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Okay, one humble request please do not beat me up!!Smile





                                          19B~ Being Human

I Love You! She repeated slowly, enunciating each word clearly.

Shaan took a deep breath and let it out slowly. My girl says these three beautiful words at the most unexpected time. I want to kiss her right here, right now, but I guess I have to make do with her hand.


He kissed her hand and wouldn't let it go.


Khanak couldn't control her feelings which were a mish mash of overwhelming joy and embarrassment; she pulled at her hand again,


People are watching!


Let them, He said looking around, they are just Jealous to see a happy young couple, and besides how often does one get the privilege of hearing one's beloved say I love you, Hmm? He said looking over his shoulder at her. His dark shades clearly reflecting her face, he had got rid of his helmet.


Move!! She said poking him with a sharp finger nail.


Alright, whatever you say, my lady, but please reserve those sharp objects for the bedroom! He laughed and drove on merging into the traffic.


They rode for some distance in silence, a good looking couple, unaware of the attention they were generating. He still couldn't believe that she had finally said those three words and she smiled to herself recalling how he had put Deepak firmly in his place. He wouldn't dare to bother her again.


This place is unbelievable! Every corner is dug up! Shaan said shaking his head as they came to a sudden stop in front of a huge bulldozer which was blocking the street. Thank God I brought my bike, easier to maneuver in this mad rush!


As he took the detour, Khanak observed,


Isn't it weird that each and every individual here is someone like us, living the same dull routine, dealing with their own problems, their joys and sorrows, yet we all come down and share this street every day and continue to be perfect strangers.


Shaan nodded as they made their way by Dharavi he said, lo and behold one of the largest slums in Asia!


Khanak turned pensive; the people who live here have had it very unfair.


Why do you say that? Not all of the rich folks are happy; in fact most of them are lonely. I'd prefer to be poor and have somebody to share my life with rather than be rich and lead a secluded life.


Easier said than done! I'm talking on a more practical level; do you know how many people live in these slums?


Yes, more than 600, 000 for sure! Does that surprise you? My sweetheart, I'm an architect and it's my business to know about the biggest landmark of this city. Not something to be proud of, but cannot ignore it either. This place actually was an island and a fishing village but it disappeared due to the dam at Scion and as the swamps filled in, the livelihoods disappeared and more people moved in from all over the country. They actually have set up bustling industries in there! Shaan said in wonder.


But isn't it awful, that even in the 21st century, so many people have to do without the basic human needs like sanitation and clean water?


Hmmm.. He said looking at the numerous street hawkers and peddlers trying to sell their wares.


Apni Baiko ke liye santre le lo sahib, sirf 15 rupye mein panch. This came from a little half naked kid who was practically skin and bones. Shaan handed him a 50 rupee note and took the wire bag filled with oranges, which he handed to Khanak winking, Did you hear what he said, Baiko!


Khanak blushed but persisted, noticing that the lad had open sores all over,


The people who need medical care don't get it and if they do they are treated worse than animals, do you think that's fair?


Shaan smiled and said philosophically, Life is not fair, my Angel!


Does that mean we should just sit back and do nothing? She was fired up.


Hey! Hold on or you'll fall. You are on a bike not a stage! He laughed.




Alright so what do you propose to do to ease the pain of your not so fortunate brethren?


I don't propose, it's already in the works! We are going to build a state of the art charity hospital!


Wow! And who pays for it? Shaan was impressed.


It's coming through donations of money and equipment. Doctors are volunteering their time.


Great! Do you already have a Builder and an architect? He seemed enthusiastic.


Mr. K.K Sharma is the builder as for the architect I don't know. She shrugged her slim shoulders.


Then I can offer my services as the architect. It's the least I can do!


Are you sure? Khanak perked up, excited.


Absolutely, I want to be a part of my Angel's dream!  He smiled at her and knew that he had said the right thing when her arms tightened around his waist.




Upscale lounge restaurant in Colaba:


Wow! What's this place? Khanak asked looking around. She had been thinking that they were going to a fast food joint.


It's a restaurant! My old haunt! So I thought that I might introduce you to it as well! Shaan said softly.


He watched as Khanak tried to nervously fix her windswept hair, and thought that her face looked particularly beautiful like this, framed by her untamed mane. Would this be the way she'll look upon waking up every morning? Thinking about her lying beside him got him particularly frustrated. He kicked the curb with his boot,




Are you alright? Khanak asked anxiously.


No! I'm not and it's all because of you! He said ruefully.


Don't be silly, do I look okay? She was wearing a pair of slim churidaar pants with short flowing chiffon top in azure blue and peach and a dupatta to match, looking absolutely stunning in Shaan's eyes.


Well if you want to know the truth, I would rather have preferred to eat you for lunch, but then you'd have starved! And I'm really not an unfair person! C'mon you look just great! He said laughing as she blushed and put his arm around her waist as they walked into the lobby.


They were led to a quiet secluded table tucked away in a dark cozy corner and Khanak was surprised to see the place practically empty except for a few customers. Shaan deduced the reason behind her puzzled look and said,


This is mainly a party place which comes alive after 9 pm. That's why I brought you here, so we could have some private time. He said smiling into her eyes.


Khanak smiled back, but when she saw all the waitresses dressed in miniskirts and tops with deep scooped neck lines leaving little to the imagination, she became uptight again.


Don't you think that I am overdressed for this place?


Khanak! Don't you ever say that again! Shaan was serious with a hint of play; I don't want you to get any more male attention than you are getting already, especially of the indecent kind! Because that's my exclusive department!


He grinned as she looked down smiling shyly. And I really don't care if you wear anything at all when we are alone, but that again is our own private affair! He said, voice dropping to a husky whisper.


Khanak looked away, unable to meet his eyes and put the glass of iced water to her burning cheeks.


Shaan chuckled at her discomfort,


Awww! My Angel will soon sport permanent pink cheeks! Innocence ki hadh kar di aapne!


Oh Shut up you're Besharmi ki hadh!


Haii! Sirf aapki badaulat! Who asked you to be so delectable? Poor me having to deal with not only myself but the rest of the male species! He said with mock self pity.




(Here I have put some of Shaan and Khanak's thoughts in brackets!)


Hey guys! Are you going to have anything to drink besides water?


(This came from a particularly hot looking Bi#*! who came and stood beside Shaan and flashed her perfect whites at him, ignoring Khanak as if she wasn't there. Shaan turned his attention completely over to her.)


Of course not! A Virgin Pina Colada for this lady and I will have a Mojito. He drawled.


No you won't! Khanak said angrily.


Yes I will, I need it now! Shaan insisted.


It's alright he can take it! (The B#*^!  said casually, swaying her hips.) By the way, aren't you Shantanu who went abroad to study buildings? Turning to Shaan again.


Oh yes! And you are'.Ramona!? Shaan's grin widened.


Yes, hey you remembered! You were such a life of the party, we missed you! Where've you been?


Ohh! Yes, it's been a while, like a few months? Time flies when you are in good company! Shaan said looking at Khanak.


Forget about it! It's great to have you back! Why don't you come over to the bar, there are a few girls there who have been pining after you, you heart breaker! She urged and Shaan shrugging his shoulders for Khanak's benefit, willingly let himself be led away, leaving her fuming.


(What does he think of himself? Mr. Double Standards! He wants me to be like a Sati Savitri, while he paints the town red on the arms of every hot chick he sees! Hmmmph! I will wear what I want, a tube top or a bikini, why should I care what he thinks!)


Khanak grew angrier as her stomach growled with hunger and when she saw Shaan apparently having a rollicking time with another couple of unmentionable Bs at the bar. He seemed to have forgotten all about her. She looked around wanting to ignore him too and smiled at a young guy sitting at nearby table who had been trying for some time to catch her eye. He seemed familiar. Seeing her bright smile, he got up and walked over.


Shaan in the meantime was barely drinking his drink; in fact he was hardly listening to Ramona's and the other bar tenders' chatter. He was observing Khanak's reaction on the sly. He was pleased to see that he had succeeded in raising her ire quite a bit; for she was looking around, her eyes ablaze. He wanted to continue with the game some more now; she looked quite the dish when she was angry. But who was she smiling at now.


Hey! Who is that piece of work you came in with Shaan? She doesn't look like somebody who has ever had a drop of wine in her life! A real Babe in the woods! Ramona said giggling.


Watch your mouth! She's my fiance and a thousand times worth your weight in gold, and more! Shaan turned around furious.


Oops! Sorry, I didn't realize that she was your 'Chand ka tukda!' Then why did you abandon her like that? See, looks like somebody else is ready to take your spot! She said laughing.



Khanak got nervous when she saw the familiar looking young guy walking towards her, was her smile suggestive?


Hello! Are you Khanak, Khanak Agarwal?


She acknowledged doubtfully, racking her brain, trying to place him.


Don't you remember me; I am Nikhil Saxena, your old classmate from high school! God imagine meeting  you here after all these years!


Oh yes! Nikhil, Wow! Nice seeing you! Didn't you go to BITS Pilani right after graduation? She smiled, happy to see an old dear friend.


Yes, I did and now I'm working with Cisco in Bangalore! I just came to visit with my family. How are you? You look awesome! But then you always did. Looking at her admiringly.


Thanks! I am now a Doctor, practicing, working hard. That's all! She said shyly. Tell me about you. Did you get married, kids?


LOL! I almost forgot! Yes, I did get married just last month! No, no kids yet, maybe someday, but not now. How about you? I'm sure something must be cooking, there were quite a few of us who were crazy about you back in those days! He said sitting across her.


She blushed, Well'


Well, what Khanak? And who are you sir, sitting here in my spot?


Shaan was irate, as he stood there, hands on hips, looking threateningly at Nikhil.


I, I am sorry. I didn't know'


Don't say sorry Nikhil, and keep sitting! Mr. Builder here has a penchant of flying to conclusions and off the handle for unknown reasons! I've figured it out pretty nicely now! She glared challengingly at Shaan.




Didn't you hear what I just said? Shaan's muttered through pursed lips, then turning to Khanak, I leave for just a few minutes and you already are on first name basis? What's going on here?


Khanak, I think I should be going! See you later under better circumstances! Nikhil left in a hurry as Shaan glared after him.


Nikhil please don't! Shaan is just a a'.!  She closed her eyes in frustration.


What am I huh? And who was that, Mr. Goody Two Shoes? I know his type! Shaan was finding it hard to control himself, first Dr D and now Nikhil. Khanak seemed to somehow attract the wrong kind of attention.


Stop it! Will you? You are making a scene! Khanak said before running away trying to control her tears from falling.


Shaan looked after her for a moment puzzled, and then something made him follow behind, the pain in her voice pulled at his heart strings.


She entered the ladies room and shut the door behind; fortunately it was empty. She leaned over the sink discouraged, wondering why it was happening all over again. Then she heard him bang on the door.


Khanak, please open up the door! Shaan's voice had lost all its arrogance.


Go away! I've had enough of your silly games!


He cringed with guilt, he couldn't let her go. Pleaaase? Just this once? I promise never again!

She didn't answer. She had to resist his pleas.


Khanak? I know what you are thinking, that I am behaving badly without a reason, that I am repeating the same awful error I did the other day. Am I right? Hoping that he would get a response.


But why? Why again and again do I have to take this from you, a grown up man? She didn't understand.


Because I'm like a spoilt kid playing with his favorite toy..


But I thought we trusted each other, we are not children but rational adults.



Yes, but time and again, I forget that you are a person, an individual, an intelligent adult who has all the right to do what she wants and make her own decisions. Just like you have been doing for all those years before I met you. He closed his eyes and prayed, I know it's hard for you to trust me again, but just one more chance for your Burthal?


Khanak melted, she opened the door just a crack, Are you sure? Her eyes probing his.


Yes I am sure! He said as he gently pushed the door open and stepped inside, and took her in his arms hugging her tight, and buried his face into her neck.


My Sweet Angel, I don't know what comes over me when I see you smiling at another man or boy for that matter. I go blind with envy, perhaps it's me being insecure, a fear of losing you!


Then what about you? Why did you go away gallivanting with that Ramona or whoever she was and leave me alone? You thought you did me a great service?


He held her face tenderly in his hands and as she looked into those chocolate brown eyes, she could see that they were wet like hers. And he seemed embarrassed,


It was only a joke! Nothing was real!




Yes, I wanted to make you jealous. Wanted to see if you were Human. He couldn't meet her eye.


Khanak smiled, if you really wish to know, you succeeded in your mission! I wanted to strangle that Bi__!  And you with her!


Shaan laughed, Oh my God! I won't try that again, I might have to do away with my life! But if I may ask, who was that guy who was so worthy of your precious smile?


He was Nikhil, an old high school friend. And FYI he is also happily married! She said as if censuring a naughty child.


Oops! My bad! Poor guy! Perhaps then, an apology is in order?


Poor guy indeed! He didn't know what hit him! But I think you should apologize to me first. She teased her lips suggestive.


I agree, but how? He played along.


Do I have to spell it out?


No you don't! He sighed with relief as he covered her trembling lips with his own, reminding her again, that she couldn't live without him. He was her Human After All.




The need to love and be loved

The need to want and be desired

The need to be thirsty and then slake it

The need to own and to belong


Makes us who we are






Please comment!!Smile I will take it  wellConfused

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Jealousy and all !!!!!

Crossed all limits!!!

But he manaofies her again ... surprising she gives in so easily ... I guess thats love!!!


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saaaz IF-Dazzler

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Phew...that was a looong update...how do yu do it re?? I run out of things to say in thirty lines and your update went from shanak discussing poverty, small talk at snazzy restaurant, manofying and sweet what nots AND a kiss...that is something...really something.,hats off to you Simi...packed update..such a read...fabulous!!

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sunday morning u plan to kill me wid this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
 it was superb i loved it like hell simi...its just fantastic:)

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First, I was wondering how they will come to talk about the Charity hospital and hence really really liked the way you brought it up...very touching, how he wants to be a part of her dream too, and somehow really found it romantic that they share such stuff and find their own ways to give in to each other..

Then, Shaan and his jealousy D'ohROFL earlier a teenager and now a married man whom he actually scared away ROFL It was so right for Khanak to get upsetApprove

Third, even when Khanak is angry and flashes a smile to Nikhil, the moment he approaches, she is scared whether her smile was suggestive or something..I absolutely adored this small thing!! 

And when she while she went for the ladies room, I had to reach out for my blush-o-meter...he apologised and entered it!?!! Whoa!! So censoredROFL  and yet so romantic  Embarrassed

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IF_rida Goldie

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now i got to know wht a very gud morning is
luved it !!!

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HKfan Goldie

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Sweet jealousy...! That was cute!!!!

Wanted to see if you were Human.
...lol...nice line from Shaan!!!

We want more!!!! LOL

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hei dear,
as i said u earlier i wont beat u..hope hereafter they wont play like this with other's feelings..but it is shaan who is playing..silly..dont play like this hereafter..
ahhh..poor shaan wishes to kiss her hearing her girl saying the beautiful words..but control shaan..oh girl..he wishes to give u a passionate kiss on ur lips but u r shying for the kiss in hand..
his comment for her sharp finger nail..haila...u naughty shaan..
both of them rejoicing the moments that passed by..i too feel happy like khanak regarding Dr.D..
there little talk abt dharavi was nice..
so as we all wished hearing khanak's reference abt the charity hospital he said he could offer his service as an architect..love u shaan for saying this n making her feel happy..this was so nice "Absolutely, I want to be a part of my Angel's dream!" and she tightened her hold around his waist indicating her happiness..that is worth dying for..
kabhi nahi sudhrega shaan..he is imagining her lying beside him..(simi dont delay their marriage for long..otherwise shaan for sure will go mad..)
he wants to eat her..wonderful description of his state of mind..
secluded place in the dark cozy corner of the restaurant sounds romantic..shaan's reference abt his "my exclusive department" made me laugh..n his talk abt their private affair leaving her blushing..
loved these lines
"Awww! My Angel will soon sport permanent pink cheeks! Innocence ki hadh kar di aapne!

Oh Shut up you're Besharmi ki hadh!

Haii! Sirf aapki badaulat! Who asked you to be so delectable? Poor me having to deal with not only myself but the rest of the male species! He said with mock self pity."

hein..ye kya?kabab mein haldi..ramona..how could one interfere talking like this..n shaan to instigate jealousy in khanak played along with her..not fair shaan..(wish to bring shaan back to khanak holding his ears..n ask him will u repeat this..haan)
haaa..she wants to wear tube top r bikini..i want to see shaan's face at that time..
how dare ramona asks shaan like this.."Who is that piece of work you came in with Shaan?" but his response i liked it..but her question to him was also nice.."Then why did you abandon her like that?" this would have hit him bad..
poor nikhil..he was just seeing an old school friend n sharing pleasantaries..but shaan made him run away..
shaan that was not fair on ur part..u made khanak cry..
but loved the way he patched up..
this way of apologising would make shaan do more mistakes khanak..so BEWARE..he will do anything to kiss u..
PS: although it was a lengthy update i felt it small simi..dont beat me for saying like us..now u start writing the next part soon..

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