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Originally posted by PerfectYaRav

Anupam  Hug...awesome update Star...really missed you...glad u are this is amazing how u write the whole school atmosphere so clearly...feels so the Maaneet scenes and dialogues...thank u for the PM...plz continue...TC Smile

Thank You With Red Rose

me too missed u all
glad u liked itSmile

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Everyone was waiting for geet and pari to join them and soon their wait ended seeing them at the entrance...

Hey guys here they come...yash said drawing their attention towards the door

But what they saw afterwards was not normal at all...geet stormed in with a face which could give you shudders while pari followed her with her head drooped down...!!

Seems like there is a big trouble coming our way...vicky remarked at geet's expression and all gulped down fearing to suffer from the eruption of the volcano named GEET...!!

She sat down irritatingly and tried to take long breath to calm herself down... pari took a seat beside yash silently

They didn't wanted to get a dose of geet's anger so yash asked pari in a hushed voice...

What happen...?

Pari looked at geet who shot an angry glare at her and again looked down

Yash no need to talk to her...

Geet what are you saying...?...has she done something wrong...I thought you were angry on that hitler

She is a traitor...

TRAITOR...!!...all shouted in unison

Yes she supported that devil instead of her friend...or one second am I even your friend pari...?...geet taunted

I am sorry geet...pari said meekly

Seeing the situation meera tried to pacify geet...

Ahh...geet whatever she has done she is sorry for that na...just forgive her after all she is your friend

Yeah right forgive her when she voted in favour of that khurana for excluding us from valentine's day party

WHAT...?...we are having a V-day party

Not we nt...only 10th 11th and 12th class students

Hey thats not fare...

yes not fare at all and this vibhishan in our group just voted in his favour

What's vibhbi...ahh...whats that?...vicky asked with a puzzled face scratching his head

Shut up vicky

I m sorry geet...vo I didn't knew what we were voting for...?

How would you know that when you were busy ogling him...

Oh geet...I was not ogling I was...ahh...umm...

Drooling...nt suggested

Geet shot a glare at pari to which she made a baby face

But what now...?...hamari party to gayi

I know why that khurana is doing this...he is just taking revenge for the key fiasco but I will not leave him...I will teach him a good lesson for messing with me

But geet what will you do...?

suddenly geet's lips curled in a naughty smirk

Pari you want me to forgive you right...

Yes geet...I am really sorry please just give me one chance...I'll do anything

Any thing haan...!! gulped and replied with uncertainty and fear seeing the devilish glint in geet's eyes as if she is soon to get in a big trouble...!!


But geet what do you want me to do...?

Oh chill babes I'll tell you soon...abhi to tumhe apne mr. dreamy ki party arrange karni hai just relax...!!

Everyone knew something is cooking in geet's mind and its surely goin to cost maan heavily...!!


Maan what was all that...?

What are you taking about sam...?

You know that very well...geet was so excited about this party and you just ruined her mood...!!

She can still attend her party as she is a part of the cabinet so whats the issue...?

Maan you know she will not enjoy without her are so mean sometimes that I don't feel like talking to you

As you wish...anyways I have to meet mishra sir so excuse me...he said a bit rudely

Maan left and sam thought...

I don't know why maan but I feel you are purposely doing all this...there is much more than what you say or show...!!



So when is khuranaji returning...?

Actually his work got delayed so may be by next week...anyway rano have you heard about the wedding of Mrs. mehra's daughter...?

Yes its next month right...on 14th I think...!! are you planning to attend it...??

I can't say anything now...!!

There conversation was interrupted by a servant...

Madam I have cleaned dev baba and vicky baba's room but I chote saab's room is locked

Ok raju only nakul is allowed in maan's don't even try to visit it in his absence and send nakul

Ji madam...

after someime nakul comes...

You called me madam

Yes nakul have you cleaned maan's room...he will be home soon

What's there to clean madam...??...chote saab's room is always tidy and he cleans his cupboard himself only so it hardly takes any time to clean his room

Oh ok see if lunch is ready or not


After nakul left rano continues...

Maan is such a well behaved geet... she just keeps creating a mess and maan even though he is a boy he not only keeps his room tidy but also cleans his own cupboard...!!

Come on rano don't say that geet is really sweet...uske aane se to mere ghar me bhi raunak aa jati hai varna to maan aur uske papa is ghar ko ek military camp bana de...aur jahan tak cupboard clean karne ki baat hai...I really don't know whats in that cupboard that maan don't allow anyone to touch it...not even me...!!

Just then maan dev and vicky enters the house...

I shall take your leave naina...geet aagayi hogi to pura ghar sar pe utha legi...!!


The next few days went in preparation for the party...all the members were busy in some work or the other and to top it all exams were near so a lot of pressure was building up on the students t cope with the situation but thats what DPS excels in and a grand party was organised in the Hall

Though geet was upset with committees decision of excluding the 9thers but still she gave her 100% to the preparation as any occasion or function related to school was a prestigious matter for the school for which she could do anything...!!

Finally the D day arrived...

Geet the party is in the evening what have you planned...??

What else show that devil the face of hell...!!

But geet what will you exactly do...?

Not me pari!!

ME...pari gasped in horror and started fumbling...


Oh sweety why are you getting so nervous...?...remember you only said that you will anything...!!

Pari cursed herself mentally for not paying attention in the meeting that day...she continued in a low voice...yeah...but what will I do...?...geet you know na how much scary mr. dreamy becomes when he gets angry...if he caught me he will for sure kill me...!!

Pari relax yaar when I am there whats to fear...and don't worry you don't have to face khurana...vo to sirf geet handa ka department hai...

So whats the plan...?

Come here guys I'll explain you all in detail...all formed a close circle and geet disclosed the plan to revenge khurana...!!

Geet what are you saying...?... bhai ko pata chala to he'll definitely kill you...

Shut up vicky vo aisi halat me kahan rahega ki use kuch pata chale...geet gave a pure devilish smirk imagining his condition

Lets see Maan singh khurana what you'll do now...just wait and watch...!!


Evening arrived and the hall was beautifully decorated with balloons for a happening party...girls and boys were dressed in red and black respectively...everyone was super excited as it was the first ever valentine's day party in their school...!!

Food and soft drinks were kept in strict security to avoid any mishappening...!!

Outside the hall...

Vicky have you brought it...?

Yes geet but please I request you think again...agar bhai ko pata chala to we will be in big trouble...!!...he said looking here and there confirming no one is watchng them...!

Stop talking nonsense vicky...and why the hell are you panicking when you don't even have to go inside the hall...?

See how pari is handling everything so bravely...haina pari he is such a darpok...!!...I am really happy to see your courage pari !!...

R...rea...really...thanks...pari said in shaky voice...she was damn nervous and just wanting to run away from there may be it was the first time ever in her life that she is not willing to attend a valentine day party...!!

Lets go pari its time for action...geet held pari's hand and literally dragged her inside...!!

Inside the hall...

Ketan here is the know what you have to do...rahulsaid handing over a tablet to ketan

B..but...rahul...I.I think its not right you know...I mean he is the head boy and if comes to know...

Oh ketan...don't be scared buddy...maan will never know about this and don't you want the thing you will get in return...!!

Ketan gulped...and rahul continued...

That maan insulted me and hit me...and that too in the school he will know whom he has messed with when he'll be thrown out of the school...!!...and then he'll not be there to as geet's evil smirk crept up his face


Sam have you checked the food again...

Yes maan and stop one is going to put poison in the food...!!

Maan shot a glare to sam to which she just shrugged her shoulders and went to check the Dj...!!

He was just looking around randomly when he felt a familiar figure at the entrance...and moved his head in that direction again...

As his eyes recognised the person he lost all his senses...and went blank for a nothing was there apart from the two of them...!!

She was looking like an angel dressed in wine red knee lenth dress with sparkling small stones lining the border of the dress giving it a dazzling effect...her long hair which she usually kept tied up in a pony were left free to fly with the breeze...her big brown eyes were beautified and highlighted with kajal...which contrasted with the flawless creamy skin glowing in the magical light of the room...!!

Beautiful...only thing that escaped through his mouth seeing geet...!!

Geet searched the person whom she hated the most at the moment so that she could continue with her plan and then her eyes fell on him and just got glued there...!!

There is was in a black jeans and shirt with a shining blazer...the first three buttons of his shirt were left open showing the well toned boyish still desirable chest...the attire complementing his personality giving him the greek god look on which any girl would go insane...!!

Oye geet...what crap are you thinking...?...he is monkey khurana remember no greek god...!!...aur vaise bhi aaj jo iski halat hogi na uske baad to iska do kilo ka ghamand bhi choo mantar ho jayega...geet smiled at the thought and entered the hall...!!

Maan came back to earth from his dreamland as the Dj started playing a rocking dance number and hall filled with the noice of music...cheering and laughter...!!


Here pari take this drink(cold drink ofcourse...) and you know what to do...!!

Ok geet...

Yaar just relax tujhe to sirf us rohan pe apna jadoo chalana hai...aur vo to pehle se hi tujpe lattoo hai so I don't think you'll have a problem...!!...geet winked at pari smiling naughtily

Pari took the glass and went in search for rohan...

Geet roam around admiring the hardwork which they have put in to make this party so happening...the environment was full of life and everyone was lost in the music dancing to the tune...and as she turned she bumped into someone...

Oh no...not again...seriously handa can't you just for once walk properly without bumping...!!

Listen khurana...I don't want to spoil my mood bcoz of just buzz off...!!

She tried walk past him but he grabbed her hand and turned her around swiftly that she dashed in his rock solid chest...

Handa firstly don't you ever talk to me in that language...and secondly look where you walk as this place is very crowded...maan hissed holding her tighly against him

What is your problem...?...just leave me...she pushed him with all her might and released herself

She walked away glaring at him...


Hey geet you are looking beautiful dear...

Thanks di...geet said in a low tone

Kya hua geet...?...why are you so upset...?...sam asked with a worried look on her face

Nothing di...I am just missing my friends...sab hote to kitna maza aata na...!!

Don't worry year all of them would be cheer up girl and enjoy the party...

Di where are you going...?

Actually I have to ask rohan to send a drink for maan as he looks quite I'll see you later

Geet smiled as her work became easier and hurriedly left to inform pari to execute the plan...


Hey rohan...whats up man...!!...hope you will get time to enjoy the party as you are guarding this drink stall from a long time...!!.

Yeah man this is a real boring work when you are in such a rocking party...!!

Anyways yaar...I will see you later sam asked me to give this drink to maan...he looks a bit tired hope this will help him

Oh I must say maan has done a wonderful job...he is really hardworking...ketan said trying to continue the conversation and it just worked when rohan kept the glass on the table beside him and started chatting to him...!!

Very cautiously ketan pulled out the tablet from his pocket and slipped it in the glass without being nticed by anyone...!

Ok yaar I have to go...will talk to you late...ketan excused himself after finishing his work

Rohan picked up the glass and was about to leave when pari blocked his way...

Hey rohan...

H...hi pari...rohan couldn't believe his eyes that pari herself was talking to him

He instantly puts the glass down and grazed his hand through his hair inorder to settle it properly

Oh rohan you are looking really handsome...pari stated flirtatiously

Rohan's heart was beating as loud as the music from the speakers...he was just lost in pari

Taking advantage of the situation pari exchanged the glass on the table with the glass she was holding...!!

She stood there with her back facing the table when a waiter kept another glass beside the one pari has kept which none of them noticed

Gathering up all his courage rohan brought his hand forward...

Would you like to dance with me...?

She looked at his hand and then at the glass on the table and said...

Actually I have to give this to geet so see you later...she immediately left from there

Rohan face fell at her rejection...but then he suddenly remembered the drink and turned to look at the table where now two glasses of drinks were kept...

Arey yaar...ab inme se vo vala glass kaun sa hai...chor na rohan koi bhi ho kya pharak padta hai...and he picked the one the waiter has kept and proceeded towards maan...!!


Geet I have changed the drinks...

Superb girl...oh I love you so very much...ab dekhna us monkey ka tamasha...!!

BTW ye glass kiske liye hai...??

Oh ye...this is the one rohan was taking for maan...!!

Give it to me...I am really thirsty...and she drank the whole content in one go without knowing the trouble she was putting herself into...!!


Maan here is your coke...

Thanks throat was drying...and he too gulped the drink...!!

Ok now go an keep a check on the drinks do not let anyone mix anything in it...

Don't worry sam is there with the others



What happen ketan...?...did you finish the work I handed to you...?

Yes and maan has already drank will start affecting him soon is your prize...enjoy dude...rahul handed over a small packet to ketan which he instantly snatched and left the party...!!

Now lets see maan how you'll handle this...he went looking around and picked up a glass from the table in the left corner

Time for celebration after all maan singh khurana will be kicked out of the school tomorrow...raising the glass up he said aloud...cheers maan to your doom...and emptied the glass...!!


Geet started feeling a bit uneasy after the drink...a feel of drousiness was there...she looked at the stage where students were dancing like crazy maniacs...a small smile crpt up her lips and she moved towards the dance floor...!!


What is it sam...?

Have you seen geet...?...I have not seen her for a long time...just a bit worried about her...!!

What...?...have you checked properly...?...she must be somewhere here only...!!

No I have even asked pari but she said she talked to her some half an before and not seen her since then

Relax sam...ok tell me where did pari saw her last...??

Near the food counter opposite the dance floor...!!

Ok come lets start from there...and both moved towards the dance floor

Maan was busy looking around for geet when sam shrieked...

Oh my god...!!

What happen sam...?...did you find geet...??

She just poited her finger towards the dance floor and maan followed the direction...

He was shocked out of his wits seeing the sight before him...geet was there on the dance floor swinging her whole body trying to move with the music...flaunting her beautiful slender body...she was not at all balanced as if she was drunk...DRUNK...!!

Shit...!!...what the hell is she doing...maan was not at all pleased with the scene...!!

I think she has drink something wrong...

But how is that possible...we have kept strict vigilance on the food and drinks no one can spike them...!!

Then...has someone mixed something in her drink...?? was more a statement than a question

Maan and sam were totally horrified with the thought...someone trying to hurt geet

Maan I'll just take her home...

Wait know how stubborn she is and now not at all in her right senses...she will just create a scene and will be noticed by everyone then...!!

To kya karen...?...kisine ise aise notice kar liye to bahut problem ho jayegi...!! one thing...maan wishpered something in sam's ear...

Are you sure...?

We don't have any other option...just do as I say...!!


After sam left maan headed towards the dance floor...he reached right behind geet and stood there watching her crazy act...!!

She turned around feeling someone behind her to see maan ogling at her with an intense gaze filled with mixed emotions of anger...heat...desire...and...may be love...but then she just shrugged it off as the drink was taking a toll on her and resumed to her wayward steps...!!

As she turned back maan gripped her arm tightly and turned her around to face him...slowly sliding his arms around her slim waist he drew her very close to him...there wa so little gap between them that it seemed not even air can escape through it...she looked at him with her droopy eyes with a cute and mischievious smile playing on her lips...maan pointed his two fingers at geet's eyes and then did the same with his own as if challenging her to match steps with him and she accepted it by resting her hands on his shoulders and clutching them in a grip...!!

Suddenly the Dj changed the song on sameera's request and the music started...

Check out the song guys...

At the sudden change of song there was a momentary stillness when maan started moving alongwith geet to get the feel of music...the lights fluctuated and adjusted according to the new song and the whole atmosphere changed as the center spotlight got focussed on them...!!

The crowed just gasped in utter surprise and stood aside seeing the two most headstrong opposite poles glued together moving in rhythm...

pyaar ki ye kahaani suno

ek ladka tha ek ladki thi

hoti kya hai jawaani suno

ek ladka tha ek ladki thi

Both raised their right hand and entwined their fingers holding each other tightly and maan make her bend backwards arching her head down to the floor...while maan balanced her with his one hand on her waist tightly encircling it and the other one holding her hand...!!

Woh bhi ek daur tha

waqt hi aur tha

jab woh the ajnabee

He brought her back slowly raising her from her previous position...her eyes met his and both lost their self in the each other...trying to express something to the other through their eyes...

dono tanha se the

par woh kehte kise

baat jo dil mein thi

As the music paced upso did their steps and bth started dancing with a great mixture of balance...perfect moves and awesome chemistry...the whole crowd was astonished to see the burning chemistry between the two enemies...dancing as the perfect even rahul were shocked to their wits to witness the most impossible event to occur right infront of their eyes...!!!

gum sum gum sum rehte the dono

phir bhi dil me kehte the dono

koi sapna hum bhi to paayein

ek din tute gum ke woh ghere

jhilmil jhilmil aayein savere

mausam badla jagein phisaayein

The whole floor was left for them to spread their one in his wildest dream could have guessed that geet was drunk when she danced with the most graceful moves...her clumsiness due to the drink was overshadowed by the passionate intoxicating atmosphere maan created around her with his moves...his eyes...his touch...she was relishing his each and every touch on her skin creating a strange yet desirable he was waking up the hidden adolescence in the kid...he was arousing her in an undefinable way...!!

woh mil gaye woh khil gaye

aur pyaar ho hi gaya

jo chaha tha vo paya to

hosh kho hi gaya...

pyaar ki ye kahaani suno

ek ladka tha ek ladki thi

hoti kya hai jawaani suno

ek ladka tha ek ladki thi...

Maan held geet from the back slamming her back against his chest...forming an envelope by his hands holding hers in the front...started swaying his body backward taking her along with him...moving so smoothly that it appeared that they were just one body one soul...completely lost in the music

haule haule ab woh dewaane

gun gun gayein dil ke tarane

sang sang jhoomein sari hawayein

Their heart beats synchronised with each other in a perfect blend just like their steps...they were tied to each other through a never ending eyelock...reading the other's soul...!!

dhadkan dhadkan hai behki behki

tan mann tan mann chaahat hai mehaki

sapne apne jadoo jagayein

The spectators were spellbinded with the magical and heavenly aura they created with their spectacular performance...the dance floor sizzled and was on of the burning desire building up in the two...passion...devotion...and love...enriched the performance making the on lookers drop their jaws to the ground in amazement...!!

inhe dekhoge toh janoge

kya hai nasha pyaar ka

yehi sonchoge yehi chahoge

sang rahe ye sada...

At thise very point maan lifted her in the air holding her waist tightly...making her feel like they were in heaven...geet was lost in his sensational touch...he held her there for few seconds(remember kurbaan hua style)...and then brought her down...a loud roar of applause shook the hall appreciating the wonder which they presented through their performance...!!

pyaar ki ye kahaani suno

ek ladka tha ek ladki thi

hoti kya hai jawaani suno

ek ladka tha ek ladki thi

woh bhi ek daur tha

waqt hi aur tha

jab woh the ajnabee

dono tanha se the

par woh kehte kise

baat jo dil mein thi...


so here is part-4...first of all I am really sorry for updating late but I wanted to make this party special...hope I have lived upto ur expectations...!!
this part is very important for future story...and I really wanted to give you some maaneet moments so the last part is for that
more is yet to come but in the next update...right now I am tired of typing this...its 40000 words...!!
so plzz leave ur comments and give ur views...eagerly waiting for them
those who wants to be pmed plzzz add me to ur buddy list
and do not forget to hit the LIKE button

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wow...supreb update.
love the dance.

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Anupam  Hug... another awwwesome had everything in,love.mystery,romance...loved both Maan and Geet's attire...the way the drinks got mixed was amazing...glad Maan found her before anything bad happened...their dance was dreamy Day Dreaming...great song selection  Thumbs Up...really suited the situation...plz continue...thank u for the PM...TC Smile

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u hav done a gr8 job yaar 
it's awesome 
i dont hav words 

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