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FF~:Human After All:~ Imp note Pg 150:) (Page 52)

Medusa.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 April 2011 at 5:37am | IP Logged
awesome simi...
Beautiful updatee...luvv megha...

..luvdd d part whr megha bcms khanak's assistent...hehe...


Do cont. Soon..

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 8:16am | IP Logged
Thank you all guys so much for reading my FF diligently..
@Priya: Hahha.....dizzy...I can understand, was thinking the same thing while writing that part!LOL
@Saaaz: Thanks so much yaar!! I too wanted to make it different and looks that it came out ok!!Wink
@Ammu: Hey waiting eagerly for that poem dear...Hug
@Karish: Thnks sweetie sooooooooomuuuuuuuuuuch!!! You know you are always in the back of my mind when I pen the romantic parts!!! Thnks!!!Big smile
@Vatsalya: Thankyou dear...your words mean sooo much!!!!! Embarrassed
@May: Don't swoon before you read the next part May!!!Big smileWink
@Shiksha: Thanks dear..lovuuu lots!!SmileWink
@Heena: Thnks dear!! Have posted the update...Khanak will loosen up soon but she's a little stubborn!LOL
@Dish: Thnks yaar! Hamein bhi direct flirting wala shaan hi pasand hai!!Big smile
@Vandu: Haii!! Loved the way you commented yaar..hope to see you do so again!!Embarrassed
@Rupa: Yes I love kids! They say such amazing things!! And whatever you say, I love it always!!Hug
@Shals: Thankyou!! I get so involved while writing that I can picture the goings on and when Shaan did that to Khanak..I wanted to take a brk!!LOL
@Ramani: TU!!! Love yr blue girl!! Yes Shaan has made his intentions quite clear and Khanak can't believe it!! Megha is precious isn't she??Big smileEmbarrassed
@Angel: Thanks EmbarrassedEmbarrassed My Shaan had to be bold and upfront!!EmbarrassedSmile
@Roshni: Thnks for commenting twice dear!!WinkClap Yes Shaan is his usual self and thanks for liking my poems!!Smile
@Aussiegal: Thnks dear veryyyy much!!Hug
@Imane: DearHug You said exactly how I feel that some ppl need to be whipped in public!!Smile
@Sonali: Exactly LOL It'd hard to keep one's sanity!!Smile
@Shriya: Thanks dear!!!Big smile Yes, I guess thats why Human was part of my titleSmile
@Purvi:Thanks dear and sure thing!!Big smile
@Deepali: Wow ..it means a lot to me that I managed to convey my feelings through my writing!! Thanks!Big smile
@Jess: Thanks for calling it perfect!Embarrassed You know I lov Megha too and I'm glad you like her a lot as well!!Smile
@krithika:Thanks a mill!!!HugHug
@Manita: Oh lord Thanks dear!! I cud never ever hold a candle to you!! Hug
@Nishi: Thanks for coming back and reading dear!! Hug
@Shama: Thanks sweets!! Yes I felt Megha wud make a grt assistant since kids love to play doctor!!Big smile
And a special thanks to everybody who clicked on the LIKE button!!!Hug

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Roshni_M IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 8:17am | IP Logged
sorry im late.........
bt the update was awesome as usual..............
ok i dnt remember............. did i comment be4........... gosh im so forgetful now a days...........

yes i have.............
chalega two two comments fo r u............ hehehehe............. update soon waiting

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 April 2011 at 8:31am | IP Logged

(In part 8 Shantanu wants to figure out whether his attraction for Dr Khanak Agarwal was genuine, so he meets her again as a patient in her clinic and Megha is happy to find that Khanak is her Doctor Aunty.)

                                               PART 9~~ Stoking the Flames

Driving back home in the back seat of the car, Shaan stared out of the window at the rainsoaked city which was winding down after a long day. It had been a similar rainy day which had brought Khanak back in to his life and today when he felt almost certain that he wanted her to stay for keeps, it was raining again. He smiled thinking that it must be a good omen, though he never considered himself superstitious, but this time he was willing to believe in anything.

He thought of what had transpired in the clinic. Meeting Khanak on an equal footing(even though he had to concoct an excuse to see her,) had injected into him a verve for life. He felt invigorated, full of enthusiasm for the future. All his doubts about what he felt for Khanak had vanished and were replaced with an unusual tenderness and ardor for her. He wanted to take her in his arms, cherish and shield her from all the sorrows of the world.

He was sure that the feelings were mutual. He had seen it in her eyes, though she had tried to hide it under a veneer of anger and irritation. She seemed too proud to accept her feelings for him. And he could understand it, and respected it. But at the same time he wanted to break her resolve, and that had to be pretty soon. Now that he was sure of his feelings, he couldn't wait to take it to the limit and make her his.

He took the piece of paper which Khanak had given him and read it,..blinked his eyes and read it again...and started laughing so loudly that it woke up Megha who had fallen asleep.

I'm soo sorry hun..Shaan said as she cuddled on his lap and promptly fell back to sleep.

Thank you Megha for being who you are.Your Dad and Mom are so lucky to have you, they just don't know it yet..he whispered as he gently stroked the sleeping child.


By the time Khanak had gathered enough fortitude to step out of the clinic she was still trembling like a leaf. Shaan had managed to shake the foundations of her very existence. She saw her carefully planned world stand upended in front of her. She would have never believed she would ever react this way to a man's presence before. She thought that this occurred only in the cheap romantic novels which had been part of her staple diet as of any other teenage girl in school.

Two can play this game,my dear....Soon my ache will become yours.........

She already could feel those words ringing true. It hurt to think that he had been this close to kissing her. Then maybe she would have lost herself forever.

Why was he torturing her in this manner. What was he trying to prove. He was obviously not indifferent to the fact that girls found him irresistible and he could have his pick so why had he decided to go to such lengths to pursue her. Their backgrounds and ideologies were completely different. She belonged to a middle class family who never achieved anything without a struggle. While struggle was probably an alien word in his dictionary.

She stood in the rain hoping to douse the flame of passion that he had aroused in her. She was afraid of these thoughts, afraid of change..

Fool, he is just playing the field, testing his prowess on the likes of you. They say that men frequently found strong women attractive and challenging. Yes, thats it..for him she was just a challenge.

But.., why would he use Megha as an innocent tool? He obviously loved her a lot. No he was too much of a gentleman to stoop so low. I will never forgive him if he did that! Khanak thought without realising the significance of what she had just said.. She had already started a dialogue with him.



Back home, Shaan found Akshay and Dadi ma anxiously waiting for their return. Khushboo and his mom were out at a socialites party while Sunil as usual was out of town on a business trip. Life at home was back to usual except Akshay had started keeping closer tabs on his daughter. She has started to exist for him, which pleased Shaan immensely. He only wished that his bhabhi would also see the light soon and give Megha the love she deserved before she started looking for it elsewhere. He had already seen it by the way she had clung on to Khanak today. The child was starved of attention.

So hamari hone waali bhabhi se kab milane wale ho Shaan??.. Akshay asked smiling, and winking at Shaan.

Kya?? Has Shaan finally changed his mind about remaining a playboy? Tell me Shaan who is that girl who has succeeded in trapping my bachelor boy? Dadi asked delighted.

Shut up Akshay!! I know you like to eat your pizza before its baked!! Shaan laughed..

Dadi ma, yes someone has succeeded in making me change my mind but she is still playing hard to get! Magar mujhe khud par confidence hai ke main use mana loonga. Then Dadi..you'll be the first to know!..Shaan said hugging her tightly.

God Bless You son! That girl must be special! Dadi said hugging him back, she had never seen Shaan this happy before.

Back in the quiet of his room Shaan opened the window and breathed deeply the fresh scent of the rain drenched earth. He closed his eyes and remembered how vulnerable and childlike Khanak had looked with her wet hair clinging to her scalp and the water drops on her skin giving it almost a translucent hue. She was just like Megha, just a little bit older. Innocent, untouched, crying to be loved and cherished.

Don't you worry my dear, I will take care of you forever. All you have to do is say yes.

Shaan walked into his bathroom and took Khanak's prescription from his pocket...

Gargle mouth every night with 2 tablespoonfuls of DETTOL for BRAIN CLEANSING!! ..... signed KHANAK AGARWAL.

Shaan smiled and kissed the piece of paper... He regarded the innocent looking half empty bottle of dettol in his medicine cabinet. After some thought he picked it up and unscrewed the cap.


Khanak felt like a zombie the next day. She almost broke down thinking about her packed schedule. She had returned home very late last night. Driving at a crawl in the flooded streets and then her small car had got stuck in a pot hole and refused to budge. She couldn't find anyone to help her at that hour and had finally walked home soaked to her skin and in a very bad mood.

When Palak had teasingly asked her about her date..., she had lost control and screamed at her and gone to bed refusing dinner. She had tossed and turned all night unable to erase Shaan's parting words from her mind and was almost thankful when the alarm went off at 6 am. It didn't help matters, when she started to sneeze.

Beta, you are working too hard! Can you take the day off today?, Sunita asked feeling very worried about her eldest daughter while Palak stood by feeling guilty about teasing her sister the night before.

Maa, its just a cold, though I wouldn't mind sleeping in. But you know, if I take off today Dr Krishnan will be overwhelmed and that won't be nice, Khanak said sniffling her eyes and nose red.

Sorry Di! I shoudn't have said what I did last night!.. I will never do it again!

AAAChooo!! Its alright! I got back at you too! (Though you almost guessed it right!) Khanak smiled. Her sister was almost a clairvoyant, if only she knew what had actually happened last night!

When she reached the clinic, the secretary greeted her saying that all the empty slots had already filled up.

Lagta hai, the busy season has already started. When it rains it pours!.. Are you feeling okay ma'am?..she asked concerned seeing Khanak looking listless.

I think I am coming down with a bad cold! Foolish of me to get drenched in the rain last night! Khanak said in a hoarse voice.

I'm so sorry to hear that. You work too hard Doctor, you need to relax and have some fun! By the way, there's something from that young man who came to see you last night. It came early this morning and I kept it on your desk.., she said while looking curiously at her.


The secretary was pleased to see Khanak rush in to her office, she had got today's lunch hour topic!

Khanak picked up the small box which was lying on her desk adressed simply to Dr. Khanak Agarwal written in a jaunty hand. She opened it quickly, wondering what he had got to now... Inside she found an empty bottle of Dettol...

What? Is this some kind of practical joke?! Khanak was confused then she remembered what she had written in the prescription. Oh Lord! What did he do? Did he drink it?

She became worried thinking of the most terrible things happening to him, when she saw that there was a folded note underneath and took it out, openin it slowly...

Scared?... That I took My Khanak's advice to heart?

Oh, My innocent love, if you think that small bottle made

even a dent in Your Shaan's passion, you are terribly mistaken!

In fact all it did was multiply it a thousand fold!!!

Now the path in front of me is clear and my destination is you!

May I always be the Man in your dreams...

                                                                  forever yours..Shaan

PS: Eagerly awaiting your rejoinder, I know you won't let me down.
Please comment...Smile

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Roshni_M IF-Rockerz

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Simi..... HugHugHug
loved it...... I love this shaan..... He is just so confident..... I like serial wala shaan also haan...... Loved how khanak reacted seeing empty dettol bottle..... Hehehehe..... And your poems...... La jawab.......

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OMG !!!!
* faints *
Shaan is so confidant and i love it.....
I m surprised too at his boldness...
Khanak s conflicts were written so well...
Awesome simi....

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Ahhh simi,
that was so sweet..i was laughing simply after reading the part from her prescription..really khanak gave such a prescription..naughty girl..showing her irritation..n oh god..shaan was so cute..the letter he wrote was wonderful..how sweet of him to address her my khanak n asking funnay ques to her whether he used the whole dettol bottle..oh god..n he addressing forever yours..*fainted* reading the letter..continue soon simi..

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Awwwwwwwwww! This is soooo cute! Iove the way he kissed her prescription! And you thought out each character and each person's thoughts so well Simi!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow! When's the next one coming???

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