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Ok dearies!!
I res this spot for some thank yous!!

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Here's the next part!
Please be sure to leave extra long comments, coz this is a looong update!!!WinkSmile 



                                       Part 14~~ SEALED WITH A KISS



Khanak beta?!..


No answer...


Khanak beta!!.. a little louder this time


Haan??.. She jerks back into reality.. Haan mama... Kya Hua??


Mujhe nahin, Tujhe kya hua?.. Aisi khoyi khoyi si kyon ho? Koi patient ya koi haadsa?.. Sunita said with concern, seeing Khanak who had just walked in through the door.


No mama! I'm fine!.. Nothing..sab theek hai..!! '. Everything's fine..! Uhh.. Daddy kahaan hain? I wanted to ask him about his cough!...wanting to change topic.


Khanak.., Tere Dad ne to subah hi kaha tha na, ke abhi khoob improvement hai teri dava se, kaha tha ke nahin?.. Sab bhool gayi kya?.. Bol itni late kyun?, Shantanu bete ko phone lagaoon kya?...


Khanak jumped as if caught in the act'flushing deep red..


Maamaa!!! Kaha na ke mein theek hoon and stop taking his name all the time! Mein Shantanu ki Dadi ko dekhne gayi thi , that's why am late!...


Dadi? I didn't know he had a Dadi? Is she okay?...


Yaa, she's fine and so is Shantanu!... Looking down.


Jhuki jhuki see nazar..

Bekaraar hai ke nahin...

Dabaa dabaa sa sahee

Dil mein pyaar hai ke nahin...    


Palak came singing out of her room giving her sis an all knowing look..


Mama!!!  Please!!! Is Palak ko keh do ke apne Direct and Indirect Ishare apne paas rakhe! This is too much mama!!... Khanak put her hand to her head..


What Deeeds.! Ma!  Me and my friends were just finding songs which had the words 'Aankhen' or 'Nazar' in them.., and Deeeds always thinks that it is always about her and her dear Shantanu! Tell her Mama!...Palak said petulantly but Khanak knew that it was just for their Mom's benefit.


Yes, Khanak.. She said so before you came, Chinky and Tanya ( Palak's friends,) are here too. Some kind of competition in their college tomorrow.. In fact they even asked me for suggestions. Palak? what about...


Zara nazron se kehdo ji

Nishana choot na jaye

Zara nazron se kehdo ji...


Sunita sang dreamily...Those were the days.. Innocence wth Masti.!

Khanak! You look very tired, Beta go and rest in your room, I'll get you some of Mom's Kadak Adrak wali chai!! '


Khanak sighed, gave up and decided that it was best to obey Sunita's instructions. Palak giggled and went in to her room and as Khanak passed by she heard her leading her friends in to song..


Kabhi to nazar milao

Kabhi to kareeb aao

Jo nahin kaha hai

Kabhi to samajh bhi jao...      followed by loud laughter


Deeeds!! Aao na, humse bhi kuch pyaar bhari baatein karo na!!!...


Khanak decided to not to take the bait and rushed in to her room, and closed the door tight.





Sitting at the conference table with Sunil , Akshay, and a few other senior execs of his firm, Shantanu doodled on his notepad. Akshay knew that his little brother's mind was not in the meeting, and tried to periodically nudge him to attention. He didn't want him to become a victim of Sunil's temper, as he always expected complete attention from everybody and didn't hesitate to publicly reprimand anyone.., be it family or employee.


Miss KISS MISS!! I'll teach her lesson! ' Shantanu smiled as he thought about Khanak and her Bold Invitation the other day. If Dadi had not sent little Megha as her spy, maybe he could have had his first taste of heaven and their relationship would have entered the next phase. Anyways, next time he'd make sure there would be no interferences, no matter how cute they were. He pulled his mobile phone out of his pocket to send her another SMS, then stopped, Don't let her think that you are too eager, play the game Shaan! '


Shaan?!! Are you listening??...


Uhhh... Yes, Boss!.. You are talking about the new project!...


Yes!! The State of the Art Resort Casino, the first one of its kind in India, which I want you to design Shaan! Time to show Mumbai that you've arrived!...


Yes, Sir! Of Course! When do we start?.. Shaan said distractedly.


That's the premise of this meeting, if you could just pay a little more attention!! We are all here to figure out Where first! Kahaan build karenge jahaan sab se bada impact hoga! What do you think fellows?...


(There was a frenzied discussion, everybody eager to pitch in, give their opinion, and impress their CEO...)


Tell me when you decide Dad! Make sure it's a decent place! Though I don't really get why this city needs a high class gambling arena, I'll play along and make sure it's the biggest jewel in Mumbai's crown! Shaan told his father with a veiled smile...


Sunil saw it clearly that Shantanu wasn't happy about his decision of building another big hotel, but then shrugged and dismissed the thought. He decided that he was still inexperienced and naive when it came to thinking on terms of profits and losses.  Perhaps he had given him too much freedom! But he was brilliant architect, and he was sure that he'd learn with time and toe his line, as Akshay always had done.


He turned to look proudly at Akshay and was puzzled to see him busy in earnest discussion with his younger brother, who was seriously taking notes. The topic was certainly much more exciting than this project that was for sure...





Jhuki  Jhuki see nazar

Bekaraar hai ke nahin

Dabaa dabaa  sa  sahee

Dil mein pyaar hai ke nahin


Khanak lay in bed, waiting for sleep to fold her in its loving arms when the words of this ghazal which Palak had chosen to tease her with came  back to haunt her. Palak in her innocence had made such a true statement.  She had been forced to reconsider her life, Shantanu's influence had brought that upon her. It wasn't that long ago, when she would fall asleep as soon as her head hit the pillow..But now, things would never be the same until she could resolve the questions which had been plaguing her.


Ever since she could remember, she had always wanted to shine in her parents eyes. She had wanted to be the 'Son' which they had not borne, and they had never let on that they regretted it. They had never let either her or her little sister feel that they were ever anything less; they had always catered to their every need and encouraged them in all their endeavors, her mother giving up her life's dream of opening her own restaurant to devote her entire time to them. Khanak remembered seeing her beautiful expressive eyes well up when she would watch a famous Chef on TV.


As for her father, he always had said that the happiest day in his life was when Khanak bagged a seat in Medicine on merit which was closely followed by the day she had worn her graduation gown. She had seen his face beaming with pride and awe as she walked down the aisle. He had always told her to be truthful to her profession, everything else, including fame and fortune were secondary and she had kept those words as her guide.


She had made up her mind long ago, unbeknownst to her mother and father, that she would never marry, rather take care of her parents and devote her life to her profession. She also knew that eventually her mother would start talking about her 'settling down' in life.., but Khanak trusted in her ability to dissuade her, being very stubborn and willful and her father's Laadli Beti!!..


But things had changed and Shantanu had forced her to wish for something she thought she would never miss. How..Rather What? Had made her ask him to KISS HER? Had she lost her mind? Or was she Human After All, sharing the same desires and emotions which united the entire race?..


Khanak sighed and closed her eyes; she accepted what she had refused to admit so far, that she felt something very close to love for Shantanu.





The following few days went by so quickly that they felt like a few hours. Khanak's work refused to give her time to relax and think about him. Though she often would take her mobile out of her pocket and look at it, in anticipation of finding that he had sent an SMS but would be frequently disappointed to find her inbox empty. By mid week she became quite concerned at his silence.. Was he having doubts about her? Had he interpreted her to be not what he had thought her to be? Had Dadi warned him off? No, that was unlikely; she had only received positive vibes from her' Then what could be the matter?


But all her worries temporarily vanished when she received an invite to Megha's birthday party in the mail...


It was a Beautiful Pink Card, embellished with Gold tassels and glittery lettering...












Venue: Khandelwal house

When: Saturday 1st, May

Time: 7pm.


Ps: Pleaze bring Teddy with you Doctor aunti. LovU Megha!!



Wow! That promises to be exciting!! What say sis??..

It'll nice if you could come with me. Khanak said with some anxiety.

Me? No way!! Kabab mein Haddi???!! Shantanu jeeju will never forgive me! So Deeeds!! What are you going to wear?. Want to go dressed like a Princess for your Prince Charming?..

Shut up Palak!! Don't be childish! Its Megha's party, and she is the only princess there, alright?

Whatever you say Deeeds!! But I know otherwise! Palak winked and ran away laughing as Khanak gave the chase!





On the D-Day, after much thought Khanak put on a simple sleeveless dress of fine white cotton edged with pink and white lace, and with delicate barely visible baby pink and white flowers embroidered into the fabric. A wide belt of the same material enhanced her narrow waist and a short sleeved capped baby pink bolero jacket completed the pretty outfit. Sunita gathered her thick locks and tied it up with white and pink satin ribbons.

My Angel!! You look like a little school girl!.. This dress still fits you so well, you have not gained any weight since high school!!

Jeeju to gaye kaam se! Megha is going to have some competition today!..


Palak!! Mama!! Please'tell her not to tease me!! I want to whack you Hard!!!... Khanak said blushing, when her phone buzzed with the unmistakable beep of an SMS..



Megha wanted to make doubly sure that you'd come,

so I am sending our driver Dharam to pick you up!

He should be there soon, Miss KISSMISS!!...


Khanak blushed again, while trying to hide the message from the prying eyes of Palak. She wondered why Shaan was sending his driver and was not coming himself to pick her up? She took one last critical look at herself in the mirror, and after her mother reassured her that she was neither over nor underdressed, sat down to wait for her ride.




The Khandelwal House had been transformed for the party. Lights of different colors as well as innumerable balloons decorated the gate and the main entrance. A long red carpet had been laid on the walkway to welcome the guests and the front porch was designed to look like the entrance to a castle!

When Khanak hesitated feeling overwhelmed by all the show and glitter, Dharam encouraged her to go inside.

Madamji, andar aapka hi intezaar ho raha hai! Megha baby subah se aapke naam ka jap kar rahi hain!!...

Khanak smiled her thanks and raced up the steps, not wanting to make Megha wait any ore for her Teddy! At the entrance she was met by 2 tall clowns in full costume who welcomed her with an exaggerated bow and a hand sweep, and one of them set a tiara on her head..

So here's our special guest, Megha's darling Doctor Aunty!! Welcome!! I was getting worried!..

Khanak who was dazzled by all the decorations, swung around to see Khushboo dressed as Sleeping Beauty in a beautiful long pink gown, coming towards her with a wide smile. She hugged her tightly with what seemed to be genuine affection and pulled her by the hand towards the backyard, which happened to be the main venue for the party. The huge lawn was lit with decorative lights, circular tables covered with pink tablecloth, accented with balloons, streamers and confetti. Children in various prince and princess costumes were running around doing what they always do and in the center, Khanak saw Megha dressed in a sparkling dress of gold, wearing a gold crown on her head, looking like a little princess holding a wand in her hand..

But what was that, Khanak was distressed to see Megha's start to sob loudly and Akshay lift her up in his arms, trying to console her.

Hurry!! Looks like my little Queen has waited long enough!.. Khushboo pulled Khanak towards her husband and Megha.

Megha stopped crying as soon as she saw Khanak.

Doctor Aunty!! Why are you so late?? Where is Teddy???...

I'm so sorry!! Traffic you see! Here he is!!...

When Megha saw her restored Teddy, who was also dressed as a little prince in red and black satin..her little face transformed into a picture of pristine joy and she hugged Khanak and planted a wet kiss on her cheek.

Thank you Aunty!! Thanks for giving me the Best Gift ever!!...

Khanak looked guiltily at Khushboo, who smiled back at her, nodding her head, mouthing a silent Thank You.

Khanak watched on fondly as Megha kissed and played with her teddy, when an unmistakable beloved voice made a loud announcement..

All Prince and Princess friends, Megha invites everybody to come and watch a special puppet show.., put up for you by her dear Chachu uncle and Doctor Aunty!!..

Shaan was standing on what appeared to be a specially constructed stage, looking dashing in a Prince costume, white silk shirt, red paneled pants, boots, long red cloak and a crown to match!  He was grinning and waving at her to come and join him, and she didn't have time to think when Megha screamed with excitement and she was swept forward along with the rest.

The rest of the evening went by in a blur.. Khanak felt like a child at her own party, when Megha forced her to participate in all the games and entertainment. Shaan seemed to have made most of the arrangements and he appeared to be the biggest child of them all. There was the puppet show, hunt for the glass slipper, a treasure hunt and of course the inevitable kids' magic show. All the activities had made most of the children quite tired, that when the time came to cut the cake most of them were practically asleep. Khushboo and Akshay helped Megha cut the huge castle cake, with the rest of the family looking on proudly.

Khanak? Could you help me put Megha to bed? I don't think she can stay up any longer!.


Khanak followed Khushboo who carried Megha to her room, and tucked her into bed after kissing her goodnight. Teddy had regained his space by her side..

Thank you Khanak! You don't know how good you are! Khushboo smiled as Khanak left her with Megha in the room, and gently closed the door.

So has my sweetheart been missing me?...

Khanak saw Shantanu leaning against the wall outside the room, and her heart leaped into her throat. She had been waiting to be alone with him and yet she had been afraid.

There you are!! Shantanu and Khanak, c'mon, Mom and Dad want to see you before you leave! They are waiting in the front hall! Most of the guests have left already! Thanks Khanak for coming, we couldn't have made it a success without you!! Shantanu!!.. sambhal ke!!..

Something unsaid passed between Akshay and Shantanu, as he went quietly into Megha's room leaving Shaan to grab Khanak by the waist and lead her downstairs again..

There she saw the rest of the family waiting for her. Dadi ma hugged her, while Madhavi looked approvingly at her dress..

Doctor Khanak, wow! What a knock out!! What say Sunil? A lovely vision isn't she?

Ahem.. Don't mind my wife, Doctor, she's always quite outspoken! You are really looking very nice, thanks for coming and making Megha's party special! Shaan tells me that she is very attached to you!

Megha is such a sweet child! I'm honored to be here, it was a wonderful party, I felt like a kid again!.. I think I should go now, it's late! ' And please do call me Khanak!...


Yes, Yes!! I almost forgot! Doctor Khanak.. I mean Khanak! What a musical name! Anyways Shaan told me earlier that he wished to take you home and that Dharam had left for the night!..

Khanak looked at Shaan in confusion, while he glared at his mother for revealing his ruse. And before she knew it, he piloted her outside by the arm, and forced her to sit inside a gleaming white jeep, with a convertible top. Before she could protest, he reached across and strapped on her seatbelt and turning the engine on, sped out onto the road, as if they had a plane to catch.






Hmmm Hmmm... Ajnabi Haseena se,

Yoon mulakat ho gayee

Phir kya hua, yeh na poocho

Kuch aesi baat ho gayi!!

Haii! Kya ada, kya nakhre.. hum to ho gaye fida.. !

Khanak turned quickly to glance at Shaan who was driving, with one hand on the wheel, singing the song and tossing his head in tune a la Rajesh Khanna. The vehicle was dangerously weaving on the 2 lane road which seemed fortunately isolated, it being a late hour, and they were driving along a narrow stretch of beach which she did not recognize.

Are you trying to tease me again?...

Who? You? You mean the song??!! No! I meant The Zeenat Aman, whose one look could floor a thousand male hearts! Nobody else could come close to her, except you of course, my sweetheart!!.. He turned looked at her seductively..

Khanak glared at him, while her heart started playing ping pong in her chest.
Aise na Mujhe tum Dekho

Seene se laga loonga

Tumko mein chura loonga tumse

Dil mein chupa loonga..

He sang holding his hand over his heart...his grin growing broader...

Before she forgot what she wanted to say, Khanak shouted..

Stop the car! We need to talk!!..

Talk??!! A sexy, sensual woman who wants to talk? What a deadly combination! It's my lucky day!...

He pulled along the side of the road and came to a sudden stop. Her body jerked forward and she would have fallen on him, had it not been for the seat belt. She opened the door, jumped out and ran out on to the beach. She hadn't realized it, but it was a full moon night, the gentle rhythm of the silver crested waves acted as a soothing salve on her aching heart. She stood at the water's edge and looked out into the horizon where the endless sea appeared to meet the sky. The moon had transformed the entire scene, enhancing the beauty while hiding the ugliness. She knew that in the day light, this whole place would look very different, but right now it was paradise!

Just as she had brought some steadiness to her racing pulse, she felt strong arms wrap around her waist, and his trademark baritone whisper in her ear..

So, my darling! Did you really mean it when you asked me kiss you the other day? Or was it a part of your game'?

I...I Knew that Megha must be still hanging around, so I took a gamble!..

Gamble?!! Then what if I had kissed you...what would you have done? 'He asked angrily as his hold grew tighter, making it hard to breathe.

I.. Don't know!.. Let me go! You are hurting me!

Then what about MY HURT?? Alright!! Miss Independent as you wish ! Here you go'find your way back home alone!!..

He lifted her up and dropped her flat on her back, just as a huge wave swept in, drenching her completely from head to toe, leaving her spluttering with surprise and anger. She saw that Shaan had escaped to a safe distance, and was watching, chuckling in amusement.

Seeing her fall down again as she tried to gain a hold on the wet sand, he offered her his hand...

Okay! I forgive you for your antics! I don't want to lie to your mother when she asks about her precious daughter's whereabouts!

Anyways, I'm not as dangerous as some of the rogues and ruffians who are known to haunt these spots. And who can resist a delicious wet mermaid on an isolated beach?

When she didn't take his offer, he lifted her in his arms yet again, but this time strode in the opposite direction and deposited her gently on drier ground. He then hurried to his jeep, and brought back with him a blanket which he gently wrapped around her shivering body.

Alright then! Talk! For this caveman can wait no longer!.. He said smiling, the moonlight enhancing the perfect architecture of his face, his eyes twinkling with mischief.

Khanak looked longingly at him, wanting to be safe in those strong arms again, but...

I..I am not that kind of a girl!... she said regretting the words as soon as they had left her mouth..

What? Khanak?, Did I hear you right?...

Khanak turned to see his eyes probing hers, seeking the truth, while the amusement was  replaced with shocked disbelief...

Khanak! You bet I Know What You Mean by 'That kind of girl' and believe me I have come across quite a few of them in my life! BUT I cannot for Heaven's sake understand why YOU could mistake me for one of those guys?? .. If it was for real, I could have taken advantage of you long ago... When you collapsed, I could have taken you somewhere else instead of the hospital! Why did I call your mother?.. Why did I reacquaint you with my family! And Megha and Dadi ma for crying out loud..!! Is that how a philanderer behaves?...

Khanak who was hearing all that she wanted to hear from him, felt her heart overflow with tenderness. She wanted to cuddle him like a child and erase the creases of pain which had formed around his mouth and eyes'

But...But I have responsibilities, my profession, my family' We are not very well to do and though I earn a good paycheck, my father wouldn't touch a dime. He's of the old school you know. And who will take care of them when they grow old... Not that they are very young now, And my father has been always very careless with his money, he doesn't believe in saving, thinks that he'll work till the end. But I know that's wishful thinking, and Palak'her education, she wants to do Visual Communication and Graphic Art and what not' she has great aspirations...

Shaan looked at Khanak bewildered, wondering why she had taken to blabbering.  And then he smiled when it dawned on him, that his sweetheart was just shy, trying to avoid the inevitable.. All doubts and misgivings evaporated from his mind, and when he wrapped his arm around her and pulled her gently to his side, she didn't resist. Then hooking his fingers under her chin, he turned her face to look up at him..

He stared into the deep dark pools of her eyes, which had become part of his existence, and said with all sincerity...

 Khanak, when I make you mine, I mean legally', I want you to know I'll become a part of your family as you'll become part of mine. I'll be a son to your parents, not a son-in- law and a brother to your sister. As far as your money goes, you can do whatever you want with it, after all you've earned it. In fact, I'll be angry if you don't! And I will help as best as I can. Don't worry about Palak, I'll see that she never lacks for opportunities. As for as your profession is concerned, you know Khanak, one of the reasons I adore you so much is your utter devotion to your job and your fervor to give the best you can! So I really wouldn't mind , as long as my wife, returns to warm my bed at night..or day!  Are you satisfied now, my Princess?..His voice dripping honey...

She blushed a deep red, and even in the moon's light he could see her face take on a deeper hue...

But Life is not a fairytale, like Megha thinks!

Yes, it's not. But are we wrong to wish for some magic in our lives? To hope to live happily ever after with someone we love? Are we wrong Khanak?...

Khanak didn't find anything wrong with this scenario, smiled and shook her head, and gave up.

As she stared at him mesmerized, Shaan tried to tuck the errant strands of hair which had escaped her ribbons behind one ear, while his other hand released the rest of her locks and they fell like a dark cloud, framing her delicate face.

Sighing he traced his thumb along the edge of her lower lip, making it tingle, causing her mouth to part in response. She closed her eyes as he bent forward brushing her cheek with his warm mouth and swept her dry lips with his tongue, making her moan with delight and anticipation. But when this was not followed by the pressure of his lips, she bit his chin in frustration.

Ouch!! What was that for?!!!

For not doing your job! So stop beating around the bush and KISS ME PROPERLY!!...

Shaan needed no further encouragement and he crushed her lips with his, pulling her on to his lap, the force of his passion making her gasp with surprise and ecstasy. When he withdrew a little fearing that he had hurt her, she wrapped her arms tightly around his neck and pulled his mouth on to hers and kissed him back with matching ardor. Her body molded to his chest, straining to eliminate all distances.

Shaan whose breathing had by now become ragged, gently laid her back on the sand while covering her face, chin, and neck with kisses. He eased off her jacket and kissed her delicately shaped shoulders, pulling down the straps of her dress. Khanak who felt herself transported to another planet, wove her hands in to his thick hair and wrapped her legs around his thighs. Driven by instinct and desire, Shaan caressed her bare legs with his hands and slid them up her shapely thighs and under her dress, making her shiver with rapture.

Then suddenly reality hit him as he realized what this was leading to and he wrenched himself away from her with difficulty. When Khanak tried to pull him back, he gently prised her arms away..

Kh..a..nak!! I.. I've been waiting for this day for so long! I don't want to spoil it! I don't want anything to taint our relationship! I want to make you mine the proper way.. Will you Marry Me?...My sweet innocent Angel?...

Khanak's eyes sparkled with tears of happiness as she answered his question the best way she could, sealing their bond beyond any doubt!

Please comment and any suggestions are always welcome!!Smile

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hei simi,
i was just abt to ask u when r u updating..i thought abt it n u updated..u r a sweetheart..mmmwwaaa..
i have to prepare to take class..however i cant resist reading..so i'll leave comments later..

before u did all the coloring effects i started reading..after seeing it with colours those lines got more beautiful..sitting relaxedly reading it again n i'm commenting now..
first of all thanks for giving this as a single part...as asked u really made it very special simi..mmwwaaa..HugHugHugHugHugHugHugHug
palak will never miss a chance to tease her sis khanak..the choice of songs so apt for khanak's situation..
Shaan thinking abt Miss.KISSMISS..so shaan..i so wish instead of a casino sunil would accept to help in some manner for khanak's charity hospital..
khanak's realization  "she accepted what she had refused to admit so far, that she felt something very close to love for Shantanu" is simply superb..finally she accepted it to herself..
khanak expecting shaan to send an SMS ..so nice..after all she admitted to herself how she felt abt shaan..
The invitation for megha's b'day party was nice n megha's note too simply cute like her..a fairy tale b'day party..khanak dressed up like an angel..shaan's SMS is just killing right at the time when its most needed..
Every one waiting for khank's arrival in K-house..cutie pie megha missed her doc aunty n she started crying..oh cutie pie..ur doc aunty reached u on time..kushboo's change in behaviour is just adorable..should thank khanak for making her realising abt precious megha..wow the teddy is so close to megha that she feels that is her best gift..
puppet show by her dear chachu uncle n doc aunty..awww..(how can one die multiple times?if we read something like this we can...Wink)picturised the whole b'day party..so u made megha sleep to avoid any interruption..
Haaye!!!killed me again(So my sweetheart been missing me?..)
Really madhvi is such a woman..poor shaan cant hide anything..shaan all happy while driving..n singing too..beach is such a nice place to talk..khanak's reason when shaan asked abt did she really mean it when she asked him to kiss the other day was justwow..who is she kidding..haan..y did he put her in the water n made her a wet mermaid..nice description..cool..
she speaking out wat she intended & not intended to n shaan's reply for those..ahhh..he would be a part of her family n she his family..most needed assurance for her..so sweet of shaan..n the lines "So I really wouldn't mind , as long as my wife, returns to warm my bed at night..or day!" killed again..

Khanak asking him to KISS properly..oh god..simi..u made it simply more special by letting her assk for it..(as she was not ready to accept her love for him earlier i found this more special) awww...shaan realised that he is abt to do something illegal n moved away..really he is a sweetheart..n he asked her(his sweet innocent angel) to marry him?awww...so eagerly waiting for the next part simi..continue soon..so would their wedding be a fairy tale wedding?

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Read the last part but I m  sorry , nt in state of mind to comment on it .
Need a break nd a glass of cold water to pour on my head...ufff  !!!

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Hehe di...was the first one to read i think...as far as the comments n suggestions will pm !hugs

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can i say wat u wrote is like every grls dream totally:)
 it was d bestest thing i could read 2day trust me it was perfectHeartDay Dreaming

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this is magnificent...u shud bcum a writer

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*RED HOT blush*
And My colleagues are now staring at me !!!!!!!!
Will Update Comments sooon !!!

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Author: karneetholic   Replies: 14   Views: 3005

karneetholic 14 3005 10 June 2010 at 9:15pm by karneetholic
Volunteer for Written/Video Update/imp note pg 3

2 3 4

Author: -Fatima-   Replies: 25   Views: 3015

-Fatima- 25 3015 04 May 2010 at 12:21pm by -Fatima-

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