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Salaam Namaste my dear SGPians,Wednesday is here and  I am haazir to take u into the world of SGP,Toh ChaleBig smile?

 Today's Summary:

Panna's tears for Inder
Bajpai parivaar trying to escape Maasi's pooja
Suhana's decision to teach Panna's MIL a lesson

Raunak's house:

Panna sitting.. remembering Inder's words when he spoke to her in front of  MIL. That they r only worried about high status and not to be there and to leave with him, about her decision to stay back and telling him to exit.worried Remembering how both  inder and panna place their heads at rano's lap and saying they have 2 moms bm and choti maa. Then panna moves inder's head and  both look at each other and laugh.How She is running behind Inder to hit him and all other family members r present there  supporting them..Embarrassed..How he places a smile on her hands , and then she remembers her harsh words how she drove him  awayCry. Sad in those thoughts, she keys in SMS sorry bhaiya to inder. Inder in his room gets the SMS , he is crying then he sees it and cries. He calls her. She is in a dilemma to pick up or not. Keeps ringing. She ignores it the fifth time and cries badly. Inder looks at the mobile. Panna cries badly for doing so. Inder dials again crying and keying,saying please don't cry panna, I am ok, as a SMS and sends her, cries againCry.[/NOCOPY]

[CRYPT]Rajni in kitchen  alone, thinking ,remembers inder's harsh words towards elesh. How he shouted at them for being funny always and not bothering about anyone else's sadness.Then  remembers panna's words. That she had fell in childhood days near a cane sofa  , when elesh had pushed her playing langdi ,inder came and scolded him kya hai be meri behen ko gira diya?For this elesh started crying and asked him why say his sis ? is she not his sis? CryBM arrives and asks did inder sleep? He is about to sleep says Rajni. She says she knows he will not sleep as he loves his sister a lot and  is worried feeling helpless. Rajni tells her that she will make him understand and tells her not to worry  and to sleep. BM says right from childhood days seeing losing many he has lost hope. Men break from within and they don't even realize it. He needs u now. Please take care of him.  Rajni says that I have seen so many happiness and sadness too in this house, have seen u smiling always but never seen u crying in sadness. how do u drink your tears?( She means how do u try to absorb the sadness) BM says if one has confidence that god does everything for good then why to shed tears and be not thankful to him? Rajni hugs her and cries. CryBM tells her to go and take care of Inder as otherwise who is there for him if Rajni also cries and loses hope .Tells her to give meethi  milk. BM slowly moves towards the living room passage door, switches off the light and halts, turns and sees the darkness.  She is standing on the doorstep and her shadow is seen  in the living room.(Awesome, The CTs trying to compare the darkness to the gloominess she is going thru in her life, her lost state , for now related to PannaThumbs Up.)[/CRYPT]

Sunrise scene and cam moves to Chawri bazaar lane to the living area of the Kashyap parivaar

[CRYPT]Disha says she has never seen inder in such a mood, possibly he is really worried. Ishaan says not to worry no one can be in a bad mood in our family for a long time and things will be fine . Ishaan tells today he, disha and Inder bhaiya will together go to office and tells elesh  that they will also have  tea outside. Suhana enters and asks what happened yest did u know?,Inder bhaiya had been to meet Pannadi and there her MIL insulted him and also disrespected our family. She tells "Ishaan we must teach MIL a lesson. " Elesh says MIL? Suhana says Mother in law. Elesh says he thot it was the name of some insurance policy. big grin Suhana says very funny.LOL Ishaan says she shud not interfere in this. She says why not I am the DILbatting eyelashes.Elesh asks what is DIL?Confused Disha tells DIL is shayad daughter in law , correct na? Disha says MIL says anything she has no value for us. Before it was different. But now pannadi is all alone. How will she stay back there listening to all those taunts? Elesh says but what can be done. Suhana says god knows how Panna tolerates that lady there. And why. She tells she needs to teach her na lesson. She has insulted the honour of our family.Clap We need to teach her that  in our society also there is respect. The watchman may be does not even know the MIL name.. but here dadaji's name full chawri bazaar knows.Embarrassed She asks Disha what is dadaji's full name. she tells ambarnath kashyap. Suhana tells correct. Even his death news got published in all papers correct na? Ishaan keeps telling her to not interfere. She gets angry and says no we shud. And that lady has to apologise. ClapThen elesh and disha also say they need to go for another idea. Suhana thinks and smiles and says when she was trying to be a good bahu she had seen one bahu puts oil to teach her arrogant MIL a lesson and her mil slips and falls. Ishaan says maa dugeshwari  I am requesting u.please don't interfere in this matter. Ishaan takes elesh and leaves. As he leaves he sees suhana is trying to persuade disha. He comes back and asks disha that she is getting late for school. Suhana talking to herself that she doe nto care what does ishaan thinks. No value for her words. How dare MIL insult Inder bhaiya. Let him say anything I don't careStar.[/CRYPT]

MISSION : Escape maasi's pooja- Bajpai parivaar

[CRYPT]Shanti maasi is scolding KK ,that she makes the temple every year here and once she leaves , pooja is not  done regularly in bajpai house , in this house no one's hridaya (heart)has god in it, chi chi chi.she continues  that see his age, still stuck in materialistic things, he is  living like a naastik and which face will he show to god when he goes up. KK tells this face only he will show. No other option. Dolly didi and sanju come. KK tells them to sit and that he has put ganga jal also there. Shanti maasi is chanting goddess  laxmi shloka. Sanju is saying please hurry I am getting late. Maasi says tell your professor that u were doing pooja.  Sanju find sit weird and asks what? KK stops her and says let her continue else it will get more late. Someone's is ringing bell. All ready to get up but Shanti maasi tells no one is here and come after sometime. Dolly says  something is burning  in kitchen. ConfusedMaasi says u can say rasoi also na. Sanju says kitchen of rasoi, I too can smell something burning, wait I will see and come. KK tells  wait, I will see. ShockedShanti maasi says no one will get up. And scolds KK that will he go to kitchen chi chi chi?Dolly says I remember lauki is there in gas I will turn it off. Maasi says no lauki today I had said na . that is not correct ,quickly move it and make Khushmand. Dolly says that has to be bought from market. KK says I will bring from market. Maasi says where is gopi? Dolly says I will see where is gopi and come and escapes. Sanju saying she is getting late. KK tells sanju ,he will drop her and makes sanju sit with him. Closing his eyes, tells her sincerely, u need to join your hands like this and pray . But sanju escapesWink.[/CRYPT]

Raunak house: Ghabbar meets Hitler
[CRYPT]Panna back from school. FIL sitting and reading newspaper and enquires whether she is fine. She says that she was waiting for bus and got tired. MIL says did she pay the mobile  bill and that she had to pay while going to school. As panna says she paid while coming back from school and it will get activated in 15 mins. As people will be trying the number,  MIL feels it is a prestige issue if they get the temperorily disconnected messages.So she blasts at Panna for the same. FIL supports panna saying where she will get the phone calls . and her kitty party friends have already have  started ignoring her. MIL gets wild and tells him not to defend her and she feels humiliated from the moment the phone is off  and says from the moment raunak is gone she has to depend on panna for paying the bill. FIL says imagine what haal raunak is done to u. MIL gets a phone and it is wrong number.FIL says see the phone is activated and that too a worng number better was that it shud have been disconnected. MIL says was it a joke and shud she laugh? Suhana ,  knock knock Suhana ki flying visit.surprise . FIL warns not to tell her anything.  Suhana greets sayng hello aunty. MIL smiles and greets her. Suhana says arrey u r smiling and tells them ishaan had told her not to go and aunty likes me and she will not behave bad with me. She tells aunty u know when I get angry I break glass plates and glasses . What do u do when u r angry? MIL is stunned. ShockedCam freezes on Panna and Suhana's smiling face.[/CRYPT]


Ishaan asks suhana where she had been he says he had told her not to go and still she went ....he tells BM that He had told her not go and still she went. Yes inder bhaiya had been and a prob had happened why did she go?


 Neat episode guys.... I loved Suhana today.... Loved her concern for Panna and Inder.... Ishaan did tell her not to interfere as he thinks like BM.... it is after all the matter of Panna's sasuraal.... unnecessary interference might irk MIL more and she might taunt Panna more.... possibly these were the reasons which Ishaan thinks and tells Suhana not to interfere....But Suhana's thots today was a mix of her innocence ...but clarity of concern.... though she din know what exactly is the family honour ... she did make a comment that dadaji was known by all in chawri bazaar lane.... how subtly and well said.... thru innocence.... a man is known by his deeds , his character in the society....not for his wealth.... loved this take... also BM's silent thots.... on seeing her shadow halfway the living area was just beautiful....Whom can she share her sorrow? showing her loneliness and lost thots in the form of shadow and darkness was just beautiful.... also Panna's calm but worried mind was seen thru well... her concern for her brother as she knew she had hurt him was a wonderful scene... very well handled scene... thru the SMS... but those words mattered a lot.... in today's world.... showed the genuine concern of a sis for a bro.  Smile...Shukran guyz.... have a lovely week..... phir karenge hum intezaar.... phir milenge.... chalthe chalthe....!


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lovely update laxmi d! there are like so many tracks going on, main toh Wacko gayi! wander hows Cvs managin all this 
but still it wasnt that bad, they are managin all the tracks quite well.... 

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Nice Update Laxmi as usual...

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superb update laxmi di....!!!

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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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Thanks for the update as I couldnt find the episodes on you tube. seems very good episode again
Shwets let me help you, only 2 tracks are going mainly now,
1. KK mairrage,  he is not pursuaded yet and Suhana has not given up either.

2. Panna,s sitauation in her  inlaws house.

And we will see Sushaan and Kyshaps managing both tracks, we did read in the article about Sanju and Deepak, but not the time , as when it would start, I think it would and should start slowly, so in my opinion there would be loads more episodes before it would shape up to be a love story b/w them, as Deepak needs to be a HUMAN again, as he is still afraid and scared of laughing openly.

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Thanks Keenu, netri, sam-much, shwets, sheems....Big smile
yeah guys.... today the focus was clearly on Panna as Suhana and all were also discussing about only Panna.... Bajpai house was a gag to set the balance in the episode.... as panna track is a bit gloomy.....
Suhana's dialogues were marvellous today.... i loved the way she said even dadaji's death news had come in the newspaper....... she was so cute and so proud about it... trying to say he is so famous....... poor dadaji....also the way she said even the watchman wud not know panna's MIL's full name but entire chawri bazaar lane knew her dadaji's name and immediatley asked disha what was his full name.... she is simply CUTE....
She even openly told panna's MIL that Ishaan had warned her not to visit Panna's house ........poor Ishaan... phasa diya usse bhi....

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LAXMI.......................MAYA.........TUSSI..........GREAT..........HOBig smile
.................GUD.............I HAD,,,,,,,,,,,,,,NT...SEEN...THE...EPSODE...
...........AND....NO..NEED.................TO  SEE.........PAR  KYA....KARU
...........DEKHANA.....Day Dreaming.THO .........PADEGA....SUSHAAN........KA...PANKHA...
....HU.......NA..Party..................NICE...UPDATEThumbs Up

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