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FF~:Human After All:~ Imp note Pg 150:) (Page 98)

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Hey Simi...

missed last part...sorry for not commenting on last 3...

But read all except the last one as I was tooo busy dear with hospital load increased this week, and wrote 2 OSs for MOTW and lots of otehr nonsensical work

Posting to let you know that even if I can't comment regularly, you are one of the brilliant writers here and I look forward to updates in this FF !!

loving Megha and Palak completely with the ever so awesome Shanak !!
Will be back with more comments tomorrow !!

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she is sooo gone!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now that she is also madly in love with him, its gonna be good to know what happens ahead!!!

Her blabbering, his consoling and making her free from all unnecessary thoughts, his proximity to her and the Kiss ... Haaye!!! mein mar jawa ... actually mar gayi ... but aage ka was more shocking, itni shy thi ki baat nahi kar rahi thi and then she was so lost!!!

Waiting for the next update ... jaldi karo...


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I came across one of the VM's on YT...and thn curosity made me look for this thread...

I had been missing out on such a beautiful story...Still catching up, only just finished reading first 3 parts

loving the characters, you have written them so well...esp megha

love the poems at end of every update...you writting is awesomely brilliant...this forum is blessed with so many great writers, I didn't use to follow FFs but now that I have started on a few they are kind of addictive Embarrassed

Will finish catching up thn come back to comment...glad to see so many parts Big smile

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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Hey guys!
Again thanks for your likes and lovely comments. Its really uplifting, a postive chemical reaction!!!LOL
I would love to thank everybody including those who have read and or commented for the first time:)
Please keep reading!!Smile
Ramani, Purvi, Angel, Deepa, Shals, Vatty, Roshni, Jyothi, Jess, Vandu, Manita( You are better than me!), Krithika, Tara_kriya, May, Deepali, Dish, Krazeee, Priya, Amrita, Imane, Nisha, Aussiegal, Heena, Krock, Shriya, Sonali, Rupa, Shiksha and anybody else that I may have missed!!!

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angel_9 Goldie

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Hey Doc...HugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug

sorry for commenting late...

superb update...
loved it...

Megha's party awesome description...

khanak felt like kid...wonderful...

shan had made all the arrangements...lovely...

he went to drop khanak...& at the beach...shanak omg...lovely description...


thanks for the PM

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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The dating starts in earnest, hope you guys like the nok jhok!WinkBig smile


                        Part 15~ Of Muses and Such

They drove back in silence the rest of the way, a companionable silence, lost in their own thoughts. Each satisfied with the turn of events. She reassured as to his intentions and he in no doubt that she felt the way he wanted her to feel.


But there was something that gave them away. There were holding hands. The pressure of his fingers as they gently stroked her palm, stimulated a complex system of neurons which calmed her down and lulled her brain to sleep. And asleep was the way he found her when he drove into her apartment complex.


Feeling immense affection for his future wife, Shaan lifted her hand and gently kissed it. When she did not stir, he bit the nail bed of her thumb, in the spur of the moment'


Ouch!! Wh'aat was that??...


Revenge my dear, Tit for Tat!...


But do you how much that hurts?...


Nope! But at least now I know that it works, a sure fire way of waking my sleeping beauty! Though I know of several other methods, they would sound quite indecent at this juncture!...


Anything and everything you utter sounds indecent' Are you ever serious?...


Yes! I'm very serious when it comes to getting my way; I'm a schemer and a planner! Or else how do you think I made you accept me in such a short time? How long ago did we meet'a month or two?


So now you are a schemer, and you expect me to be thrilled to fall into your trap?


Thrilled you are no doubt about it! I had the perfect demonstration of that fact on the beach!... 'Kiss me properly!'  He said laughing, making her put her hands on her face, it was burning so.



Mere mehboob ki har ada

Pe hum to fida hain'

Inke nakhre to dekhiye

Katl karke muh chupana

Waah!! Pyaar jataana koi inse seekhe!


Khanak ran to the building, her cheeks couldn't handle the burn any longer.


Shaan waited till she reached her floor and waved to him from the balcony. He refused to leave until she blew him a kiss, which he pocketed after several misses.


Khanak let herself in the house and was thankful that her mama wasn't waiting up for her. Shaan had anticipated everything happening between them and had told her not to wait up.




Sleep evaded both of them that night. Khanak blushed over and over as she thought of what had happened. She hugged her pillow trying to pretend that it was Shaan's muscular body, while he on the other hand decided to take a cold shower.





When Khanak entered her office the next day, she was greeted with the fragrance of 2 dozen red roses on her desk. She eagerly searched for and found a small sealed envelope underneath the bouquet.

On top it said' For Doctor Khanak Agarwal's eyes only.


Inside was his short note written in his inimitable style:


Roses are Red

Violets are blue

Sugar is sweet

But my Doctor is CRUEL!!


(Khanak raised her eyebrows, why would he say that?)

Ever since I met you, I have become an insomniac!

Is that what you do to your patients?

Do you know how many COLD SHOWERS I took last night?

I bet you didn't take even one!

Showing me a glimpse of paradise then running away!!

Yup! I know you'd deny it!

But what about my poor Heart?

Lord! These Hormones!

Wait, I'll get you for it!!




Khanak desperately wanted to rub some ice on her cheeks! As if she had not blushed enough, he was killing her! Was it really healthy to consider marrying him?


You'll suffer no matter what! Might as well suffer in the arms of the Devil, rather than burn in Hell pining for him!


It was a struggle to get through the rest of the day. His early morning message with that thinly veiled threat at the end had left her aching to see him again!


Damn you! Shantanu Khandelwal! Look what you have reduced me to! I can barely recognize myself. Am I Doctor Khanak Agarwal, super smart physician? Or am I your lap dog, going gaga wagging my tail as soon as a get a whiff of your scent! Damn you over and over!


Her secretary knew that there was something in the air, as she told her colleagues during the lunch hour'


Lagta hai hamari Doctor Khanak ka chakkar kahin chal raha hai!! Badi khoyi khoyi si rehti hain, aur aaj subah unko kisine ek phoolon ka guldasta bhi bheja tha. Uske baad to unka mood itna badla ke apne mareezon ka naam bhi bhool ne lagi! Aur apne office mein jaakar kisi se baat karne ki awaaz sunayi di  magar wahaan koi aur doosra nahin tha! Koi bhi ho woh Doctor Deepak na ho! Bada khadoos hai wo!!


Just then Khanak walked by looking harried and glared at them'muttering something under her breath.


Kash! Jaldi baat pakki ho jaye nahin to bechaari pagla jayegi!!...Her secretary said shaking her head in pity.






Khanak heaved a sigh of relief when the day finally ended. Her brain had finally started to cooperate and think in terms of diagnosis and treatment rather than Shantanu and his blatant shamelessness. She could almost hear him screaming out loud in her mind, though he had just written a note! She wondered what the future laid in store for her'blush, blush, and blush!



Khanak was not happy to have Mrs. Bak Bak's( she had forgotten her real name) company in the elevator up to her apartment. She liked to talk and get free medical advise.


Khanak beta, tum kitni patli ho gayi ho aur tumhara  chehra to bilkul papad jaisa sookh gaya hai! Beauty parlor jati ho ke nahin! Mujhe dekho, woh keh rahe the ki chalees saal mein bhi teenager jaisi lagti hoon!...preening herself. ( Poor Mr Bak Bak!)


Time hi nahin milta, hospital, clinic aur'(Shantanu!)'Khanak blushed again.


Tumhara muuh achanak laal kyun? Haan garmi bahut hai na aur Nano mein AC hoti hai ke nahin?...


When Khanak didn't answer, she quickly switched the topic'


Jaanti ho 7th floor Mrs Bawra ki ladki! Woh Sweetie, kisi actor ke saath bhaag gayi, laundry wale se suna!


Khanak blushed again, and was saved from replying when her floor arrived.



She let herself in her family's Thane apartment, craving for some peace and quiet ( Maybe I should meditate!)'


Hi Mama! Chai milegi?


Khanak beta! Aa gayi tum? Meri laadli beti, nazar na lag jaye! Sunita kissed her forehead.


You're so sweet ma! Muaaahh! Daddy kya office se aa gaye? Khanak smiled. She was a little surprised to hear her father's voice coming from the living room.


Daddy aaj thoda jaldi aa gaye. Meine unko bula liya, koi milne aaya hai! '


Kaun? Sharma uncle, ya Manisha chachi? She got excited, being very fond of her father's younger sister.


Tu hi dekh le, aa' She took her hand and led her to the living room.




Khanak stood stunned contemplating the scene in front of her. Her father was deep in a tete-a- tete with who else but Shaan, who seemed to be giving him his complete undivided attention, looking crisp and delectable like a freshly minted 1000 Rupee bank note in his dark olive linen shirt and khaki pants, lounging in their living room on their sofa, sipping from Mama's best tea cup'


Apna Muh band kar! Sunita nudged her sharply in her ribs, and then said more loudly, Shantanu beta, aa gayi hamaari Khanak!


As the 2 most important men in her life turned to look at her, one her father, the other the man in her dreams, she felt the acute need to run and hide. What had Shaan been telling father about her? The images from last night replayed in HD in her brain as she desperately tried to pull her hand away from her mother's iron grip, her eyes focused somewhere on the coffee table.


Sunita's grip was solid.


Khanak beta! Dekho Shaantanu aaya hai! Pichle ek ghante se mere saath baithkar baatein kar raha hai! Bechara bore ho gaya hoga! Her Dad was all smiles.


No! Uncle! Yeh to meri khush kismati hai ke meri aaj aapse mulakaat hui, aur shaayad aage bhi hoti rahegi!...Shaan was all charm(Why was he ignoring her? Pretender!)


Zaroor, zaroor, ab to khoob aana jana laga rahega! Her Dad had found his new Best Friend!


Beta Khanak, Chai peeke jaldi se tayyaar ho jao, Shantanu tumhein kahin le jana chahta hai!


But, But Daddy! Mein, Shaan'uhh.!  (Confused.)


Don't worry beta, you don't have to say anything! Shantanu has explained everything!


Dad came and put his arms on her shoulders, and his expression said it all. Khanak eyes filled up on seeing him this way, he was already saying goodbye to her (No Dad I won't leave you!)


Haan beta! Kitni jaldi sab kuch ho gaya, aur hamein pata bhi nahin chala! Magar hum dono bahut khush hain! Sunita said stroking her back.


Ab chal jaldi se ready ho ja, Shaan bete ko kitna aur wait karvayegi?... She wiped her eyes and pushed Khanak to her room.


Khanak stared at herself in the mirror. She looked awful, her sari wrinkled, her hair disheveled and her face pale, and what was that look in her eyes'DAZED! (Dazzled rather, he has you dazzled Khanak!) Then she needed to knock his socks off in return, no more Ms. Practical and Dowdy! (What did he see in her, after all?)


She took a quick shower and chose a beige top of fine cotton with a cowl neck which suggested more than it revealed, a pencil denim skirt which demurely stopped just above her knees, hoop silver earrings and chain with a sweetheart pendent. Growing a little bolder she sprayed a dash of her favorite perfume to her pulse spots (for his benefit if he got close enough.) Pleased with the way she looked, after a final pirouette in front of the mirror she ventured out into the hallway to find him standing just outside with her mother who was giggling like a school girl.



Khanak beta! Ready?


She was pleased to see his eyes widen in appreciation but not pleased at all with her heart's response.


Accha beta Shaan , der mat karna, aur dhyaan se!


Mummyji, aap kyun fikr karti hain, ab main hoon na, Khanak meri responsibility hai!


As soon as the door closed behind them he made a grab for her waist, and a strong whiff of his masculine scent invaded her nasal passages, making her stagger against him.


Kya Hua? Hmm, you smell good! Dizzy again?


Of course not! My foot caught against something'


Oh! I thought it was the effect of my perfume. It's called Obsession. They say that some perfumes can serve as aphrodisiacs; yours definitely is doing the trick! What's it called?




Sensual is more like it! And what are those 'Come hither' chemicals called?


Pheromones! She said automatically, and then blushed.


Pheromones, nice! I think I'll write a book on the science of love, with your expert comments, of course!


She felt it was safer to keep mum.


Will you guide me as my Muse? We'll make millions for sure! He bent closer and his warm breath fanned her cheek.


And what is the chemical that gives that pretty pink color to my Khanak's cheeks?


Shut up!!




Khanak giggled and swung at him with her hand bag, and he yelped in response.


Are you alright?


He grabbed at her again, and as she struggled in his arms, the elevator doors slid open.



 A certain someone attracts your attention

And you move to the edge of your seat

It's after all a chemical reaction

 What's love got to do with it?





Please do comment!! Wink Need to know how U feel!Smile





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hey docHug

wow loved it...
superb update...

loved the way he woke her up...awesome description...

khanak is so lost in her thoughts that her secretary knows it...lovely description...

khanak's mouth flung open when she saw shan with her dad in her house...loved it

wow shan called khanak's mom mummy ji...awesome...

as soon as door closed...shanak r in their mode...awesome description...


the lines in pink...wow...
loved it...


thanks for the PM

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RB81 IF-Rockerz

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hei simi,
i'm here to leave comments..aaram se karungi..it was a superb update..khanak blushing along the whole updateBlushing..poor girl..she struggled a lot to hide it from others..me too blushed reading it..Big smile
aww..wat did shaan do to wake her up?naughty..i thought he would carry her in his arms..while trying that she might wake up i thought..but wat to do he is after all naughty n giving her tit for tat..didnt he enjoy after she bite him..(silly has found a way to way to wake her up..but this would come in handy i think..but seems that he has several back up plans to wake her up..
haaye..he teased her reminding about the KISS ME PROPERLY!!really poor khanak..(me loved this interaction however..he loves seeing her blush..)khanak slept really peaceful after few days..poor shaan needed cold showers..
awww..*dies*reading the note written by shaan..Oh my god oh my god..how will she do her work if someone writes a letter like this..poor khanak
You'll suffer no matter what! Might as well suffer in the arms of the Devil, rather than burn in Hell pining for him! loved this..but y should she think shaan as devil..she couldn't hide her feelings from her secretary..may be she observes a lot..this would be the 1st time khanak was greeted with 2 dozen red roses..she could have smelt something..but i loved her coz she said let that person be not Dr.Deepak..zaroor bechari pagal hi ho jayegi shaan jaise koi life mein hain to..LOLLOLLOLLOLhard to resist...
shaan is too fast..he came her house before she returned..nice chat with her dad it seems..her family adores him..it would be lovely to see them spending time together with family..may be he'll do all naughty things to her blush..(is he taking revenge(in a lovely way) on her for taking too many cold showers)..
he took permission from her parents to take her out..that was simply superbbb...silly khanak y is she still trying to run away..her mom made her stand there..
khanak's state of mind very well said with this..
She was pleased to see his eyes widen in appreciation but not pleased at all with her heart's response.

May be both of them felt dazed as well as dazzled..he called his mom mummyji...haaye!!!love it...he had his hands tied when with her parents..immediately after coming out he grabbed her waist..with such attraction they cant really help abt it..Oh my god..really shaan is too naughty..khanak must do a lot of homework to manage him..as i said hard to resist..
poem mein yeh kya tha?

It's after all a chemical reaction

 What's love got to do with it?

i thought it was not only the chemical reaction they love each other too..

PS: the way u use ur medical expertise is awesome..like when he stroked her palm, stimulated a complex system of neurons which calmed her down and lulled her brain to sleep.

continue soon simi..as u started working it out i think u'll update this weekend..Hug

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