Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

KrazyIncredibles-MaanEet ke sapne kya sach honge??

dewdropred IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 11:42am | IP Logged

Krazy Incredibles - Miscarriage nahin hoga - Friday thread .......

hello crazies ... HugHugHugHugHug 
I need ur shoulders ........all of u ...........can't see my geet in pain friends CryCryCryCry
what 2 write ...... no mood Cry CryCryCry 
maan geet listen to the song .... geet cravings ...... maan finally agrees .......but gets a call from adi ....... maan leaves .............geet thinks abt calling maan ......hears some voices outside& goes down & finds the entire chat house in KM ........ she is happy wants to call maan ....... maan cell accidentally gets dialled ...... & geet hears the fight ..... geet panics when she hears adi sir shout maan sir ............ geet panics ....... runs & meets with an accident Cry CryCryCry Cry CryCryCry Cry CryCryCry Cry CryCryCry Cry CryCryCry Cry CryCryCry Cry CryCryCry Cry CryCryCry Cry CryCryCry Cry CryCryCry Cry CryCryCry Cry CryCryCry Cry CryCryCry geet in pain ........still taking maan's name not thinking about her condition ........for her maan's safety is important ..........  geet in stretcher .......admitted to the hospital ...........
precap :-
maan knows about geet's fall from the steps .... through dev .......
well what to make out ......... will the baby survive ....... I want the baby to survive ....... coz I don't want geet to go into depression & maan to feel guilty about geet's state ...... stay positive girls ...... don't worry ..... it's geet the cv's might have planned some thing good ....... so keep the faith untill then ..........
 Gurti rocked ...... meeshti rocks .......maaneet rocks ......
I see that some new members have joined us ...
welcome new members ....... HugHugHugHugHug
but please introduce your self to every one ...... as members would like to know about you .... Smile
Important Note for new members ....
girls please note that ..........
1)No bashing of characters / actors is tolerated in crazy thread ....... 
2)No bad words .... strictly no bad words or no bashing allowed .... not at all ......
3)If U are angry with any character .... plz say that u r angry ....... apart from that ...... no usage of bad words .....
4)for us maan & geet are equal & we cannot tolerate any bashers of any kind .......
5)if U R 1 of maan or geet bashers please refrain from bashing our favourite characters ..... & posting in here ....  coz for us these 2 are gods ... & maaneet love is divine ...... we love maaneet to the core ..... Smile
6)our thread is always kept clean & is bashing free of characters & actors & thread is more fun oriented ... we enjoy over here Smile
7)Plz give ur name and let us know why u would like to join us ....
8)we don't like NAAS .... & NT & Dev .......
dev - we call him devil .......
9)if u don't like NAAS .... NT & Dev ....... criticise them ....... but don't bash them ....
10)any way none of us have patience to write or read on NAAS / dev / NT ..... so we avoid them as much as we canLOLLOLLOL
11)but if required then we include them in the analysis .........
12)Quote each other limited to 3 quotes .........
13)all crazies have to post the rules ...... if u all want .......... topic starter will have 2 posts 1 for rules & other for analysis
I hope U all did not mind my words ...... hope they were not harsh Smile
I hope U all did not mind my words ...... hope they were not harsh Smile
don't worry girls ... No Miscarriage ... the FB pics are to scare us ....
Regarding the banner contest ...... tomorrow night 9 P.M. is the dead line I hope all the participants are ready ....... Please let us know If U all have any problem & want the date extended ...........
rota :-
sat - mar 12 - samata ......... 
sun - mar 13 - banner contest thread - deepz will open after 2 P.M. .... dead line is sat mar 12 - 9 P.M.
sun - mar 13 - sunday thread - reena ........
mon - mar 14 - varsha ..........
tues - mar 15 -
wed - mar 16 - aash
thurs - mar 17 -
fri - mar 18 -
sat - mar 19 - reena .......
sun - mar 20 -
what happened dearies ....... no one gave me names for next week ....... jaldi jaldi names de do ......


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bharkha IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 11:47am | IP Logged

hello crazies.....

OMG... maan n geet are going to dance in holi spl of choti bahu season 2...Embarrassed song is tip tip barsa paani..Embarrassed meri muraad poori huiii...wanted to see them on some holi event.. and here it goes... and today i posted in roshni s post that wanted holi sequence... ghsp mein na sahi.. Cry kam se kam choti bahu mein toh dikhne ko milenge...Embarrassed
luvd todays epi to the core...and the song sequence was gud... Smile
maan ne geet kii cravings ka ithna khayal rakha.. ki usne stall lagva liya... hye... i fell again in luv with maan Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Embarrassed Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
.....and geet too says that maan ke pyaar karne ka tarika hamesha se alaag hotha hai....Day Dreaming
the cvs did a gud job..Clap Clap Clap . i mean the reason.... maan goes to settle the issue between the mgmt n labourers..and geet trips off from stairs...i really luvd the reason of how y geet fell from the stairs.Clap Clap Clap
and one more gud thing.... no naas...Clap Clap Clap
and the way geet fell.. cvs showed that she fell on her stomach types.. i guess mc happening...
and how dare devil asks geet whether she is fine or not... dint dadima told him to call ambulance.. he sittin close to her n askin how it happened etc etc...Angry Angry
precap: luvd it.. maan comes to know abt geet s accident...Cry

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Loquacious_Aash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 11:47am | IP Logged

Hi crazies…HugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug

Even though it was a sad epi…I loved had everything…romance..comedy…drama…nok-jhok…emotions….suspence..ClapClapClap

The only thing I HATED ABSOLUTELY was that the Devil toached MAAN KI GEET!!!!AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry



Ohh mmmm gggg!!! The song which maan played was seriously worse than CVs choice!! It was chooo cute…geet wants bhangdda….maan wants shant baby!!! It was awesome!!!ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

The SBV maaneet scene was cute…..not hot….but I liked it…..EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

At least 2/3 forehead kissie to mili yaar!!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Geets raat ki cravings dikhai di!!! Finally!! Geet maan ko kya ghumati hai yaar!!! She knows exactly which buttons to press to get him to do her bidding!!!ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

What happened to her 2 days ago ka promise??? "aap baby ke bare me jo bologo mao karongi!!"????AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

I loved the scene don't get me wrong….lekin maan needs to stop giving in to geet on everything!!! He needs to be stable…as opposed to her impulses….OuchOuchOuchOuchOuch

I loved adiiiiii……………who bechara sofa pe kyu soya tha??? Kanjoos cvs ke pass extra bed bhi nahi hai???ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

Again geet is expecting lovey dovey maan….she needs to realsie that maan cannot be at her beck and call 24/7….she acted matured last night…didn't make a fuss…but made him go guilt free….lekin ek phone call ke liye ghussa!!!ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused


Maan ne geet ke liye puri ki puri chowpaty khol di!!! Loved geets dialogue "pyaaar karna aur pyaar jatana koi MSK se sikhe!!"EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed


Where the hell were maans army of bodyguards??? Who sirf intro  scene ke liye the kya?? Seriously uske baad unko kabhi wapas nahi dekha!! Ha ek at baar MK ki enrty in KC me dikha hoga!!AngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngryAngry

Maan ne phone kab badla???ConfusedConfusedConfusedConfusedConfused


Geet ko maan kea age kuch aur nahi dikhta…today that is proved!! She might ay baby is more imp…lekin no….aaj wo prove ho gaya hai…

Wasn't she saying "maan maan maan…" even after falling down from the satirs???

That devil toached her…thank god bata ya nahi who picked her up! Warna aaj krazys ne kisi ka khoon kiya hota!!


Maan bechara….ek aur contract gaya haath se!!!! abhi wo bhaaga bhaaga aayega….strike gayee bhaad me!! Ya fir aadi hai na!!

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sumona28 IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 11:50am | IP Logged

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maan-and-geet IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 11:51am | IP Logged

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--aarthi-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 11:56am | IP Logged

wat a today really a heart breaking day  in real life and reel life....

an awesome start of teh epi ended in sad ... wow after long time we see all emotions in GHSP...

Maan's selection of  songs really was boring and the song the FM played was cool...
lip sync was so cool and we had awesome scene's of maaneet after many day...chal 2-3 forehead kisses... Maan lying on Geet's lap a cute hug wow.... all happiness remains in once life wen he easily undergoes the pain in life easily... and the pain follows them the next day... dnt knw whtr it is true r not in our cllge we girls think tat if we laugh more on that day we wid end up all sad in the lst min of the day .... the epi was all like tat...

Maan ordering aloo tikkia from all over Delhi for his Geet and and Geet's words are so real for Maan we sud learn to love from Maan...he cravings we so cool and hitting Maan with her sweet sa weapon Embarrassed baby...and Maan all ready to go out to get spicy tikka for wify....

Okies we wud have a sad epi tmrw i think...

and as per ma prediction doc is going to  ask formality papers sign so tat they can continue with their treatment and as Maan is away Dadi will jump in and ask Dev to sign in and this is going to lead into more insecurity... now the Doc's will be focused on Dev as he signed the papers and Maan will be ignored and more and more of insecure ness on way...guyz no chappals and tomatoes just ma prediction...tat the CV's are well playing their insecrity track..and i hope no MC for now ... if they do well i 'll kill they think tat v r stupids...after so many talks we will be watching a no baby track tat will so foolish of the CV's

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adoremevirgo IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 11:56am | IP Logged
yes...this is how i am feeling rite now...sometimes i wonder whether i am more attached to maneet or the baby....i will kill the CVs if they dare bring MC track...
at least they spared us the horror of watching dev(IL) carrying out MAAN KI GEET....
the first scene was superb...maan is such a sincere student...he is following instructions verbatim of the yoga instructor LOL
and puts on a boring music...and even shuts his eyes to enjoy the song....oh maan....he can be sooooo adorable....
and geet covering the doll's ears LOL....that was too funny....
then they listen to another song....and they start singing themselves....the entire seq was beautifully shot....there was so much purity in the scene....and their expressions were beautiful....GC and DD were oustanding and their chemistry just oozed out of my tv screen....i cud literally feel the dream in their eyes surrounding their baby....
today i felt that maneet is existing because of the baby instead of vice versa....kudos to the director and writers....
and the song selection was just apt....completely maneet-like....
maan lying on geet's lap and she kissing him on the forehead was really touching and so real....
GC and DD r so free with each other...seriously guys...if i did not know that guru is married...i wud hv thot that GC and DD r real life couple....and the CVs know how to tap their chemistry....
two particular frames i loved where geet was carrying the doll and maneet brought their heads tog and geet touching maan's cheek...

another frame i loved where maan was holding the doll and had his other arm around geet and they were smiling and luking at the doll....

that particular smile of maneet's was so fact the entire song had a divine feeling which only real parents can feel for their wud be born kid....
u know guys...after watching the song seq...i was thinking how cruel can fate be that couples hv to go thru MC....and here i am talking about real much as i was thoroughly enjoying the the same time i was crying thruout with this thot that MC track is coming up....
my years of tv / movie watching experience tells me that wen a couple is shown too much happy with a doll...then in 99.9% cases there is MC....
then geet wanting to hv aloo tikka at 1 in the night...maan calls Adi LOL....and he still half sleeping gv all half-baked replies LOL
btw...y was Adi sleeping on the sofa...cant he even afford a bed....and i remember geet once complained wen she was maan's secretary that she cant even afford a cell phn....
now i want to know how much salary does KC pay to its employees AngryWinkLOL
but geet wants to hv aloo tikka from roadside stall....and maan bechara in fix not knowing wat to do....i liked the part where geet said that she will complaint to the baby that papa doesnt care about its feelings and maan was like emotionally blackmailed LOL
and geet putting his hand on her stomach to make him feel that the baby is sad...beautiful scene....
i thot it wud be repetition of salaam namaste....but was cut short by Adi's phn....and maan had to leave to tackle some labour prob....
the maan-leaving-geet scene was really touching....geet telling maan not to worry about her and maan kissed her on the forehead before leaving....
next morning geet sees that a huge food stall market has been placed in KM itself by maan to satisfy the baby's cravings...i was expecting some things like this....maan has never and literally never left any wish of geet unfulfilled...
and the rest of the epi....nightmare in the truest sense....but wat i loved was that the entire seq. was treated in logical way....
only one thing i wud regard as a blooper....maan has gone to danger zone widout his bodyguards Shocked
i loved the presentation...maan trying to calm the workers but not succeeding and the workers start beating up the manager and in all these a worker accidentally presses the call button....also logical because the last call was made by geet and so obviously pressing the call button will connect geet....
as maan gets hurt...Adi calls out "maan sir" and hearing all noises and AdI's voice....very naturally geet gets all panicked...
the flow of the entire seq. was awesome and nailbiting...the thrill was totally there....and the most wonderful part was that although we knew wat is going to happen still the seq. has been shot in such a way that i was sitting on the edge of my sofa....
and a panicked geet falls down the stairs and dadi tries to stop her by shouting out her name....dadi gets frozen a distance away...another logical extreme panicky situation although we call out names to warn...but our legs get frozen and we cant take another step....
and then dadi calls out dev's surprise here that the servants hv vanished into thin air...after all, they get paid for their vanishing acts Angry
i simply hated to see dev(IL)  touching geet and acting all panicky....yes, i wIll call that acting...because for me he is fake from head to foot.... long is the hospital seems geet is being carried on the stretcher on and on....
thankfully the precap showed that dev(IL) has managed to reach maan and give him the news...otherwise i wud hv sleepless night thinking that dev(IL) wud hv grabbed the opportunity to take care of geet and hospital procedures widout involving maan....
I AM TOTALLY HEARTBROKEN....the CVs know how to make us smile and cry in the same epi....
i hv NEVER NEVER NEVER in my entire lifetime felt so attached with a show....i love maneet and i love the baby...and i am going to literally pray for the baby's safety....
and i urge everyone to pray too....

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RajeevGurtiFan IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 11:57am | IP Logged

sorry crazies no analysis from..i don't know what to write...

can't see geet in such a pain....babaji..the scene was dramatic and impactful.....
hopefully no mc....

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