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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 12:02pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Mrs.MohitSehgal

Twiiniiee <3
Happy 21st Birthday girl.... thank u so much twinnieee
I am happiiie that we both turn same age on same date....I knowww hi5...I feel so great to share my b'day with u!!
We've known each other for now a year and half.  I know its been so long na! 
I would love to keep our relationship like and let it grow and grow....
ii am happiii to call you my twinniee... lol we dont live near each other but we do have same month, letter p, day and year and live in same country. lol...awww m lucky to have u as my friend twinnie!! love u so much!! 
In future, i would definitely wanna meet you..aha never know we will end up in same medical school. which i did got accepted into Temple Uni Medical School.. and im like pretty excited would love to meet u twinnie!! mwahhh.....
hope you love i made them especially for youu<3 I couldn't paste them here but i LOVEEEEEE them twinnieeee....GOSHH adorableHeart thank u so much!! 
Girl.. im having a partyy today at the casinos and i wish u were here with me... lol double twinn party...lmaoo... Lemme know how was your first drink and partyy? lmao.. & i knoww we talked u got exams but good luckk and make sure u have some fun too <3 hahah I hope u had fun in the party!! LOL I dont/wont drink LOL but u surely tell me ur first experienceHug 

Love you girl loads.... keep rocking... love u tooo!!! 
Ha! Mohit must be happyy to see his two twin girls same age <3 lmafoo

Happy 21st Birthday Again Parita :]
love u loads!!

haha I knowwww....MohitzPari and MrsMohitSehgal share the same b'dayCool ya! !
- Priii aka your twiniiee forever

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.MohitzPari. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 12:04pm | IP Logged
[QUOTE= sajanroxx20]
Many many Happy returns of the day Pari!! May you get all the happiness and success in life.. you deserve each and every bit of it!!HugHug And may god fulfill all your wishes and dreams!!  thank u thank u thank u SO much jo....really sweet of u jana..mahhhhYou are a wonderful friend Pari, very warm and affectionate.. awww thank u so much jo!! I read ur msg several times...u have praised me more than neededROFL...but I was blushing so badly naROFL i dont exactly remember where we met first time, i think in the mansionErmm yess I guess mansion..u were so active before yaar!! but i remember this much that when i met you first time you didn't really make me feel like i'm talking to some strangerEmbarrassed  hahah real? when I saw u first...that time I was less active and u were really active so u didn't know me that well but I used to see ur posts and I was like aww this girl is so sweet man..You are very friendly hon.. i cant tell you in words how much i adore you!!! I adore u as well sweetheart Heart You always bring a big smile on everyone's face.. atleast mine, whenever i'm not feeling good.. just seeing any comment by you brings a smile on my face!!  when I read this, it made me feel so good yaar....what a sweet compliment!! thank u so much!! means alot jo!!  gives me satisfaction! You have a beautiful heart jaana.. very few people i know have such golden heart and you are one of them!! awww jo....ab ruk jaaaLOL actually u r sweet enough to think it...u r ,  who is extra sweet, innocent, helpful and a true friend! You NEVER hurt anyone's feelings.. you do become a sherni when it comes to HIM but still you never hurt anyone!! ROFL awww this really makes me feel so good na jo!! I feel good to know  what my friends think for meEmbarrassed
..I soo love talking to you sweetheart.. be it about Monaya/Sajan/SamHit or even our personal life.. i always enjoyy interacting with you.. Now toh on FB what all fun we all have togetherWinkLOL   AHH sameee talking to u and missing u badly nowadays!! :(( its always a pleasure to spend time with u honey!! you've been an awesome friend and one of my most good and closest ones.. i'll always treasure these beautiful memories i have with you.. forever!! awwwwHugHug I m lucky that we met and now I have u as one of my best friends!! I always find u beside me whenever I need my friends! I feel so lucky to have you as my friend.. and i'm thankful to Monaya/Sajan for it, cauze of them only we met!! yeahh ofcourse.Embarrassed... You never let anyone feel low when we are around you.. if someone is not in a good mood you always try to cheer her/him up!!  hahah  now thats trueLOL and thats coz I really dont like to see anyone of u sad! I feel weird so I just try to make u all happy! u all are a big and imp part of my life....I can do anthing for u guysHeartNot just a person with such beautiful heart.. you have many more qualities.. a brilliant siggy/avi/vm maker!!Wink   ohhh m glad u pointed out this, I really wanted to thank u for motivating me so much..u have a big contrinution...u may not realize it but yes u do!....u use all of mine no matter how they turn out....and thats a true friend!! ! Well i thought i'll write loadsss of more stuff in your bday message.. but now when i'm writing it i'm just falling short of words.. Embarrassed 1 secConfused....isn't this more than enough?? ShockedROFL I m blushing so badly..good that u didn't write much...i dont want diabetes LOLHug u r just too sweet jo!all i can say is.. ILY PariHeartHug Thanks for being there by my side always!! Love you soo muchhh!!HugHugHug

love u too!! soooooo much!! mwahhhh

On your birthday,
I'm thinking about how much light and sparkle
you freely dispense wherever you go,
how your sunny smile lights up any gathering.
Every birthday marks another year
of you radiating positive, happy energy,
contagious happiness
that infects all who come in contact with you.
May your next birthday find you the same
glowing from within,
beaming bright joy on everyone you meet.
I feel blessed to know you.

awww thank u so much sweetheart for wonderful wishes and gifts love them!!! thanks once again jana!!! it really made me feel so much better..I was so senti while reading it!!! mwahh
HugWith lots and lots of LoveHug

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.MohitzPari. IF-Sizzlerz

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Originally posted by nishi_sajan

             Pari Hug Hug ok now my monu's turnLOLCool 

A  Many More Happy Returns of the day! Hug May God bless you!! May this year add more success and happiness in your life. thank u so muchhhHugYou rock and I know that you will always Rock!Cool  hahahah okLOL Keep smiling! okSmile Some people come into our life in such a short notice but bring a great change in us, a good one! You are one of those people Pari. Never Change. Love you! May your love for Mohit just increase! Blushing Day Dreaming I will say the same for u sweetheart!! has learnt alot from u!! u r younger still a lot more mature than me!! I love the way u live r life..saluteHug

I started chatting with you through scraps. And soon we became such good friends. I am glad that I came out of my shell of fear and gave buddy request to you! hahahah I know I m kinda scary but SWEET tooBig smile...thanks for sending me a reqEmbarrassed..I have u as one of my best friends nowHug u have made my life alot more beautiful!! mwahhh If I had not done that I am sure I would have regretted for not having a wonderful friend like youEmbarrassed awwwwHug The best thing about you is you are always protective when it comes to friends and family. hahaha true..I m..cant see my close ones in trouble! That is something I adore about youDay Dreaming It is not that possible to find people who are real when it comes to character! But you are real Pari. awww monuuuu....u r making me emotional now!! thank uuuHug really means alot monu!! I mean you are Pari! A sweet,nice and lovely girl who is madly in love with Samrat/Mohit.  And the thing that makes me to love your love for him is it is not because of appearance. You adore Mohit for what he is! yes that right...u dont the whole story dont u??LOLThat's really awesome pari! You are frank! That's so cool. You say what you feel instead of backstabbing! yeahh its a lot easier to tell everything on face rather than keep thinking about stuff and bothering ur own self na EmbarrassedYou are a gem pari!Cool When I am with you I don't hesitate to speak out what my mind is saying! awww monuuu love uHeartYou always make everyone feel comfortable! HISTORICAL  lineROFLROFL I thought its other way around but now u r saying it so m believing u monuSmileI can always trust you and I know that you will always stand for your friends when any problem occurs! yesss m always with u!!! love u so much!! mwahhhI  always seek advice from you! It helped me A LOT. Thanks for making a better Nisha  Hug u meant Monisha, right?? LOL haha love u girl! who has changed a lotLOL Embarrassed I know that nowHugLOLNever change girl! We always love you! u guys are my biggest strength!! Pari in this journey of life we might meet lot of people who might be good or else bad but all I want to say you is never change because you are stronger than what you think! I know that Heart awww monuuu thank u so much jana...this really means so much..m overwhelmed! 

Seriously that para was so seriousD'ohROFL yes it was Ermm emotional too! Anyways I love you for your courage when it comes to Mission Sajan/Monaya protection against bashers! you rock girl!Cool ROFL LMAO tell me about it manROFL I feel so good to fight for him/them na...when I know we r  rightWinkYour siggies OMGGGGGGGG What magic do you do?Blushing I can stare at your shop endless *day dreams* Day Dreaming ROFLI LOVE your creativity. awww thank uuu...magic? I told u m not a magician FortunatelyROFL Your VMs are awesome. I LOVE your baby's and his sister's VM Day DreamingROFL hahahahah sheelaBtw eat a lot of cake!Day Dreaming I did! I know you will though!ROFL ohh yeahh kaminiEmbarrassedKeep smiling! You are seriously precious to us!Embarrassed Enjoy this day! Make everyone to do your work! Cool ROFLJust make this another beautiful day in your life Embarrassed I always make everyone do my work so nothing new reROFL

Something that I can possibly do for you!Embarrassed


awwwww so gorgeous man!! love it!! Day Dreaming

Once again Many More Happy returns of the day Pari! Hug Wish you all success in life with a bright future Hug Keep smiling!Hug


                                           Nisha/your MonishaROFL

thank u so much monu!! love u so much!!! mwahhh

Originally posted by nishi_sajan

 Pari Hug  Hug
A many more Happy returns of the day!HugMay God bless you and may you have more success in life. May your success reach the stars!Embarrassed You are an awesome person Pari! You are really nice and kind! I have already sent my essay so not going to trouble you moreROFL Will make you read another when you come back SmileNever Change! Enjoy life to every bits! Keep smiling!Luv you loads Hug Hug Hug

Something for you!Embarrassed

OMGGG thissss ....I love it so much!!!! look at him monuuuDay Dreaming

this was a complete this so girllllDay Dreaming

     With loads of love,
                                             Nisha/ your Monisha Stern Smile ROFL

Beautiful thread girls! love it Day Dreaming love u!!

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Originally posted by aahana86

It's so funny we really dont remember sometimes the moment when things change so much cos we dont even realize that something we dint even notice as it happened can sometimes lead to such a great experience  - this is what I can sum up about my  experience about my first interaction with Pari

awwww aaniiiHug now starting it self is making me emotionalLOL

I rem after  a long time of a self imposed break I returned to IF once again for a show called MJHT - a couple - SaJan - their valentines dance and then their talks everything about them had me smitten Day Dreaming especially the smile of the CUTE GUY Blushing LOLLOL - I have  a thing for guys with great smiles LOL

Is this his b'day??Stern Smile Har baat me WOH aajata heROFL meri praise kar...USKI nahiiiAngry..PS...THAT SMILEEEEEEEEEBlushingROFL why the hell is he so cuteee man??

and i started interacting here ... and in the process landed in the CG - there was a particular gal whose creations always seemed so pretty and she always got better with the next one - I observed her work for a while and her comments - two things were constant  always - in her siggs the beauty and in her comments - >>>>>>>> ROFL

LMAOOROFLROFL seriously speaking I have no clue how we met...I mean when was our first interaction? I feel like I know u since ages!! I dont know when u became my aani from aahanaEmbarrassedHug

yes a ROFLER ROFL - and i learned this gal called ~ Pari ~ only Pari then was a wonderful creator and a complete mad hatter LOLLOL - so i posted a lil comment one day on one of her siggs and we started talking .... 

great memory u haveCool okiess...I know that..u know me since I was --Pari--LOL I was  big fan of urs that I m ur ACBig smile

its been that day and now 2 years have went by and I never even realized it that is Pari to you - a gal who is totally crazy who makes you wonder how can she be so lazy about reading posts especially when she is the biggest SPAMMER you can come across ROFLROFL - trust me so much of my post count is owed to the fact we spammed CG's ROFLROFL , she is crazy, a ROFLING queen and yet she is a sweetheart who stands by you when you need her, a true friend and a true MoNayaholic and SaJanian Approve

I hate reading and writing man...but yeahh I love spamming..know the reason? coz we dont have to use our brainsROFLROFL awwwww GOSHHH the CG spamming was so much fun na...I miss that so badly my ROCKSTAR!! remember, after each epi we used to make stuff together!!:(( I m waiting for those days to come back!

I suck at writing birthday posts Pari but I wanna say stay the way you are Jaan Hug we all love this Mohit crazy gal just the way she is.... and despite the ID ------> MOHITZPARI ... he is still OURS to share ROFL at least in our  dreams
 San has the real thing BABY ROFLROFL 

no u dont suck at all when it comes to writing....u r one of the best topic makers in our forum and I m proud of u!! yeahh I knowww he is OURSROFL orelse u will kill me the very next momentROFL my sweet sautanSmileROFL

and finally 2 little gifts from my side

OMGGGGG do I even need to say anything when it comes to ROCKSTAR's siggy?? GOSHH this is just perfectDay Dreaming love it so much yaar!!! too good!! thank u sooooooooo much!! mwahh

and this..........made my day!!! I have already told u how much i loveeee it!!! the song, scenes, everything is just PERFECT!!! made me blush so badly!!!! thank u so much aani!!! u make me feel special all the time!!! m lucky to have u jaan!!! always stay with me my gujju u so much Hug

Love you,  Hug

Beautiful post Ragz & Jagz Big smile loved the presentation 

[QUOTE= aahana86]On your birthday,
I would like to give you
some words of wisdom
Smile while you still have teeth.
Many many happy returns of the day LOLLOL

Okay okay jokes apart

As we observe your birthday now,
Your cake and gifts don't matter much.
These common things aren't really you,
Ribbons, paper hats and such.

We celebrate a person who
Brings happiness to everyone,
Someone who gives more than she gets,
And fills our lives with joy and fun.

So Happy Birthday, and many more!
We hope you make it to a hundred and two,
Because we cannot even dream
What life would be like without you.

Love you always sunshine, Hug


this is really beautiful aaniHug thank u so much for a great msg!!! love u forever!! mwahhh


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^^  ok now let me reply u all todayLOL

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-Ravjot- IF-Sizzlerz

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Pari I just realised you're older then meStern SmileROFL

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Posted: 19 March 2011 at 11:09pm | IP Logged
oh my my ravz u r younger to pari hee hee . good observation

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Originally posted by -Ravjot-

Pari I just realised you're older then meStern SmileROFL
ravs .........what's ur age....................and happy holi..........Hug

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