Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

new--os(updated scene 2,3,4)

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 every one this the frt time a m writing . 

 the scene is arjunarohi dance in jay/dhondo's wedding and just after d dance arjun to make arohi jelous does atypical closedance with some1 i mean could be a guest.
aarohi: (luks at arjun giving his disgusting xpretion) how can he.....
I..........I and order a drink
arjun : (enjoyes her xpertion) i know you luv me ..
            aur mein tumhe paa kar hi rahooga.
jay : busy with guests...... notices aarohi drinking and lok at arjun
           says lage raho but at the same is little worried for aarohi 

aarohi : I can'nt take it anymore and leaves
jay :come out receive archna's unkle and see aarohi driving out.
arjun: finishes his dance and is having a drink .
jay: arjun aarohi has left............. the bar tendar says madam , she was driving will not be able to resit sir she has drunk a lot........ what? 
arjun: jay  I will see..................
aarohi :crying stops the car in the of the road and thinks of arjun................
arjun: (worried ) aarohi tum.tum...mein bhi kuch bhi karta hoon ,
muzea pata tha use ya aacha nahi laagega .I just hope she is fine.........
aarohi: see's an old man(Om) trying to getup and he is hurt she goes to help him .. ask's him where he has to go and says she will drop him and insists..
0m: beta it's ok i will manage but agres and say sok you can drop me 
aarohi: unkle where do you live and asks even to guide her as she has not seen the place
(aarohi drops him)
om:thanks her and bleeses her..........
arjun : phone utho aarohi.....please mujse baat karo pl......
aarohi : where am i exactly i.i have lost my way ... oh no where have i come i can't see any thing but jungle......... takes her phone to callup and seek help and realizes that arjun had called her 15 times.... she again has tears in her eye but is little relaxed that atleast he cares for her......and dactivates silent mode...........she is lost in her memmories.........
jat :hello arjun bhabhi ghar to pahuch gayi na is she fine ..........
arjun :mein dekh raha ho tu please pereshan mat ho aur function par dhan de yaar................
aarohi:little scared does not wants to come out of the car and find someone to ask the way
arjun :hello aarohi tum kaha ho?thek to hoo naa?mein kitni bar phone ? mujhe tumhari chinta ho rahi thi........................................
aarohi: itne sare ?s aka sath ......... tries to be normal but is not able control and starts crying and says she does'nt know where she ...............and is very scared. i came to drop an old unkle and i have lost my way.
arjun: where didyou drop unkle and whats around ............. starts asking
aarohi: i came to navrangpura and now here i can see only jungel and a board on which it's written palnar 5 .........
arjun :worns aarohi not come out of car and says he knows the area and will come and picc her up..............
aarohi: arjun please jaldi aana....
aarhi:scared and looks around after some time she finds a kid roaming around and crying and hasitastes but comes out and asks him what happen ....
at that time somebody from back says welldone madiya what a gril and that to with a car not bad ........
aarohi gets scared and tries to escape but is traped between them.......... they try to take her advantages but for some time she manages save herself  and the goon they forcefully give her a injection and and she fells done........
the main leader receives a call and they have to leave ......madiya says iska kya kare chood dete hai subah aakar dekh leige  abhi chal varna aana kal tak chalne phirne layak nahi chodege
arjun : aarohi ko kya ho gaya phone kyun nahi otha rahi......... gets scared for that area is very dangerous..........
(aarohi is lying on the ground )
arjun :it's been almost 3 hours is everything fine why is she not picking my phone........
goons: madiya bhai ka kam kar lege chal us ladki ko thikane lagate hai ......... they reach the place andturn her face and say's she is a beauty.............
arjun : i have reached here but cat'nt see any thing gets down and starts walking  after some time he see''s aarohi's car and looks thir is none inside  gets worried but follows the foot steps
he hears a gun shoot and getts scared for aarohi...................
goons ran away thinking it might be anna and ha has came to know that we have not completed his job and are here..................they ran away...........
arjun:call's up aarohi and follows the sound........... he finds aarohi fainted and lyiing on ground and hugs him ..................
calls out aarohi.... are ok what happen..........
takes her in car and spilles water on her face so that she gains conciousness................... it doen't work. he start driving back after 3-4 hour aarohi calls out arjun he immediately stops the car again spilles some water on her and aarohi opens her eyes and hugs arjun tightly.....
arjun reasure her and aarohi leaves him softly and looks on her dress and and hasitates...... arjun looks at her give her his jacket
aarohi: wears it she turns her face to the window side......... and is scared thinking what had happen................... and hasitates askink arjun how did he find.....................................?
arjun: (after some time) aarohi tumhe car se bahar uttar ne ko mana kiya tha phir kyon utari.............and starts asking and little bit sounded as scolding .....................
aarohi :again start crying and arjun consoles her but she is scared and says arjun aaj hum kahi nahi ja jaigia just call up dadi and say we are at your cottage today...........
arjun: says ok and calls up dadi................ he looks at aarohi she looked very scared and notices her legs are still sheviring .
they both reach arjun's cottage move in...............

they move in the cottage and both are tired ...
arjun :aarohi you are looking very tired go and rest for some time meanwhile i arrange something for your breakfast you might hungry..
aarohi :ok. she goes in the bed room and sits on the bed and tries to remember what she doing their .... why did she move out and tries to think really hard but she is not able to recollect.. she thinks of asking arjun where did he 
see her and where.......... but then hesitates . she again starts from the beginning nut is not able to remember anything after she lost her way and called up arjun......
(arjun comes see if aarohi was comfortable and wants something)
arjun:comes to the room see's aarohi sitting and lost in thoughts and say's aarohi ........ thinks shayad aarohi kal raat ki vajah se daar gayi hai and to change her mood and say's my dear wiffy agar tum mujha parshan karne ka koi naya tarika dhoodh rahi ho toh mat dhudho tum fail ho jao gi......i have better ideas to deal with you sweatheart......
aarohi :arjun please yaar i am not in mood to talk all this stuff now.........
arjun : itne jagdi har geye sweatheart mujhe pata hai ki tum mujh se 6/9 times har chuki ho never mind hote hai.........
aarohi :pehli baat tum mujhse 6 kabhi jete hi nahi ho aur samzho gelti se jet gaye hote na to bhi har nahi manti aur mera agla war aisa hota ki vo tumhari 6 jeto se bhi badi baut badi har hoti......
[after some time aarohi for a while gets carried away]
arjun:ok darling infof of fights now i am hungry and i suppose eve you might be ........ so freash n up..
aarohi :don't have any more argument dear husband so want ran with an escuse of breakfast so you have lost it right..........
arjun: whatever iam going you may if want to join.........
aarohi: gets ready.......but again when she sittes in front of mirror and starts brushing her hair she is again disturbed  looking at her on the bed and is able to figure out.
arjun: aarohi are you ready
aarohi: coming give me two min..
[arjun and aarohi have there breakfast ]
arjun :aarohi sleep for some time dear you will better...
arjun:aarohi pareshan hai abhi usse baat karna thek nahi hoga..i should give her some time and goes to bedroom after some time......
[aarohi places her dress on the sofa and tries to sleep after some time arjun enteries see'e aarohi is not able to sleep and is sweeting very badly]
arjun: aarohi 
aarohi :ya ..
arjun : can we not sleep just lydown and talk
aarohi :sure
arjun :lets play a game
aarohi:gama ok which one
arjun:truth and dare but we play for only any of can ask other any qtn 
[arjun talk of all good memories and aarohi again carried away. after some time aarohi sleeps and arjun watchs her sleeping ]
aarohi:in sleep call arjun where are you come fast , i am scared please ... and wake's
arjun :put his hand on her forehead and say's he is here beside her
aarohi: hug him 
arjun :kiss her fore head to reasure her
aarohi :arjun i don't remember anything why i came out..............and starts crying and i m scared 
arjun:arjun put's his hands around her neck and aarohi tumhe abhi bhi daar lag raha
aarohi: nahi
[aarohi carmed down and could feel secured in arjun 's arm]
arjun : to abhi tumhare dil aur demag mein sirf pyari yaade honi chaheye forgget abuout kaal kya kab aur kyin hua..........
aarohi:remem the time arjun had kiddnaped her and she kisses him

scene 3
[ it's 5 pm aarohi gets up and look arjun sleeping then she softly kisses on his forehead and decides to perpare for both them.softly so that is not disturbed she walks out of the room ]
aarohi: what should i prepare????? finally managegs to find her ingredents  prepare kachories.. 
arjun: is not able to have peacefull sleep and he in his dreams see's aarohi crying, getting scared,and sweeting very badly................... wakes up calling her name... he does'nt finds her around and checks  in room and goes and finds her in kitchen making things ready to serve..she looked little relaxed he keep's staring at her.... and very softly he goes holds from her waist and aarohi turns.....
aarohi: arjun tum kab uthe tumhe kuch chaheye tha ...
arjun: hai main soch raha tha ki lalki hona itne bhi buri baat nahi hai kyon aarohi
aarohi : blashes little and turns around and say's arjun i am preparing kachories and don't want to spoill them so we will talk later
arjun: this was not the answer to my qst
aarohi: with smile on her face say's i don't want to the qst
arjun :holds her more tighter and comes more closer and say's 
i want my answer sweetheart
aarohi: let's just have something and then i will answer all qst's
arjun: paccka arohi
arjun : let help you with this you prepared ,so i'll sever it
aarohi :ok
[arjun gets one plate and server's it]
aarohi:tum itna sara akkle khaoge
arjun : nahi princesses tumhe bhi apni plate se khila donga ,don't worry i won't let you hungry sweetheart. he pulls arohi towards him make's her sit on his lap
[both feed each other and kachore finishes and arjun holds arrohi's hands and they look in eachothers eye .arjun pulls aarohi closer to him and the plate sips and aarohi aarohi get's up ran in her room....]
arjun: aarohi you promise answer the qst
aarohi:which qst i don't remember any qst and closes the door and aarohi again see's the dress and get's distured and opens the door arjun
arjun: looks at arrohi with a smile and aarohi along with her dress faites in his ares........aarohi what happen ?........................he picks her up and makes her ly on the bed splashes water on her face
[aarohi reagain's her conciouness and starts crying]
 arjun: tries to carm her and makes her comfortable after a while she sleeps...................
[arjun takes the dress and tries to figure it out and see's it's torn  at the back and tries to collect every thing at the place where he meet aarohi and remembers nothing fishy except the gun shot but again says that aarohi was little away from me the shooter would have been away . he thiks that arrohi might have got scared being alone in julgle and then he thinks he responsible for aarohi's condition if he would not have danced........... and in his anger breaks a wase ]
arrohi: awake's and say's arjun what happen ................
arjun : simplly throws the dress behind the sofa and says nothing arrohi i wanted to take glass n the wase fell down
[arjun looked tensed so to change his mood]
aarohi:you wanted to ask me something "lalchi"
 arjun: pulls her closer and tells her should i pakka ask it and you will give the right answer..........
aarohi :softly i will try and give the right ans
arjun: so baby i was asking ki mujha thoda lalchi to hona chahiy na 
aarohi: smiles and comes closer kisses arjun on his cheek and tries to escape but arjun hold her hand pull's her and whisper this is the right ans  
[for a while they look in each ohters eyes.somebody rings bell]
arjun : now who that can some body leave us alone in irritated voice
aarohi: with a smile leaves the room 

[aarohi opens the door and finds raj out]
aarohi: beta aap kiske sath aaye aap aap... hugs him
raj:interuppts and say's mom sas to le lo ......... mujhe aap se milna tha mein aap ko aur dad ko bahut miss kar raha tha....aur mein ne dadi ko phone pe baat karte suon liya tha to meine driver unckle se kaha aur unho ne mujhe drop kar diya
arjun : come out the room and see's raj
raj:interuptes dad don't ........ maine mom ko sab batadiya hai turn to aarohi and say's mom aap please dad ko baad bata dena
aarohi:ok beta. yeh batao aap ne kuch khaya 
raj: yes mom..
aarjun:beta aap ne ghar pe kisi ko bataya
raj:dad dadi ke liye message chod diya hai or rashi mom ki medicine box mein note rekh diya hai
arjun: beta aap dadi se khud baat kyon nahi karke aaye
raj:dad, dadi puchti kyon jana hai kya baat karne hai to aab mein dadi se rollno.11 ke bare mein nahi puch sakta tha na aur rashi mom bhi so rahi thi toh meri problem kon solve karta
[arjun and aarohi both smile]
raj: mom aap log hais rahe ho ....
arjunrohi:nahi beta aap bolo hum suan raha hai
raj:dad rollno.11 ne kaha hai mujhe pyaar se baat karni sekhne hogi verna wo mujhse baat nahi karegi.....meine use choklates card flower diye aur us ki bahut tariph bhi ki par us ne kaha ki mein buddhu hu...........
arjunrohi: kya......... with smile on their face aur kuch kaha rollno.11 ne......
raj: no..........,dad mom jab se gussa hoti hai to aap kaise manete hai
dad:beta mujhe lagta hai mujhe aur mom ko rollno.11 se milna padega aur puchna padega ki use kya i mean kise mana hai
raj: no dad aab tak to mein ne use kuch kaha bhi nahi hai aur wo gussa ho gaye to mere sath nahi bathe gee
aarohi: wispers arjun yeh to buhut jayada aage hai yaar
.beta aap bolo hum aap ki problem kise sovle karea 
raj: i have a idea.... dad aap raj ban jao aur mom aap rollno.11 aur aap log pyaar se bate karo mein recorder pa record kar lete hoon aur use yaad kar lunga kya pata problem solve ho jai...... 


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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 7:26pm | IP Logged
thats it?? u cant leave us hangin...

good attempt.. not likely to happen but i wish it

EDITED for 2nd scene
beautiful!!!  love especially the ending parts..  how im dying for something like that to happen!!  is that end or planning for more? i guess i'd be content with either considering its an os but i prefer the first option(continue)lol

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nicee!!! continue!!!!!
aparna4karanika IF-Rockerz

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waoo yar. dats a gr8 attempt
kritz4ever IF-Rockerz

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Yaar it's too gud pls continue
rasika_DS IF-Dazzler

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Nice one..plz continue :)
brainychild92 IF-Sizzlerz

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yaar third scene was mind blowing..  ab yeh darwazey pe log kyun aa jate hain wrong timing par!lol

.Dulcet IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 10 March 2011 at 7:40am | IP Logged
pls continue :))

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