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@You & Me...One on One@(MG)ff~1~note@154 (Page 131)

Writer_At_Heart IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 12:01am | IP Logged
update soon anu... me cant wait more...

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shining_moon IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 6:00am | IP Logged

hey frnds have the update ready...will be updating within half an hour...!!

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KreyaArshiLover IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 6:38am | IP Logged
Yayyy i am wating

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shining_moon IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 7:16am | IP Logged

and thats when she felt his arms around her...!!

Maan felt her sobbing on his shoulders...wetting his shirt...he knew she was in a state of emotional wreck from the past two days...when she was all silent even after being wrongly accused and those blank looks in her eyes...he knew the incident had immensely affected her but the main reason for this emotional turmoil was still unknown to him...!!

Seeing her breaking down he couldn't control anymore and engulfed her in his warmth...soothing away her pain...!!

A weird but pleasurable sensation seeped through her entire body by his soft touch...there was so much warmth in that hug that she was melting like a wax in the vicinity of ferocious fire...!!

Don't cry...!!...a hoarse whisper entered her ears...!!

But she only clutched him more tightly crying more than before...

Handa stop crying...!!...he said a bit firmly this time

She finally lifted her head up from the crook of his neck to face him...her body still in his embrace...

Why...??...she asked staring him with the most innocent eyes in the world

Those eyes were magnets beckoning him to submerge himself completely into it...!!

He gulped the lump formed in his throat with the view of her teary doleful eyes...wet thick eyelashes which still had a pearl lingering at the tip...!!

Clearing the passage for his voice to come out he spoke again...

You should not was not your fault...!!

There was a kind of strain in his voice due to extraction of the real emotion...!!

Not satisfied with the answer she added in a soft whisper still anchoring his eyes with her...


Maan was getting restless with her constant pestering but maintained a straight face and replied again...

You are still may fall sick again...!!

Geet looked into his deep hazel eyes which were beholding several emotions...trying to penetrate the shield which was hiding him from her...

And how does it matters to you...??

Her straight forward question pierced his heart like a sharpened arrow and he felt like exploding any minute...!!

He felt a knot in his chest choking him...he wanted to break their eye contact instantly but her bewitching eyes had captured his gaze...!!

Seeing him silent her heart saddened and tears started to pour out from her eyes again...she loosened her grip around maan's shoulders and stepped back in a dazzled state...unable to take his silence anymore she turned to move away but maan caught her wrist before she could take a step ahead...!!

She wriggled her wrist to release it from his hold annoyed by his stupid silence...facing her back to him but failed miserably as maan tightened the grip all the more and slowly started approaching her from behind...

She felt her back against his rock like chestand closed her eyes as his breath fell on her ear...

His closeness was creating havoc within her...never has she felt such a sensation though they had been close to each other since childhood...his touch was evoking a weird feeling in her whole body...something...something she never knew existed...!!

Yes geet it matters to me...!!...she skipped a beat hearing his husky voice

Your well being matters to me a lot...!!...his reply send a chill down her spin making her loose her senses

She gathered herself and asked again in a low whisper...


He paused for a second and then answered...

Bcoz you are rano aunty's daughter and she would get tensed seeing you getting sick...!!


Vicky loves you a lot and he would get upset if you fall sick...

She twisted her lips at his replies and probed him further...


Your class needs her moniter to save them from the devil head boy...he chuckled seeing her getting all the more restless and irritated with his answers...!!

And...??...she frowned

He straightens himself on this and said...

What more reasons do you want...?? she was facing him 

Bas itna hi...she asked in a low voice with the cutest expression on her face which urged maan to pull her cheeks and kiss her...but he knew thats a forbidden thing...!!

Fine...if you are finished with your reasons I am going...she came back to her sherni mode after a long time and turned to leave the locker room but she was pulled back with a strong force making her collide with maan's rock solid chest...!!

What the hell are you doing...??...leave me...she treid to pry open the steel like arms of maan which were holding her to him tightly...

There is one more reason for which I don't want you to get sick...he said looking straight into her eyes with a mischievious glint...!!

What...??...she topped wriggling and asked in a whisper

If you fall sick then you may loose more weight then how will I tease you...??...a naughty smirk adorned his face 

She pouted at his reply and turned her face to the left...

Maan leaned closer to her ear which was in his direct range and whispered in the most huskiest voice...

I like my gol matol mishti a lot so don't even dare to fall sick...!!

Geet forgot to breath hearing him refer her as mishti after was the most musical thing to reach her ears...the name she was longing to hear from his mouth...!!

She turned her face back towards him staring him with her big doe shaped eyes with a new spark in it...his words sent a new life in her body which was showing its effects in the form of a glow on her face...!!

That instant she new something changed between them but was not sure what it was...but whatever it may was the most beautiful and pleasurable change in her life...!!

check out the song guys...beautiful number...!!

He released her from his grip and walked back slowly with a smile on his face while geet kept staring at him in amazement...

leja leja re...haaye haaye...leja

ni muiye...

Maan left from there and thats when the bell rang...geet walked out of the locker room lost in thoughts contemplating her new feelings for maan...oblivious to everyone around her rushing to their classes after lunch she walked in a daze towards her class...she could still smell his aroma around her body...still feel his touch ablazing her skin...the mixture of emotions were creating a storm within her...however hard she tried she couldn't fathom this strange feeling...all she knew was he became much much more special to her...and she wanted him to be with her forever...!!

leja leja re mehki raat mein churake saare rang leja

raatein raatein main bheegun sath mein tu aisi mulakat deja

leja leja re mehki raat mein churake saare rang leja

raatein raatein main bheegun saath mein tu aisi mulakat deja...

She came back to her class and all her friends gathered around her asking her questions about the meeting...she came back to her senses and told them everything including not to leak these info to anyone else and her loyal friends agreed...all of them were amazed knowing the truth...especially vicky...he felt so very proud of his brother and his respect for maan increased ten folds more...!!

She came back home and got a call from papaji in the evening who enquired about her health and everything else...she talked to him for a while and went back to her room...!!

She started going to school regularly and whenever got an opportunity try to be around maan who hardly pass her a look...she felt really bad not getting his attention and sat with his friends in the canteen...

What happened geet...??...itni chup chup kyun hai...??...pari asked seeing her silent and a bit down

Nahi...its nothing...she put up a smile and thought of taking pari's help seeing few guys giving all their attention to pari...!!

Umm...achcha pari...can I ask you something...??

Tu kabse itni formal hone lagi...??...ask whatever you want...!!

Ah...actually...why do these guys give you so much attention...??...I mean don't they get bore doing same thing every day...even after when you don't even look at them...she asked making everyone gape at her

Geet...are you alright baby...??...yash asked a bit concerned while vicky chocked on his coke hearing her question

I am fine yash and I am not asking to you so keep shut...she was annoyed with their she was trying to figure out maan's disinterest in her and these guys were irritating her...!!

Pari please tell na...geet nugged her

Vicky grew suspicious about her sudden interest in boy's behaviour...and asked knotting his brows

Geet why do you want to know that...??

Seeing his suspicious look geet lessened her curious expression and said with a flat look...

Umm...nothing important...bas aivayin...she gave an uneasy smile

Arey aur kya vajah hogi geet...all die on her looks and figure you see...nt winked at geet while pari smirked and meera felt a bit uncomfortable...!!

To kya I don't look attractive...??...she thought frowning

ni muiye maila mann mera...kya karna aisa tann piya na rijhaye...

What happened ??...meera asked seeing her lost


They returned to their class and later went home...!!

Geet entered her room and locked the door...she went to her dressing table and stood there observing herself turning her body left and right...!!

Do I look that bad that he don't even notice me...she sulked thinking how he ignored her presence

She changed into cute baby pink shorts and and a white top...went to the window and tried to look into maan's room and then she saw him rubbing his wet hair with the towel around his neck while he was just in his trousers...!!

His perfectly crafted body with few droplets here and there were adding to his sexy physic...geet was gaping him with wide eyes and open mouth...though she had seen him in his most awesome looks but this was totally different...!!

She instantly looked at herself to compare herself with itna hot hai isliye mujhe ignore karta hai...she thought with a pout...!!

ni muiye mann maila...mann maila kya karna...hai aisa

na bhaye piya ko...tann gora kya karna...hai aisa

leja leja...churake saare rang leja...

raatein raatein main bheegun saath mein tu aisi mulakat deja

Next day she came to school and was lost in maan's thoughts...he was not even letting her concentrate on her class lesson...!!

leja leja...leja leja re...leja leja haan re...

Later during the lunch time she tried to look for maan but he was too busy alongwith sam...both were preparing for the upcoming sports meet...!!...geet was roaming near his class to get a glimpse of him but she hardly got any...!!

She saw him in the sports room and went there...maan was checking the list of participants...she came near sam who was standing beside him going through some stuffs...!!

Geet what are you doing here baby...??...sam asked her

Kuch nahi di bas aisehi...!!...aap kya kar rahi ho...??...she asked her but was looking at maan from the corner of her eyes who was busy with his work...!!

chahoon paas paas aana koi dhoondh ke bahana...

tumhe apna maana...

Geet sports meet is near so have lots of work...!!...btw geet your friends were looking for should be there otherwise they will get upset know they won't eat without you...!!

But di I wasn't hungary so...she again tried to grab maan's attention by raising her voice but he didn't even blinked...!!

chaahe ruthe ye zamana chaahe maare jag taana...

tumko hai paana...

At night she switched on her music system and started swinging on the music...!!

ni muiye saari raaton ko...kahani koi to hogi

jo jaage taare raaton ko...ya jaage jogi...

Suddenly it started raining and she came out in her balcony enjoying the rain alongwith the song...!!...maan was reading a book when the music entered his ears and he searched for the source...he couldn't believe what he saw...!!

She was dancing so very beautifully like a mermaid...mesmerizing maan to the core...!!

She danced on every beat thinking about maan playing with the water droplets falling down...while maan was lost in the pure yet sensual beauty infront of him...she was the ultimate seductress even without making an effort...the most wonderful creation of god...!! muiye haii...

ni muiye hoti hain...kuch baatein hoti hain...raaton mein

jo jaage hain jogi ya taare jagein hain...raaton mein...

leja leja re mehki raat mein churake saare rang leja

raatein raatein main bheegun...

Maan too came out in the rain watching her intensely oblivious of the fact that he was standing in rain...suddenly her gaze met his and a magic happened...!!

Time stopped around them...only the two of them lost in each other...a strange feeling of contentment filled geet's heart after seeing him infront of her...!!

She was longing to get his attention and now when he was there it was the greatest pleasure she could ever have...!!

ni muiye...leja leja re...

bheegun re...haai

ni muiye...

leja leja

Suddenly lightening and thunder brought them back to their senses...maan moved ahead and jumped over the railings coming to her side and moved towards her...!! 

She didn't knew why he was approaching her but her heart beat increased with every step he took towards her...!!

He stood infront of her with his hands crossed and looked at her...she was trembling with his burning gaze more than the cold rainy winds...!!

Do you want to get sick again...??...hun...??

She just nodded her head in negative unable to speak anything...

Then why the hell are you standing here in this horrible rain...??


Don't give me lame excuses and go inside...he strictly told her

But I...

She couldn't even complete due to his angry glare and went inside reluctantly...maan too came back to his room and slept as tomorrow they had some important work to finish...!!


The new session of 11th std had started and dev topped his class...meera too came to congratulate him as she was not able to meet him after results...she was about to enter his class when she was stopped by sasha...!!

Hey you...!!...where do you think you are going...??

Umm...I was going inside the class...she said hesistantly

You are not allowed inside...she said with an attitude while tasha stood behind her caressing her pony tail...!!

Why...?? meera was confused

Well you cases like you are not allowed to enter 11th-A...she eyed her disgustingly...!!

And who the hell are you to decide that when you are yourself appear the most charitable case...geet said from behind sasha totally startling her...!!

Oh...look who's here...!!...the golden chicken of the charity case...sasha taunted both geet and meera

Sasha meera is not a pig-head like you that she'll need any external support...she is here bcoz of her merit and hardwork not bcoz her faher has a huge bank balance to substitue a brain as your case is...geet smirked at sasha and winked at meera

I'llsee you later...sasha hissed at geet who just showed her tongue irritating her further

Sasha fumed at geet's comment and walked away angrily from there...!!

You should not have said that geet...she must have been hurt...!!

Yeah right...mera seriously instead of answering that bimbo back you are showing her sympathy...geet chided her on taking her insults silently

How dare she call you a charity case...??

Achcha baba...ab  jaane de...!!

Btw meera what are you doing here...??

Ahh...kuch kaam tha but I'll do it later...chal lunch time is almost over...!!


What are you thinking vicky...??

I am worried about geet...!!...he replied

What happened to her...??

I don't know but I guess there is something she is hiding from us...he said thoughtfully

But why will he hide anything...??

I think its a matter of some boy...!!

What ??

Yes...but I'll not let her fall in the trap of some losers again...vicky said with a determination in his eyes


so guys enjoy and plzzz comment...I am really nervous regarding this part...its a beautiful part but I don't know if I have done justice to the imagination I had

those who wants to be pmed plzz add me to ur buddy list
loved all ur comments...really u all are sweetheartsHeart

do not forget to hit the LIKE button

love u allHug


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madhu.pmlist Goldie

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 7:17am | IP Logged
thnx for the lovely upate!!!!!!!! "gol matol misti" aaawww even my heart skipped a beat when i imagined maan saying that Embarrassed the starting hug scene n the rain scene was well depicted. i really want to know what maan is going through. geet is totally flat i wanna see maan totally flat for geet LOL

PS: first to comment yaaayyyDancing

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sunshine94 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 7:34am | IP Logged
amazing...lovely update

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preethia IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 28 May 2011 at 7:34am | IP Logged
loved the update...
well geet has finally realized her attraction towards maan...
but bechari ko yeh nahin patha that he is already smitten by his mishti and she doesnt have to do anything externally to attract him...
is maan aware of her attraction towards him...
ab yeh vicky kuch galat na kar baitey ki inn dono ki love story shuru honey se pehle khatham ho jaaye...
pl cont soon

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mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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awsome yaar...geet falling for maan sweet.

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