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-truly magical- maaneet ff THREAD 16 (Page 54)

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me waiting Dancing

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waiting waiting.............

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Me WaitinggggggggggggggggggggggggDay Dreaming

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EmbarrassedPLEASE BEAR WITH MEEmbarrassed
-truly magical-
part 143
Maan smiles at prince - that's why he understands mk so well
prem - Oh yah!! sometimes, we don't understand wat mehak is saying but he understands it immediately.
Prem gives a warm hug to them & leaves with prince.
Maan takes mk home. He helps her change & fed her. She pulled out the board games, he kissed her & played with her. She couldn't have enough of him. He didn't mind anything she did. She probably ruined his shirt, once while eating, once while having her shower, once while playing outside in the garden & yet again while painting. He was a mess end of the day. He loved it more than her.

Nanny gave him the change of dress for him & mk. He looked at the dress in reluctance, he smiled weakly & went into the wash room. Every thing in .. was his brand davidoff..after shave, deo.. everything.. .It was suffocating since the place filled with his presence, everything marked with his presence, exactly the way she had kept their house in London. His heart ached, chocked.. he went back to places of pain and lick his wounds again, this had become his ritual day after day back to pain again, he felt his mind is playing tricks with him... believing, giving hopes..he splashed water on his face couple of time to get out of his presence, his illusion.. he just couldn't; since he was not sure.. whether it was him, or the feel in here that haunted him, his pain, his longing, his craving for them began to consume him, almost to the point of him losing his normal self felt like killing him, breaking the mirror in front.. when his prophet came & hugged him... instantly drawing him into the pool of love & care he hugged her & kissed her. She wiped his face & gave him a t-shirt..
mk - yah..nahi.... yah
he smiled & looked at it.. it was one of the geets fav design of t-shirt which she loved to see on him. He came out with mk.

Nanny - shahab truck walen ko call aaya tha.
He had no clue wat truck she spoke about.
Nanny - saman 1week aur late hogaya hain
Maan - kuch lena hain kya?
Nanny - nahi shahab zaroorat ki sab cheez hain
he was glad that he atleast did up mk's room, she won't long for anything.

Geet walked in slamming the swing door...
khan raised immediately - gk.. yeh bullet dehko.. bullet nahi hain.. more of a dart
she looked closely.. she clinched her fist.. sedatives. Guy could go down for 12 hours, wakes up, doesn't know who the hell he is, and his head's splitting like a cord of firewood
she thought for a while - phir how did the glass break
khan - impact I guess
Geet - lab test ke liya beejo
khan - strong dose hain..effect would have been instant.. goes out like a light in just a few seconds.
Geet gets a call from Rano. She excuses herself.
Khan wondered she never attended any calls during her work time, 2 days in Delhi & her phone doesn't stop ringing, probably that's why didn't want to be in Delhi.. he shook his head.

Geet - ji
Rano - aaj shaam ko yaad hain na
Geet - mama mera aana teehk nahi hoga
Rano - yehi kah kar tum aapna ghar chod kar quarters main rah hain hoon
Geet - mama bekar hi pareshani hogi sab ko
Rano - lekin beta
papaji snatches the phone - tum humara gurur hain, koi pareshani nahi hogi, ur coming thats it, we will pick u from ur place at 7pm
Geet - ji
Rano - mk ke liya humne rajji ke saat matching lehenga liya hain
Geet - aap ghar aakar usse pehna dena
Rano - aur tumhare liya
Geet - mama I am in a mid of something will talk to u latter.
Rano didn't know where was all this coldness taking her.

Maan gets a call from home.
Nt really tensed & nervous - veerji...daadi ke tabiyat aachnaq karab hogayen
Maan - dr ko call kiya?
Nt - ji... dev ko try kar rahi hoon koi meeting main hain
Maan - aachnaq kya huwa?
Nt - nahi woh aap pe attack ka news suna tho
he closed his eyes in frustration.. why do media make hype about nothing he wondered, least was he awre of the seriouness of the issue.
Maan - I will be there in 30mins
nt - ji

Maan kissed mk who was fast a sleep her evening nap, which never takes but today .guess tired with first day in school. He just didn't feel like leaving her. He left her sleeping, she turned feeling uncomfortable when he moved away. He felt bad, he came back & patted her to sleep again.
Maan walked into Daadi 's room
Daadi removed the oxygen mask  & sighed in relief - hum bahut dar gayen the.
Maan - I am fine Daadi
he leaned down & kissed her. He spend the few hours beside her when dev came & hugged her.
Dev - oh Daadi..I am so sorry..meeting thi.. he looked at Maan .. bro aap teehk ho na
Maan - it was nothing serious
dev - I really got worried
Daadi - aab engagement party main kaun jayen ga
dev - main aur bro challen jayen ge
Maan stiffened - aapko pata hain I don't like to go to parties
Daadi made a pleading face - unhe aacha nahi lagen ga
Maan - I really don't care u know that.
Daadi - please maan
he couldn't have refused her especially when she was not keeping well.

Maan & dev were welcomed by Sameera dressed elegantly in a saree, charming graceful as ever. 
Sameera - how is Daadi feeling now?
Maan didn't even look at her.
Dev - she is better
sameera - glad u made it for my brothers engagement
dev smiled
Maan looked every where else but her. To be standing under same roof as her would hurt Geet even the thought hunted him, strangely it was hurting him now like he could feel the pain wat Geet would have felt that day, he remembered how much she was hurt that night in bangalore, like he could feel the craziness now, when it began actually hurting him, paining him he felt like screaming, shouting crying exactly how she reacted that night. He excused himself & went to the wash room.

Rajji dressed in a pink lehenga walked in like a princess escorted with papaji & mamaji. She smiled & looked at Sagar. He smiled & whispered u looking beautiful..I love u.. she blushed & dipped her head. Sagar parents came in & welcomed them.
Sagar to raji - sam di bhi hain
raji - Geet di bhi aayen hain
sagar introduced sameera to papaji & Rano
sameera smiled & took their blessings
Rano bit confused if it was same Sameera whose name was linked with Maan.
Papaji - enki shaadi ho gayen?
Sagar's father - aaj kal ke bachi.. uff aapni man mani karten hain
sameera smiled & slipped away to get Maan.
Sagar - Geet di kanha hain
raji - mk ka dress set kar rahi hain, bus aati hongi.. she turned to look behind Geet stood there wearing a sober elegant plain kurti with black skinny jeans with juti, no jewels, no ear rings, no chain nothing, just a ring in her ring finger seemed more like a golden band, her hair tied up in. holding, mk in her right hand. She stood at the door skimming the crowd to see where papaji & Rano were. probably it was the first time in last 7yrs, 6months & 12days she has attended a party.. to be precised a social gathering, she strangely felt sufocated.

As Maan came out sam held his hand & guided him to the hall. He was just snapping her grip when his eyes met those eyes which looked at him, then the grip of sam on his left elbow. He jerked off instantly. She looked away. There was more than concealing could do, the pain that he feared ..he saw in there, he wanted to be any where else but there at that moment. She was definitely hurt, she was definitely crying, bleeding within, his heart felt being nipped at that moment when she looked away.  He pleaded for her to look at him once  to let her know no matter how undivine he is, unworthy he is..he wanted her to look straight into his eyes once..just once & read.. he still was hers only hers...also  so that  her compassion can enter into him & transform his guilt-loaded life.

Wat could Geet do when sight some one touching Maan burns her heart the pain felt like ripping her apart. How she wished it to be her the one he still held near. She tried to hold her head high pretending the pain has died.. but it pained, it hurt.. it burned more. She didn't know how to handle it without causing friction and scandal. She couldn't cry even then, that was hurting more. Crippling love's soul trapped within her by his deceptive promises left all alone now with pleasures illusion, dream,
Pain, pain is all that I feel
Whether it is inside of me or outside of me
I look around everywhere and all I see is darkness just darkness and no light
I try to take a step forward, but I keep going backwards falling and stumbling
I try to reach out for a hand, but I only manage to grasp some air
My tears are flowing... running down my cheek
My hearts feels pain in each and every breath
My voice refuses to come out of my mouth
I am so lost, scared and confused
I crave for a hug, a caress and warmth of words
I look up to someone, anyone who can help me
I find no one...except me..just standing all alone as always
Maan looking into concealed eyes yet gain
-PREV   PART 142   NEXT  PART 144-
hope u all like the updates. Love all your comments.
Really love reading them
please do keep commenting'.

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me 1st for the first time..
i really loved the ending part
their feelings r very well described
waiting eagerly for their mu's to be cleared..
plz plz do continue soon

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Yeyyy!!!!! Me second for the first time Big smile Big smile
Luvd the update..... It was gr8 but yet painful...... I know U have sumthing in ur mind but still cant stop frm pleading U to clear all the confusions bw them...... Cant see Geet in so much pain Cry Cry Cry
I just hate dat Sameera Angry Angry Angry N Maan doesnot even undrstand how much Geet luvs him after seeing the set up of her house....... Waiting eagerly for the next part..... U always leave us craving for more LOL LOL LOL

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muski it hurts pls muski make geet leave da party hw much she has to go through it yet her only crime is she luved him she gave him everything what she is getting is wait

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