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|| Atha Shri Ram Katha || - Our Journey (Page 4)

MagadhSundari IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 November 2011 at 9:25pm | IP Logged
I guess that's as far as we're going to get if we try to discuss anything before bade wale Shri Ram's entry LOL Sooo... time to start rambling about volume two: the four brothers' "graduation" and the journey with Vishwamitra... let's talk!

My random rambles to start off with:
- the way the three moms get all excited at the thought of their sons coming home is really adorable. the tinsel in Kaushalya Maa's hair always made me giggle though as a kid, was wondering whether Christmas decorations really originated as elements of singaar in our culture LOL
- Vashisht's very humble apologetic dialogue while returning the children to their mothers is beautiful, only true saints have that kind of humility. His message to Ram while extolling the glories of mothers is a perfect match for that very favorite resham ka jhabla scene of mine from SK, between Maharishi Garg and Devaki.
- as Debi di and I have often discussed, the way Ram greets Kaikeyi and Sumitra first and his own mother last is subtle evidence of Kaushalya's virtuous training... that's what they mean when they keep saying, "you're Ram's mother na, that's why you're so great"
- the chandan and then the food scene where they all pamper the boys is hiLARious ROFL particularly Kaikeyi's "lessons" and Lakshman's expressions as well as his teasing of his dubla patla Ram bhaiya LOL feels like a real family moment. And all the boys look really cute in that scene, I must add all young and clean and carefree LOL Particularly Arun at 10:49
- The background music in that scene is the first time we hear that BEAUTIFUL trademark bansuri-sarod-santoor pahadi dhun that was used in every Sagar serial ever since. I love it and use it as an alarm clock on my cell phone. Originally it continued into the scene in which Dashrath watches Ram sleep, but stupid editors seem to have changed that Unhappy
- who else remembers my comments on the funny sounding rishi at 16:55 during the CC days LOL

will leave the serious stuff for later, was in the mood for light stuff now... but if anyone else wants to go further in their commentaries please do!!!

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..RamKiJanaki.. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 30 November 2011 at 8:55pm | IP Logged
Hey guys! Glad you're keeping this thread alive, I'm back.Tongue
To add my own two pointers to the current discussion, my favorite scene post-Gurukul is when the four brothers take their bath and Lakshman becomes all uncomfortable at the mention of romance.ROFL Honestly, I don't think anyone but Sunil Lahri could have portrayed those naive, innocent expressions. He was such an amazing actor from the start of the serial itself.Clap
I also really love Arunji's silent subtle smiles and knowing looks throughout the episode. The food scene where he tries to prevent Kaushalya Ma from overfeeding him, but is prevailed by her thanks to Lakshman, was also very cute.LOL I wish there were more family scenes like these before Vishvamitra came, but it being a weekly show, I guess they could not waste too much time on light stuff.
Btw Lola, how do you put these tunes as your ringer/alarm clock? Remember that one tune in RSK when Ashok/Krishna takes the cows grazing soon after his entrance into the show? I really adore that tune sooo much and have been craving to put it as my ringer, but I don't know how.Unhappy

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DharmaPriyaa IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 06 December 2011 at 8:52am | IP Logged
Dear friends, I am so sorry for being too late to write on the first two episodes UnhappyEmbarrassed & next scene has also been given, but I can't resist myself from expressing my thoughts on first episodes Embarrassed I know my dear RSR lover friends will forgive me for this late, actually I was totally packed-up with my studies. But better late than never, right? Smile Anyway, here are my comments, Smile

Ramanand Sagar's Ramayan is my best TV show, not only for it presented my dearest epic so perfectly but also for its eternal devotional appeal which I can feel every single time I watch it. I discover new feelings in it each time, & I love to think over it in my leisure times.

So here I start narrating what I understand in first two episodes.


After the mind-blowing title song which very nicely tells about a devotee's eternal thirst of Bhakti-rasa, Ramayan is started with the divine scene of Vaikunth Lok. The Vishnu stuti is of course my favorite, & I also respect the actor who played Lord Vishnu in this scene. He had a divine appearance which attracts me. Deepika is also unparallel as Mata MahaLakshmi, I always notice her loving glance towards sleeping Vishnuji, and it's really full of divine feelings! This little silent glance has ocean of meaning which an ordinary devotee like me can never express in words!

My favorite part is where Mata Prithivi narrates her extreme pain due to Ravan's behavior! Love her dialog! & yes, this scene teaches us that we should never lose faith & love for God, as He knows our heart, He feels our pain, & HE WILL SAVE US FROM ALL DANGER! Whenever this universe will suffer due to demons HE WILL APPEAR & will establish the Dharm again, as He told in Geeta! I feel the divine depth of Arunji's voice in this scene, especially when 'Satyameba Jayate' is uttered repeatedly, & I love the process how the Sun God's murti is shown just with the ending of 'Satyameba Jayate', as it's indicated that Hail to the Sun, the God of truth, as well as Hail to the holy Raghukul, the dynasty of Sun God, where Satya, the truth, always lives with an ease!

The next scene in which we suddenly find ourselves on earthly atmosphere with Ayodhya's holy palace is extremely dear to me, especially the first appearance of King Dasharath & the three queens! They are blessed because LORD LOVES THEM & they were going to be the happiest parents in the universe! Whenever I watch this scene, I feel a GREAT PLEASURE for my dear Lord's arrival! I feel really impatient for that holy moment! Enjoyed the Dasharath's approach to Rishyashringa, & yes, I LOVE Guru Vasistha's advice to the king where he advised him to meet the great sage very humbly & not to express royalty to a Dharmatma! He who is going to be father of God must have to show this humble respect to Lord's devotee sages! So true!
LOVE the whole Ramnavami scene; here I always feel a great interest to note the close shots of the Lord, His Chakra & Lord Shesh Naag before their birth! We can easily realize who has incarnated as which baby! Love the direction process!
Now about naming ceremony, I always feel the parent's love towards their children in this scene! The way Dasharathji utters 'Ram' really pleases me! How a great devotee he was! & his devotion was 'Batsalya-bhakti', the devotion full of fatherly/motherly affection! Love all three queens there, especially Sumitra Mata, as she became happy to learn about her two children's future. We can realize that she will easily allow her children to follow Ram & Bharat whenever it will be necessary! I always admire Mata Sumitra's this feelings which reflects the great loving bond of Raghukul.

The childhood episode is really very touching because it's a happy scene, & we can see only a few happy scenes in Ramayan. This scene in which the queens try to awake their divine kids, I watched it for numerous times! Loved the sweet song to bits! It's a divine song for me, full of Batsalya bhakti rasa! Enjoyed each mother-child relation, & yes, of course Kaikeyi-Bharat! But I can't think about their tragic future while watching this sweet scene. I want to enjoy every little moment of each happy scene of Ramayan, as we have very few of them. So I try to forget the future tragedy while watching happy moments.
Also love the child Ramji. His sweet dialogs express him as a normal human boy who is very close to us. The scene in which the four boys are trying to get most number of mangoes always makes me smile! I wish this Baal-leela should be longer, but it ends very quickly! :( Brotherly love of Ramayan is my very favorite topic, so I wish RSji could show more scenes on sweet brotherly relations in boyhood to express the eternal loving nature of the divine boys. We have one very precious scene like that, before upanayan sanskaar, where Shatrughna asked whether lori is heard in Gurukul or not, & Kaikeyi loughs affectionately, Ram promises to sing lori for his dear little brother, it's a very well-planned family scene (though I miss Bharat & Lakshman's involvements here). Ramanand Sagar could feel the essence of that great family very truly! We offer koti koti pranaam to this divine family, whose love created an epic like Ramayan!

In Gurukul episodes, I love everything, Guru Vashishtha's training process, Gurumata's affection, & of course the first appearance of adult princes. The beautiful murti of Mata Saraswati is lovely, & the vandana princes sing to Her is my very favorite sloka. Vashishtha's teaching contains lots of lessons from Geeta which can never be forgotten! I really admire how humbly the four princes listening to their Guru, in spite of knowing everything which are taught!

My best part in Gurukul episodes is the Maha Shivratri song 'Damrupani Shulpani'. I have no word to express my love for this song! It's so pure! I always LOVE to see the mutual respect between Shri Hari & Shivji! Vijay Kavish's acting touches my heart! & here we can see Bharat & Lakshman sing with Shri Ram which indicates that they are going to sing the same tune of life with Ramji, & their tune of life is going to match with that of Ram's! It's just my feelings while watching the song of four brothers. I don't know why I can't feel the same thing while watching 'Lalit kare nav vor vandana' but in Shivratri song I do feel this.

I will definitely try to write on & from post-Gurukul scenes soon, after my Exam

Jai Shri Ram!

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Debipriya Senior Member

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Posted: 11 January 2012 at 5:16am | IP Logged
@ Lola, yes Dear, enjoyed your post Clap and laughed a lot remembering those scenes!!! LOL
@ Semanti,
I feel the divine depth of Arunji's voice in this scene, especially when 'Satyameba Jayate' is uttered repeatedly, & I love the process how the Sun God's murti is shown just with the ending of 'Satyameba Jayate', as it's indicated that Hail to the Sun, the God of truth, as well as Hail to the holy Raghukul, the dynasty of Sun God, where Satya, the truth, always lives with an ease!" -  Clap  Clap  Clap  for these expressions!!!! Wonderful!! Never felt this way' But it is So Ture!!!! LOVED the post!!!!! Star
As I said in my last post, that I will come with the details of 'Gurukul' episodes, now I am posting the teachings. I Love to watch them again and again as they cover so many basic points of Spirituality!!! Star Star Star
It starts with the Saraswati Vandana- 'Ya kundedu tushar'.
Then we have discussions about '
The Panch Tatva (Prithvi, Jal, Agni, Aakash, Vaayu). How food, drink, atmosphere- all influence our thought process and our behaviour   
The Magnetic Field of earth and the magnetic nodes in the human body, which influences our mental and physical health.
Then he tells his students why it is necessary to learn to lead a tough life, as they may have to face many challenges in future. Then these lessons will help them to deal with it.
Here we have the Gurumata Arundhuti, who takes care of all the students. I just Feel her 'mamta' for all of them Star. The way she sings the sing 'Aaja aaja re nindiya'- in the tone of the lullaby, the whole scene is So Warm with Pure Love that I become emotional each time, while watching it!! And the last sc where all the mothers seem to appear with their sons- it just creates the MAGIC!!!!! For me THIS is the one of the Best Scenes by RSji!!! StarStar Star I  have no words to express the feeling of amazement I feel while witnessing the sc, each time!!! The students experiencing the 'presence' of their mother, with the help of that song!!!! This is indeed unbelievable!!!! A Great scene indeed!!! Star Star
Then we have the song- Gurukul ki shiksha yehi, which tells us about the importance of action in life.
Gurukul ki shiksha yehi, sab ho ek samaan,
Pratham dharma to karm hai, Jeevan karm pradhaan.
Har sthiti me jee sake, ghar hoi ya vanvaas,
Karm veer banker rakkhe, apne par bishwas.
- I quoted this as it is a short one Smile and we can find the same concept 'in' all the characters in the epic Star. Another pt is that it has a direct link with the song ' 'Jis kaaran aaye us kaaraj' song's 'Karmveer ke liye nahi kuchh harsh vishaad me antar' line. Star
After that Devi Arundhati points out to Vashishtha about the need of the 'tenderness' in life. So Vashishtha assigns her to teach them the delicacy of thought, whereas he will train them about the hardships of a life of action.
So now we have the song 'Lait kare navbhor vandana', which portrays the wide range of raagas we have in our classical music! An excellent composition! Star Star I remember once I had a conversation with Lola identifying the various 'raagas' in it Smile.
Then, after the repetition of the 'Saraswati Vandana', we have the grown up students. Day Dreaming
Now Guru Vashishtha covers many more topics, coming to them one by one-
The human body, which is the best and rarest, due to its Spiritual Potential. He says nature does not discriminate WRT cast, creed or gender. Human body is the Doorway to Salvation.
Now he tells about the 7 'Shakti Chakra' (power nodes) present in the body (Muladhaar, Swadhishthaan, Manipaur, Anahat, Vishuddh, Ajna and  Sahasra). Unless they are awakened and controlled properly, they are useless. When all of them are awakened, they generate a Tremendous Flow of Energy in the body of the Yogi! The last charka takes him to the stage of Eternal Bliss, then he transcends the concepts of time and place.
After that we have the 'Surya namaskaar- 'Aadidev namastubhaym'.  Sun worship makes the body healthy, illuminates the mind, and increases our enegy.
Now we have something about Yoga- The way it teaches us to control the ever- wandering mind. Focussing it at one point. It is indeed the most Powerful Force in the universe. It is the mind, which binds or liberates a being, which performs the right or wrong actions.
Regarding Paap-Punya, he tells them the basic concepts. i.e.- to relieve someone from pain, to love someone, to make others happy- is Punya/ Virtue/ Dharma. And to make other persons suffer, to hurt others- is Adharma/ Paap . Thus Love is Punya whereas Hatred is Paap. And both are like shackles which bind us. To quote Vashishtha's words- 'Dono zanzeere hain, ek lohe ki (Paap), ek sone ki' (Punya).
It is due to these shackles of Paap- Punya (right and wrong actions) that a Soul gets caught in the cycle of birth and death. Now to make the concepts more clear, he says- when a Soul enters a body, then it is termed as Birth, and when a Soul leaves a body to enter another (the next one)- then it is termed as Death. The Soul never dies, only the body dies.
The Soul, which is 'in' us, which makes us alive- is called the Jeevaatma. It is like an an Atom of Light which flows eternally in the stream of time. Each Individual Soul is alone. For the time being, it comes in the touch of other Souls (i.e.- during the course of its journey), then it leaves them and moves ahead, completely forgetting about the past birth. Thus the Soul wanders alone in the universe till its next birth.
Salvation is the end of this process. It is going beyond virtues and vices. Action is indeed necessary, as we all are alive. But when we act in a detached way, them we become free of the fruit of that action.
There are two ways to attain this Detachment- by Devotion or by Saakshibhaav (i.e.- leaving the ego, observation 'of' the self 'by' the self). Detachment brings Humility ('vinay') in a person. 'True knowledge' brings Devotion. When a person attains Devotion, then nothing more remains to be attained by him. Then he becomes a 'Pure/ Pious Being'.
After that, we have the wonderful sequence of Shivaratri- 'Damaru paani Shoolpaani', Semanti has written so nicely about it! Star Star
Now we come to the final day at the Gurukul, with the parting lessons from Vashishtha-
'Saa vidyaya vimuchyate'- 'True Knowledge Libetartes'! Such a Beautiful and True statement! Star
'Aatmo deepo bhava'- 'may your Illuminated Soul guide you', i.e.- let your Knowledge and 'vivek' help you to decide about your duty/ dharma in each situation of your life.
We have three type of debts '
'Dev rinn'- to be repayed by worshipping the Lord, 'perceiving' Him in the whole Creation.
'Pitri rinn'- to be repaid by sacrificing ones own happiness to serve one's parents.
'Guru rinn'- Now, Vashishstha frees them from it. If they spread Happiness/ Beauty/ Dharma thr' their Conduct and Action- that will make him happy.
He advices them to establish the Ideals of Dharma, to root out the enmity and sow the seeds of Love in the heart of all. He blesses them saying that whereever they will be in their life, he will always be with them. Then we have the shloka 'Guru Brahma Gurur Vishnu'.
Now we have the scene with Gurumata, where she is sad that the time of departure of the present batch has come...  That is also a very very touching scene! Aarya Sumant comes and they start preparing to return to the palace.
After that, comes the scene of their entering in Ayodhya nagri Smile and entering in the palace, meeting the parents. Hug Hug  As Lola has mentioned, I always feel the Special Understanding between Kaushalya and Shri Ram, where both of them show Heights of Ideals in all their actions!!! Love all those scenes. Star  And yes, the scene where Dashrath comes to have a look at Shri Ram, who is sleeping in his room, the way Kaushalya coms there - is amazing!!! They are real emotions! Star  Enjoy all the short family scenes around it. Smile
Now the link of the lyrics of the songs mentioned in the post:
Aaja aaja re nindiya:
Lalit kare navbhor vandana-
Damarupaani Shoolpaani:

Jai Shri Ram!

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Woohoo! res...
MagadhSundari IF-Rockerz

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thread reopened...

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