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FF~:Human After All:~ Imp note Pg 150:) (Page 56)

jparker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 9:17am | IP Logged
A note of love... the sweet fragrance of joy, and the long hiss of a sighing heart.. a very concocting combination combined with the first drops of the season...
Yesssss..... that effect is very much prevalent in Khanak.. the same symptoms and the only medicine that will cure is a "YES" Embarrassed
Lmao Simi... the prespcription totally cracked me!!!LOLLOLLOLLOL Dettol gargling!!!LOLLOL
So now... it is aag baraaber dono taraf hain, aur aage aage dekhe hota hain kya...
Beautiful again simi...Clap

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AzaraA Senior Member

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Posted: 12 April 2011 at 3:44pm | IP Logged
hey simi dear first i m really very sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy plz for give me for my absence...actually i had my board exams from monday so i m very buzy in studiez........but i have read the parts 8a 8b and 9 ....ur story is going on a very interesting line loved it really ....

i luved the ending w8ting for next update .....

thx for ur regular pm's

luv zara

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 7:13am | IP Logged
Thanks all dears especially purvi, Vatsalya, Manita, Jess, Zara for reading and supporting my FF...!! Love you loads!!

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 7:18am | IP Logged
So here's the next part..didn't have time to look it over and edit, so please excuse any mistakes!!

                                                     Part 10~ Hide and Seek


He is not dead, he's still alive... Khanak sighed with relief and tried to will her heart to slow down.

She read the note again slowly this time, read it again, and again and again...

He calls me his 'Innocent Love'...How dare he!! I'm neither innocent, nor am I his Love!! Hmmph!!... 'May I always be the Man In your Dreams!' Man In My Dreams???!!! How can he stake a claim on my Dreams..or Me for that matter!!..

She almost wished that she had prescribed Rat Poison.., But then you'd have been staring at a suicide note instead Khanak, and nursing your cold in a miserable Jail cell..

She banged her hand hard against her desk in frustration, hit a sharp edge and screamed out in pain.. Tears spontaneously started flowing from her eyes, tears of pain, of anguish and doubt. She didn't stop them, as she stared at the blood starting to seep out of cut in her hand. It had started to smart and throb. She looked at the wound fascinated, and then grabbed some tissue to blot the blood as it threatened to spill over.

The wound in my hand will soon stop hurting, I probably wouldn't even remember it later today, but the wound he has caused me, my heart.. He is treating me like one of his random girlfriends, he probably has several, to whom he dashes off these pretty notes at the drop of a hat! They probably then follow him around like lost puppies, and he chooses to award them with his attention like favors for good behavior. But I'm not one of them..I have my own identity, my life. Why is he so bent on upsetting it??

AAAChooo! She sneezed again, her head had started to ache and feel heavy. She wiped her nose and face, pretty sure that she looked more like a patient than a doctor at this time. She had skipped wearing her sari today, instead she had worn a simple salwar suit, and had just run the brush through her hair. She hadn't even felt like wearing her usual minimalistic makeup, she had felt so rotten.

All because of Him!! Why did God always side the wicked?? No, I won't write him another prescription.. He expects a rejoinder does he? I won't give him that satisfaction!..


Akshay stepped out of the bathroom and was pleasantly surprised to see Megha and Khushboo together. It had become such a rare event that sometimes he wondered if Khushboo was indeed Megha's mother. He smiled when he saw his life's most precious gift sitting on the dressing table in her school uniform, her legs tucked under her, staring wide eyed as her mother expertly applied her makeup. Khushboo who always enjoyed an audience was explaining each and every step to her and even letting her hold her precious brushes and tubes of face paint.

Khushi!!??...Akshay said, as he buttoned up his shirt..he was feeling overwhelmingly emotional at the moment.

Hmmm??..Khushboo glanced at him surprised, he hadn't addressed her that way in years!..


Khushboo lost her captive audience as Megha jumped off the table and ran to her father who swung her up in his arms and propped her on his shoulders, a ritual they had adopted lately since the accident. Akshay had made up his mind to spend some time with Megha before he went to work everyday, to make up for the precious time he had wasted so far, watching her grow from a new born to a beautiful child.

Meghaaa!!...Why do you allow her to do that Akshay?? She will get spoilt and so willl your shirt!..Khushboo said somewhat annoyed.

She deserves every ounce of attention we can give her, she's our baby! And who cares about this shirt Khushboo...Not Me! Akshay said irritated that his wife had just been showing off in front Megha.

By the way, what did want to ask me earlier when you had called me Khushi..so sweetly??...she had gone back to looking at her mirror.

Huh?? I forgot! He brushed her off. He had wanted to talk to her about a companion for Megha, perhaps even a baby brother. But then he had been misled by what he had seen earlier. A terrible miscalculation.



Shaan was feeling quite sprightly this morning. He had woken up at 0700 feeling refreshed and ready to face a new day. Showered and dressed himself in a record time of half an hour and even tried to dance a jig with Harilal, who thought that Shaan baba had either gone mad or was in Love..! He even tried to kiss Harilal, which he managed to dodge with success, and only Madhavi's scream brought him back to his senses.

Shaan!! I hope you are not hiding something from me son!? If so don't hesitate to let me know before its too late..! You know I'm a modern woman, and I know about these things so I think I could handle it, though it would be very disappointing... What will I tell my friends and Khushboo's parents?...

What are you saying mom? I don't get you! I hope you didn't experiment too much last night at the party!.said Shaan quite puzzled by Madhavi's outburst.

Beta, I mean the G.. word. Don't make me say it. You know sometimes I wonder that there is a reason that you don't have a steady girl friend...

Mom! If you mean " Gay" then be rest assured I'm not! And the reason I haven't had a steady GF so far is I've never found anyone I've really liked..

TG!! Mein to dar hi gayee thi!! Now, so tell me how long is this going to last or do you want me to help??!!!

Nooo!! Thanks!!.Shaan said anxiously.., I'm old enough to handle stuff on my own!

Hokay!...Chalo.but make sure she has a good dress sense, you know I'm very particular about that!..Madhavi said adjusting her designer sari.

Shaan nodded, heaving a sigh of relief..thankful that Khanak was as simple as they come.

His good mood was evident to Akshay too as they drove together to work. Shaan was humming along to some old Hindi numbers, seeming mast, lost in his own thoughts.

She must have got the letter by now and the bottle, I wish I'd been there to see her reaction..it must have been priceless!..He thought and chuckled.

Dr Agarwal is indeed one lucky girl, Shaan.. Akshay remarked smiling.

Shaan stopped humming and looked at his brother surprised.. Really?? You think so bro?

Indeed any girl who can win my brother's heart is very lucky, coz I can see it in your eyes that you'll leave no stone unturned to make her happy!..

I hope she realizes that SOOON!!! For my Sake bro! Shaan said laughing..

By the way, Akshay how did you end up marrying bhabhi? If you don't mind my asking but she is definitely is not your type..

I don't mind Shaan, ask away! My life is an open book! Well, I was very young and she was very beautiful, and I was blown away when she agreed to come out with me! I couldn't believe my luck, and proposed right away..afraid that she may change her mind. And you know when Dad found out about it he wasted no time and before I could blink we were engaged! I was very naive and in love.. I believe I still love her, that is why I still tolerate her tantrums...

Shaan could hear the bitterness in his brother's voice and felt for him. He loved his brother dearly and had always wished him the best. He remembered that he too had been dazzled by Khushboo, and in fact had for sometime envied his brother for marrying her. Only later did he realize that her shiny exterior hid a pretty shallow interior, where there was no place for anyone besides her.

At work everyone was surprised to see him in a great mood, he smiled at everybody and thanked them individually for their good wishes. When Shiela, his secretary informed him about the boat load of pending work he had, he gave her a broad grin and told her to bring it on.

Did anything come for me today?..

No Sir, nothing that I know of. Were you expecting something?..

Never mind... Let me know ASAP when you get anything, alright!?

Shaan reassured himself that it was too early to expect something back from Khanak. It was early yet, and she had her work to attend to. Maybe after lunch would be a good time, he knew that she wouldn't be able to resist sending a nasty retort to his note, of that he was pretty certain.

As time passed Shaan grew restless, he found himself unable to concentrate on his work. He kept watching the clock and the door. Shiela kept walking in and out of his office informing him of his various meetings and appointments and he listened only with half an ear. Nothing came that day and also the next. On the third day, Shaan was in a frenzy..

Maybe something's happened to her OR... No, thats impossible, she can't ignore me like that, not My Khanak. I have to find out... I have to see her.

He rushed out asking Shiela to delegate the work as she saw fit..., leaving her looking frustrated.



Khanak decided that the only way she could stop thinking about Shaan was to immerse herself into work. This proved to be pretty hard to accomplish for he seemed to sneak his way in even during the few odd times she paused to rest. Be it at lunch time, or during her frequent coffee breaks he seemed to hovering just in the vicinity.

She could forget about sleeping, for that seemed to his permanent haunt. Her restless mind had given him various disguises, and he seemed to make good use of them, appearing in her dreams in different avatars.

I can't give it to him, I can't let him win!.. I just won't sleep!..

It had been more than 36 hrs since Khanak had slept (not counting a quick nap or nodding off during her meals,) and she was pretty confident that she was on the verge of proving Shaan wrong.

She entered the coffee shop adjacent to the hospital for the umpteenth time that day. She had been haunting it like Shaan had been haunting her, and the attendants there were getting pretty used to seeing her.

Sambhal ja Khanak! People will think that you are drunk!..Khanak thought as she swayed on her feet, dizzy with exhaustion.

She walked to the closest table and sat down and held her head in her hands, closing her eyes for just a minute.

She jerked up when she heard someone place a freshly brewed cup of fragrant cappucino in front of her..

That someone took a seat in front of her, and gave her a wide smile. He looked like her nemesis..Shantanu Khandelwal! Was she dreaming with her eyes open??

Shaan's smile turned in to a look of concern as he saw her look at him as if she had seen a ghost! And she did not seem very pleased to see him!

He waved his hand in front of her face, and said..Hey!! I am Shaan! Shantanu Khandelwal!

Khanak decided that she wasn't hallucinating...

How did you find me here?..

Madam..it doesn't take rocket science to figure out what is your favorite place besides the hospital!.. Shaan said looking at her fondly.

Then. how did you know what I like to drink?

Elementary Watson! Any body could tell me what the pretty doctor's favorite cuppa is! And it is just like you.. Fresh, strong and smooth.!

And why are you talking to me like that??..Khanak's said, her voice shaking with anger.

As your future Husband, of course! Koi Shaque??...Shaan said oozing with confidence.

Khanak sighed, and reached out a shaking hand to her coffee cup, and before she could take a sip, collapsed in front of him..        


                                        My ears resound with your voice

Your likeness dominates my vision

Your name is at the tip of my tongue


You've accomplished your mission

Please comment!!Smile

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priya_cool_123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 7:30am | IP Logged
When u said more faints coming up.. i didn expect Khanak to faint..lol
Lovely yaar !!!

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jparker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 7:30am | IP Logged
Brilliant!! Elemental Watson, Khanak is like an open book to him!! sigh.. love does this strange things and love alone will sort the mess...
Loved the Chotey-Bro relationship.. Short but sweet and told so much.. So Boo is a little grey character here.. hmm.. chalo, yeh rang bhi dekh lete hain, maybe she will change... Anything as they say is possible in love and war.. fair.. that is...Wink
Very beatuiful update again... as Khanak fights with her own heart... this war is definitely interesting... and I know who will win too.. Only Khanak's brain refuses to acknowledge her heart....
hoga.. woh bhi hoga...Embarrassed

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-SYS- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 7:31am | IP Logged
I got a verse!Yay! Thanks! Good as always!
Loved the whole thing especially:
Khanak staring at her wound-I do that alotLOL
Madz assuming Shaan is gay.
Shaan's restlessness, Khanak's stubborness
The way you ended it-seems we're going to get some good ShaNak next part! Can't wait!
Roshni_M IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 April 2011 at 7:32am | IP Logged
khanak fainted.........omg.............
that was so unexpected..............
fab simi..........awesome asusual...........

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