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Originally posted by kriya2010

awesome update once again honey.........specailly the quotes, scene ka majja taaza kardiya tumho to phir se

Thanxxx  Kriya 2010 ...Smile

Yes..Quotes are my favs..

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Saying Hi from Mauritius!!!.... I am a long time reader, admirer but rarely comment! You are doing a fantastic job Tanthya!! and i can't thank You and Starlight enough for all your hard work! Truly appreciate it!!!Big smileTake Care!

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Originally posted by tanthya


The reduction of the universe to a single being, the expansion of a single being even to God; this is love.
      Victor Hugo

Pratigya looking like a Sea Nymph , who has arisen out of the bluest, sun drenched  ocean  sways gracefully towards the windows, extends her ivory hands and softly opens the window , allowing the outer world a small peek into their SEVENTH HEAVEN  ** Mera will be happy ** ..classic !The Suns rays dances in joyfully at reeving this  unexpected Gift .Pratigya turns to have a look at the dashing and handsome Princewow so true lying on the bed, the only man who can make her swoon to death and  vibrantly alive , all at the same time.Pratigya pauses , a small smile  arranging itself  coyly on her delectable lips .Krishna stirs disturbed by the playful rays intent  on disturbing his slumber.

What a happy and holy fashion it is that those who love one another should rest on the same pillow.  ~Nathaniel HaW*Horne

Pratigya sashays gracefully towards the still sleeping form of Krishna ..walks nearer to the Bed and gently lowers herself on the mattress,gazes at him  in affection , bends down gently and  in an voice of agreeably drenched mature wine, holding all the potency to intoxicate the listener whispers "Krishna, Krishna Get Up !!"..even in his semi conscious state, Krishna responds to this seductive call of the Mermaid ClapClapClapClap,Pratigya Sighs Krishna's name  again, but not getting any physical response from her Universe,ClapClapClapClap Pratigya  delicately places her soft and gentle hand on his rough and stubbled chin saying "It is Morning Now, Get up Krishna, you have to leave for your work" Krishna is firmly in the grasp of hypnos and hypnos will not yield him so easily..Krishna just rolls over  and continues his sleep mumbling "Am getting some refreshing sleep, do not wake me " Pratigya places a hand on his shoulder and another hand ruffling through his silken tress continues  in her  hypnotic voice," Krishna, It is already late,  do get up , you have work to do " Krishna rolls back again , Pratigya in a voice holding a hint of mildest annoyance ,"Krishnaaa, Gettt Up..Krishna " Krishna is still firmly glued to the bed, realizing the futility of speech..Pratigya decides to get proactive.

Other men said they have seen angels,
But I have seen thee
And thou art enough.
~ by G. Moore ~

Pratigya gets hold of his Hand,Stands up and begins to tug at his hand and entreating him to get up..Getting disturbed by this  active exertion's , Krishna blinks awake to behold a wondrous vision in  blue... A  Seductress  whose hair is trying its utmost to shield her beauty from the prying eyes and failing spectacularly, An enchantress under whose spell our Prince has fallen already and yet falls anew everydayClapClapClapClap...Krishna is sinking blissfully into the lovely pools that are her eyes, Krishna gazes spellbound at this  splendid vision of an Innocent enchantress who rules his world ,ClapClapClapClap But the dry as  dust words urging him to wake up acts as a speed breaker to his daredevil bungee jump into the world of his daydreams, Krishna , whose hands is still clasped firmly in Pratigya's hands replies that yes he will get up and matches his action to the words .Krishna grumblingly protests  about the fact that he has to cut short his sweet slumber, moves aside the Bed spread and prepares to  descend from the Matters, when Suddenly, he switches gear and yanks Pratigya on to the Mattress, Pratigya  falls on to the mattress and Krishna secures her to the bed by the simple means of lying on top of her..There is a brief look exchanged between these two Premis,  Looks conveying their myriad feeling , which even the words find it inadequate to translate, Krishna  Announces his intention "I am not going anywhere today , I am going to spend the whole days here in this room with you " ** Doing what ?? May I askWink ** "You are looking very beautiful today"  An Amorous Krishna is doing a makeover on Pratigya , A Makeover aimed at increasing his ardor , Krishna gently picks up a tendril of Pratigya Silken Tress , lays it across the Milky white and blushing  countenance of Pratigya , and gets back to admire his handiwork and overall picture too , Krishna is simply entranced by the look he has created, Krishna murmurs " This is IT, The whole world is void in front of your beauty"..It is the turn of the enchantress to get enchanted .. falling under his charm, A  feeling of shyness steals over , A smile covers her blush ..Krishna , like the efficient charmer that he is tries to bewitch her into staying with him and as if to completely win her over, Krishna smoothly but surely moves in to seal the deal with  an life giving Kiss..

Married couples who love each other tell each other a thousand things without talking.
~Chinese proverb

Pratigya however  knows her Naughty Kanna in and out , She chooses not to be enthralled, pushes him off her and with a wicked grin jumps out of the bed, Pratigya in high good humor " Stop all this Poetry, and get ready fast, None of your spells and magic potions will work today, Get up, its already late" Krishna feebly " But Listen to me " Pratigya " You will not listen if said softly,"  grabs his hands and begins to pull ..Krishna," I am  trying to say [then realizing that nothing will work] Ok..easy..., easy "" Krishna gets up..brushing his hair and smoothing it , Krishna," You are quite stubborn and nag me " ** That is wife's right, right girls**  Pratigya is not bothered and gives a sigh and generally  acts out in such way as to convey that she is getting impatient by his dilly-dallying..Krishna gets the message and begins to search  here and there , trying to drum up a reason to avoid going out, Krishna finds out one such important,vital , critical reason Krishna discovers that His pair of slippers have eloped with each other ClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap overnight , as such he is bound to the bed until  the time of their return, But Pratigya  will not be baulked, A determined Pratigya puts on her fighting armor and goes on a crusade to find the disappearing SlipperClapClapClapClapClapClap..A-ha ..The  criminal slippersLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL are hiding near the Almirah/ Closet...Pratigya triumphantly defeats themLOLLOL, picks them and brings the trophy back to her husband's Presence..A Husband who has not wasted his opportunity and is found sleeping by the way...

Her kisses left something to be desired... the rest of her.  ~Author Unknown

Give me a kisse, and to that kisse a score;
Then to that twenty, adde a hundred more;
A thousand to that hundred; so kisse on,
To make that thousand up a million;
Treble that million, and when that is done,
Let's kisse afresh, as when we first begun.
~Robert Herrick, "To Anthea (III)"

Pratigya has had enough, Now She goes into combat mode, Pulls off the cover roughly, grabs his hands again and pulls him  up roughly and admonishes him and orders  him to leave for work.. Krishna eyes begins to wander , trying to find  some new reason to stay put..His avid glance strays all over and lingers for a brief second on the clock , Not realizing that her Hubby is up to some mischief, Pratigya mildly queries,"What Happened now?"..Krishna again turns to look at the clock , Krishna jauntily replies " I am perfectly willing to listen to you..just look over there , it is 8 O' clock "..Pratigya takes a look at the clock and confirms Krishna's assertion..Krishna  coolly slides in his application " If you sanction  my wish then" [Pratigya is puzzled]  Krishna elucidates further " Now that it is eight , you have to  give me 8 kisses ** Thankfully he did not count in seconds** only then will I leave for work ..Pratigya is flummoxed at this offer, while Krishna looks on with his eyes lighting up in sheer Mischief..Pratigya eyes narrows as if saying "Acha Bachu, Shararath"  Krishna  innocently replies "What?? " continues' Ok..Take your time to think, I will have a power nap till then" and proceeds to sleep..Pratigya will not have it  , she quickly holds on to his arms , vigorously protesting at his avowed intention..Krishna gives a mild and innocent look of enquiry while Pratigya is embarrassed to the roots of her still wet hair..ClapClapClapClap A manoeuver watched in intense amusement by Krishna..Pratigya decides to get  it over with and sits hesitantly on the bed, Screws up her courage, while Krishna just watches her transfixed..Pratigya clasps both the sides of  Krishna's face and begins to race through the  Kisses..Krishna will not have it  ** And Neither will Pooja,pooja and pooja gor? Shreya..who were literally  on  their last legs craving for it ** Krishna " why are you rushing is a KISS and not something that is loaned "  Pratigya accepts defeat  graciously , Purses her lips into a perfect bow , moves in closer to Krishna slowly , plants her rosy lips on his cheeks slowly,gently and lingeringly, ** 5 down , 3 more to go ** A drugged Krishna bends forward bringing in his fevered forehead to be cooled, Pratigya obliges ..Krishna softly pushes the wayward hair that had  fallen on her shoulders , hiding her loveliness,his hands gradually sliding over her arms and he naturally leans forward to complete the seal with a soul searing  Kiss of fire, only to be stopped by an enquiring Pratigya, replying to the unspoken query , Krishna " It is actually 9 O' clock, thats why " Pratigya will not put up with any more delays, She gets off the bed ** The hot  Love Zone *  Stands firmly on the ground ** Safe Zone** briskly orders him to refresh himself..Krishna again tries the ruse of romance ..Krishna  romantically " even I want to take bath, but if I take bath, then the  fragrance of this Kiss will dissipate, so will not do "..Pratigya  is not worried ** After all she can stock up on the fragrance in the night too ** commands him to take bath, overrides his protestation's ,pulls him out off the bed, pushes him into the wash room, closes the door shut  thereby shutting his protests too..turns and comes over grinning and  twirling her still wet hair, and heaves a sigh as if to denote "MISSION ACCOMPLISHED"
Thanks you sooooooooooo much tanths - that was fab and beautiful....... mesmerizes as always....Thanks a lot

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wow tanthya dii amazing post full on kriya wounderful krishna isso romantic and pratigya so sweet of her really scene r post dono ka maza a gaya as ur quotes r awsome

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luved ur title n i thought to make a vm on this song;) hehehe
lubly post;)

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WOW Blushing Day Dreaming Magical scene.............Embarrassed and ur choice of words made it even more magical  Clap Star

and Thank u soooooooo much di Tongue

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Awww Tanthya di..........Hug

how do u do it every time???Fantastic post....I had to go and watch the scene again after reading ur post....ur amazinggggggggggggggEmbarrassedClap

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Originally posted by telstra

Hugthanks for the post dear u know was thinking to pm u for the post but then i thought u will think i am being selfish kaam hai toh pmWinkyaara i will read it later and comment later as zainsb is in full action nowLOLmuwahs for the post

You are  welcome, Naz ...

Arrey, you are free to Pm me  ..PAr main respond karne ke liye thoda waqt lethi a lazy correspondent ..

Ofc..Hun ..Read it at ur leaisure..

Muwahs for the post ...** Aeyy Postwa, Naz has sent you Kishy-vishy ..Woh bhi  16 waali**  and No Muwahs for Tanthya...** Tanthya Sad**

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