huge bonfire and sang and danced around it. The ritual of burning dead leaves, twigs, dirt and filth is supposed to symbolise the burning of evil spirit to welcome the good.



The next morning, the residents got together at the courtyard and smeared colour on each other. Maan and Geet had come over to the chawl in white dresses and joined in the fun. Maan smeared his wife's face with 'gulal' and snatched the pichkari (big syringe to squirt coloured water) from the kid standing next to him to drench her in yellow colour. Geet squealed and retaliated by squirting blue colour on him. There was a lot of dancing and merry making amidst all this colour splashing. People exchanged Holi wishes and distributed light snacks. The men had a milk-based cool drink called 'thandai' which was laced with an intoxicant, 'bhaang'.



Maan's friends forced a little too much of the drink down his throat although Geet tried in vain to stop him from drinking. Soon Maan got tipsy and amorous with his wife in public. He declared loudly that he has the most beautiful wife in the world and was hence the most envied amongst his peers. He hugged his wife around the waist and tried to kiss her cheek. Geet turned red with embarrassment and pushed his face away. She then asked Adi to help her take her husband back to their house.  With his hands on either of their shoulders, Maan was finally dragged to his house where he passed out on the bed.




One month later

It was April 4 2010, Maan's birthday. Geet woke up at the crack of dawn. As the sun's rays slowly encroached into the darkness, all other stars in the sky faded gradually. Geet could not help but compare her husband to the sun.  With his entry into her life everything else faded into insignificance, for he had become the epicentre of her life. His brightness warmed her and allowed her to grow into a strong, confident and independent woman. There was only one thing which she wanted to make her feel like a complete woman and that was to bear his fruit.


The previous night her husband had given her the most wonderful piece of news. The provisional accounts showed that his hotel has finally turned around and started posting profits.  Along with the success in business she wanted them to succeed in expanding their family too. What better way than to make a beginning on his birthday?  She glanced at her husband, at his distinct jaw line which was covered with stubble, his long lashes lining up hemispherical eyelids, his sharp nose, his moustache and the well formed full lips below it. Although his body was covered in a thin white bed sheet, the ripples of his masculinity were still well defined through the sheet. She leaned in and gently kissed her husband's lovely kissable lips. He slowly opened his eyes and saw his wife's beautiful serene face lying inches away from his. He wrapped his arms around her and returned the kiss fervently, not bothered about the morning mouth.


When he finally freed her, she whispered, "Happy birthday, my darling. Many happy returns of the day.'

"Thanks, my love." he whispered back.  

"What do you want for your birthday?" she asked him, propping her right elbow on his chest and holding her face on her palm.

'There is only one thing that I want and that is you,' he said and holding her shoulders he turned her over on her back and looked over her from above. He proceeded to nuzzle her neck and nip at her ears. Geet giggled and said that as he already has her, what more does he want.  He slid his hand across her stomach and said he wanted a beautiful baby girl exactly like her mama.  She smiled and said that was precisely her idea of a gift too but only her idea is to give him a baby boy who would be a replica of his papa. He shrugged and said that they can have both their wishes fulfilled if she gives him a double bonanza.

"Twin?"she shrieked.

"Why not?" he asked, raising a brow quizzically.

"You may have to wait for nine months for your gift to be delivered," she warned.

"No problem, the wait will be worth it. So let's not waste anymore time in setting things in motion," he said hurriedly.   


He sealed her lips with his and got busy in making sure he gets his gift soon enough. When they were done, Geet looked at the clock and whispered it was time for giving Baba his morning tea.  He reluctantly let her go. She quickly brushed her teeth, had a shower and rushed into the kitchen to prepare the morning tea before Baba wakes up and asks for it.  Maan finished his morning routine too and went to take his Baba's blessings on his birthday. Baba was up and in his wheelchair, having his tea when his son came to him. He blest him and in a slurred and stilted voice said that he hoped to see him grow in his business and also give him a grandchild soon. Maan assured him that he has taken efforts on both fronts and hoped to succeed in both. He turned around and winked at his wife, who bent her head shyly. All three of them then had their breakfast together.


Maan was about to get dressed for work when Geet handed him a hanger. Removing the plastic sheath, he uncovered a well cut beige business suit and a snow white shirt. He smiled and changed into the new clothes. She then asked him to extend his left hand. When he did, she slid in a Rolex watch on his wrist. With her eyes, she silently asked him how did he like it. He brought his thumb and index finger together to form a perfect 'O', indicating he was happy with her choice.  She then asked him to extend the other hand. Asking him to close his eyes, she slid a silver bracelet in it. The bracelet spelt her name in full. When he opened his eyes he was surprised to see it. Although he did not like jewellery of any sort, he was happy to wear a bracelet gifted by his wife, especially one with her name on it. He mouthed that he loved it. Just as he was about to leave, she asked him to wait and brought out a grey silk tie. She slung it around his neck and proceeded to knot it. Maan held her by her waist and looked intently at her as she concentrated on her task. He refused to let her go even after she had finished knotting his tie, asking her to first kiss him. She leaned up and kissed his cheek. Not being satisfied with it, he held her chin and locked his lips in hers in a deep kiss before finally leaving for work.


That night Geet invited Rano, Anwesha, Pinky, Adi, their parents, Sameera and Manju's family for dinner. Once Maan returned home, the cake was cut and Maan fed Geet the first piece. He then fed every one and was in turn fed by them. He took the blessings of the elders. Geet then sang a song for Maan who was again mesmerised by her voice. They all later sat down to have the sumptuous feast of all Maan's favourite dishes prepared by his beloved wife. After the guests had left and Baba had retired to bed, Maan pulled Geet into their room to start from where they left off that morning. Later as they gradually drifted into sleep Geet hoped that his gift was on the way.  


The next morning at the office of Singh Garment Exports Private Limited

Ever since he returned to Mumbai he couldn't stop thinking about her.  She had looked vaguely familiar as though he had seen her somewhere but he could not recollect when or where he had seen her before their meeting in Bangalore.  More than her looks, what impressed him most was the courage with which she confronts problems and addresses them.  He was particularly impressed with the way she took charge of the situation seeing him wounded and bleeding on the roadside.  He could vaguely recollect her lifting him and making him sit on the scooty. Although she was a frail girl, she seemed to have a lot of stamina to be able to do that. She managed to heave him on the vehicle and then later ride it to the clinic, bearing the weight of his body slumped against her back. He turned red with embarrassment recollecting those moments where he was helpless and had to be supported by a puny woman.  He was also impressed with her managerial abilities, having watched her in action from close quarters. Their Mumbai branch can well do with a woman like her at the helm.  Was he calling her only for business reasons? That is what he kept telling himself. Anyway he was not ready for anything more than that. His personal life has been in shambles for some time now.  The hurt and pain were still raw.  As they say 'Once bitten, twice shy.' He did not want to complicate his life more than it already was.

Making up his mind, he buzzed his secretary and asked her to place a call to their Bangalore unit. When she connected him, he said, "Good morning, Ms.Singhania.  How's work progressing in your unit?"

"Good morning, Sir. We are doing well here."

"Is there any resurfacing of the labour problem?"

"No Sir, the workers are very happy and co-operative. Your timely intervention has prevented the situation from spinning out of control."

"Good, there is something important I want to discuss with you."  

Noting the seriousness of his tone, Sameera wonder what is it he wanted to discuss.

He then explained to her the problems they were facing in their Mumbai unit and asked her if she had any solutions to these problems.  She thought for some time and told him ways to solve them. He listened to her attentively and his admiration for her abilities grew with every passing minute.

"Excellent suggestions, Ms.Singhania. How do you like taking over the Mumbai unit to implement your suggestions?" he asked, nonchalantly.


She was shocked to hear this. The managerial position of the Mumbai unit is a huge promotion as the business this unit was doing was more than 65 per cent of the total turnover of the company. At the same time she was worried about leaving back her mother. Not getting a response even after waiting for a few minutes he asked her if she had any problems. She hesitatingly informed him about her mother's health.  Although there was some improvement in her health after the regression witnessed three weeks back when he visited the Bangalore unit, she was still not normal.


He was amazed at the resilience of this woman. Inspite of her own harrowing experiences at that time she did not let her personal problems come in the way of discharging her duties.  On top of it she took care of him too when he was hit by the union leader and his gang. He promised to settle all her mother's medical bills and allow her to fly to Bangalore every weekend to be with her mother. He told her that when employees take care of the interests of their company, it is the duty of the employer to take care of their problems. She was surprised by his generosity and agreed to join the unit in Mumbai in two weeks. He then called his secretary to type out Ms.Singhania's transfer orders.


Two weeks later


Sameera moved back to Mumbai and assumed charge of the Mumbai unit. Maan and Geet were very happy for her. Sameera did not share with them an important detail about who her new boss was, knowing that at least one of them would not be happy to hear about it.  In fact the first time she met him, even she was not looking forward to working for such a man, a man who was responsible for a lot of calamity in her best friend's life. But something about his melancholic look tugged at the more compassionate portions of her heart. Interacting with him she understood that he was not a bad or irresponsible person after all. He did not come across as a person who would deliberately mislead someone and mess with their lives.  Then why was there so much confusion which resulted in the loss of a life? She was convinced that there has to be some valid answer to this. However, it was not in her nature pry into other people's lives. She was not his friend nor was she a relative to intrude into his privacy.  She decided to give him the benefit of the doubt.  Even otherwise, their relationship was strictly official, that of employer and employee. As long as he respects that she had no problem working for him. He was quite competent in his job and she realised there was a lot of potential to grow under his guidance. For now that was all that mattered.     



Maan returned home that evening and was received by a teary eyed Geet. Her eyes were all puffed up, indicating that she had been crying for hours. Alarmed to see his wife in that state, he held her face and asked her what the matter was. 


"Maan, I have failed!" she wept on his shoulder.


"Failed in what?" he looked at her in confusion. He did not realise she was taking any exams.


"Failed in giving you your gift."


"What gift?" He was confused.


"Your baby," she said. 


Maan was relieved that the reason for Geet's tears was not anything serious.

"Arey Pagli. Why are you crying for this? If it didn't happen last time, we'll try again next month. Remember, the poem 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again'?"

Then bending down he whispered naughtily, "After all this is one pleasurable homework I wouldn't complain about doing over and over again!"  Geet blushed at the implication.


The next month they tried again. Geet psyched herself so much that she was too tensed and rigid. Maan did his best to relax her by joking around but nothing seemed to work on her.  For the first time their union lacked the 'zing' that was always there.

Continued here

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loved the update .... so Sameera is falling for Dev.... 

as for Maneet .. I hope Geet gives him the gift soon .... 

thanks a ton for the lovely update hun!

continue soon 


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DancingPartyhappy b'day maanPartyDancing

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"Arey Pagli. Why are you crying for this? If it didn't happen last time, we'll try again next month. Remember, the poem 'If at first you don't succeed, try, try again'?"

Then bending down he whispered naughtily, "After all this is one pleasurable homework I wouldn't complain about doing over and over again!"  Geet blushed at the implication.


The next month they tried again. Geet psyched herself so much that she was too tensed and rigid. Maan did his best to relax her by joking around but nothing seemed to work on her.  For the first time their union lacked the 'zing' that was always there.

in the end you brought me down to reality for a moment I forgot that it is you Opti who sticks to real facts
even in your fictions you give reality ka tadka

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Opti....... Geet seems to be trying too hard for a baby..stressing won't help her...I am curious about this man...Sameera refers to "her best friend's life"....Does she mean Maan...The new character is related to MSK?

Very curious for your next update.

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wow great b day gifts and love the wahy geet promise maan to give baby soon as his b day gift but she is crying bec she conceived yet ohh god please don't make her cry much she is going to broke down maan is there for her to make her happy but as a lady she is going to be  emotional ,,, I hope her wish going to fulfill soon i cant see her cry .

sameera isback great looking for next want maan will do for make geet smile ...

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loved the update
plz let geet have a baby soon

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