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--*Khuda aur Mohabbat*-- Episode 4

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 1:54pm | IP Logged
Khuda aur Mohabbat Episode 4

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6. Comparisons are not allowed. There are other threads made for other shows.

Now the most important rule:

7. Religion:

Religion is a sensitive issue to talk about. But keep in mind that this drama is about Love & God/Religion as the title clearly states "Khuda aur Muhabbat". As long as we don't attack someone's religious views, we can openly talk about anything that relates to the show. This is a Pakistani TV forum after all, we're not going to other forums to talk about such issues, it stays in this thread ONLY.


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Hello my dear KAMiansBig smile

Finally here to edit!Embarrassed
Ok, I'm gonna be critical for episode 4. I should talk about technicalities not just visuals, was suggested by Anjum Sir, so here I am trying it out now! Even if he didn't ask me to include this, I would've still put it somewhere in my review as I did observe alot more than just visuals in episode 4.
The first scene was definately the highlight. Imaan sees Hammad approaching her, drops the book, breaks the beads off her flipflops, covers her face, and tries to escape from his gaze. Perfect! But Hammad hadn't come there to let her go, he was there to make sure she listened to every word of his which she did despite being uncomfortable. I loved the way Hammad transforms from being the strongest to the weakest to the strongest again. The last time he saw her, he was at total loss of words/self-confidence but this time he gathered up all that he lost and told her exactly how he feels though he felt it was still not the "perfect" confession. I must say the old/dusty books in the library helpled him much in his confessionSmile. There are obviously thousands of words in each book yet he finds all those not enough to tell her of his condition so restless, so hopeless, so empty and confused. He finally lets her leave after he had make sure that his feelings have reached their destination.
Before leaving, he says one more thing to her so that she may not misunderstand him; Forgive me for cutting your way and stooping to this level to confess my feelings to you but I'm all helpless. He knows this girl is different than all the ones he has met before. She will not like a man stopping her in the way and telling her that he has fallen for her. That's the last thing she would want to hear from any na'mehram and so he apologized for taking the only way left to reach her. Isn't that the reason why Nighat misunderstood him in the first place. She knows her best friend and she knows what can happen to her if Hammad goes out with his feelings. Had the theme of KAM been different, my views on Hammad would've been pretty much like Nighat's. But I wouldn't dare call it desperate or flirtatious love! I don't know what kind of bonding they both share with each other, it's hard to say at this point but there's definately a spiritual connection. Something divine that comes from up above, because to me the winds of change came from the scene when Hammad saw Imaan and Haya praying.  
As she runs down the stairs, Hammad is still uncertain of whether this has affected her or not. He leaves her with a question and something to think about until they meet the next time, I'll be waiting for your answer. She again pauses, listens, and without wasting a second, runs off.
The "beads" scene was beautifully executed. In the second episode, when he goes to Imaan's house, he runs his fingers across the pages of the book on the shelf wanting to feel the touch of her hands on them and here he finally found a book he could keep, touch and feel anytime he wanted. And the two beads coming off of her shoes as a "nishani" of her. These will come later on for sure!
On the other end, Hammad's family have been waiting for him since hours and he is still nowhere to be found. It's surprising how he completely ignored his engagement function and didn't care about what his family was setting up for him. But one can expect such a behavior coming from a guy belonging to a rich family in which everyone is pampered the way they wantSmile.
He goes home and lets his family know that he's not interested in the girl they have chosen for him and would like to take his own decisions as he wills.
The part where Hammad, Imaan, Haya, and Nighat are shown at the same time was a perfect blend of emotions. Out of all four, only Hammad looked the most satisfied as he held the beads in his hand once again and recalls the last meeting with Imaan. He has not only confessed to her but has gotten something of her in return. At this point there was nothing more he could ask for. It was almost like he didn't worry about tomorrow because today was a beautiful day. Haya and Nighat are shattered because they are fearing Imaan might never trust them again and Imaan on the other side is completely out of herself, seeing all that she gained slipping away from her hands.
Later, Nighat appears at her house to ask for forgiveness for what she did to her. Here, I would say the scene required power but it neither came from Nighat nor Imaan. Imaan is a fragile girl with a soft voice, she almost looks like she will break into pieces anytime. Her dialogues are strong but her delivery and voice modulation is not. I don't want to see that falling in love was always easy for her, she just never had anyone to fall in love with. She is a girl with a strong faith and belief. For as long as she is Imaan, the one who was brought up by Maulvi Aleemuddin, she needs to have those firm beliefs and show dominance in her character. Even if she's talking about Hammad, she must not show that it was "just" a matter of that one meeting. That's the ultimate difference between Hammad and Imaan that puts them poles apart from each other and it must not change because she failed to give a convincing performance. I want to see her transform without losing that grip she has always had. Unfortunately nothing can be done in regards to her acting abilities because the entire show has already been shot but I can hope that she improves and progresses as we move forward. We will definately witness come major changes in the upcoming episodes and almost all aspects of Hammad & Imaan's life will grow and transform so I'm hoping for the bestSmile.
I do want to add that I don't expect her to know how to deal with these feelings on the very first day. We all know that this girl has rarely stepped out of her home and she is somewhat unaware of the outisde world thus she will not know how to handle a situation where a random man comes up to her and confesses that he has been dreaming about her ever since he put his first gaze on her but remember that Faith is what makes you strong. She has faith in her and in the God she believes thus she should use that faith to build a strong character in her. We must also remember that the hardest tests happen to those who claim to be the most purest. I know this from a very personal experience: aik paarsa aurat ke liye sabse mushkil cheez usski paarsai ko saabit karna hoti hai. Allah, the one above all knows this ofcourse but we still live the world of humans where we are constantly being tested by our people, our society, and even our religion.   
Coming backEmbarrassed:                                                                                                                                                                                            
Hammad goes to Nighat once again with an anxious heart wanting to know how Imaan reacted to his feelings. Nighat tells him that he must first win the heart of Maulvi Sahib before even thinking about her. This is pretty much expected as we all know the way she was brought up in the hands of her father. Hammad helplessly leaves with nothing in his hands, once again.
In another part of the house, Hammad's bhabhi is speaking to Narmeen and consoling her that she will definately come to this house as Hammad's wife. And like a typical competitive woman, she decides to fight against all odds just to get her sister in the house for the sake of superiority complex.
Hammad finally tells her mother about Imaan and not surprisingly, she is unhappy espacially his bhabi, who had been building bridges of dreams regarding this marriage. She feels humiliated because her sister was compared to a middle class maulvi's daughter. Without a second thought, they both come up with how these type of lower class girls trap rich guys and how their familes are also part of the plan. His not-so sophisticated mother reminds him that it's impossible for the retired commissioner Amjad Raza's family to go to a Maulvi Sahib's house to ask for his daughter's hand in marriage. Hammad requested his mother to go to Maulvi Sahib's house and as a result he was completely overthrown by the fact that such humiliating and narrow minded thoughts can come from his family who brags about being the richest, the educated, and the ones serving people in every possible way. "Stop it mom! ye kiya hota hai Maulvi ki beti, commissioner ka beta, Maulvi Saab, commissionor Saab. Ye chote log, baray log sirf aapke zehan ki paidawar hain. Aor chote woh log nahi, chote aap log hain".......perfectly put together by Hammad! but sadly and unfortunately, it'll only add more sad to already opened wounds.
I'm glad to see Ibaad and Hammad interacting!Smile Please give them more screen space to share, their bonding is something to look for. Ibaad tried to console Hammad that everything will be fine. Although it didn't sound much convincing to Hammad but there was nothing he could've done or said more than just that. He went on to say that the girl is and looks innocent but remember this is not the only "truth" that will convince Hammad's family for taking his side. She might be innocent and obediant but there's this whole class and even religious/not-religious-at-all issue.
The next morning, Ibaad tries to put some sense into his family but fails miserably and finally leaves the breakfast table. The next comment that came from Abreena only left me laughing but not shocked. I have seen many so called high-society families who are the first ones to believe in these "taveez karwa diya" type of things when it comes to their sons or daughters going against their ways.
Maulvi Sahib pays a visit to Hammad's house to get some money for the Masjid's repairment, I believe if I have not heard this wrong. I could smell danger there, it was definately not the right time for him to go but even if he went after days, it would've been the same.
Whatever happened next until the last second of the episode just disgusted me and made me sick to my stomach! Leave class/status/religious beliefs aside, but the society we live in has taught us to give respect elders, maulvi's or anyone of that nature but here it was total opposite. I must say that the way Hammad's mother and bhabhi talked to Maulvi Sahib only shows their standards and how they mostly deal with people of the lower class. They are not so sophisticated, educated and generous after all. I mean who jumps into conclusions without thinking for even a second and starts to yell at someone who might be completely innocent. Though we must not forget that she was the mother of Hammad, the one who had been wanting to bring the girl of her choice, matching her class and living standards, home and now she comes to know that her son not just chose another girl for himself but chose the one who comes nowhere near the levels of her family. She is angry hence she instantly blamed Maulvi Sahib for everything without thinking that her son himself has confessed that he is the one who approached Imaan first but blaming his son would be the last thing she would do. He even tries to tell them that he is totally clueless about this but no point as they have decided to attack him like ruthless beings.
The entire scene left me feeling heavy at heart espacially when Abreena gave him some money to quitely leave their house and never come back and later when his Tasbeeh fell from his hand.
If the first scene of the episode was the highlight then the last was the most powerful. The way Hammad comes down the stairs and yells "bas kar dain bhabhi!" was just too good and ofcourse the slow motion made it more meaningfulSmile. He is clearly raged with anger about how Maulvi Sahib, the man of much greater respect has been treated by his family. It left a great impact and I'm hoping he does justice to his dialogues and anger in the next episode.
The precap is interesting as we will see Hammad taking a desicion to leave his house. Maulvi Sahib is taken to the hospital and on the other end Hammad is convincing Shakir chacha to do what he has requested from his family. It's going to be another interesting episode this week!
Now before I forget the background music/score has become much better. I did see signs of improvement as there were sometimes random scores and some would just get cut off without proper modulation in the initial episodes. The camera work is good and I don't expect it to go from good to badSmile so keep it up!
Imran Abbas, Firdous Jamal, Ahmed Jehanzeb, Hassan Naqvi, Farah Shah, and the elderly man playing Maulvi Sahib are the ones doing a great job!
The rest do need much more improvement espacially Sadia Khan. Imaan and Hammad equally share the screen space so alot of power is required from Imaan in order to match upto Hammad.
All the best to the team!

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 2:15pm | IP Logged
Heya Nimz

Hmm me havent watched it as yet though i cud just catch with the next epi's precap its getting all power packed looks like but i'll be back with my views tom Embarrassed


-The  Hammad - Iman scene at the library was fab ....Hammads desperation to the point of not caring of his image in her eyes also was fab ...his expression of his feelings rather the statement that even the words in the entire range of books in that lib cannot come together and help him with his confession .....his complete loss of self control ...his complete loss to his heart ....and Imaan wanting to leave but yet hearing him out fully and then finally her begging him to let her go ...and he obliging and yet telling her he shall wait for her answer was too good....and then him picking up those fallen beads

- The song part was also gud where Maddy, Haya, Imaan n Nighat all are remembering the whole thing ....and Imaan recollecting his last words abt ge shall wait for her ans ...and the azaan happening just then ...nice divine connect again

-the scene btween Nighat , Haya n Imaan was gud as well...liked the bonding between them

- Hammad finally told his mum and bhabhi abt his luv .....and even told them to take his rishta and shut them up on their belittling maulvi saab and his family

- Ibaad is def on Hammads side and will be his support ....his open support to Hammad was there in their convo and also later on at the breakfast table he did support Maddy again

- Finally Maulvi Saab getting to hear the crap from Maddy's mum and SIL ......and Maddy finally coming to stop them ...well I wonder what Maulvi saab will think of this .....

Next Epi - Well Maulvi Saab heads to hospital and Shakir Chacha is being asked to take rishta .....interesting .......Maddy ready to leave home ........super stuff

The Epi was quite emotional ...and Imran is really doing a fab job though the actress is still not leaving a mark ..............but the show on the whole is quite pleasant to the eye ............I am loving it ............


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I watched today's episode and really liked it. Finally the story is moving forward and next episode is looking really good. The ending was so sad...Hammad's mother and bhabi's behaviour was so mean...they pretend being high class people but their attitud, behaviour and thinking is so cheap! I liked Hammad's brother Ibad, it looks like he will support him.

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updated my spotEmbarrassed
will be back later to reply.
*Runs off to FB*LOL
-Humera- IF-Dazzler

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Just started watching this drama yesterday, and saw all the episodes!!
Must say it is an awesome drama!!
Back to the post!!
Loved the episode!
Completely agree with you Hammad and Imman defintely have a spiritual connection, loved how he said to her that even though there are thousands of books here, he still doesn't quite know how to express himself Embarrassed
Glad that she listened to him fully before begging to go, and the last bit were he said he will wait for her answer was really good as well!!
The falling of the beads, were defintely something big, they will definetely be brought back throughout the drama!!
The part where the song was shown on all four Hammad, Imaan, Haya and Nighat was really good as well!!
Didn't expect Hammad to tell his family about his love but he did, and he also told them not to talk bad abt the Maulvi and their family as well!! Big smile
Hated the way Hammad's mum and sister-in-law were talking to Maulvi, that scene was quite sad, especially how the tasbi feel, maybe indicating bad?!!?
Ibaad will defo support his brother it was evident in the drama!!
Precap for next episode looks really good, Maulvi in hospital, the rishta scene, and Hammad leaving home, a lot will defo happen!!

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*Woh Ajnabee*
*Woh Ajnabee*

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Hey everyone,

I don't think I have ever stepped into this section of the forum before, but here I am today! I have only recently started watching the show – actually, that's an understatement since I only started watching the show yesterday, and here I am … waiting for Thursday! LOL I never really watched Pakistani serials until pretty recently with my mom who enjoys devoting her spare time to these serials. I believe I got hooked when I watched Meri Zaat Zarra-e-Benishan with her last summer. Anyway, the point here being is that I don't really watch Pakistani shows, and hence, my knowledge of actors, etc. is severely limited.

The few serials I have seen, I've watched after the whole show has aired on television, which helped me contain my impatience. I made the mistake of watching Qaid-e-Tanhai with the impression that it was almost over, and boy, was I wrong! After that, I watched the title song of Khuda aur Mohabbat on Youtube, and I also could not help not watching the show especially with Spring Break around! I can't say that I am head over heels over this show, because I'm not, but I am head over heels over the idea of this show – it truly captures all those girlish notions of love found deep within every girl's heart. And I think that's what I've fallen in love with. I figured the best way to make this journey less painful would be to discuss it with those who are probably just as anxious as I am for the next episode. I have only primarily watched Umera Ahmed's shows, and those are usually pretty short and sweet. I sincerely hope that this one is not one that is too long because I do feel shows lose their initial charm if they are dragged on too long.

Anyway, that was my brief (or rather not-so-brief) introduction, and now I'll shift focus to the actual show:


I'll start with Imran Abbas saying that I have watched a couple of his serials, and he always just seems like a pretty face. I think the one show that I appreciated his acting in was Malaal, but I feel like this show is providing him with a nice chance to showcase his talent. Imran Abbas is a pretty boy, but I think his acting could definitely use some work. I think he has definitely improved since the last few shows that I have watched of his, and I do feel that he is truly apt for Hammad's character in this show, but I think the reason he stands out is not only because he's acting well, but also because the actors around him are pretty bad actors. The girl who plays Imaan has not impressed me at all thus far! She has a pretty face, but that is not going to carry her through this serial. Her expressions, dialogue delivery, voice modulation and all that jazz could seriously use a lot more work! I really hope that her performance will improve as the focus of the show moves more and more towards her and away from those around of her. Characters like Nighat, Haya, Hammad's bhabhi (Ambreenah?), Hammad's brothers, Hammad's mother, etc. I do like the actor that is playing Maulvi Sahab though – his performance is worth watching!


I haven't been to Pakistan since I was very little, and the stark differences between the different classes in society in Pakistan are just jaw-dropping to watch. I think the show does a beautiful job capturing the difference between Hammad's family and Imaan's family and their different ways of life. But what really left me amazed was the way Hammad's family behaves in terms of their status, etc. Perhaps it's because I haven't ever lived in Pakistan nor have I visited for a very long time, but the fact that someone can take offense to a humble request of praying in a small room in their house just because they are from the upper class leaves me extremely disgusted actually. Does that actually happen in Pakistan or is the show exaggerating these events? I really like how Hammad's character portrays a striking contrast to the rest of his family, but even his humility and his modesty is mocked by the rest of his family.


I am really curious to know what course this serial will take. I can't read Urdu, or I would honestly go and read the novel right now! I am really curious to see if the majority of the serial will be devoted to Hammad's attempts to marry Imaan, or if it will also focus on their post-marriage life and how they have to face the struggles between the two families. If they do get married, how will Hammad's family treat Imaan? Let's just say curiosity is repeatedly killing the cat.

Next Episode:

I am really looking forward to Thursday's episode. I want to see how Maulvi Sahab will react to Hammad's intervention in the argument, and especially how he confronts Imaan about Hammad's proposal since the evil Bhabi (who really could use a makeover!) was brutal enough to tell him. It will also be interesting to see what compels Hammad to leave his own house, or if his parents will comply with his wishes and make him stay.

Pheww! That's it for now. :)

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nksweetgirl Groupbie

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well never expected to see this thread but it is a great surprise because i absolutely love the show and the novel. The whole prospect of religion and love just brings a whole new concept to these days 'modern' love. I came to Canada from Pakistan when i was a child so the whole class thing was quite hard to understand for me but i did found out that it happens in a lot of high class families. also i was always very fascinated by the urdu language because it is such a pure language. i took urdu classes here so now i can proudly say that i know how to read urdu ( still learning how to write though lol). but those of you who know how to read urdu, i request read the novel. it's epic, and its so much more in dept than the show that after reading it you will enjoy the show way much more. the only thing i didn't like about the novel was the ending. i wont say anything to ruin it for anyone but i just hope that the show  ends differently. the whole novel also made me quite sad when i realized that we don't see this kind of love these days anymore. the kind of love where a person does everything for his or her love. the highlight for me in the novel and the show so far is that Hammad turns his world upsite down for Imman even though he just met her once or twice but he fells in love with her just with ONE love. i just wish that our generation also realize the true meaning of love and what a beautiful emotion this is.


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