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sulochana & vaishali - only after dharmesh money..

prasad1991 Goldie

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 10:56am | IP Logged

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Piyatrix IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 2:00am | IP Logged
yea agree with yr Sulochana analysis, she always wanted her daughters to have rich well educated husbands, hmm nothing wrong in that , the only problem is, her daughters should also be equally deserving. Why should a highly educated guy fall for Archana ? just cos she's pretty ? Archana deserved a guy like Manav and got one .... both are compatible and can understand and appreciate each other. Sulochana's initial dislike for Manav stems from the fact taht he's illiterate and poor with no social status. She never trusted or respected him, never gave him the real status of son in law, always gave preference to Satish and Dharmesh over Manav , but whenever there's a problem in the family, she turns to Manav for help. such double standards.

With Savita what u see is what u get , its easier to deal with ppl like her but Sulochana what a hypocrite !!

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shootingstar27ektarfapyarlunzaTiyalianu rulz

lunza IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 27 March 2011 at 2:07am | IP Logged
well , sulo is your typical mom of a middle class young Indian girl of a marriageable age ...
nearly all of them want a rich , educated guy as their damaad ..
sverma Groupbie

Joined: 27 July 2005
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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 9:54am | IP Logged
Originally posted by lunza

well , sulo is your typical mom of a middle class young Indian girl of a marriageable age ...
nearly all of them want a rich , educated guy as their damaad ..
Are their any parents in this UNIVERSE, who want their Kids to marry into a poor family..des not matter if they belong to Poor Class, Middle class, Rich Class or Super Rich class? So if Sulochana has been seeking a well to do family for her daughters, I do not see anything wrong with it.

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xyzee Goldie

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 11:05am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sverma

Originally posted by lunza

well , sulo is your typical mom of a middle class young Indian girl of a marriageable age ...
nearly all of them want a rich , educated guy as their damaad ..
Are their any parents in this UNIVERSE, who want their Kids to marry into a poor family..des not matter if they belong to Poor Class, Middle class, Rich Class or Super Rich class? So if Sulochana has been seeking a well to do family for her daughters, I do not see anything wrong with it.
Very good point - but I think the problem here was that Sulochana was obsessed about a rich SIL, which was what spoilt her daughter's life. Now hopefully she will realize that just money is not everything in life.
taral83 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 2:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by prasad1991

people may think that only savita is greedy for money ...... but sulochana is not at all less

in fact sulo is more shrewd

right from starting sulo was after rich damaads

in 1st epi of pr where a guy  had come to see archu ... his parents were quite simple ... didnt want any dahej or anything .... just wanted a good working bahu for their nri mba son ..... so wat was so wrong about it
but wen they rejected archu ..... sulo gave them a big lecture about the imporatnce of a housewife & insulted them for no reason ..... y the hell was she trying to sell her daughter forcibly when the opposite people have decently said no for her

sulo always hated manav bcause of his poverty ..... she was always in search of a chance .... & wen ajit gave her the chance .... she left no stone unturned to insult manav & separate armaan

varsha was not interested in marrying satish ..... but sulochana forcibly kept on convincing her to marry satish ..... now ofcourse ... a woman like her will definitely not leave a rich & yet very simple & sweet (in short bakra ) damaad like satish

wen manav & archana came to meet her after their wedding ..... & wen manav said something against jaywant ...... this woman got so pissed off that she gave 2 tight slaps to manav
her dream of capturing a new rich damaad was spoiled by manav

& finally dharmesh-vaishali wedding !!!!!
well the way their wedding was shown was an utter joke ..... but now looking at madhuri's track it can be well understood that dharmesh is an unstable man
but think about vaishali & sulochana
dharmesh came 1 day before his wedding to propose vaishu ..... he said that i want to give my luck a chance ..... if u marry me well & good ....... if u dont marry me then i'll have to move on with her
now vaishu had initially hated dharmesh when she had a fight with him in car showroom ..... & then she didnt even like him bcoz he is so fat & ugly & she is so pretty
then suddenly she goes to his home on night before his wedding & says that i love u too ..... now from where her love suddenly developed .... god knows
she had realised that she will play  in money after marrying him

& bloody sulochana boasts of her sanskaars ..... did she think even a single time about the girl whom dharmesh was supposed to marry ???? ......  did she think wat will be her fate then
in greed of money & a rich damaad ..... she gave full consent to dharmesh vaishali's wedding ..... which was just like a game , amusement or joke for both of them ...... where were her sanskaars gone when her daughter snatched someone else's would be husband right on the previous night of her wedding

& the way dharmesh came to propose vaishu in a haste ..... she shud have realised that this person is not stable & focussed
but her greed for money & a rich damaad has now spoiled her own daughter's life

savita speaks out watever is in her mind ....... she is lakh times better than sulochana

WOW!!! I must say what has this world come too. The title of your topic it self was a shock. I cant believe that we are actually siding with DHARMESH??? a Two faced, rude, egoistic, psychopathic cheating creep!!!!! I am shocked that we are calling a mother's good wishes "greed", putting her on the same pedestal as Savita or Dharmesh. There is a big difference is being greedy and wanting the best for your child! Yes if wishing for a good future for your children is considered greedy then, by all means Sulochana is greedy!!!! I still can't wrap my mind around the thought process of this topic, in fact im still shocked on how many people actually liked and agreed with the topic. Everything you stated you generalized, but you are not looking at the complete picture.

Archu: yes, Sulochana gave a big lecture to the 1st guy that came to look at Archu. But they had also insulted Archu. As you said y would a mother want a uneducated girl for her educated son. Same thing, y would a middle class mother want middle class or poor son-in-law for her daugher???? Makes sense doesn't it?? Just like the mother of the guy that came to see Archu wanted the best for her son, same goes for Sulochana, she wan't the best for her daughters. Agree, Sulochana didn't like Manav at first, because she FOUND out he was not rich or middle class! She FOUND out that they were actually in a worse state then they were in. She thought that Manav and his family lied to him about their status. Later she found out it was Manju that created the fiasco! Right now she Suochana aai can't stop talking about how good a man Manav is. She trusts him more then her own son or daughters.

Varsha: Yes she may have pushed varsha to marry satish, but why?? First of all, Varsha had ruined her life with that boss of hers. Life had gave her a opportunity to start over. Her mother could see that. She didn't want to see her daughter at home all the time. She wanted someone that could love Varsha, and Satish did very much. It wasn't that she was after Satish's status, she instead saw the gem that Satish was and wanted the best for her daughter. Again, you missed the Sulochana true intention.

Vaishali: Vaishali and Dharmesh fell in love!!! Sulochana aai just excepted there love. She had nothing to do with them coming together, in fact that whole track was fast forward and a part of that leap.  And yes they had a fight in carshop, but for all the right reasons, opposites attract.

If Sulochana was truly greedy as per your POV, well she had a very RICH bahu! If she wanted to be really greedy and like Savita, she would have fulfilled all her desires through Manju. Getting her daughters married into rich households would have gave her nothing! Greed is desiring money and power for one self!!! After all these years that her daughters are married in rich homes, Sulochana has asked for nothing! I am very disappointed with this whole topic and all the statements written..............But everyone is entitled to their own POV.

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.Mandy. Channel Moderator

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 5:05pm | IP Logged
I don't think Vaishali was after Dharmesh's money, she really did love him and ended up being betrayed by the jerk.
Sulochana is a different matter, she was definately for this because of the money. It was always Sulochana's wish that her daughters marry rich and educated men, look how well that turned out. Initially she didn't like Manav because he didn't live upto her standards but look how happily her daughter is living and how good Manav has been, while a man like Dharmesh turned out to be a fraud. Even Jaywant was a bad choice for Archana.

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taral83 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 28 March 2011 at 9:37pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by saksham_rocks

well i can give u explanation for whatever u have said
nobody over here , even the starter of the thread is not glorifyinf dharmesh . this thread is not at all to show in any way that dharmesh is innocent .
the first guy for archu . they hadnt asked for dahej . they just wanted that bahu shud also be working to match their son's abilities & status . they had plainly said no to archu . sulo was forcibly trying to sell her daughter off . i agree with somebody's statements here that sulo shud also have seen whether her daughters r really fit for rich & educated husbands .
u may be somewhat right in satish's part so i dont want to argue on that .
in dharmesh's part . well archu was out of mumbai . varsha & vinod r hopeless only , so sensible things cannot be expected from them . manohar as it is doesnt have any voice in front of all these hypocrites .
well as i said i dont blame vaishali at all . any middle class girl will fall for a rich guy .
but the way dharmesh hastily proposed vaishu just 1 day before his marriage . he even said that if u dont come i dont mind & i'll marry her . then wen vaishu came to his home he was toatlly dressed as a groom & at that moment told his parents that cancel the baraat now . this clearly shows that he is an unstable person which now become very evident from madhuri case also.
sulochana shud had some brains that a person who comes to propose another girl 1 day before his wedding , then a person who cancels his baraat just 3-4 hours befor the marriage ,, the same person can leave vaishu for some other woman also .
4get the point about snatching that other girl's rights ( such great things can never be expected only from sulochana )
sulo shud have thought about her own daughter before marrying her off to a whimisical man .
but her greeds stopped her from doing so !!!!
sulo cud never satisfy her greeds from manju because of rasika . rasika is capable enough to protect her daughter from any situation .
manjusha did so many problems in karanjakar house . did sulochana ever slap her . but she has slapped manav 3 times right .
the reason is that nowadays if u slap ur bahu then u can land in jail . but if u slap ur damaad then nothing will happen to u .
sulochana knew that she cannot extract from manjusha because of laws & because of rasika ,  so she made plans to extract from damaads .
she slapped manav twice because her dream of obtaining jaywant was shattered .
& dont call savita pedestal . slapochana is not even worth her shoe .

Sorry I am not understanding or can't agree with your POV. I can't call someone wrong when there is more to the story. I can't put Sulochana on the same level as someone that has tried to burn her bahu, abused her bahu and done much more. This would just be a never ending argument so I am just leaving it at that..........

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