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FF~:Human After All:~ Imp note Pg 150:) (Page 25)

AzaraA Senior Member

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 11:16am | IP Logged
oye hoya loved it yar gr8 request by simi and sona tussi gr8 ho dear ..

luv zara

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accountband Goldie

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Posted: 21 March 2011 at 2:52pm | IP Logged
I LOVED this part so much...and the musical piece you picked up went well, i actually played it in the background while reading and imagining your beautifully written words....seriously, this story has got the perfect combination of intense and subtle emotions.... Almost like a perfectly baked cookies...lol...i am having one right now :) 
Over to my personal favs in this last update....
Khanak and Megha's interaction...so real! That is how i would deal with a traumatized kid...I can totally imagine and relate to the chaos that she witnessed in a busy ER...
Finally, the best of the best in the part where Khanak informs Shaan about his beloved niece and her safety, that was just fabulous...now the doctors can get their job done as his stubborn nature will no longer hinder their care..Awesome and just great!
Please update soon!

P.S: I have a feeling that Khushboo will be mad...just a thought..

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AzaraA Senior Member

Joined: 14 September 2010
Posts: 743

Posted: 21 March 2011 at 4:37pm | IP Logged
awesome simi loved it ...........

luv Zara

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 3:50am | IP Logged
Updating now.....
@ Shals: LOL
@Imane: Awww!! Loved your comparison!! Hope this one is as good too!!:)
@ Zara: Thanks dear!:)

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angel_9 Goldie

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 3:53am | IP Logged
Hey doc u updating now....................
simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 22 March 2011 at 4:19am | IP Logged
Here with the update........

                                               Part5~ The Man In Her Dreams...

Khanak at long last pulled her Nano out of the hospital parking lot and started gingerly inching towards home. The Nano had been her graduation gift from her parents, her father who had always ridden his faithful old scooter to work had been thoughtful enough to buy it for her. When she had hesitated to accept it, he had insisted with pride..

Doctor Khanak Agarwal, ki apni khud ki car honi chahiye. Ye doctor logon ki kitne ajeeb timings hote hain na? Isliye it is important that you have your own means of transport and that should be a car and nothing else.Case closed! Fortunately it was not expensive and her father could afford it, though he still continued to ride his scooter, saying that it was an old friend,and a hard habit to break.

Though she was extremely tired after her long shift she found it hard to silence her mind. She cursed the rush hour traffic, the only difference was that they were driving in opposite directions. She had asked her mother to give her missed calls every 5 minutes so as to prevent her from falling asleep on the wheel.

Dr.Deepak had offered to drop her home, but she had refused. Once he knew where she lived, he would drop in anytime and try to impress her parents and that wouldn't be too hard..a future cardiac surgeon wanting to hook up with their daughter. But she couldn't have that! For her he wasn't human, humane..he was like a robot, an automaton, an ET, Khanak giggled at the thought. But even ETs were cute... not Deepak, he was just an irritating..unmentionable!!

SCREEEEECH!! She hit her brakes just in time!! She was almost about to run down a little boy sitting behind his mother on a scooter, who was trying to squeeze into the tiny space in front of her car, just in order to save a few minutes in this mad rush of life? Perhaps Khanak would have done the same if she had been in her place. Fortunately they had escaped today, but what would happen tomorrow or the day after that..?

As she tried to calm down her racing heart, she saw that the boy was no older than that little girl in the ER...what was her name? Yes..Megha. What a precious relationship they shared, Megha and her Chachu. Just like a protective father and daughter.. Hope they were alright. She recalled that Megha had clung to her arm, and fallen asleep crying for her Chachu.

And at last her family had arrived and created quite a scene in the ER. A woman who turned out to be Megha's mother was screaming Megha, Megha...my baby..! at the top her lungs, flapping her hands as if they were wings, and scaring poor Megha out of her wits! Khanak firmly told her to calm down and finally Megha had relinquished her hold on her. But she still couldn't forget the look of forlorn longing on the little girl's face, as she let her mother cuddle her.

When Khanak reached home it was almost midday.She found her mother beside herself with worry.

(Sunita Agarwal was the loving wife of Sanjay Agarwal and adoring mother of Khanak and her younger sister, Palak. A housewife, who made sure their lives ran like a well oiled engine, though often times when it didn't, her usual slogan would be..Its life after all!! She was the one who had encouraged her daughters to see dreams and follow them. She had seen their dreams with them and worked tirelessly in making them come true. She was a hard taskmaster but Khanak loved her to death. She knew that if it hadn't been for her mother, she may have never achieved what she had been able to so far.)

So when her mother said,

Shayad tumne galat career chuna hai, Khanak! Itna kaam, woh bhi bina soye aur khaye? Look at your face, bilkul sikud gaya hai!

Mama!! Please!! Yeh mere liye sirf ek career nahin hai, mere jeevan ka ek hissa ban gaya hai!! Don't you remember how you used to encourage me to study late into the night saying that I better get used to it? Do you want me to give up so soon??

Her mother nodded relunctantly, Haan, magar itni kathor life!...

Mom! Yeh daily ka routine nahin hai, sirf kabhi kabhi aisa ho jata hai! And don't you want people to say Dr Khanak Agarwal is a wonderful doctor? Woh bunk nahin marti?

Yes, my intelligent baccha!! Tumse to koi argument nahin jeet sakta! Tumhare future husband ka to baaja baj jayega, magar hamaari jaan chootegi!!

Mom, khabardaar ke phir se meri shaadi ki baat ki!! Mein...Mein!!!!!

Mujhe kaccha chaba jayegi!!! haha..hum vegetarian hain, to uska mujhe dar nahin!!Chal naha kar lunch kar le, phir so ja!! Nahin to mein paagal ho jaaoongi!!

Khanak was too tired to argue and did as told. She flopped on to her bed and fell into an exhausted slumber. It was still bright outside and her brain hadn't yet learned to turn on and off at will, as it did in some shift workers.

She slept a disturbed sleep, tossing and turning, a mess of confused images flashed through.... she was in Mr Bansal's room, he was vomiting blood and laughing like a hyena at the same time; Deepak had her in his car, he was behaving badly and she was trying to get out.. She finally did, but fell into a rushing river! She was trying to swim but her arms wouldn't move, she was sinking, drowning in a whirlpool: but then her mother was there with that sweet smile on her face, in a superman suit who pulled her out... God bless her!.........Then she was walking, her body still shivering from the cold river, walking on a street, little Megha was running next to her, skipping, dancing like a ballet dancer, when suddenly she took off, running across a busy street, shouting Chachuuuuuuuu!!! Khanak opened her mouth to scream a warning but no sound came.. Megha ran without fear, her arms spread out, as cars honked and people screamed around her. Chaachuu!! she screamed as she ran towards a man who stood waiting for her on the other side, he turned his face towards her, he smiled. It was the man of her dreams, her Prince Charming, it was Megha's uncle...

I found the following video, a montage from the movie 'The Piano,' may go well with Khanak's dream. I think that the little girl (Anna Paquin's) dance on the beach is one of the best and most joyous scenes!!...Please enjoySmile


Next day~~
Khanak left for the hospital early for it was her turn to round on the patients. She usually started in the ICU ( Intensive Care Unit,) in order to take care of the sickest first. She hoped against hope that Shaantanu Khandelwal was not included in her list. After realising that his face was the one she was seeing in her dreams, she did not want to form any emotional attachments which were likely to lead to unnecessary heartache for her. She had already become quite attached to Megha and she couldn't afford to do so with him too. That would cause considerable damage to her psyche.

But as it happened he was included in the list...and she couldn't turf him to someone else.

Khanak! Stop behaving like a teenager! You are first and foremost a Doctor and your duty is towards your job! It is just an infatuation.., he probably occupies the dreams of a lot of girls, being so decidedly gushworthy. Remember the crush you used to have on your Attending in medical school? He finally ended up being happily married and you just had to let go. Maybe Shantanu Khandelwal will turn up to being a stuck up, loud mouthed idiot when he wakes up and that will be the end of this dream of yours...

Khanak somehow didn't think that it would be the case but decided to take her chances, after all she couldn't pick and choose her patients.

Shaan was still on the ventilator after his long exploratory surgery yesterday. They had decided to let him rest for at least a day. He had lost a lot of blood and Khanak ordered a couple of units to be transfused. His vital signs were stable and she decided to lighten his sedation. She took a deep breath before she stepped into his room and saw an elderly lady sitting by his bed side, watching him anxiously. Khanak smiled at her reassuringly and introduced herself to her.

I am Shantanu's Dadi ma, the rest of his family should be coming in later. My dear, but you look too young to be Doctor!

I will take that as a compliment! No I assure you I did not forge my degree, I have completed all the requirements and I have a valid license!

No, no!..please don't mind what I said. Its just that I'm so used to Doctors being old fatherly figures that its hard to imagine a young woman in the same role. But I'm sure that you are equally, if not more qualified to do your job.

Khanak smiled at her relieved at not having to validate her credentials, and got busy examining Shaan. She pretended that he was a mannequin and quickly did a sytematic exam, though she couldn't help feeling sad about the scars his well built body would end up with. She assured his Dadi ma that he was making good progress and that she would be available later to answer any questions.

Not too bad, Khanak you made it through. Now just a few more days and he would disappear into his own glamorous world, leaving you high and dry!!..

She frowned not liking the phrase, but was prevented from brooding over it by being urgently called upon to see a young girl who was having a series of seizures. She had been admitted with a cocaine overdose.




That nightmare again!


Its those people in white again! Why did I have to read so many Robin Cook books??

NURSE!! HEY!! I'm talking to you, can't you hear me??

My chest hurts like crazzy...I can't breath, HELP!!

Looks like he is waking up!

Finally, but his pressures have fallen quite a bit in the past 1/2 an hour and he is bucking the ventilator!

Don't know what's wrong..

Whats wrong nurse? What do you mean!! My son, looks like he is in pain!! Can't you help him?

He was doing fine until a short time ago, let me page Dr Agarwal!

Who is this Dr Agarwal? I want you to call Dr Joshi, he is our family doctor, we trust him!

Sir, Dr Joshi does not have privileges in this hospital, besides Dr Agarwal is one of his doctors who is familiar with his case, and she is a qualified doctor.

Haan beta, I saw her this morning, she seemed very efficient!..Dadi ma said to Sunil who was on his phone trying to get through to Dr Joshi..

When Khanak got the page from ICU, she started feeling nervous wondering if it was Shaan in trouble. Once her suspicions were confirmed she wasted no time and rushed to his room, to find his entire family gathered outside. Their faces bore a tense expression and a well dressed, distinguished looking man, obviously Shaan's father, was in deep conversation with somebody on the phone. When he saw Khanak striding towards the room in her doctor's jacket, a look of incredulous disbelief appeared on his face..

Oh no!! Lagta hai HITLER se pala pada hai, magar mein bhi Jhansi ki Rani se kam nahin hoon!..Khanak straightened her back..

What Miss, who are you?....I thought they had paged a Dr Agarwal..

I AM Dr Khanak Agarwal.., showing him her name tag and sporting her most confident and professional smile.

You are a kid!! No.., I want somebody who is experienced and a...

Sir, I am experienced enough to take care of your son and the situation calls for action, not arguments, so if you'll please let me do my job!, Khanak said authoritatively and walked past him in to the room.

Within moments her well trained eye assessed the situation, and saw that Shaan's blood pressure had dropped and he was struggling to breath against the respirator. It was obvious that he was in much distress. A quick look at the Xray she had ordered was enough for her to figure out the problem. She looked at Shaan's face and saw a lot of pain and an unspoken plea for help, before he passed out....

Why isn't the surgeon here?.She asked Shaan's nurse.

There are working on a case in the OR but sent word that they'll be here as soon as they are done!

That may be too late..., okay hand me a 14 gauge needle with a catheter, and turn up the oxygen to 100%

Taking the needle in her hand, Khanak took a deep breath to calm her nerves and carefully inserted it vertically into the space just above his right 3rd rib. The immediate hiss of escaping air, brought a smile of relief to her face and within minutes Shaan's breathing became more relaxed. After giving further instructions to his nurse she came out of the room and smiled brightly at his father and the rest.

He is out of danger now, but will need a chest tube for a short time. Air had built up around his right lung from a rib fractured during the accident, and I just released it with a needle. He should be fine now....

As all of them stared at her dumbfounded, she took the opportunity to quietly make her escape...

Fate has brought us

Together again

I touched your body

I eased your pain

Wake up

Open your eyes

Look at me

True love never lies!

Please comment! Sorry if it was boringConfused. Rotten tomatoes are welcome...Smile

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Hope you all liked it....!!

Angel that sounds weird!!LOL

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The Piano !!!!!Wow...Anna paquin ... Such a superb reference here !!!!!!!!!!!

Great one Simi !!!!!
A great and gripping update yet again ..... Loved it Lottsssss !!!!!!
Hope Shaaaan gets welll sooooon ...... And the Lovestory begins !!!!!!!!

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