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Kool's Commentary : March 8 PR (Page 12)

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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by malinn

Originally posted by naava

Originally posted by malinn

I shall elaborate on my point about Vaishali.....that she was wronged, she must take stock and move on.....

Thats what it boils down to.....we all make mistakes....some major and some happens all the time.....What makes of that mistake and how he/she deals with it matters.....some people come out of it stronger and some lose it all.....To deal with it in the correct manner, recognising the mistake for what it is - separates humans from animals....
Now, here we can't go on the social evils of the Indian Judiciary and Indian Police and all will eat money and Dharmesh will get away free etc......What matters is that Vaishali must recognise that what happened with her, can happen to also happened to Dharmesh's parents....they were also fooled by their own son.....she was not part of some elaborate set-up or people who wanted to dupe her deliberately......
Dharmesh really wanted her to be his wife in the sense where it mattered - in society and for his parents.....Possibly Dharmesh made a mistake with Madhuri......he realised that he does not want love her or want her to be his he agreed to get married where his parents wanted.....and thereafter to Vaishali.....His mistake here was NOT to first end his marriage with Madhuri.....If I am not mistaken, Madhuri was aware of this when he got married to Vaishali..... he never duped her..... It was not like he was keeping her in another house as his wife and Vaishali in another.....
I don't think Dharmesh started out being the bad guy....the CV's have started painting him all black..... since he started out as a very promising character.....everyone loved the roly poly guy.....He was TRP, to keep him on the screen longer, they made him villainous...... the more they made him bad, the more people hated him.....
In the end, serials depict humans and their story's.......this is simply a story of bigamy where the other woman is Vaishali.....she is pregnant.....she has now to decide what she wants.....make herself bitter and spend her life living on Dharmesh's ill begotten money....and thus within his life's edge (always have him in her life in one way or the other).....or make a clean break......and leave it all behind, to emerge the stronger woman......

malinn, there are so many points for discussion you bring up on your posts...and now i need to get things done so i can watch tonight's epi  LOL LOL  LOL  BUT....i want to address just one issue you have written about....  I know you think that Dharmesh will be punished by 1) jail perhaps 2) loss of self respect in the business world 3) loss of only son respect.  4) etc. and that out of Vaishali's assessment should come a complete break from him out of her self respect, sever the ties and move on.    You speak of idealism both for and against.   But i think, if you don't mind an argument from the gallery LOL, that there are a few points you might have overlooked.  Wink

1. When people talk about Dhr. getting off scot free, it really isn't about money, and it isn't about punishment.  It is about responsibility.  He has created 2 children (gasp, maybe 4 ShockedShocked ).  Whether or not the mother of the child needs - or wants -  the money, it isn't about her.   Dharmesh himself has a responsibility to this child.  Period.  If he were to walk away without any support of his children...THAT'S THE SCOT FREE I think we are all talking about.  You can't go around creating little lives, and walking away from them... It's wrong, and no court in any country would allow him to do that.   

2. Whatever you might think about "holding your head high" and moving on...about "self respect, ego, self reliance, education..... to hell with your money..... Good riddance....." to use your words, those are noble ideas...but in the know what malinn? they harm the child perhaps more than anything else that could happen to this little one  .

 You see no matter what Vaishali or anyone else thinks of Dharmesh, he is the father.  This child will grow up wanting to know why his/her daddy didn't take care of him...he will long to have a relationship with his father...he wants to know his daddy, and know his daddy loves him.   and IF he is told the Daddy is a scoundrel and a no gooder...If he is told they don't have any relationship to him anymore...this little boy (or girl) will lose enormous amounts of self worth, and suffer immensely.   This is the reality...

3)  So, the most noble thing, the most important act for Vaishali's self respect isn't retribution, nor is it severing ties and moving on...but it is to work out some relationship with the father that will enhance the life of the is to respect her unborn baby knowing that feeding him/her with words of hate, anger and bitterness will hurt it. understand that this child will want more than anything to know he/she was not rejected by it's daddy.

 What dharmesh does with it is another matter, but it should never be Vaishali's role to sever that matter how difficult for her.  This is what motherhood is about...It takes a lot of maturity...but doing other wise will bring immeasurable harm to her child, to Dharmesh's child...and in the end, no mother can respect herself for that....

Hope it was ok by you to jump into your dialogue.w/kools ...i couldn't stay silent.   Tongue  LOL LOL
thanks for bringing up all your points ..i liked that.......for everyone to chew on.  
Thanks for your reply Naava......oh don't you worry......its just a discussion....nothing the more the merrier...

.. LOLLOL  we are merry aren't we. 
I am a mother of two I did think of everything before I wrote....atleast from my own point as a mother...... i know are writing from your heart.  But i have been a single parent raising two children and know how important it is to keep that relationship with the parent...unless he is abusive and that's different.   It's not easy, but it is the right thing to do. 
Now, Vaishali knows that Dharmesh is not a good guy......why would she want her son to know such a father ?.....because Dharmesh has actually shown he loves Varun and i have no doubt he will love this child also. because every child forms his opinions of himself and his feelings of self worth...not as much on the character of the parent but on how the parent reacts/responds to the child. Vaishali . to do it right . has to say.."don't love what he did, but love him for who he is ..your father.." IF Dhr. abuses the child, that's a whole different issue.  Dharmesh wil always always always be a "good guy" to his son or daughter...ALWAYS.   VAishali has a responsibilty to protect that...
.There is nothing wrong in raising a child without a father.....nothing wrong but very hard on the child...whether the parent is absent or present, the child dreams and longs for him. again, it's not about Vaishali. she can re-locate and tell her child that his/her father is no more...Question you want her to lie? and move away from the whole family of support? from his/her grandparents..and be totally without family??????? ..and then at a later age, when he/she is old enough.....tell the complete and full story.....then let the child decide whether he/she wants to take it further or let it be......if this child is brought up with a lot of love, this child can grow up to respect women and his mother..... he will respect her if he realizes she lied to him and he / she did after all have a father?????  omg... the child will have created a father in his/her imagination..a perfect one.  you would rather that come crashing down than the child learn to love his father as is? 
On the other hand, if he grows up knowing that he is an illegitimate child ......He will grow up thinking he is a b*****d......because thats what he/she will, that would be cruel......This child will grow up with anger and hatred.....only if the mother conveys the hatred...or the parent is abusive...
And as far as self-respect and ego comes to the fore only under such circumstances.....when it is tested......A woman of substance would NOT want Dharmesh's name or money for her child....... Wanting his money under such circumstances would be mercenary....IT'S NOT ABOUT VAISHALI.  IT IS ABOUT DHARMESH AND HIS CHILD.  The child wants his parent's name and to know he cares enuf about him to support him...that's one way he assesses the love of the absent parent. 

Whether Dharmesh is punished or not......whether he goes away a separate deals with another issue - should the wrongdoer be punished for his crime - YES....How? there are many ways.......again. it's not about punishment. it is about responsibility..Dharmesh should not go scot free from his responsibility for the life he created
Should Vaishali want to stay with Dharmesh for her son'e sake - or want his money to raise the child - in the name of punishing Dharmesh......NO.,  NO, she shouldn't stay with Dharmesh.. unless he changes and really loves her but i think he loves madhuri too.  She should live alone, with the MIL, with her family, remarry,'s NOT about punishment, it's not about's about the child and his/her father...   (i feel like a broken record...sorry  OuchLOLLOL

We will not ever agree i think cause you are talking about Vaishali, and I am talking about the child.  but it's good to talk it all out....Wink   i better hurry now and look at what's happening TODAY.  All the best my dear.  Hug

malinn Goldie

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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 10:42am | IP Logged
Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

Kools reporting from base : Dharmu's Sachaai out in PR
Yup . Out and HOW . In Front of whole K gang . And what a TOUGHIE . He FOUGHT BACK ! OMG he actually took on the entire K gang single handedly and fought back instead of snivelling or apologising ! The DEVIL has GUTS .LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL U gotta hand it to him guys . He is roly poly , comic but has b....s of steel . I felt a grudging admiration for THE GUTS .........not him , mind u , I know how NEECH and PAAPI he is . I cannot give detailed story today but This much in short I will say and come straight to comments .............Dharmu was caught , Dharmu was slapped by mommy , Dharmu showed his REAL UNREPENTANT ROOP and walked off leaving the Karanjkars scared after their initial righteous bravado .
The only person who analysed Dharmu PERFECTLY today was Satish . He correctly observed that Dharmu was doing FAKE FILMY BAKWAAS . I Love BOTH the women .......Dharmu was saying . His talks made no sense and reeked of falsehood . Satish noticed the big gaps in his false excuses .
Dharmu said that he met Madhuri as a receiptionist in Pune Branch , slept with her , impregnated her and married her secretly . The EXCUSE for hiding it from Mommy ? She wud NEVER BEAR IT . But Mommy had quietly borne all when he had cancelled an entire arranged marraige and married a girl from another caste at the last minute WITHOUT her permission . Dharmu hadn't even bothered to LOOK at Mom's thobda for permission . This means Dharmu's excuse that MOMMY SCARED ME was False . He kept the first marraige hidden coz he INTENDED to do BIGAMY without turning a hair .
Satish hit him where it hurts of course .........THE BUSINESS . He RIGHTLY said that a man who is a TRICKSTER in personal life can DEFRAUD in Professional life too . He decided to DISSOLVE the Partnership .
But the question is ......will this HELP Vaishu ? I am afraid NOT . Coz guys .......Vaishu is illegal wife and CANNOT Sue Dharmesh for alimony ...neither can she ask for a DIVORCE . All she can do legally is establish paternity of child and prove Dharmu is the father and claim compensation for the child . The child can have legal rights over all that is Dharmu's as HIS offspring . And now ........if Satish dissolves this partnership and Dharmu becomes a pauper or loses money ........who is affected financially in return ? Vaishali's child . If Dharmu becomes bhikaari , Vaishu doesnt get a dime . Coz its Dharmu who will be paying the compensation . Satish has to THINK this over CAREFULLY .
Satish noticed that his eyes were crafty and dry and had no tears of remorse . Forget the tears .........Dharmu had NO REMORSE , PERIOD . This was proven true when Dharmu lashed out .
When did Dharmu lash out ? When Manav walked upto him and taunted him that today he was more GAREEB than even him coz he had lost out on everything ....his Rishtas like Mom , Wife , sasural , Satish and wud later encounter Business losses also . Some people , wen cornered like rats turn UGLY and snap like Rats . Dharmu is one among them . He showed his HYDE ROOP and told Manav
Arre Hat ! I don't need ANYONE . If ANYWAY u guys r gonnna break relations with me , I will survive somehow .Its U guys who will be sorry coz I won't take RESPONSIBILITY financially of a single thing now [ meaning Vaishu and the baby ] .Go Check ur facts and determine who is at a greater LOSS .
Ugly words but TRUE . If he declines financial responsibility and decides to make Vaishu run around taking dates after dates in court , Vaishu will get grey hair and not a single penny for years to come . Not to mention society sniggering at her illegal status although its NOT HER FAULT .
Dharmesh bluntly told today that he ONLY cared about the BUSINESS . The women REALLY dont matter to him ........not even Madhuri as Satish pointed out . Satish understood it . Nobody else did . Madhuri has been criticized a lot in the forum and some have gone as far as saying she shud be prosecuted with Dharmesh for allowing him to do bigamy . I doubt that can happen ..........But I don't think , looking at Dharmu's ugly character that he even ASKED her before marrying Vaishali . She found out AFTER a month ......and by then Varun had been born . What Satish found out TODAY She had found out MUCH earlier ......that he was HARD as NAILS and if she threatened to SUE HIM , he wud drop ALL financial responsibility .Having no family like Karanjkars to back her nor adequate finances to fight him , and knowing that womanly tantrums wud lead to him stopping even the financial help he was till then giving to Varun ...Madhuri chose to only focus on acuiring help for Varun and NOT stop the financial flow . I wud not Judge her . Coz guys See what happens to Vaishu now .........I dont see a rosy picture for her . Madhuri was practical enough not to take him to a point where he wud DROP all financial responsibility as she had no other options . See how the FIRST thing he told today was I wont take any ZIMMEDARI .
If Archana felt MAJBOOR enough to bear abuse in 3 month stay and PROTECT Manav at any cost ........if she felt MAJBOOR enough to tolerate a SOUTEN ......why judge Madhuri so harshly guys ...cannot she be MAJBOOR for Her SICK SON ? Her excuse is far far better than Archanas excuse isn't it ? Coz I read Archu fans judging Madhuri . When child is sick Mother will even go and sell herself in the open market to protect its life .........The excuse itself is that worth considering . Archana allows her father to get heart attacks to PROTECT Manav , such is her MAJBOORI . Well guys . ALL have different majbooris . A sick Child is worth some adjustments in life , ugly and bitter though they may be .
Varsha advises Vaishu to DIVORCE Dharmu ASAP tomorrow . Has it not struck ANYONE that Vaishu can't divorce coz she is legally not his wife ? When the marraige itself isnt legal can divorce be granted ?
Why was Manav taking out PERSONAL KHUNNAS and taunting about GAREEB etc in such a moment of crisis ...........was that the time to strut and taunt ? Shudnt Manav be focussing only on Vaishus problem ? Manav only suceeded in turning him UGLIER . He actually walked out with head held high , leaving all the Karanjkars open mouthed .
Its UPTO Madhuri to Divorce him and claim half the legal assets now . But I don't think she will . Why wud she ? She needs him for Varuns sibling . He is ready to take her and Varun to the US . He will get better treatment there . Souten and her family is finally OUT of her life . She isnt emotionally involved with him but focussing on her son . If this is the deal Desiny gave her she will make the most out of it . And She should .
Due to Archana and Manav's stupid handling of the affair and sitting on the truth so long ..........the fear of Satish too declined . Coz even before the truth came out today , Dharmu had decided to flee abroad . If Satish dissolves partnership , HE STILL HAS A OPTION .
Clever , Clever Dharmu . Practical to the last and not wasting a moment on DEFEAT or REMORSE but turning EVERY situation on the opponents and walking away victorious .That day on terrace Dharmu turned the tables on Archana and told her to shut up and join him in hiding his truth coz HER sister wud be at loss .Today the moment all broke relations with him , he disclaimed financial responsibility coz he still has HIS finances and a family ..Madhuri , Varun and perhaps a second child .
What a villain . Very bad one , but immensely practical . The Stupid Karanjkars cud learn a thing or two by sitting at his feet .
If you read the above, highlighted in blue/ will agree with what I am saying.......It smacks of an analysis totally gone wrong....
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Kool, first of all, great commentary. Was busy, so could not comment-looks like I missed dhamakedaar episodes though. My quick two cents. I'm not sure what I would do if I was in Vaishali's place-demand financial security for my unborn kid, or cut off from Dharmesh totally and start afresh. But Vaishali is definitely not mature enough, yet, to care for her child independently. She has known about Dharmesh's double life for a while now, and while I understand it takes time to come to terms with such a situation. she hasn't shown any maturity or responsibility in the way she handled it so far. So if she's not able to support her child financially, she should demand it from Dharmesh. Her child's emotional well-being can be taken care of by her and her family. The child's future should be secure, and both Vaishali and Dharmesh have a responsibility to make sure it is, whatever be their personal differences/hatred. On a side note, I cant help but admire Dharmesh still. All of the negative/grey characters, except Manju in PR have been very well written. Cant say the same about the leads and the "positive" characters.
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Naava.... When faced with a person's experience, what can one say....... Let's just say, we agree to disagree...... All the best......
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Originally posted by malinn

Originally posted by koolsadhu1000

Originally posted by malinn

Gosh, sorry to say so, but whatever you wrote today Koolsadhu, is totally unagreeable.... I don't watch PR anymore, but still the context of what you write is totally incorrect.... Vaishali is young and beautiful... There is no reason on earth why she must even want a dime from Dharmesh for her child.... She is educated and has a family... Any woman worth her salt and self respect would not want anything to do with Dharmesh including his money..... India has gone ahead enough that Vaishali can live her life without the marraige tag..... You make relations sound too practical and money minded.... There are such things as self respect, ego, self reliance, education.....

Vaishu should say, to hell with your money..... Good riddance.....
Not wanting a dime from Dharmu is Fine . Its a choice after all . But This also means Dharmu goes SCOT FREE .
Has India gone THAT ahead ?Debatable . In PR it hasnt . People stand on roads and gossip about jeeoo saali affairs is the picture and I am merely pointing out PR STANDARDS . On a real life basis its perfectly possible to live alone with self respect but Vaishali and her sisters LACK sense .
I am merely stating reality . Ultimately EVERYTHING boils down to FINANCES only .U cannot show self respect on EMPTY STOMACH .Vaishalis parents r retired and not being dependent on Dharmesh means depending on MANJU . Vinod has no job . If Manju kicks out she has to live at MANAVS expense .And we all saw WHERE THAT LED TO . Has SELF RELIANT Vaishali ever done a job ?
Nope . Now toh she is PREGGY . Timing to find job  by roaming on roads kinda sucks . The ONLY women WORKING in PR who cann AFFORD to show SELF RELIANCE and SELF RESPECT are MANJU and VARSHA .

It is not just about Vaishali's choice. The reason some of us want Dharmu to be stripped out of the last penny is because we want atleast punishment from that angle. More so, bcos he is a lucky b*****d who goes scot-free every time!

It is not a question of how we would react if we were in place of Vaishali. Vaishali is a fictional character and so is Dharmesh. Whether we would think of monetary gains or self-respect, we cannot say, even if we empathize with the characters. 

Vaishali needn't use that money she gains from Dharmesh. She can just keep it locked in a bank. It is just so that Dharmesh is not left to enjoy that part of the money. I'm not being sadistic here, but there needs to be some kind of punishment for Dharmesh. Whether it happens in PR or not , or if it is even possible legally or not  is totally a different thing, but why leave a person like Dharmesh to go scot-free? If it is possible from us to punish him, why not?

That is how I took it as, when Kools mentioned about Vaishali needed monetary gains from Dharmesh and it has nothing to do with being materialistic. This is just my opinion.

Edit: It is not being materialistic, it is called 'expecting justice to be served', which is similar to when a family awaits death sentence for the guilty when their daughter is killed. Killing the guilty person will not bring back their dead daughter, but for the family there is a satisfaction that justice is served. I am giving that just as an example and a strong one at that. This is similar but in a lesser vein. Asking for monetary gain for Vaishali will not bring back the life she has lost or the burden she has to bear in the future of her life, but there will a kind of justice being served and this will no way lessen her self-respect in my humble opinion.


Ok. So here's how I would like to reply bee5.....

Both you and Kool talked about Dharmesh getting away scot-free, if not punished by Vaishali - monetarily. In both your opinions - hit him where it hurts. Opinions are always here's mine....

You know, this is the very same mentality which terrorists and rapists and criminals have. They all have some angst against society. They think - Hit them where it hurts. And in that, they forget simple things such as right vs wrong. It is not so important in life to punish someone, as it is to maintain your own humanity, dignity, self-respect, principles. Two wrongs don't make a right.

@underlined: oh really? In that case, there shouldn't be any death sentences , lethal injections, hang-until-death etc. etc. Why waste tax payers money on legal system? 

This world seems like criminals, rapists, serial-killers can all walk freely with regular people.

Dharmesh will be punished in his own way - by his own deeds. He loses his partnership with Satish (here Satish is RIGHT and not materialistic in his punishment), he would lose the love and respect of his family (I think he is the only son - so it will hurt him as much as it will hurt them). He is not really interested in Madhuri - she was just a fling 
I don't think so. Just-a-flings do not lead to marriage. Not in case of Dharmesh. Not in how the story was revealed. There was a lot of time between the fling, the realization of pregnancy and then marriage. The child is 4 years old( mind you originally the child was 6 yrs old, one day all of a sudden CVs dropped it down to 4). So his and Madhuri's <thing> started 5 years back and Vaishali got married less than a year back.

which came back to haunt him. Even if she does matter to him, she knows what he is and has no love or respect for him. She only has a need of him, for the sake of her kid (kids). He loses Vaishali, whom he loves. 

As per the episode, as per Dharmesh, he claimed to love both, which is exactly what Satish pointed out. The truth is he doesn't love anyone. He wouldn't care if he lost Vaishali. He stated that in the end.

So, in the end, what does he get?

Like I stated earlier, it does not matter what the CV's the end what matters is what we think is right or wrong.....when we give our own viewpoints - then those are guided by our own perceptions and attitudes - they show what we are made of and what we understand as right or wrong.....Which is why people discuss such topics and serials in forums...........

And I still maintain, that what Kool or for that matter what you write - smacks of materialism and pettiness.....
You can say all you want and how many ever times you want. I do not agree and will not accept. There is something called justice and punishment should also be given so that he doesn't carry on with this activity till eternity.

Imagine yourself in the place of a woman like Vaishali
Already posted my thoughts on it (highlighted for your sake now in pink).

imagine that you find that your so-called husband is already married - and has a child from another woman - are you going to think about fighting for your right? Are you going to want him to give you his money because he is rich - so you can raise that child on his money?
I'll tell you what I would think - I would HATE the man - I would HATE any and everything associated with that man - I would make sure that my child does not even get to know who his father is, if possible - I would hate all men possibly - I would want him to rot in hell etc. etc....
My point to Kool was simply that - on the one hand if we talk about the high ideal of Nargis in Mother India - and on the other hand - you reduce a mother to a mercenary and helpless person

helpless person? no way! One needs strong will-power to go through such a thing of what we want Vaishali to do.

(who will have not be able to survive due to monetary problems - such as her poor parents / Manju / jobless Vinod)....Vaishali is not helpless nor uneducated....whether she worked earlier or not is not the issue here......what is important is that she is young and educated and beautiful....the world does not end here for her.....Again, one thing you forget is that in Mother India - they showed that while she sold her body to feed her child (which she did not feel was wrong for the purpose it served) - the same mother kills that same son when he was was her sense of RIGHT which ruled over ther motherly instincts.....its a beautiful example to show how important it is to do the right thing....If Vaishali were to kill Dharmesh

Kill? I don't think that is a right thing to do and I do not condone. That is foolishness and irresponsible. Nothing thinking of own future or the child's.

in a fit of anger - I would stand up and clap - even if murder itself is not correct.....there is a difference in the manner in which justice is served - we can't serve justice by thinking twisted ourselves........
Again, I re-iterate that what Madhuri does is not mercenery  when she does the same thing.............
Dharmesh can and should be punished - for his main crime - bigamy.......which can be proved very easily. Each and every case of bigmay will be like this, which is why it is illegal and punishable. He should go to jail

Contradictory point. Jail? From where did that come? Jail would be the thoughts of twisted thoughts from what I gather, should be left to roam on the streets to go impregnate other women

or whatever - Madhuri should be accepted by his parents, since she is his legal wife technically, and she must get all her rights. 
What is 'all'? If she goes to legal system, she is the lawful and the only wife, she doesn't need to get the rights. It is hers. Only she hasn't realized it yet and neither wants to think about the legal ways.

In this whole story, Vaishali has been horribly wronged - but then she is the victim who must take stock of what happened - and move on. 
forget and forgive? No way. Not do anything? No way.

Such a person goes through a very tough time coming to terms with what happened - the WHY ME? syndrome......and then after a few years, someone else will come along
Not in the real world. Yes, I have heard of few cases. Percentage wise less than 1. 
and she will forget Dharmesh....
Forget? Don't think so. One has to go through it to live. Such things go to the grave, even if one forgives.

I hope you also re-read the para highlighted in red in my post above.
malinn Goldie

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Bee5.....don't take it so seriously..... It's just a POV

let's each stick to our points and, we agree to disagree :)
bee5 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by malinn

Bee5.....don't take it so seriously..... It's just a POV

What is it that makes you think I am taking it so seriously. Mine is also a POV like yours.

let's each stick to our points and views
if we weren't, then we wouldn't write., we agree to disagree :)
I am very much fine with it. Smile

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Finally the truth is out! Dharmesh's mother really looked foolish in the beginning when she refused to hear anything about Dharmesh or why he should come there to be questioned. If she would think logically she would realize he too had something to hide, why else would he by lying if he were the victim?
Dharmesh has finally shown everyone his true colors, I am disappointed Sulochana didn't slap him since she clearly enjoys slapping others. He deserved it the most out of everyone she slapped in the past. I am glad Satish broke their partnership, it was something he should have done a long time ago
Vaishali can't divorce Dharmesh but Madhuri can, she should take him for all he is worth and take care of her child on her own like she has been doing all this time. Vaishali can do something too, humiliate him and tarnish his reputation publicly. It will be worth it after what he put both women through, the fact he can still be so arrogant and bold despite being caught shows what a creep he is.

You are wondering why Sulochana did not slap Dharmesh? I think because Dharmesh's mother already gave him his slap, so she may have not slapped him. Although, it would have been nice for him to get a second slap. No, Sulo has slapped Varsha two times at least but they were reasonable, Manav too but unreasonab;. Sulo has never slapped Archana. Savita has once though. Savita has even slapped Vandu before.Cry

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