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FF~:Human After All:~ Imp note Pg 150:) (Page 20)

jparker IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 8:51am | IP Logged
Aaahh, you ladies are after my very heart!!
Gosh what a VM by Sonali and your titles.. I am swooning. Loved the end BTW bored wali line!!LOL
Beautiful VM and your FF is intriguing. Gosh...ClapClap

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 10:58am | IP Logged
Thanks all for your comments!!! Group Hug!!!
The credit for the VM completely goes to Sonali...it was her idea!!!:))
@Krishna: Muuuuahhh!!! Girl you are back!! I missed yr input but now I am happy!!! LoveU and yr litte ones!!:)
@ Gaayu: You're stuck now!!:D Thanks for reading!!:)
Plan to update tomorrow!

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adventure_gurl IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 11:25am | IP Logged
awesome Simi looking forward to it, and thanks for being so sweet!

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The_May_Rose IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 2:21pm | IP Logged
Sorry for the late reply Simi....Exciting story and well written as alwaysClapStar.....I can't wait for the next partSmile.....
P.S. Love the sweet relationship between Chacha and his Bhatiji Big smile.....
P.S.S Edited :Sorry SimiLOL.....Just goes to show what a tormenter Saaz is, she has left a lasting impression in my mindLOL......

Edited by The_May_Rose - 20 March 2011 at 9:48am

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 9:47am | IP Logged
Thanks Sonali..you are the sweet one!!!!WinkEmbarrassed
May...haha..can imagine!!!LOL Thanks bud!
Update coming up in a few!!

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simikr IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 9:59am | IP Logged
Here's the update! Hope you all like it!!! Big smile

                                        Part4~~ Chances are...


My head feels dizzy, I want to throw up!! I can't open my mouth. My lips are stuck!

Its hard to open my eyes...Ohhh! where did those bright lights come from and who are those people...all in white and those sounds!

Maybe I'm dreaming...its a nightmare...a scifi movie!

Ouch! That hurts! Get away from me!...whats that thing in my arm?

No its real. I am living my nightmare!

It hurts to breath...please help me!! Can somebody hear me??

Looks like he's waking up...doctor!!

CT head, chest, abdomen, pelvis and spine stat!

His Blood pressure and heart rate are going up, he's fighting us!

Okay, put four point restraints and give him 2 mg Morphine IV and 1 mg Ativan (sedative),now, he's a big man. Must be in pain! And prep him for the OR, we would need to explore his belly, looks like he is bleeding internally!

Calm down sir! You had an accident, you are in the hospital, we are trying to help you!

Whhhaaat!! Hospital, accident!! No...I am fine, where is Megha, my niece?

Don't worry about her! She'll be fine! Here are some pain medicines...

But, but you are not hearing me! Stop it...! Get away from me... need to see her, make sure she's fine...

You need to stay still for your own sake!! Boys hold him down!!

Get off me...

Things are fading, I'm falling asleep...No I can't fall asleep...I need to find Megha...


Meanwhile at the K House:

Dadi ma and Madhavi (Shaan's mom,) were pacing anxiously, along the main hall of the house while Khushboo was sitting on the sofa, wringing her hands.

I didn't think that it was a good idea, for Shaan to take out Megha this late but she insisted on it. Lately she has become very stubborn and is misbehaving a lot! Dadi ma aapne use bahut spoil karke rakha hai!

Dadi ma glared at her, but didn't say anything.

Sunil had to go on a tour just today, and Akshay hasn't even come home yet! Yeh house hai ya hotel??!! Khushboo, did you call Akshay?

Yes, mom, he said that he was on his way half an hour ago! He is completely oblivious to what goes on at home or what troubles his wife is going through bringing up his daughter!

Khushboo! This is not the time for starting your usual rant!! Megha and Shaan haven't returned and Shaan is not picking up his phone also and its raining CNT( cats and dogs)!! I hope that they are alright.

Shubh shubh bolo bahu!! Sab theekh hoga!!

Just then they hear the front door banging open and Akshay hurries in.

I just got a call,...Shaan's car was in an accident and they have taken them to the hospital.

Madhavi almost collapsed in shock while Khushboo with a look on her face which was mix of guilt and worry, ran to Akshay..My baby, tell me meri Megha is okay, Akshay!!!

Trying to keep his worst fears in check, he said haltingly, Khushboo, Everything will be fine, no harm can befall our Megha or Shaan! We should leave now, they need us with them!!



Khanak saw a a group of doctors and nurses gathered near the trauma room. She asked Dr. Deepak Mishra, a surgery fellow about what was going on... He had been in her class in medical school and opted to go into surgery and was now a fellow in Cardiothoracic surgery. He was a very smart and confident guy, a little too confident for Khanak's liking, and he seemed to have a soft corner for her.

Looks like some rich brat in his fancy car with a little girl, crashed into a divider on the highway. Sounds as if he was trying to avoid running into a truck who's driver was driving the wrong way. Stupid fellow was drunk! They have them both in there. The guy got pretty badly hurt, though he was strapped in and the airbag did deploy. I was thinking that I was done when this came in. Looks like I have to wait and assist my chief if he wants to take this guy to OR( operating room.) What bad luck!!!

Oh no!! Is the little girl okay?..

Apparently the guy was smart enough to put her in the back seat, she's conscious at least and does not seem to be hurt much. She's in that room...(Dr Mishra pointed to trauma room 2.) By the way Khanak, what are you doing tomorrow night??

Khanak glared at him, Bet on Deepak to treat any situation in the same casual manner, as if he was changing the tyres on his car rather than dealing with human lives! He lacked empathy, feelings... He sounded cold, almost mechanical, and he had just started, God save his patients! His manner put her off and she ignored his question and walked into Trauma Room 2.

She saw there a little girl around 6/7 yrs of age sitting on the exam bed. Her pretty pink dress was soiled, torn, and splattered with blood. She had streaks of blood on her face and arms but did not otherwise appear to be seriously injured. A couple of nurses and a doctor were trying to talk and examine her but she was resisting them, pushing their hands away. She seemed very frightened and scared. Khanak's heart went out to her, and she asked one of the nurses if she could help.

I guess it wouldn't hurt to try, she hasn't let any of us touch her and has not spoken a word since she was brought in. Seems that they found her cowering on the back seat, covered with broken glass and blood. It took a while before they were able to coax her out.

She's obviously in shock!...let me give it a try..

As Khanak approached the girl, she took out a tiny teddy bear which she carried in her pocket for such occasions, though there had been not a lot of them since she left medical school. Little children always presented a challenge, it was important to earn their trust, to establish a rapport with them before they let you in the little worlds that they had created for themselves. And on top of that, this little girl had been deeply traumatised by the accident.

Hello, dekho you have a visitor, Khanak held out the teddy in front her and watched her reaction. She looked at the bear, then looked at Khanak, who smiled, and said softly, Teddy's looking for his friend, kya aapne use dekha hai?..

Curiousity overcame fear, and the little girl said, Kaunsa dost?

Khanak shrugged in negative, Mujhe nahin pata, I found him wandering outside, maybe you can ask him for he won't talk to me.

Okay, I can try...the little girl took the bear in her hands...What do you want to know??

He wants to know your name, proper introduction, for he's a gentleman bear.

My name is Megha, what's your name bear?

His name is Teddy, I think. He wants to know you more, because he finds you very interesting and pretty. Where were you tonight?

Teddy, I went to the most amazing ballet called The Swan Lake with the most lovely dancer in it. She looked like an angel, did you see it bear?

No, but I would love to, who did you go with? ...

My most favorite Shaan chachu. He is the best chachu in the whole World!!! Megha had lost her inhibitions, and was talking freely as Khanak gently examined her for any broken bones, or internal injuries. She seemed miraculously unhurt except for a few bruises and scratches.

Khanak sighed with relief, glad that her Uncle had the sense to put her in the back seat. She nodded at the nurse who smiled back, amazed at the way Khanak had so easily distracted the little girl.

Megha who was now best friends with the teddy, hugged him to her chest, and looked at Khanak, Teddy says that he will come home with me and we can find his friend together. He's thirsty, can he have some water??

I don't see why not?..Khanak asked for some water and gave it to Megha, who made a show of offering it to the bear, and proceeded to gulp it down, smacking her lips.

Khanak smiled, seeing that she was fine indeed and stroked her fine hair. Megha gave her a wide smile in return and said,

Have you seen Chachu? I want to show him my bear!

Uh ummm, let me see where he is, Khanak peeped into the adjacent room which was abuzz with activity.

He is fighting us, strap him down!! Start a Lorazepam drip now! He may need to be Tubed before he goes to OR for surgery!

Khanak watched anxiously as the nurses held down the young man's hands and feet to the gurney and hung the sedative IV drip. She stepped closer and took a look at his face and felt that she had seen him somewhere before, but she just couldn't place him. He was extraordinarily good looking despite a big gash on his forehead and wild looking eyes which were scanning the faces surrounding him, in great distress. They came to rest on Khanak's, and then stayed there, as if in recognition.

Where is Megha, my niece? Have you seen her, is she okay??

Khanak smiled softly, at least she could answer that question, Don't worry, she will be fine! You were involved in a major accident and you were badly hurt. Please cooperate with us, so that we can do our best to help you!!

Shaan seemed to have calmed down, his eyelids drooped, perhaps it was the effect of the sedative, You know, you are the only person who has been able to answer the question I have been asking all along! Thanks Doc...

Khanak nodded, as she saw him close his eyes, a expression of peace on his face.

Thanks Khanak, you are our saviour, lets take him to the OR!!

Khanak watched them wheel Megha's uncle away, and she went back to Megha's side.

Megha's face brightened upon seeing her back, Did you find Shaan chachu?? Can I show him my Teddy?? He so wants to meet him!

He will be fine, you can't see him now though.

Megha clasped Khanak's arm and asked anxiously, But, but...I asked him to take me home!! I miss my mommy!! Teddy wants to go home too, he's sleepy!!, She started to cry.

Khanak tried to calm her down, while she looked enquiringly at the charge nurse who said,They found his wallet which had his card and other information in it. The family must be on their way.

                                                We met by chance

Then it happened by coincidence

But now if we cross paths again

Would it be called destiny?



Hope it was worth a read!! I wanted to add the following piece of music which seemed appropriate for the above situ...

Winter by Vivaldi... with Gil Shaham on violin!! Do listen!!Smile              
Please comment and give me courage!!Wink

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Medusa.. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:04am | IP Logged
woww simi......too gud update....awesome yaar.....!!
very well written.........ClapClap
beautiful part....!!it ws a short n sweet part...Embarrassedbut next time..a long one huh....LOL
And the poem...as usual..was just beautiful..luvdd itt......!!EmbarrassedEmbarrassed
Do cont. soon....!!

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shanakyasharan IF-Addictz

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Posted: 18 March 2011 at 10:09am | IP Logged
simi fabulous
 im speechless sacchi bolu im just speechless
  its sooooooo good n im really show wen these 2 r gonna get attracted to eachother its gonna b a hell of a FF
 superb simi i love it

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