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Every Tear Has Its Own Story- SAJAN SS! END (Page 22)

mohit_rockstar Senior Member

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 2:45am | IP Logged
nice cont soon:)

BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

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Posted: 07 August 2011 at 9:09am | IP Logged
oh freak is story ke baare me to mein bhul hi gayi thi..

abhi abhi my post dekhi to yaad aaya..

oh no..

well guys for yaar..

bt let me first updt a mistake of our life coz i havent updt it frm last 2 months...

then after dat i will updt every tear has its onw story...

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BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 August 2011 at 9:53am | IP Logged
precap: Samrat saved Gunjan..


they broke the hug...
"wo bas mein ghar jaa rahi thi.. or wo truckk
samne se aa raha tha mein samaj hi nahi paayi'
mein kya karu...??" Gunjan said while reading expression of Samat's face...

Samrat again hugged her...

"plzzz Gunjan be careful agar aaj mein time
par yaha nahi hota to mein tume kho deta gunjan..."
samrat didnt realised wat he was saying it was his
hidden feeling which came out coz of fear of loosing her...
n Gunjan too lost in his arms...n very happy
seeing samrat in her arms...n close to her...
she closed the eyes n lived the moment...
again Samrat broke the hug but still Gunjan was in
his arms... Samrat was just staring at her face...
n just tried to conviced himself dat she was fine
nthing happened to her...  slowly put his hand on
her cheek n kissed her on other cheek... n GUnjan
closed her eyes to feel the moment... Frm the day
she saw Samrat She wanted to feel him... as she was
fall in love at first sight... just tried to figure
out was she dreaming or its reality...She could see the love for her in his eyes... n that made her more crazy abt him dat he also cared for her.. n his charm already made her crazy...

"Gunjan tumhaare haath se to khoon nikal raha haiii..."Samrat notice her elbow was bleeding...

"Tum chalo mere sath..." Samrat added worriedly
held her frm her elbow n lead him to his bike...
n took out his handherchief frm his pocket n
tied it around her elbow...

"Chalo tum mere sath..." Samrat said authoritivly
n started his bike... n GUnjan sat behind him...

"acche se pakad na warna fir se gir jaaogi..."
Gunjan smiled seeing Samrat like this... it felt out
of the world when u saw ur love life is taking care
of you...Today she felt Samrat's love for her.. n
this time no need to words to exprss their love..
n she could feel Samrat's love... She just held him
tightly.. n Samrat drove off...
soon they reached to the Shergill mansion...
Gunjan saw Samrat stopped the bike.. n realised that
whole way she was lost in him just staring at him..
n seeing dreams about her n Samrat  n their happy
go lucky life...She came to the world when she felt
Samrat stopped the bike.. she looked up n saw a big
gate... n saw mansion... omg this is the same shergill
mansion which she saw on the first day of her college
n she dreamt abt this mansion... n she hope dat
this mansion would be hers...she was amazed socked n
surprised too... stood in front of mansion with
mouth opened... Samrat parked the bike n saw her
socked expression...

"oh hello aise socked kyu ho... koi bhoot bunglow
dekh liya kya???"Samrat asked n Gunjan came out
of her sock...

"ye mansion tumhaara haiii???" Gunjan asked in
amazment...Samrat nodded n also confused seeing
Gunjan's behaviour... she dragged Samrat...

"Samrat chalo na muje dekhna haiii .. tumhe pata hai
jab pehle din meine ise dekha tha na tab to dekhti
hi reh gayi thi.. pata haii muje aisa laga ki kaash
ye mera hota... par ye to tumhaara haii matlab ki
ye sach me mera mansion haii..."
Gunjan was saying all these while dragging Samrat
in... n Samrat was just listning n lost in her...
when Samrat heard last line he stopped...n GUnjan
saw his stopped...

"kya hua?? chalo naa??? tumhaara hi ghar haii..."
Gunjan said while ringing the bell...

servent opened the door... n she saw huge hall..

"wow" she whispered...n Samrat smiled seeing her..

"accha laga..??" Samrat asked..

"accha nahi samrat its like my dream house..."
said while scaning the whole house...

her gaze stopped at a pic... n she stopped looking
here n there..n just staring at the pic...
it was Samrat n Angel's pic... Samrat saw her staring
at the pic.n he too saw the pic its him n angel..

"Samrat ye kon haiii..???" she looked so many pics
with angel n Angel Samrat n an old lady...
only Angel's...

"Ye Angel haii... meri beti..." Samrat said n
gunjan froze at the same place... biggest sock
ever... Samrat angel's dad... how no no its nightmare
wake up Gunjan... unkowlnly tears started to come
out of her eyes...

"Tumhaari beti...???" GUnjan asked in socked state
coz she was feeling her world shattered... her love
cant be sum1 else... he Samrat was only belongs to
her... she scared to the death.. no way she cant
leave her love... no way he was her life... her

"haa meri beti...Angel "Samrat said n Gunjan just
looked at him in socked state...

"tumhaari shaadi ho chuki haii???" Gunjan asked..
bt she didnt knw wt she was asking...she even dont
knw y she was asking all these..

"Gunjan meri shaadi nahi huyi haii..."Samrat said
n turned his face...

"to fir Angel..."

"Nupur di ki beti haii... " Samrat said the truth
to Gunjan n he didnt knw y he was saying all these
to Gunjan coz in his last 4 years he didnt tell
any one anything... he hide everything.. bt he
was now saying truth to Gunjan... may be his heart
say to tell her..

as soon as Gunjan heard dat Angel was Nupur di's
sister her happiness has no bounds... she didnt
loose her love life her Samrat ...Samrat saw her

"kya hua aise hans kyu rahi ho??"

Gunjan just hugged him tightly... want to feel him
n want to convice herself dat Samrat was still hers..
and Samrat felt releif dat she didnt ask any
questions about Angel n Nupur...
Samrat saw Servent came with water...
Samrat broke the hug... n took tray from his hand..
n then ordered him to go to garden n clean the mess...

"ye lo paani..." n Samrat forwarded her glass...
n she drank water... then again Samrat saw her

"Gunjan tum bhi na dekho jo kaam karne tumhe laaya
tha wo to kiya hi nahi..."Samrat said n went  to
take first aid box...

"thnk god Samrat tumhaari beti nahi haii ek pal ke
liye laga ki jaise zindgi hi kisi ne cheen li ho..
bahut darr gayi thi mein... mein Samrat ko kisi bhi
kimmat par khona nhi chahti... mein apne aap se
bhi zyada use pyaar karti hu aaj se nahi pehle din
se jab se meine use dekha tha... aur uske sath reh
kar mera pyaar aur gehra hota jaa raha haii...
ab to uske bina jeena muskil hi nahi namumkin hai..
mein Samrat ko jald se jald bata dungi ki mein
use bahut pyaar karti hu aur use ab aur dur nahi
reh sakti... aaj meine kuch der ke liye use
kho dene ka ehsaas kiya haii wo dubaara kisi bhi
kimmat par nahi karna chahti..."
Gunjan though n then Samrat came to her.. n
first aid her...she could see the pain on Samrat's
face while dressing her elbow...n he slowly blow
the air on her wound...
then Samrat looked at Gunjan who was lost in him..
Samrat broke the eye contect after few minutes...

"thnk u..."Gunjan said.. n stood up to go..
Samrat also stood up...n then both smiled...

"mein tumhe chhod deta hu..."Samrat said while
Gunjan's cell rang.. she picked it up n talked to
the person..

"its ok Samrat car thik ho gayi haii driver muje
pick up karne aa raha haii..." Gunjan said n Samrat
nodded...Gunjan turned to go Samrat held her hand
n went so close to her... both were just staring
each other.. n feeling each other's clossness...
dont knw at took over Samrat .. Samrat softly
kissed her forhead with so much love... n Gunjan
closed her eyes to feel his love...n whispered in
her ear

"take care..." Gunjan felt his hot breath on her
ear... n current pass through her body...
she opened her eyes... n stared at him...n cupped
his face with her one hand n kissed his other
cheek...n then hugged him...n made her grip
tight on him...n Samrat to wraped his arms around
her.. n held her tight in his embrace...n they stayed
in each other's arm for few minutes n Gunjan heard
the horn.. n she broke the hug...

"bbye.."Gunjan said softly...
n Samrat didnt like it bt still smiled n said


she went...n Samrat went to his room... totally
lost in his thoghts n new feeling...he was walking
here n there just thinking abt Gunjan her smile
her laugh her eyes her tears her fear her nose..
her style... her talk her nature...her heart her
innocense her hug... made him feel sumthing special
out of the world... he was thinking abt her n only
her fow hours... he even dont knw wen his mom n
Angel came... n Angel came n tugged his pant...
Samrat looked down angel n smiled seeing her..
n picked her up n kissed her on her cheek...
n Angel also kissed him on his cheek n giggled...
n remembered how Gunjan kisssed him on his cheek
as a thnk u... he touched his cheek... n blushed...
n realised yahh he was blushing,... he turned
n saw himself in mirror...he was red with blush...
Angel patted his cheek as she didnt get any attenion
frm Samrat...

"daddaaa"she screamed...

"ahh Angel chill kyu chilla rahi ho..?? "

"Angel ko bhukhi lagi haii.."Angel made sad face..

"ohh my baby... sry Angel.. mein bhi na pata nahi
kabse kuch na kuch soch raha hu par samaj nahi
paa raha hu ki ye sach me pyaar haii yaa fir
a mere attrection...

"kya hua dadaa??"

"kuch nahi Angel chalo aapko khana khila deta hu.."
Samrat came with angel n saw table was ready for

then Samrat made her eat her food...n then placed
her on floor to play freely... n started to eat
his food...n still thinking about GUnjan...

then made Angel sleep as she was too tired dat
she played so many hours in garden with her daadi..
n he went to his room... n layed on bed...
still thinking about Gunjan...

"Gunjan ne ghar pahoch kar muje call kyu nahi kya??
wo ghar thik se pahoch to gayi th na..??"
Samrat tought.. n again worried for her...
he took his cell frm side table...n saw 50 msgs
frm Gunjan n 30 missed calls...
he quickly dialed her number...n Gunjan picked
up call..

"kaha the tum itne cal kiye itne msgs kiye... jab se
ghar pohchi hu tabse try kar rahi hu.. ek baar
bhi reply nahi kiya ... pata haii mein kitna
pareshaan ho gayi thi... darr gayi thi mein..."
Gunjan blasted as soon as she saw Samrat calling..
n at last sentense she stammered...

"are sry wo mobile silent par tha to pata nahi
chala tum thik se ghar par pahoch gayi thi na???"

"ha mein pahoch gayi thi..n its ok.."n then both
started their conversion... n talked all here
n there... n also about their life.. n Samrat
heard a lot about Mayank... n Gunjan too asked about
Nupur.. n make him understood dat he would
remember his dii without being sad coz if his di
see him sad she will be also sad... n Samrat knew
her di was nt bad person... she was like his mom..
so he too talked abt nupur n his life to Gunjan..
n Gunjan felt happy dat finally Samrat opened
to her yahh slowly slowly... n Gunjan too told
him about her n his brother...Mayank... then
she asked about Angel... n Samrat said she will
be his daughter always... n requested Gunjan not
to ask anything abt bad past of them... n Gunjan too
understand n she didnt want to make Samrat sad...
n they talked laughed theirr heart out.. n talked
about college n frnds... n they didnt knw when they
fell in deep slumber... having phone near their ear..


Mayank reached to India... n reached to home...
n first thing he did was call his Princess...
his Gunjan... he shouted for her.. bt one of servent
said dat she was still sleeping... n Mayank was
surprised dat Gunjan was sleeping till nw...
then he went to her room.. n saw a cute smile on
her face... like she was dreaming about sumthing...
n smiled seeing it... also saw mobile in her hand..
he took mobile n put it on side table.. n carresed
her hair...

"Princess..."mayank called her out...
bt she moved her head ... Mayank was toally surprised
dat his princess always jumped in joy at the moment
he saw him bt she was sleeping...

"Princess ..."Mayank said loudly... n Gunjan slowly
opened her eyes..n Saw Mayank was sitting beside
her... she oened her eyes widely...

n screamed...

"bhai..."n got up n hugged him... she was damn
happy seeing him...

"yes princesss..." Mayank ssmiled seeing her

"bhai aap kab aaye... ??? i mean muje to aap ko
air port le ne aana tha... "Gunjan pouted..

"bas abhi abhi aaya aur dekha ki meri princess to
so rahi haii..."
Gunjan broke the hug..

"sry bhai wo kal raat naa Samrat se baat karte
karte der se soyi naa to..."bt stopped in mid
sentense as he saw his brother's eyes are widen
n she realised dat she talked about Samrat...

"ye Samrat kaun haii aap ne muje in ke baare mein
to pehle kabhi nahi bataya.. aur raat ko der tak
unse baat kar rahi thi...????" Mayank asked soking
n surprisingly... as Gunjan never hide anything
frm her...

"kya bhai aap bhi naa... project partener haii mera
bas project ke baareme discuss kar rahe the to
pata nahi chala ki kitni  der huyi haii..."
Gunjan tried to hide everything... as she didnt
want to tell him anything till she confessed her
love to Samrat...

"ohk ohkk... muje pata haii Princess mujse kuch
nahi chupayegi... " n hugged her n Gunjan too
hugged him.. n decided to confessed her feeling
as soon as first she had to knw about
Samrat feeling...

"i love you bhai..."

"i love you too prince...chalo ab muje chhodo muje
bahut kaam haiii... saara bussiness yaha shift karna
haii to..."

"kya bhai ek to aap itne din baad mujse mile haii..
hum pehli baar itne dur rahe aur aap ho ki..."
Gunjan made sad face.. n acted as she was angry..

" iknw meri princess.. par kaam to karna padega na
warna muje wahi rehna padta aur tume yaha akele..."

bt GUnjan didnt respose..

"ohkk par mein to apni princess ke liye na bahut
saari chocolates laaya tha to fir wo kaun khayega.."

as soon as she heard it... she jumped..chocolates..

"sirf mein khaungi..."she ran n opened his bag
n took all her chocolates... n Mayank smileed..

At college...
Samrat entered n looking for Gunjan...
n on otherside GUnjan was too looking for Samrat...
both saw each other n rushed to each other,,

"hii" both said...

n laughed...

"mein tumhe hi..."both said..

"tum pehle bolo..."Samrat said n GUnjan smiled

"kal naa mein kab so gayi muje pata hi nahi chala..
sry.."Gunjan asked for her foegiveness cutely..

"its ok..actually m sry too muje bhi nahi  pata
ki mein kab so gaya..."

n both started their chatar pattar like lovers..
love birds...

so many days passes like dat... they live their
life so lovingly. ..with each other like
lovers... everyday calls.waiting for each other..
speak their heart out.. n sumtimes Maynk doubted
Gunjan bt then let it go... as he was too busy
in his bussiness.. still they have their Bro sis

In dis days... Samrat lived happily without any
pain in his heart his mother saw so changed Samrat
n happy to see his son like this.. n Gunjan asked about
Angel n her nature... n Samrat also said her
antics.. n they laughed... n Gunjan wished in her
heart that their life be the same...for ever...
its almost two months... Samrat realised dat its
nt mere attraction its pure love...  n nw Gunjan is
his everything...n took care of her like anything..

one day they desided to go to beach..
bth went there... n walking on beach silently..
soft sand was touching their feet... Gunjan silently
enterwined her finger with his...both looked at
each other...n statred at each other... n kept
walking... they walked few steps n water touched
their feet... Gunjan silently bent down n throw water
on his face.. Samrat was socked... Gunjan ran
n Samrat ran behind her.. n then caught her by waist
n then both splashed water on eachother... suddenly
a heavy wave wawed n Gunjan couldnt balanced her
self n held Samrat collor bt he too lost balance
n fell in water n nw fully drantched...both were
so close to each other... their body was so cool
due to water... n on face they were feeling each
other's hot breath... Samrat moved her hair frm her
face... n carresed her face... Gunjan was lost in
moment...then Samrat splashed water on her face..
n both laughed... then slowly both got up...
n Samrat made her stand on her feet properly...
still his arm around her waist n Gunjan's arm
around his waist...coll wind was carresing their
face... n they dont knw when their face came so
close... both lost in moment.. n closed their
eyes... n softly both touched each other's lips...
n first it was soft... n then both made
their grip tight on each other n their kissed
turned into passionate... after almost 10
minutes they broke the kiss.. n breathing haevily..
Gunjan touched his forhead with his...

"i lOve You..."Samrat said sofly.. he didnt plan to
confess so soon.. bt dont knw wen the words fell
frm his mouth... n soon he heard...

"i love you too... Samrat..." Gunjan soon replied
his confession.. n she too confessed...
n kissed his lips this time to celebrate thier words nthing.. only love...
they knw they have feeling foe eachother..n nw
without any word they were confessing.. n showing
weachother dat hw much they love eachother...
they they broke the kiss... n smiled...
then Samrat held her hand n both sat on rock...
Samrat made her sit in his lap..n they shared their
feelings.. they talked n talked wen they realised
how they felt at sum perticular moment...
n all... n in all these they dont knw how much
time they spent... sky is nw totally black...

"pyaar mein pata hi nahi chalta na ki kitna waqt
beet jaata haii..."Samrat said... n the moment
Gunjan realised its too late... n she looked
around its dark.. yahh its too late its night...
n looked at her wrist watch... its 10...

"oh no Samrat its 10..." Gunjan screamed n Samrat
too realised the time... n remembered about
angel... n Gunjan remembered about Mayank...

"yahh its too late chalo tumhe drop kar deta hu.."

both hurrily went frm there..
they reached to GUnjan's house... n Gunjan quickly
kissed his cheek n said bye to him... n opened
the door.. n saw at main gate Mayank was waiting for
her... worriedly...she screamed bhaii... n ran
to him... Samrat Saw Gunjan's cell is in car.. so
he came out n went to wards her home... n froze..
when saw Gunjan hugging Mayank... n Mayank
scolding her n telling her how much he was worried
for her...

n Samrat was stopped at the same place... n FROZE...

Samrat seduce Gunjan...

Hope you like this.. if you like it dont res do comment..
n silent readers hit the like button... m waiting  4 ur comments..
ur comments are precious for me.. so plzzz do comment...


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sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 August 2011 at 9:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by RadhikaBhushan

oh freak is story ke baare me to mein bhul hi gayi thi..

abhi abhi my post dekhi to yaad aaya..

oh no..

well guys for yaar..

bt let me first updt a mistake of our life coz i havent updt it frm last 2 months...

then after dat i will updt every tear has its onw story...

& Also It Was Always Love ;) & Road To Nowhere :) Embarrassed
BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 August 2011 at 10:09am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..-Sanzz-..

Originally posted by RadhikaBhushan

oh freak is story ke baare me to mein bhul hi gayi thi..

abhi abhi my post dekhi to yaad aaya..

oh no..

well guys for yaar..

bt let me first updt a mistake of our life coz i havent updt it frm last 2 months...

then after dat i will updt every tear has its onw story...

& Also It Was Always Love ;) & Road To Nowhere :) Embarrassed

yah sanz then i will updt road to nowhere n it was always love...
BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

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Posted: 04 September 2011 at 5:39am | IP Logged
part 5 updateddd
sarunlicious.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 04 September 2011 at 5:42am | IP Logged
^^ Where ?! LOL
BabajiKaThullu IF-Addictz

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Posted: 04 September 2011 at 5:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..-Sanzz-..

^^ Where ?! LOL

sana ki bacchi part 5 page 22 par upar dekhhh

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