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Originally posted by MoNayaKiDeewani

Originally posted by MoNayaKiDeewani

I was actually surprised to see this Birthday post early, I was still gonna send my message today LOL but when I read the reason then I understood!
FINALLY, the day is here so .. Here we go,

thank u so much sanzzHug
a very very happy birthday Mohit's Parii Hug, I pray that this birthday brings alot of happiness for you and may you always succeed in everything you do, hope all your wishes and dreams come true and may you always be blessed, keep smiling always HugHug

awwww so sweet of u jana!! thanks alot for ur lovely wishes!! 
Look am not good at expressing my feelings but I'll still try yeah ROFL, I remember when I fell heads over heels in love with SG I was researching about MS that's when I came across this Forum and saw you siggies and GOSHH I was stunned seeing your creativity, at that moment I SO wanted to comment and praise your work but I was not a member then but I used your siggies, I've used loads of em and I still use em! After joinning this Forum I finally became your friend thou I don't exactly remember how ErmmROFL, but who cares!

awwwwwwwww really?:OO u r using it since that long?:OO awww thank u so much yaar..means so much for me sanz!!! u cant even imagine! thanksa lot!! I knowww...even I dont rem how we became friends LOL
What can I say about you gal, you're this one person who always brings a HUGE smile on to my face and sometimes a person who makes me ROFL badly, I esp remember those days of MJHT S2, serious episdoes they were at the beginning and you always bought a ROFL in your topics, I've always loved that thing about you making everyone happy!

awwww hehehe...thank u for saying that sanz!!! even I love talking to u girl....its so much fun to interact with u!!! GOSHH I miss those days badly:(( now toh no MJHT, no topics and no fun:(( study study study URGHHH

 You're the SWEETEST person I've ever met, amazing human being and a true friend, I am seriously blessed to have a friend like you Hug  .awwww sweetheart....same goes to u!! mwahhh . You know what's the difference between our smile and your smile? We smile when we're happy and you smile when you see us happy, and that's what I LOVE the most about you although I can't see you and that but I can still feel it!

OMGGGG sanz....m can u say that even without seeing me??:OO and thats so true!! m not  doing anything..its just like that.....when u guys are happy, I feel so good!! its call heart connection!! love u guys so much!!!! my biggest strength and support system!! mwahh

just like MS, I would tell the same...m amazed by the fact that my friends know me so well even without meeting me once!! m proud! 
Always remain like this, no need to change because you're the best they way you are I'd also like to say .. you know you know you know I'd never ask you to change, if perfect's what you're searching for then just stay the same, I know it's from Just the way you are Bruno Mars ROFL but it definately suits you Hug

awwwwwwww heheh thank u so much..u made me blush sanz!! love u so much!! thanks for always being with me!! mwahhh
Have a awesome day and enjoy your day to the fullest and and don't forget to save a piece of cake for me ROFL
I love ya loadsHeart
and something for you
Love you Heart

and the moment I saw it, my heart skipped a beat!!! ITS AMAZING!!!! LOVE IT!!! all of my fav!! OMGG this cant get any better!! thank u so much sanz!! thanks for ur lovely wishes!! made my day!! mwahhhhh
Rags&Jags : GOSHH gals awesome post<33

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Originally posted by -Ishita-


Now, Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Pari! thank u so much Ishita Smile
Don't know from where to start...I know this time I was not there to help uCoolErmm ..i don't even remember where we neitherSmile
but the Journey of our Friendship has been really Fascinating, atleast for me.. :P for me too...and u know that tooSmile
Our talks (which are non-sensical most of the times) are truely enjoyed by me! Gujju trio talks or FB gossip talks or Crazy MSN chatting! it makes me go Stern Smile sumtimes but also Big smile sumtimes .. u have all posssible things in the world to annoy and abuse me.. don't u?? sometimes? ALL the times baby:) I would say one thing for us....we speak thru diff language....everything has a diff meaning ROFL and I  love that about us!! no one knows how we r in real except one or twoLOL so we left everyone Confused..specially meROFL 
But i love this teasing and getting annoyed by you! u have no other optionHugSmile
wen i was not in contact with you i had a completely different view about you.. je hu tane fursat ma kahish! but for now..ShockedShockedShocked one secStern Smile I thought I knew everything about u:S  what was that...OMGG :OO tell me
Talking to you more and more and getting to know u how u are actually gave me a shock initially but it was amazing as we both are so very Simiar in some contexts!  I knowwww u were getting shocked LOL but now I can say, u know me 90%.....and m proud of it coz its hard u know that tooROFL serious note, I find u just like me....I guess thats why I can understand u and u can understand me the most!! 
some of the ROFL'ing sessions with u i can never forget.. baba-maatey thing or Dreaming about sum1 on FB.. making plans for bhaiya-bhabhi.. :D, abusing each other. gosh! really enjoyed that days!!

OMGGGG baba-maatey..I miss them so badlyROFL GOSHH We were going crazy!! and bhaiya bhabhiROFL LOL awesome days!! 
The Gujju trio talks and opening hearts in front of each other..ofcourseHug
 i'm blessed to have a friend like you! ......wellLOL yes u rEvil Smile.....I made ur life colorful and lively Cool!! at the same time, even I m blessed u to have u...u never fail to compliment meHugSmile 
But u know i hate some of ur Habits and u told me u are trying to improve them.. i wish u do them atleast this year Stern Smile which ones btw? :S  (JK..know itLOL) and have I ever told u urs? u know that right?
U are always there for me when needed.. now it's like even if i don't talk to you for a day i feel incomplete.. SAME HERE......u have become an imp part of my life.......I start stalking u if I dont get to talk to u...ur posts ( let it be anything) make me smile!! love u so much!!!!! 
tara dialogue ma.. u have made my life colorful.. ROFL and u are improtant..blah.. blah.. :D ohh u finally came to the point Hug
i still feel i have so much to write but not getting wrords! good for me...m tired of typing..see I have written more than u! 
I wish u get all the Happiness in the world as u truely deserve them.. u are really special to me and always remain.. no matter u forget me or not :P  thank u so much ishu, now seriously, u dont now how much u and ur friendship matter for me! never ever left me alone!! love u so much!!! I m strong when u r with me!! love ya!! 
waise u are my Rockstar.. Simply ''Perfect'' in everything do! now don't flaunt over this.. it's ur Birthday and m supposed to say all good things.. Stern Smile  ignoring second sentence and thank u so much for the first oneHug  i know that already!! :) 
But on  serious note.. i truely Wish this Friendship grows stronger with time and remains Intact.. Bcoz i cannot afford to loose a priceless friend like you! u are one of kind.. and i truely mean it!!
Have a great weekend with ur Family enjoy ur Birthday to the fullest!! same here ishita, as I said, u mean a hell lot for me!! love u so much!! mwahhhh ...m missing u even now...was worried for u..hope u r ok! 
Love u endless.. Heart 

this is what doll said for us today on FBROFL for that crow thingLOL

tum dono ki prem kahaani .. baki sab ke liye pareshanii .. confusion ki maharanis... stalkers ko yaad dila de unki nani

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Originally posted by ...Mitali...

happy birthday pari
may god bless u!
have a great dayBig smileBig smileBig smile

thank u so much miltali for ur lovely wishesHug
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Originally posted by sg-muskaan

                   Many Many Happy Returns of The day     
                                             PARIIIIIIIIIIIII HugHug

I Wish ur baby one day ll meet u my sweetheart Embarrassed


I wish God bless you'

With all joy and cheers'

May you live a long life'

May you get all good thing in your life'

May you have happy days and nights'

May all your dreams come true'

May all your desires be fulfilled'

May you spreading happiness everywhere'


Stay away from every sorrow and grief'


U Always Rock  jaana HugHugkeep smiling n keep rocking

LOVE uuuuuuu


awww this is so sweet yaar!! thank u so much muskaanHug
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slow but still going strongBig smile

planning to finish it before 12 AprilROFL a month should be enough I guessErmmLOL


someone said its more fun to read these extra comments of mine so just thought of keeping u guys up to the dateSmile

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Originally posted by nikki028

OMGGGGG LOVE this siggyyyy gurujiiiiBlushing



hehe..I like the use of grayLOL thank uHug

c i am wishin u ON TIME,....LOLLOL....its 12th March already in India....n me yahan raat ke ek baje jaagofied to write ek choti si kahani on a certain mohit sehgal ka certain pari jee.....Wink.....

awwww gurujiiiii u r so adorable yaarHugu know that too! love u so much! mwahh

btw...helloooooooooooooooooooo...........LOOK AT ME.....LOLLOL.....i mean look at my msg.....LOLLOL...i knw u r still droolin on some1 in d simple bday siggie made for u......waise jaanboojkar i postd my bday siggie for u 1st.....taaki i cud disturb u in d droolin part immediately aftr postin my siggie......Evil SmileROFL......i jst loveee doin such things to ppl i love.....vich is chedofyin them....LOLLOL......
haaa I saw it and I was like :OO OMGGG hehe...oyeeeeeee how do u know thatShocked I was actually keep going back to the siggyROFL making me blush so badly! and m getting distracted tooConfused

i knw i hv to still reply to u in my bday thread.......mayb i wil end up sayin same things in both bday threads of us....OuchLOLLOL......

u did so no comments SmileLOL baalike......i nevr evr thot....i will gt such amazing GENUINE frnd in u....hamari dosti ekdum hamare swamis ke offscreen dosti jaisa hai.....EmbarrassedEmbarrassed...AHHHH bilkul sahii!! thats what me too think!! ...jab do craziest freaks milenge toh yeh toh hona hi tha....Wink...OFCOURSE Cool...evn aftr our biggest differences in our interests....v r soo soo bonded to each other.......n tht difference ws nevr evr an issue b/w us....among my SG frnz.....aftr Aki(-Akriti-)its wid U i am MOST CLOSEST to...v hv drooled 2gether....rofled 2gethr....been crazzy together.....n also stood wid each other in bad times too......kab hum do strangers se do pakke close frnz ban gaye pata hi nahi chala.......n nw when i look back at our journey....i feel soo soo happy to hv this amazin friendship journey wid u......**shit y am i bcom emotional nw.....CryD'oh...**

ofcourse..thats what I love about us nikki.....this MN V. SG neevr came bw us..and m proud of it..I have many MNain friends....u r the one of those who put friendship before anything.....I dont have to worry what u will think if I will say this or that....I love this about our friendship! dont get emotional..its time to take proud..m lucky to have u!! my true friendHug

ok lemme come back to my abnormal mode.....LOLLOL......hmm yea....n other than bein frnz....d most unique rockin guruji-baalike rishta v share is totally one of d craziest rishtas for me..ROFLROFLROFLROFL......if i remember ws in ur Mohitz reply-waala thread made us "guruji-baalike".....there also....indirectly our sweethearts onli brought us i cud vry well undrstnd hw it feels to be acknowledgd frm d person u love beyond all limits....

better lol..........OMGGG I love these names tooROFL ha ha I rem it very well too! hahahaha we had so much fun in that threadROFL

d thing vich i love n admire d most in u is ur love for Mohit...its sooo deep as an ocean...n soo unconditional......till eternity....u will alwz remain as d epitome biggest TRUE MOHIT SEHGAL fan for me n i knw as well as for most of us out here.....

awwww same goes for u sweetheart! and thanks for saying it!! means alot for me!! who else can understand better than u??EmbarrassedHug mwahh

n hw can i forget d heavenly talent in u....u r truly one of d bestest siggi makers of IF....n one of my most fav siggie makers.....u make siggies frm ur heart....n woh dikhta hai in evry siggie of urs....d pics look perfect in d siggies made by u....n thts solely coz of d beauty n dedication n passion by vich u make siggies no matter on whom u r makin...who may/may nt be ur fav......n thtsy u r d one of d biggest inspiration for many siggie makers out here.......ClapClapClap......
awwwwww Hugthanks alot yaar...this means alot to me..u dont even know!! thanks for saying it and thanks for encouraging me all the time!! mwahhhhh...and I love to make siggies for ur ABEmbarrassed dedicated to u! makes me feel so good na! 

its alwz a pleasure readin ur crazzzzzzzzzzzzy posts.....durin mjht times...i alwz look 4wd to ur topics on ur baby....Embarrassed.....they vr truly out of d world.....n whenevr some awesome scenes on Mohit used to come in mjht epis....i instantly remember tht time...."aaj toh Pari gayi kaam se...LOLLOL...."n sometimes lik i will feel...u wud hv made posts too on ur i xpectd many times.....vich make me feel....i knw this crazzy baalike really well.....ApproveCool.....n d thing vich i loveeeeeee d most is..

AWWW I rem u saying that! thank u o much!! this is coming from such an awesome topic maker like u means alot to me! I already told u m a big fan of ur post since starting! hi5 for that!! mine toh crazy post but urs are really sensible and mature! Embarrassed

..d way n places vr u use this emoticon----->" ROFL ".....U R D ULTIMATE BRAND AMBASSADOR OF ROFL SMIELY....ROFLROFL........n also D Biggest Spammer of MJHT no.....nt of d biggest....hw can i forget my i will say U two make d PERFECT SPAMMING JODI of IF....ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL...wish there ws such a jodi award too in our Mjht forum awards.....OuchOuchROFLROFLROFL.........vich u two wud hv won WITHOUT ANY COMPETITION....ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

OMGGGGGG that emoticonROFL love it manROFL hahaha and ofcourse spammingLOL hahaha and not to forget doll ROFL, sid, doll and chotu made me so ashamed of myselfROFL 

Seems lik aaj ke liye my ramayan is almst enuf for lemme conclude this ramayan by writin another chota ramayan.....

thanksSmile..u know I dont like typing muchROFLOuch..but m having fun reading ur post again and again..makes me blushLOL

Pari....i really love one of my close awesomest frnz.....i genuinely hope n wish v shud be in touch alwz thru IF ya FB.....nevr evr change....stay d way u r.....aftr all hum jaise crazies once in a blue moon hi toh iss duniya mein paida hote hai......right??????
ROFLROFLROFLROFL..AWWW nikki..for sure...friends for life!! will be always together no matter what!! u too! dnt disappoint God jee by changin urself.....LOLLOLLOL....tabhi toh main bhi nahi badli hun....ROFLROFLROFLROFL.......nywz i really hope u liked my small bday gift....i am nt any siggie lik i say...for d ppl i love...i want to make siggies for them wid my efforts...I LOVEEE ITTTT came from ur heart and uper se baby ka..made me blush so badly!! its thtsy i made for u..instead of requestin others to make for u on my behalf......EmbarrassedEmbarrassed......hope u hv a rockin Mohitilicious bday this hard.....n remember ur guruji while eatin chocl8 bday cake.....ROFLROFLROFLROFLROFL

With loads n loads n loadsssssss of love,
ur Gurjii.......

thanks for ur lovely wish guruji!! made my day! ya!


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Originally posted by yulZ

Stern SmileStern Smile why did I get craziest member award?:SErmmROFL

WHAT ??? :O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O:O

nautanki..........btw I read ur replying after going to home and it totally made my day...I was laughing so hard...and showed it to jag..she cracked up seeing the while fontROFL 

ok i had this weird feeling that u guys must have created this topic early and then i was like chal lets check and when i come to the forum the 1st thing i see is this birthday post :O:O:O:O:O kaha hai ladkiyoons i will KEEEEEEEEEEEEEL you all :O:O:OROFL but how come i never saw this Stern Smile i think i have become blind Stern Smile hey bhaggu ye zaleem duniya aur uske saath tu bhi zaleem CryROFL ( this looks like my favourite dialogue coz everytime i use it dil ko sukoon milta haiStern SmileROFL)

blind...yes Gunji ke pyaar me aandha sidROFLROFL ohhh I mean samrat ke..sorryROFL 
ANYWAYS.. as i already finished my nautanki now i am PURA ready to wish Paru Cool yes that nautanki was a COMPULSORY thing so i HAD to do it.. coz Paru u and i think the whole forum knows how much of a dramabaaz i am Stern Smile

OFCOURSE all know it by nowROFL so this was must..specially in my b'day postROFL drama, nautanki, rofling, drooling and spamming thats all we doSmileROFL
Chal before i go on to my msg bit.

thank u so much SidHug
n omgg guess wat ?? :O:O:O:O
TUM BUDDHI HORAHI HO Big smileROFL sorry sorry !!

usme nothing to guess..its a truth:(( we have to accept itOuchLOL
ok ok i  will now stop my bakwass and then be emotional + serious for a bit as i will be telling u MY BIT of story like everyone had done ROFL its a bit of private *hmph*ROFL so here it goes Stern Smile

ok changing my face's expressions from LOLROFL to Stern Smile
Paru the birth of our friendship was in CG of this forum .. not only you but i think i met u all amazing ppl in there only.. That was the 1st time that i felt soo happy from the bottom of my heart for having frens.. Seriously u guys are truly the BEST !! which makes me the best ofcourse CoolLOL honestly bolu to i never stick to a particular forum for long Stern Smile 

awww Sid I knowHug thats why m so attached to this forum, specially CG, I met one of my closest friends over thereEmbarrassed
KZK forum was the one i used to stalk 24/7 ROFL but then it ended aswell and i didnt knew wat to do :( but thanx to Gunji ( yes it was her indeed that made me watch MJHT) i met u all and this forum became my home sweet home :) 

I didn't know about this story....I guess I came after u in this forum...u were very popular then as wellROFL I used to stalk ur siggies and shop...thinking aww this GIRL ( 99% ppl are girls here so I thought u r a girl ofcourse Smile) is SO talented and popular! great sense of humor as well! ohh god m nothing in this one even know me..then gradually I started making siggies and we met in CG ( after ages) ....I still rem that CG intro of oursLOL that time I was quite old in this forum as well. 

even when i was in home i used to spend more time in this forum than on anything else.. everytime i used to feel low i would come here to chat with ya all coz i was SURE that i will be able to fgt all my sorrows and pain when i am with ya all Hug 
so right sid....thats what I feel too! its like my second home and second family! 
kehna toh kitna hai but i dont wanna make u bored reading my ramayan LOL so i would make it short.. THANKYOU everyone for coming in my life especially you guys coz after u all have entered in my life have completely taken a u turn towards the path of happiness , laughter, joys and amazingg memories Hug No matter how much buddha i will be in future LOL but i will still remember u guys as my most precious treasure given my God Hug and i truly mean it <3

aww SId...actually I should tell this to u.....u filled our life with lots of joy and many rofling moments......whenever we interact, u left me smiling and happy! no matter how my mood is! 
Chal emotional baatein khattam *wipes tears*ROFL

me bhiiSmileLOL
Paru when i used to visit CG i used to be speechless everytime u posted any creations.. it was another thing that i never commented, coz that time i was not that active in IF but one day when u mentioned me as ur inspiration i was TOTALLI shock :O coz for me u were my inspiration Embarrassed 

dont say nonsense now......u r lot more senior than me when it comes to this...i told u na, I used to stalk ur gallery alot but thought why would SHE ( sorry) talk to me..she is so popular and SHE has so many freindsROFL I didn't know u r HE until we talked in CGROFL I guessLOL

so ya it was kinda funny LOL but i was so touched and happy coz i never thought u knew me or noticed me .. OFCOURSE after reading my khud ki tareef mein chup kaise rehta ROFL

haaa I still remember, u jumped in asusal like a besharamROFL I was really nice thenErmm
I quickly commented on it and told u were my inspiration too LOL 
that was a big lieSmile

and from that day we became realli good frens :D It was because of u guys tht i would always make MJHT stuffs plus visit it like every sec :) u all made me understand wat a TRUE friendship is because once in my life i had lost this faith from friendship :) but u guys brought it back and yarr rab ki kasam u all are REALLY REALLY SPECIAL TO ME Hug i can keep on going and going but ya itna hee kafii hai i think LOL

AWWW SIDHug I m completely aware of this emotional side of urs but others aren't ROFL now stop being emotional baccha....all of us will be together always...we will make plans to kidnap Mohit and Sanaya in our 70s as wellROFL
one of my most, most and most unforgettable time would be our spamming times ROFL mann that was the best time of my life ROFL no matter if the topic was on Mohit, my dostana with him Stern Smile, Gunji, war for gunji/mohit love ROFL or any random topcis it was just TOOOOOOOOO fun.. and still is.. gawd i just hope we can stay like this FOREVER & EVER :D

AWWW u confessed u ENJOY that dostana thingHug I knew it!! u r so much in love with Sammy! I could see it!! dont blush nowROFL ohh those daysDay Dreaming miss them badly! :((
Paru i have never said this before or nor do i think its needed coz everyone knows it that u are a realli kind, talented, creative, funny but loving, caring, understanding, helpful and all those good adjectives from a dictionary ROFL girl Big smile ..HAHAHA awww SId..thank u so muchHug U have that magic to bring a smile on every1''s face and i just love u girl Hug love ya as well!! and missing u right now..dont know where the hell are u:S I hope u r ok!  having u in our life is like having an angel in our world Heart thankyou for entering my life and making it beautiful to live on Paru Hug

aww sid..thanks for ur wonderful comment it made my day once again!! thanks for ur lovely wishes yaar! Hug
gawd too much tareef nah Stern SmileROFL

NOWWW coming to siggy...I was DYING for commenting on them........u dont know I much I lOVEEEEEEEEEE them!!  I used them as my wallpaper, YT channel and everywhere one by one..specially salman and sallu one!! let me comment individually
ok now enough talking.. lets go to ur gifts bit as u must be really excited LOL

OKKK This is JUST WOWWWW..and u know how much it means to me as it has my ALL the FAVDay Dreaming cant stop looking at it and u know I love this style of urs with millions of pics!! pic selection is just awesome!! LOVE IT! 

THISSSS IS JUST AHHHHH...I love those pics of HIMMM...OHHHHhhh OUR boyHeart and specially the text......I keep blushing seeing itROFL this is super COOL! 

again, that style....OMGGG just look at this siggy..its PERFECT!!! look at his expresisons man!! LOVE IT SO MUCHHHHHHHHh....thanks u so much for this SID! 
ok i just loveeeeeee this one ROFL  i just came across this piccy of sallu and it kidna matched with mohit's this pictures and i wanted to give it a try but i never thought it would turn out this awesome :O:O:O sach mein i just love it and u better like it too Evil SmileROFL

OMGGGG this is ONE OF THE MOST FAV siggies of mine...GOSHHH speechless!! ITS TOTALLYYYYY WOWWWWWWWWSilly I used it for so long .....OMGGG and text makes it best.....AHHHHHH just awesome sid..look at this...u r really creative...I hope u know itROFL....THIS IS JUST AHH Cant even describeee

Lastly once again many many happy returns of the day Paru Hug May god bless u in every steps of ur life and may alll ur dreams come true :) enjoy this day to ur fullest as it comes just once in a year Embarrassed
THANK U SO MUCH sid for this wonderful wish and gifts!! love them!! really means alot!!!! thanks once again! love ya!
Sorry everyone for this but this msg is ONLY for her so i did this CoolROFL

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Just skip everyone else and get to mine alreadyROFL

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