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|~ Happy Birthday Mohit's PARI ~| (Page 9)

XDevilsDesireX IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 8:02am | IP Logged
Awesome and rocking thread Rags and Jags Clap Clap Rags di I really loved th story you had written in the starting.That was truly beautiful Embarrassedand Jags I loveee the way you have put those messages and all the sigs EmbarrassedLovely work Guys Star

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-krazyriya- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged
hey....hi my paruu jaana !! how are u my jaan ?? Embarrassed

i'm very sad yaar....Ouch.....ragz i'm very angry with u yaar..Cry... u didn't pm to send my wishes for paruu.....u didn't told me that u r making a bday thread for her Ouch  !!! u forgot me na...... i think u all have forgotten me Cry  !!! i wanted to so much for you paru... but now due to lack of time.....wouldn't be able to do anything yaar..... i'm feeling bad like hell  Ouch!! i'm sooooo sorry yaar..... ho sake toh mujhe maaf kar dena pleaseeeee !!! Cry

but anyways.....please accept my wishes paru as i dont have anything more than this to give u....m sorry !!!

wish u a very very very very happy bday my sweetheart !!!

may you get all the success n happiness in this world !!!

may all ur dreams n wishes come true today darling !!!

may you get all what u desire n dream of in life !!!

may god bless you sweety !!!

i love u soooo muchhh !!!

keep smiling !!!

paruu i really love you from the bottom of my heart yaar Hug !!! u r the sweetest..... cutest.... bubbliest....Embarrassed loveliest...... awesomesssst......Wink n naughtiest sweetheart here !!! dont know whether you know or not but i'm one of the biggest fan of you n ur creations from a long time Day Dreaming!!!
but i never got enough courage to tell when we were not friends..... i was afraid of u.....Disapprove  i used to thought tum itni popular ho....Day Dreaming  pata nahi tum mujhse baat karogi ya nahi...... ya phir kahi maine tumhe pm kiya toh tum naraz na ho jao....!!! Ouch

but now i just love talking to u yaar...Day Dreaming....u r the sweetest of all..... simply a pleasure to talk with !!! u r a fantabulous creations maker...Wink.....that u must already be knowing !! i love your style.....Blushing  your way of talking.....your love for mohit/samrat......Embarrassed your naughtyness......n ur just everything yaar !!! so please never change..... just remain as u are...i.e  the naughty "Mohit Of The Forum"  Blushing  !!!

I'm really glad i met you in my life......Day Dreaming  thanks for coming in my life jaan....Big smile !!! Be happy always..... Smile wish u heartiest luck in life !!!

with loads n loads of love forever Hug
yours varshu... Heart

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-krazyriya- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
just a small effort for you......Embarrassed

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charmee_sammy IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
sorry forgot to mention it b4.... ragz n jagz mind blowing threadClapClap
specially the way u'll have posted msgs.. m spell boundStar
ghosh we have such innovative members on i-fCoolClapClapand vese bhi parri is special so sumthing different n special should be about her b'day thread as wellWink
parri jaana.. love you.. happy b'dayHug

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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 8:54am | IP Logged
Yeah girls! the thread is really rocking! Hats off to your creativity Clap LOVE it so much! Everything is so perfect! 

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XSilentWishesX IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 9:02am | IP Logged

Dearest Pari,

I may not be good in expressing my feelings, I may not be good in showing my friendship but I was always brought up with the thought that what a writer pens can happen. This is a wish Pari which I really wish for you from the bottom of my heart! Something for you with hopes that it brings a smile on your face when you read it! I know you hate essays but do read it whenever you find time. Sorry if it is not good. Love you endless! Embarrassed

                                  ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL DAY TO TREASURE

 A new day, a new beginning! The moon disappeared giving way for Sun as its rays passed through the windows of a beautiful house.  A girl sleeping tight on her bed turned the other side when she felt the rays on her face. The heat was really annoying. So she tried her best to dodge it. Soon the alarm rang and her delicate hands slowly reached the alarm clock to turn it off. Then she struggled to open her amazing eyes which spoke more than her lips. But today she had no regrets for waking up like this. She got up and sat on her bed. She was really beautiful. Her face had that innocence which made her special. Her cheeks were really soft and she always had a smile which was pleasing. She looked really excited. She had been planning for this day since two weeks. So she was eager. Thoughts about this day made her smile wide. In a click, she got up from her bed and soon got ready. She wore a beautiful red Salwaar kameez. She looked simple but elegant. It was a day off for her. She had no college. So she didn't mind anything. She didn't feel like worrying. She wished to enjoy this day to every bits.  It was her day! PARI'S DAY!

She went down with so much excitement hoping that everyone remembers this day.  She went to her parents and just stared at them waiting for them to say it.  But her mom just smiled.

"Have your breakfast before it turns cold!" Her mom said as she placed the plate.

"Okie mom" said Pari as she took her seat.  She didn't feel like eating. She munched the food slowly unable to gulp it. She was struck. She was shocked that her family forgot this day. She wanted some air. She felt suffocating. She might cry at any moment. She knew it.

"Mom, Can I go out for a while?" She asked having a fake smile on her lips.

"Yes! You can. But come back soon!" She said. Pari nodded and left the place.

She went to her room and changed to casuals. She came out and took a deep breath.  She walked to the park which was few metres away from her home. She had her diary with her. She slowly sat there and looked around. She saw everyone having so much fun. It was 8AM. She opened the diary and began to write.

People say that sometimes it is better to write our feelings out rather than dumping it in our heart which is oh so small that it can't take it. It just hurts you more and more.  So Pari began to pen her feelings in her little diary. At one point of time, she was unable to write more. She was really frustrated. She just tore the paper and threw it aside. It fell near the foot of the passerby. That person picked it and opened it.  He began to read it.

"Dear Diary,

  I can't believe that my family forgot this day. I was looking forward for this day. It is so special for me. How can they do this? I am feeling horrible. It is my Birthday!"

After that nothing was written. But the paper was little wet. So he understood that whoever wrote this must have been be crying. He kept the paper in his pocket. He looked around and finally found a girl sitting on the chair. She looked sad and her eyes were little wet.

"Pari!" he went near her and called her.

Pari turned and looked at the guy. "Mohit!" she said softly rather shocked.

"So you know me!" He asked taking his seat near her.

"We studied in same school, Mohit and you were a basketball player! You are also my neighbour"

"But we never spoke!" Mohit interrupted.

This brought a smile on her face. Mohit and Pari were brought up in the same city. They are neighbours since childhood. But they never spoke. There was no specific reason, it just happened. They didn't feel like talking or rather they were a bit hesitant. Even during school days, they studied in same class but they didn't dare to speak. And as years passed, Pari left to hostel to do her higher studies while Mohit stayed back following his dreams.

There was silence between them. They didn't know what to talk as they were in talking terms for the first time. Pari was not comfortable with this. Though he was her neighbour, he was a complete stranger to her. So she decided to leave. She was about to talk but'

"A many more happy returns of the day!" said Mohit looking into her eyes with so much sincerity.

"Uh?"Pari was shocked. She was going to wave good bye but instead she heard something which she wished to hear from her parents since morning! She wondered how he came to know about this. A lot of things clouded in her mind.

"I meant Happy Birthday Pari!" spoke Mohit breaking her chain of thoughts.

"Uhmm Thanks Mohit! But how do you know my birthdate?"  She asked.

"Common Pari! We studied in same school. I have seen you celebrating it every year!" Mohit replied.

"Oh yes! Every year!"Pari became silent.

"So hows life?" he asked trying to cheer her up.

"It is going great Mohit!" she paused. "Mohit I am so sorry but I have to leave home! I have been here since 8AM!" she said.

"Pari, if you don't mind can I walk you home?" Mohit asked.

Pari just nodded. She was unable to say no. He made her smile. He was really a genuine guy. So she agreed.

They began their walk. It was really a silent one. Pari was quiet. She was a reserved girl so she was not good at this.

"Pari where is my treat?" Mohit asked breaking the silence.

"What do u want Mohit?" She smiled back.

"Why don't we have a cup of coffee?" Mohit asked. It was weird for him too. He didn't know what her answer would be but all that was going in his mind was It is her birthday and she is supposed to stay happy.

"Ermm Mohit!" Pari felt a bit uncomfortable.

"Trust me in this Pari! By now I am sure you consider me as your friend!" he asked seeking for a yes.

"Okie Mohit! Hmm pick the shop!"  Pari smiled and replied wholeheartedly. She knew that Mohit is a nice guy. She has heard lot of good things about him. So she agreed.

"Let's go to that shop!" Mohit pointed out the coffee shop which was at the corner.

"But Mohit mostly school students visit that place!" She smiled.

"I know but it will lighten the moment!" he said.

Pari smiled. Mohit did all he can to make her feel comfortable. She nodded a yes and they entered the shop. Like a gentleman Mohit made her to sit first. He called the waiter and ordered two cups of hot coffee. The climate was too cold and nothing can fight back the cold weather other than a cup of coffee. The waiter brought it in few minutes.

"So Pari what are you doing these days?" Mohit asked.

"Nothing new! I am doing my Pharmacy. Mohit, I heard people telling that you wanted to become a basket ball player! So have you joined any team?" She asked with curiosity.

"No they are wrong. I never wanted to become a basket ball player. I want to do acting. Auditions are going on. I like basket ball but acting has always been my passion!" Said Mohit.

Pari saw some fire in his eyes. A fire of passion! He looked really clear of what he is doing. He had this ambition and his eyes said how much he wished to achieve it. She got boosted when she saw his eyes.

"You know something Pari!" Pari looked at him. "I can never forget the day when I had my first basket ball match. I was so nervous. I was scared and worried. To add this, my parents completely forgot about this. I didn't say anything. I just smiled and left to the match but when I reached there I saw them sitting on the auditorium cheering me! I can never forget this day. I knew that my parents love me but that day made me realize what a child mean to their parents. Pari even if the situation is worse, parents can never forget even the smallest thing related to their kids!" Mohit said. He wanted her to feel better. So he shared it with her and when he looked at her he saw her realizing it. She was somehow connecting the situation with hers.  Then they had their coffees without speaking to each other both were silent. Mohit didn't say anything as he knew that she was thinking.

"Mohit, it is late!  Can we leave now?" she asked. Mohit nodded and they began to walk. It was a silent walk but it showed the beginning of beautiful friendship. Soon they reached her home. When she was about to open the door she saw a chit of paper overlying on his pocket. The design looked just like the ones in her diary. She understood everything. She didn't speak anything about it. She knocked the door.

"SURPRISE! HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARI" her family screamed.

Pari was rather shocked. What Mohit said was so true. All that came in her mind was "because they are my family."  She gave a wide smile and hugged her mom and everyone. It was really pleasing. Her mom welcomed Mohit with a deep smile.

"You know each other?" Pari asked.

"I am the guy next door!" Mohit smiled.

Those two laughed. It was 10AM. Mohit waved good bye to everyone and Pari accompanied him till the gate.

"Mohit!" she called. He turned.

"Thank you Mohit for everything. You are really a great guy!" She said it sincerely.

"It is my pleasure Pari! Cya later!" he waved good bye and went to his home.

Pari didn't speak to him about the chit. She didn't feel like questioning about it. She just found it really sweet. She smiled. It was another beautiful day in her life to treasure because she found a new friend in Mohit.

                                                        THE END

Hope you liked it Pari, It is something which I can possibly do to a true friend like you. I wanted to present you on your bday So I wrote only first half but today I finished it!umm Hope you liked it Embarrassed

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Meera1101 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 9:05am | IP Logged
OMGGG 9 pages:OOO that means m so late :(
Neways Res!!
For Now Happy Birthday MohitzPari :) Love u loads muah! HugHug

                HAPPY BIRTHDAY PARI

hmm m writing this is coming straight frm bottom of my heart! specially came ol to wish u my gal! U knw was not feeling to switch on my lappy as i get extremly tired these days as due to my studies n hectic schedule bcuz of my EXAMSAngry but then it was ur B'day aftrall, i had t cme wish u n infact seeing u aftr a long ..made my night ..Gosh Love u Sweetheart!!!
First toh vld like to wish u Formally a very very Happy Birthday n May all your dreams come true & u hav a bright future n may u always keep Smiling Pari ..n get all the Happiness in ur Life as u truly truly deserves that!!!!

Ohk ..Today for the First time want to confess something that Thank You ..thank Youuuu so so much for adding me too in our Group in FB frm the very begining when u made it at that time We wer even not that good Frnds n we dint knw nething much bout each other n was new on IF still u trusted me n added me that time ..thats so sweet of u n it means really Really a lot to me ..U knw wat U had given me such an Amazing Gift in form of that ...made so many frnds vch is close to my heart ofcourse including u..n that happened just bcuz of u my Pearl! HeartHeart n this actually shows u hav such a Sweet,Caring,Genuine,Pure heart n selfless n at the other side
also have never seen someone like u in IF haha!  ...gosh too crazy,naughty,flirty n wat not ROFLROFL  Never Change yourself hun ..Always remain like this! we all love u the way you are Rockstar! n m so so lucky to hav u in my life ...thanks so much for being in my life! Hug n vl b always there for u No matter what!!

Secondly You r very very creative person gal.. I always get speechless wenever i see ur siggies ..Not just the siggs on Mohit/MoNaya/SaJan but Frankly Speaking, ur each n every siggies u make r really so UNIQUE n totally different frm others n also i love ur siggies the most! they r just the BEST!! Undoubtedly u are my all time Favourite siggy maker n  !!! U can make look d siggies at its best even wen d Picture Quality/Caps r Worst!! When it comes to ur creation, Wether it be Siggies,Avis or VMs ...Hatts off to your Dedication towards it n When it comes to Mohit ka Sig ...I bet ki No one can BEAT u on that hehe the Mohit siggs of urs turns out so so well bcuz that actually shows how much u love him!!

Not only that also Love your Droolworthy post/topics vch is always full of ROFLing n Fun ROFL n specially love d post which u make on Mohit/Samhit/SamratCool but at other side one can see that its full of ur Emotions n love for him!! Many a times i have also heard frm u saying it dat ur most of the topics r senseless n all ..But Actually ur topics/posts always make my mood better wen i m not in a mood i keep on reading ur some of the posts as i feel good while reading it n Unfortunately, it makes me laugh wider!! n also If hav read ur topic/posts then i never forgets to press LIKE button like siggies i also love ur posts the most!!

I always Love toking to u so much n also as we all knw, u r the CRAZIEST member hav ever in seen in this forum ..Your Craziness n Flirting Style can never stop nor ur ROFLing haha! & most importantly ..your drooling on BABY Day Dreaming This gal drools/thinks/dreams bout him even when she is Driving her car (Sambhali ne car chalav je hun :| ROFL), also when she is in d Class, in her dreams ..Inshort, Drools/go mad/tok bout this GUY Mohit 24/7!!
Actually in Pari's words, "he is in her she have to do all other task with having him in mindROFLROFL"
Thats the Reason We calls her MohitzPari ..Oops woh toh Her Username itself tells that LOL!
She is the Biggest,Craziest PHANgal of BABYBlushing

Need i write nemore to describe bout her? ErmmLOL n also i Knw Pari ..doesnt like to read this long long essaysLOL *in pari's style* "lengths scare her like anything ROFLROFL and then She take an ages to reply...oops poor gal then She hav to read n even has to write bothUnhappy ROFL
  ...Love u so much Pari Hug

Apart, here is a small gift frm my side One sweet Cute li'l poem for u ..vch vld like to dedicate on u! ;)

               "You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
            Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
            You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop.
            Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
            And I love you so and I want you to know
            That I'll always be right here
            And I love to sing sweet songs to you
             Because you are so dear"

n also made two siggies for u, hope u like it ..i was scared posting it as i Dont knw how to make Siggs! making siggies for d Best siggymaker itself ..feels like ..vld she like it or not?? i knw the siggs vch i hav made r horrible but still hope u like it :) n once again a Happy Birthday Pari

btw just forgot to say ..@ ragz n Jagz: Rocking Post Gals ..Loved itHug

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-krazyriya- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 9:14am | IP Logged

Paru....u know na i dont know how to make any siggies or vms...or anything..... so couldnt make anything for you !! But i would like dedicate some videos to you.... have fun !!!

Edited by -krazyriya- - 11 March 2011 at 9:15am

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