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.MohitzPari. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 10:08pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -krazyriya-

hey....hi my paruu jaana !! how are u my jaan ?? Embarrassed

i'm very sad yaar....Ouch.....ragz i'm very angry with u yaar..Cry... u didn't pm to send my wishes for paruu.....u didn't told me that u r making a bday thread for her Ouch  !!! u forgot me na...... i think u all have forgotten me Cry  !!! i wanted to so much for you paru... but now due to lack of time.....wouldn't be able to do anything yaar..... i'm feeling bad like hell  Ouch!! i'm sooooo sorry yaar..... ho sake toh mujhe maaf kar dena pleaseeeee !!! Cry

awww dont worry sweetheart!! I saw ur msg and made me blush so badly!!! this is more than enough for me!! it made my day for sure!! mwahhhHug

but anyways.....please accept my wishes paru as i dont have anything more than this to give u....m sorry !!!

u r dUMB sometimes varshu...kesa sorryAngryD'ohHug

wish u a very very very very happy bday my sweetheart !!!

may you get all the success n happiness in this world !!!

may all ur dreams n wishes come true today darling !!!

may you get all what u desire n dream of in life !!!

may god bless you sweety !!!

i love u soooo muchhh !!!

keep smiling !!!

awwwww how sweet!! thank u so much sweetheart!!Heart

paruu i really love you from the bottom of my heart yaar Hug !!! u r the sweetest..... cutest.... bubbliest....Embarrassed loveliest...... awesomesssst......Wink n naughtiest sweetheart here !!! dont know whether you know or not but i'm one of the biggest fan of you n ur creations from a long time Day Dreaming!!! 
awww varshu..thank u so much yaar!!!! goshh this means so much for me!! even I love u SO MUCH!!! I adore u as a person!! love u so much!! mwahh

but i never got enough courage to tell when we were not friends..... i was afraid of u.....Disapprove  i used to thought tum itni popular ho....Day Dreaming  pata nahi tum mujhse baat karogi ya nahi...... ya phir kahi maine tumhe pm kiya toh tum naraz na ho jao....!!! Ouch

OMGGGGG I told u na..tu bilkul crazy heROFL UFFF tu bhi na...why would I be angry with u sweetheart? m lucky that we became friends! Embarrassed mujse afraid? :OO he bagwaan koi meri varshu ko samjaooLOLHug

but now i just love talking to u yaar...Day Dreaming....u r the sweetest of all..... simply a pleasure to talk with !!! u r a fantabulous creations maker...Wink.....that u must already be knowing !! i love your style.....Blushing  your way of talking.....your love for mohit/samrat......Embarrassed your naughtyness......n ur just everything yaar !!! so please never change..... just remain as u are...i.e  the naughty "Mohit Of The Forum"  Blushing  !!!

AWWWWW varshuHeart thanks alot jana...I will always remember this!! it means so much for me u cant even imagine!! thanks alot!! its making me blush so badly hehe!! mwahh

I'm really glad i met you in my life......Day Dreaming  thanks for coming in my life jaan....Big smile !!! Be happy always..... Smile wish u heartiest luck in life !!!

same here jaan!! thanks for being with me all the time!! love u so much!! 

with loads n loads of love forever Hug
yours varshu... Heart

Originally posted by -krazyriya-

just a small effort for you......Embarrassed

awwwwww ur giftsHug thank u sooooooo much!! thanks for making feel so much special jana!!! thanks alot for ur gifts!! mwahh!! love u so much! 

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-nautankidollz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 01 April 2011 at 11:41pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -MohitzPari-

yes guys, aayega....I have finished 40 replies our of 80!! though m still on 7th pages...the rest of posts are more of spamming

so 40 more to go:) will do that soon! sorry for delay!!

u r really really really mehnati n not lazy at all n very very very paiteint LOL
lovvvvvvuu muahs Wink

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.MohitzPari. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 June 2008
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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 9:38pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Meera-

OMGGG 9 pages:OOO that means m so late :(
Neways Res!!
For Now Happy Birthday MohitzPari :) Love u loads muah! HugHug

                HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAR

awww thank u so much my meeruHeart 

hmm m writing this is coming straight frm bottom of my heart! specially came ol to wish u my gal! awww so sweet of u jana!! mwahhh  U knw was not feeling to switch on my lappy as i get extremly tired these days as due to my studies n hectic schedule bcuz of my EXAMSAngry but then it was ur B'day aftrall, i had t cme wish u n infact seeing u aftr a long ..made my night ..Gosh Love u Sweetheart!!! awwwww sweetheart....I can understand!! study sucks!! missing u so badly na:(( though now we r in touch thru FB..thank god!! love u so much!! 
First toh vld like to wish u Formally a very very Happy Birthday n May all your dreams come true & u hav a bright future n may u always keep Smiling Pari ..n get all the Happiness in ur Life as u truly truly deserves that!!!! hehe thank u so much meeru.. thanks for ur wishes jana!! mwah

Ohk ..Today for the First time want to confess something that Thank You ..thank Youuuu so so much for adding me too in our Group in FB frm the very begining when u made it at that time We wer even not that good Frnds n we dint knw nething much bout each other n was new on IF still u trusted me n added me that time ..thats so sweet of u n it means really Really a lot to me ..U knw wat U had given me such an Amazing Gift in form of that ...made so many frnds vch is close to my heart ofcourse including u..n that happened just bcuz of u my Pearl! HeartHeart awwwwww need to thank me yaar....I m glad too, that I made it and added u!!! I got to know u and we became best of friends!! Embarrassed its our heaven!! I love that place and love u!! n this actually shows u hav such a Sweet,Caring,Genuine,Pure heart n selfless n at the other side
also have never seen someone like u in IF haha!  ...gosh too crazy,naughty,flirty n wat not ROFLROFL hehe thank u so much Hug LOL I know the unique piece ROFL  Never Change yourself hun ..Always remain like this! we all love u the way you are Rockstar! n m so so lucky to hav u in my life ...thanks so much for being in my life! Hug n vl b always there for u No matter what!!  same goes to u jana!! u r very imp part of my life!! thanks for making it even more beautiful with ur presence! love u so much!! I wont change as long as u guys are with meHeart 

Secondly You r very very creative person gal.. I always get speechless wenever i see ur siggies ..Not just the siggs on Mohit/MoNaya/SaJan but Frankly Speaking, ur each n every siggies u make r really so UNIQUE n totally different frm others n also i love ur siggies the most! they r just the BEST!! AWWW GOSHH u r saying this means alot meeru!! thanks a lot jana!! thats all I want!! mwahh  Undoubtedly u are my all time Favourite siggy maker n  !!! awiehhhhh blushhh Heart  U can make look d siggies at its best even wen d Picture Quality/Caps r Worst!! When it comes to ur creation, Wether it be Siggies,Avis or VMs ...Hatts off to your Dedication towards it n When it comes to Mohit ka Sig ...I bet ki No one can BEAT u on that hehe the Mohit siggs of urs turns out so so well bcuz that actually shows how much u love him!! MEERRUUU thanks alot yaarHug this is seriously means a world to me!! thank u!! making me smile so badly hehe!! love ya! thanks for supporting me always!! 

Not only that also Love your Droolworthy post/topics vch is always full of ROFLing n Fun ROFL n specially love d post which u make on Mohit/Samhit/SamratCool but at other side one can see that its full of ur Emotions n love for him!! hahaha I seriously think thats the craziest work I do ROFL I love doing that though...but always feel shy ki what will ppl think about it..par u know na..we cant control when it comes to himROFL Many a times i have also heard frm u saying it dat ur most of the topics r senseless n all ohh just said thatROFL ..But Actually ur topics/posts always make my mood better wen i m not in a mood i keep on reading ur some of the posts as i feel good while reading it n Unfortunately, it makes me laugh wider!!hahahah so good to hear thatHeart if it makes u smile..I can make millions of posts like this!! mwah n also If hav read ur topic/posts then i never forgets to press LIKE button like siggies i also love ur posts the most!! thank u so much meeru!! mwahh 

I always Love toking to u so much n also as we all knw, u r the CRAZIEST member hav ever in seen in this forum ..Your Craziness n Flirting Style can never stop nor ur ROFLing haha! & most importantly ..your drooling on BABY Day Dreaming This gal drools/thinks/dreams bout him even when she is Driving her car (Sambhali ne car chalav je hun :| ROFL), also when she is in d Class, in her dreams ..Inshort, Drools/go mad/tok bout this GUY Mohit 24/7!! LMAO so TRUE!! who else can understand this better than u??ROFL hi5...those secrete FB talks ROCK!!! haha I m crazy and made u crazy as wellROFL 
Actually in Pari's words, "he is in her she have to do all other task with having him in mindROFLROFL"  RIGHTTTSmileROFL 
Thats the Reason We calls her MohitzPari ..Oops woh toh Her Username itself tells that LOL! heheheheheBlushing
She is the Biggest,Craziest PHANgal of BABYBlushing thank u meeruuu but u r no less babyROFL u dont express and I do..overexpressROFL 

Need i write nemore to describe bout her? ErmmLOL n also i Knw Pari ..doesnt like to read this long long essaysLOL *in pari's style* "lengths scare her like anything ROFLROFL and then She take an ages to reply...oops poor gal then She hav to read n even has to write bothUnhappy ROFL
  ...Love u so much Pari Hug length scared me this time too:SROFL but I was like yeahh I can do it..I did it yayaROFL but it was lovely reading this it millions of times!!! hahahaha u KNOW me so well..its like agesROFL I did the bothCool but I read it on my b'day itselfLOL love u toooo

Apart, here is a small gift frm my side One sweet Cute li'l poem for u ..vch vld like to dedicate on u! ;)

               "You're my Honeybunch, Sugarplum
            Pumpy-umpy-umpkin, You're my Sweetie Pie
            You're my Cuppycake, Gumdrop.
            Snoogums-Boogums, You're the Apple of my Eye
            And I love you so and I want you to know
            That I'll always be right here
            And I love to sing sweet songs to you
             Because you are so dear"

n also made two siggies for u, hope u like it ..i was scared posting it as i Dont knw how to make Siggs! making siggies for d Best siggymaker itself ..feels like ..vld she like it or not?? i knw the siggs vch i hav made r horrible but still hope u like it :) n once again a Happy Birthday Pari

like it?? LOVEEEE ITTT MEERU.............HIS SIGGY MADE BY YOUUU..this cant get any better!! thank u so them!!! love u!! mwahh

btw just forgot to say ..@ ragz n Jagz: Rocking Post Gals ..Loved itHug

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.MohitzPari. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 June 2008
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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 9:40pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Raman-

Happy Birthday Pari...God Bless U...Keep Smiling alwaysssss

thank u so much Raman!! Heart 
.MohitzPari. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 April 2011 at 9:44pm | IP Logged
u guys ALWAYS write  ESSAYS Stern SmileThumbs Down once you get started then never sweethearts always keep finding  reasons to write essaysStern Smile m loving that for a change and blushing too but stillErmm.....too much too muchhhh UFFFOOO ..ek se badhkar ek he sale sab ke sab! bas ek mauka milna chahiye tut tut 


ohh btw..that finishes 50Party 30 more:)) YAY

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-nautankidollz- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 10:28am | IP Logged
you know more then reading ur essays and replies i enjoy these tit bit coments of urs haa haa haa

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.MohitzPari. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 7:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by MoNayaKiDeewani

Originally posted by MoNayaKiDeewani

I was actually surprised to see this Birthday post early, I was still gonna send my message today LOL but when I read the reason then I understood!
FINALLY, the day is here so .. Here we go,

thank u so much sanzzHug
a very very happy birthday Mohit's Parii Hug, I pray that this birthday brings alot of happiness for you and may you always succeed in everything you do, hope all your wishes and dreams come true and may you always be blessed, keep smiling always HugHug

awwww so sweet of u jana!! thanks alot for ur lovely wishes!! 
Look am not good at expressing my feelings but I'll still try yeah ROFL, I remember when I fell heads over heels in love with SG I was researching about MS that's when I came across this Forum and saw you siggies and GOSHH I was stunned seeing your creativity, at that moment I SO wanted to comment and praise your work but I was not a member then but I used your siggies, I've used loads of em and I still use em! After joinning this Forum I finally became your friend thou I don't exactly remember how ErmmROFL, but who cares!

awwwwwwwww really?:OO u r using it since that long?:OO awww thank u so much yaar..means so much for me sanz!!! u cant even imagine! thanksa lot!! I knowww...even I dont rem how we became friends LOL
What can I say about you gal, you're this one person who always brings a HUGE smile on to my face and sometimes a person who makes me ROFL badly, I esp remember those days of MJHT S2, serious episdoes they were at the beginning and you always bought a ROFL in your topics, I've always loved that thing about you making everyone happy!

awwww hehehe...thank u for saying that sanz!!! even I love talking to u girl....its so much fun to interact with u!!! GOSHH I miss those days badly:(( now toh no MJHT, no topics and no fun:(( study study study URGHHH

 You're the SWEETEST person I've ever met, amazing human being and a true friend, I am seriously blessed to have a friend like you Hug  .awwww sweetheart....same goes to u!! mwahhh . You know what's the difference between our smile and your smile? We smile when we're happy and you smile when you see us happy, and that's what I LOVE the most about you although I can't see you and that but I can still feel it!

OMGGGG sanz....m can u say that even without seeing me??:OO and thats so true!! m not  doing anything..its just like that.....when u guys are happy, I feel so good!! its call heart connection!! love u guys so much!!!! my biggest strength and support system!! mwahh

just like MS, I would tell the same...m amazed by the fact that my friends know me so well even without meeting me once!! m proud! 
Always remain like this, no need to change because you're the best they way you are I'd also like to say .. you know you know you know I'd never ask you to change, if perfect's what you're searching for then just stay the same, I know it's from Just the way you are Bruno Mars ROFL but it definately suits you Hug

awwwwwwww heheh thank u so much..u made me blush sanz!! love u so much!! thanks for always being with me!! mwahhh
Have a awesome day and enjoy your day to the fullest and and don't forget to save a piece of cake for me ROFL
I love ya loadsHeart
and something for you
Love you Heart

and the moment I saw it, my heart skipped a beat!!! ITS AMAZING!!!! LOVE IT!!! all of my fav!! OMGG this cant get any better!! thank u so much sanz!! thanks for ur lovely wishes!! made my day!! mwahhhhh
Rags&Jags : GOSHH gals awesome post<33
.MohitzPari. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 June 2008
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Posted: 04 April 2011 at 7:39pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Ishita-


Now, Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Pari! thank u so much Ishita Smile
Don't know from where to start...I know this time I was not there to help uCoolErmm ..i don't even remember where we neitherSmile
but the Journey of our Friendship has been really Fascinating, atleast for me.. :P for me too...and u know that tooSmile
Our talks (which are non-sensical most of the times) are truely enjoyed by me! Gujju trio talks or FB gossip talks or Crazy MSN chatting! it makes me go Stern Smile sumtimes but also Big smile sumtimes .. u have all posssible things in the world to annoy and abuse me.. don't u?? sometimes? ALL the times baby:) I would say one thing for us....we speak thru diff language....everything has a diff meaning ROFL and I  love that about us!! no one knows how we r in real except one or twoLOL so we left everyone Confused..specially meROFL 
But i love this teasing and getting annoyed by you! u have no other optionHugSmile
wen i was not in contact with you i had a completely different view about you.. je hu tane fursat ma kahish! but for now..ShockedShockedShocked one secStern Smile I thought I knew everything about u:S  what was that...OMGG :OO tell me
Talking to you more and more and getting to know u how u are actually gave me a shock initially but it was amazing as we both are so very Simiar in some contexts!  I knowwww u were getting shocked LOL but now I can say, u know me 90%.....and m proud of it coz its hard u know that tooROFL serious note, I find u just like me....I guess thats why I can understand u and u can understand me the most!! 
some of the ROFL'ing sessions with u i can never forget.. baba-maatey thing or Dreaming about sum1 on FB.. making plans for bhaiya-bhabhi.. :D, abusing each other. gosh! really enjoyed that days!!

OMGGGG baba-maatey..I miss them so badlyROFL GOSHH We were going crazy!! and bhaiya bhabhiROFL LOL awesome days!! 
The Gujju trio talks and opening hearts in front of each other..ofcourseHug
 i'm blessed to have a friend like you! ......wellLOL yes u rEvil Smile.....I made ur life colorful and lively Cool!! at the same time, even I m blessed u to have u...u never fail to compliment meHugSmile 
But u know i hate some of ur Habits and u told me u are trying to improve them.. i wish u do them atleast this year Stern Smile which ones btw? :S  (JK..know itLOL) and have I ever told u urs? u know that right?
U are always there for me when needed.. now it's like even if i don't talk to you for a day i feel incomplete.. SAME HERE......u have become an imp part of my life.......I start stalking u if I dont get to talk to u...ur posts ( let it be anything) make me smile!! love u so much!!!!! 
tara dialogue ma.. u have made my life colorful.. ROFL and u are improtant..blah.. blah.. :D ohh u finally came to the point Hug
i still feel i have so much to write but not getting wrords! good for me...m tired of typing..see I have written more than u! 
I wish u get all the Happiness in the world as u truely deserve them.. u are really special to me and always remain.. no matter u forget me or not :P  thank u so much ishu, now seriously, u dont now how much u and ur friendship matter for me! never ever left me alone!! love u so much!!! I m strong when u r with me!! love ya!! 
waise u are my Rockstar.. Simply ''Perfect'' in everything do! now don't flaunt over this.. it's ur Birthday and m supposed to say all good things.. Stern Smile  ignoring second sentence and thank u so much for the first oneHug  i know that already!! :) 
But on  serious note.. i truely Wish this Friendship grows stronger with time and remains Intact.. Bcoz i cannot afford to loose a priceless friend like you! u are one of kind.. and i truely mean it!!
Have a great weekend with ur Family enjoy ur Birthday to the fullest!! same here ishita, as I said, u mean a hell lot for me!! love u so much!! mwahhhh ...m missing u even now...was worried for u..hope u r ok! 
Love u endless.. Heart 

this is what doll said for us today on FBROFL for that crow thingLOL

tum dono ki prem kahaani .. baki sab ke liye pareshanii .. confusion ki maharanis... stalkers ko yaad dila de unki nani

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