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-truly magical- maaneet ff THREAD 16 (Page 110)

rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 8:00pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sam1234fly

Originally posted by cool_gal17

update soon i hav eegjam jaldi jaldi mera boards hai

mera bhi.........boards hai......Cry
hey all d best both of you
do well 

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muskanp IF-Sizzlerz

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-truly magical-
part 146

A kiss so momentous it had reawakened both his heart & soul. He ran his hand couple of times in his hair brushing them backward, an expression of the turmoil going on inside himself, until she pulled his hand towards herself in sleep. Making him lean on his knees, to sit beside her & just simply watch her asleep peacefully..

But not really a peaceful sleep.. even after so many drinks she was not slipping into deep sleep.. she was partially conscious, she got up at once when he tried to straighten himself.. she looked at him with her sleepy, drowsy eyes.. she saw him & smiled .. & closed her eyes again, tucking his hand under her cheek. He kept looking at her for few minutes.. he pushed her curls behind with the other hand. She turned restlessly with the touch of his hand. An hour latter.. she got up looking restlessly.. around.. her eyes were closed & she was looking desperately around herself.. he calmed her.. woh aunty ke yanha hain. She is fine. .. mujhe aabhi uske pas jaana hain..
Maan - she is fine..jaan
Geet hugged him.. mujhe uske pass jana hain.. she said it couple of time
Maan - woh aabi so rahi hogi
Geet - mujhe uske pass jana hain.. she said it couple of times again & fell a sleep in his embrace.  He tried to put her back on the couch, but she was cuddling more into him. He sat awake the whole night trying to sooth the restless soul. He failed to understand, how can any one be conscious after so many drinks. She woke up every 30-45 minutes & checked if he was there asked about mk & then dose off again.. it was evident that the body was giving in to the effect of the alcohol but she was quiet alert ..disturbed.. through out the night.

After seven years of pain
After seven years of loneliness
After seven years of unhappiness
Comes a day in my life...
Where I find you in front of me
You look the same, ever so same from outside
But it is your eyes that give you away
They are lifeless, listless and hollow
The pain in them speaks of volumes
The pain in them cannot match the pain and suffering I went through
Because I see that the pain you have is hundred folds more than mine
I wish I could do something, anything
To take that pain away
Yet, I cannot do so...since you are no longer mine
You are someone else's
(poem written by water)
5.30am she was up wide awake.. she smiled looking at him.. he was falling off asleep comforting her. She kissed his forehead & rested her cheek on his chest. It was the most beautiful moment of the day.. she felt so much at home listening to his heart beat. First time in last so many days ..years ..she has woken up so peacefully. She wanted to cherish every bit of it. His hand went around her & tucked her closer.

7.00am both of them woke up to an angry little two eyes staring at them both, dressed in her school unform. mk had frown & big face. Geet smiled seeing her annoyed, she exactly knew why she was creating such a fuss. Maan got conscious & straighten himself. Mk made her way between both of them... mujhe bhi hain.. dona ke saat
Geet moved a little & tucked her between them & cuddled back into maan's arms.
They felt so complete. Maan was finding it all so perfect.. but did he deserve it !!!
mk.. kissed his
Geet kissed her...happy birthday sweet heart..
Maan smiled... & repeated happy birthday!!! thanxs sweeto
mk -
Maan looked at Geet
Geet - birthday party
Maan - sure darling.. we shall have a blast after ur school..
mk was thrilled
Maan - so wat do u want to do..
she hugged him tightly around his neck & cried da da '.. tears fell from her eyes getting too emotional. Geet felt emotional..seeing her little angel so much longing for Maan - she wants celebrate the birthday with u..she couldn't even complete & left from there to the wash room. She punched her hand on the wall..she hated herself, she hated Maan as a father.. why couldn't he just be there for mk. She was getting angry & annoyed seeing mk like this. She had a quick shower & dressed up, while mk & Maan played few games sitting in the hall.

Maan & mk had their breakfast.. nanny had made everything according to maan's which was eventually mk's fav too. Everyone knew it was a special day today. Geet had already given mk all the gifts last evening before going for the engagement party saying it was given by Maan. Mk's fav out of all was the video game. She ran to the bedroom picked the game & told Maan to play with her now.
Geet - abhi nahi beta ke liya late hojayega
mk nahi abhi
Geet - MK
Maan - aaj ke din use mat danto na please.. kitna der lagega, just one game
Geet leaves from there to get mk's school bag. Maan opens the game & carefully reads the instruction & teaches her to play the game. It was 8am they were still one more game.. one more ...
Geet - time up
Maan - yeh last wali hain
Geet uff.. kept looking at them standing there crossing her arms.
Maan - last paka
8.35am they mk finally won the game both of them shouted loud...yes..yes... & hugged each other.
Geet - aab challen
Maan carried mk & sat in the car with Geet. 

Before going into the class she kissed Maan again
Maan - I will pick u for the party sweetheart
she smiled & ran to her class.

Maan was really excited when he reached mansion. Daadi was surprised to see Maan so happy on his birthday. Last seven years he not even be at home on this day.
Daadi - happy birthday Maan
he smiled
dev & NT also wished him.
Maan told dev he won't be coming to office today
dev looked at him in shock
Maan - we are having a party
every one smiled & rejoiced seeing him so happy & enjoying his birthday
Daadi blessed him - I am so glad u decided to move ahead with sameera finally
Maan snapped - who said?
Daadi - humne tho suna hain Geet is married & has a child too..
he clinched his fist, all his happiness was washed off in a minute.
Maan - can just leave me alone for once.
Daadi was offended
he closed his eyes & rubbed his temple.. Daadi please.. mujhe shaadi nahi karni..
Daadi  - lekin beta aise kasie challenga
Maan - Daadi I am really very happy today ..please don't ruin my day
Daadi wanted to say just stopped her.
after maan left
dev - daadi bro khush hain.hume usse se khush hona chahiyen..just give him some time.
daadi nodded

Maan spend the whole day arranging for the party, he was never so excited about celebrating his birthday. Later in the day Maan picked all the kids, anjali, devansh, prince & mk. He took them to a restaurant where he had arranged for the party. Nanny carried change of dress for Mk.
She looked like a princess. Near the changing room
Anjali - very nice dress
mk - da da d a...da   ...ddy ne le
prince - daddy ne leen
mk smiled & nodded. all of them made their way to the main hall.

Maan had arranged for a  beautiful huge chocolate cake, in the center of the hall. Maan cut the cake carrying mk in his lap. They all wished him, kissed him. They played lots of games. Maan had arranged for a magic show, some jokers to lighten the moment, balloons, huge trampoline.. mk seemed little drawn as the time passed.. Maan wondered why she behaving different. Even while cutting the cake, even while playing. He tried to cheer her up now & then, but she looked unpleased. He had tried everything to make her happy..please her, impress her, all that he cared was a little smile on that tulips...the twinkle in those eyes.

mk abruptly left the place mid of the party. Maan was taken a back. He couldn't stand the fact mk didn't enjoy his efforts. He felt really hurt. He himself didn't know why was he feeling so let down may be because he spend the good part of the day preparing & looking forward to the party & mk was so indifferent & she left suddenly without even saying a proper bye. Maan ran behind her.
Maan - how can u leave like this na na na na na....
he was getting restless & looked at nanny ..she was frightened to even repeat wat mk said.
mk.. cried snapped her hand from Maan
Maan - why are u not happy? Do u want something else
mk shook her head..still crying
Maan punched the wall beside mk...scaring the hell out of her.. she cried ma ma ma & hugged nanny in fear.
Maan - ok go home...he cried in pain...he was just being another kid front of her.
She cried even more & ran to her car. he stood there helplessly..crying his heart out..reminded of the moments ...the day geet walked out his cabin.. his life.. 
The only hope of happiness I have is from the little angel who is yours
Who just lights up my heart everytime
I feel an instant connection with her
My heart beats when I am near her
My smile widens when she looks at me
I feel content when she holds my hand
I feel peaceful when she falls asleep
I want to make her happy
Give her everything she deserves
I want her to accept me
I want her to love me
Because I feel she is mine
Yet when she is upset I cannot handle it
I cannot take her rejection
And that is what I felt on my birthday
When she was not happy with me
I felt like I failed again, yet again
I do not know what to do
And so I did what I always do
I yelled, yelled at her
And she went away crying...away from me.
(poem written by water)

Geet shouting at maan

-PREV  PART 145   NEXT  PART 147-
thannks for the beautiful poem suits here perfectly
hope u all like the updates. Love all your comments.
Really love reading them
please do keep commenting'.
lovely poem written by water/rachna
I found you
And you came into my life
My life began with you
My hopes, my dreams and my wishes
They all existed for you.
My days started with you
And my nights ended with you
The sun was bright and cheerful because I saw your face
The night was calm and peaceful because I was content I had you
I was happy because my life was you.


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1st 2 commentBig smileTongueSmile

dat was just awsome.........u made my day.........Embarrassed

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heermeher IF-Dazzler

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My My thats what he always does with the people who luvs him more than themselves.  He cant hurt dadi but he can hurt geet and MK.

Now geet is going to show her kaali avtaar.  A female can tolerate every insult, every nusance from her husband till it is upto her but she will never tolerate when somebody questions her kid or even yell at them why not its their own father. 

Muskan tell me how can you create the character like Daadi who gets on nerve so easily.  Now geet will blast maan and tell him the whole truth.  Yipeeeeeeeeee Clap

Maan you have seen geet as a luver, friend, wife.  Now you will see as a mother that will be a total new face for you.   Which you will never be able to handle

BTW 3 more to go

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Originally posted by rsroopali

Originally posted by sam1234fly

Originally posted by cool_gal17

update soon i hav eegjam jaldi jaldi mera boards hai

mera bhi.........boards hai......Cry
hey all d best both of you
do well 

appko bhe...Wink

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sam1234fly Senior Member

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Originally posted by cool_gal17

Originally posted by sam1234fly

Originally posted by cool_gal17

Originally posted by sam1234fly

Originally posted by cool_gal17

Originally posted by sam1234fly

Originally posted by cool_gal17

update soon i hav eegjam jaldi jaldi mera boards hai

mera bhi.........boards hai......Cry
bst of lucky swetie whch ppr?
i hav bio 2..Cry

next maths.........which board???cbse????
HSC ..yaar mujhe bath leni hai jaldi karooLOL

wer r u from???
mumbai u r frm delhi kya?


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rsroopali IF-Sizzlerz

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omg maan shouted on mk on her bday
vry bad da..da....dyyyyy
awesomeeeeeee updatee

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