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mchopra IF-Sizzlerz

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love me as u always do,
not coz i ask u to,
Just coz u cant stop doing so,
u held my hand when i faltered,
u showed me the path when i halted,
U carried me in my arms when i weakened
U stood by me when the pain deepend
My days and nights are a part of u,
my life is incomplete without u,
all that matters is u and only u,
i live with my love and avert my hostility,
I dont remeber the dark past when u fill it with sanity,
The happiness, the beauty of ife and u are the reason for it fecundity,
Now lets start with this journey once again,
lets hold our head high in sun and rain,
lets then show the world how the love remains same....

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mchopra IF-Sizzlerz

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a Bird & Dot free zone !!!
This is particularly in light of the recent moderator warning
(chk here.. and  henceforth every Devil (old & new) solemnly pledge to NOT indulge in crooning aka bird language
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and here is the dare..
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- Devils of the Devil's Den-

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SecretKhabri420 IF-Addictz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 8:39am | IP Logged

Today's episode was ok, I would not say it's bad, nor good, I was only impressed at how MSK was looking restless seeing Dev around, being it on the scene when Dev shouted Geet or in the last scene which supposes to continue in tomorrow's episode.....

Now it's highly the time to bring back the passionate MSK, I am tierd of all this cute scenes, they r nice, but seeing them all time it will become overdoses and ruin the chemistry and the passion between Maaneet.......
Now Dev seems totally positive, but there is potential in his character to turn him negative, the way he comes infront of Geet all the time, even thought that MSK would not like it, Is it coz he is forcing MSK to hand him the responsiblity of KC or maybe a position there? Not to forget his 25% is back to MSK, so he has no shares at all in the company, so maybe acting all way nice to get his shares back or maybe much more.........
I like cute scenes showen today, but I wonder why such distance? Maan and Geet r married couple, before marriage they shared much closness, intimate scenes, passion, etc........ But now I am very disappointed at such distance, even not a single kiss Ouch
I would give the episode 7/10

Honestly I am fed up of the overdoses of the nok jhok, they r nice, but too much of them becoming nonsense, before marriage their nok jhok much better, it has passion, but now it seems much like kids fighting, nothing else Pinch

I want Dev to turn negative, this would bring the serious side in Maan and Geet's relationship, I am fed up with cutness all the time, they r nice, but not non stop, I want to see the old MSK, the passionate angry young man, the protective, I want to see the serious side of Geet who fight to protect her marriage from all evil sides.......
I want NT to wake up and CON Dev's dimaagh, I want Meera back to CON Dev's dimaagh against NT......
I want simply the old hit flavour of Geet..............

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Cute_Ash IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 8:40am | IP Logged
He actually think she is a Bhains and she is gonna drink the milk in a huge pateelaROFL
The Scene is totally set,Dev is realising what he is missing..Geet and the baby..Evil SmileI loved how MSK nd Dev screamed GITH at the same time..wondering how many times SS and GC did retakes for it..LOL
LMAO GC drank milk and DD drank orange juiceROFLROFLROFL

MSK is taking a lot of help from Google UNkle nowadays...I guess sumone is moving on from Baba adam ka zamanna
daadi doing emotional atyachaar on maan for dev's Job in KCEvil SmileYeah I am still confused whether she is positive or negative..LOL
MSK Clicked on this websitee for tips
I remember reading that don't hit kids lineROFLROFL
I love the Glaring session between the brothers...Even tho Dev has his back to Maan, he does realise that his Bhai is staring at him and its time to leave from patli galliROFL

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Soapoperasrfun IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 8:41am | IP Logged

Happy Woman's Day

I am a woman
And in it I take Pride
Although capable of Hate, disgust, rage
Virtue's of Calmness, Hope and patience I abide

I am a woman
Spreading the joy of Gratitude, Curiosity, Affection, Empathy
I discard Jealousy, Envy, rudeness and revenge
For of what good would these negative emotions be

I am a woman
My biggest strenght is to withstand suffering and pain
Even if contempt, hostility, loathing and horror I suffer
In another's suffering I see no gain

I am a woman
Absorbing from around me the misery, grief, fear and sadness
For it is only contentment, prosperity and well being for all I seek
I am The epitome of Love and Happiness

I am a woman
A balance of sacrifice, compromise, purity, accomplishment
To no one can I ever be a disappointment
For I am a woman, a perfect one at it

-Rhyming Pine

In my mind there is no im-prefect woman. Every woman is perfect in their own way and deserve acknowledgement. The story of Geet is a particular favourite for all of us here because I feel like most of us can relate with Geet in at least one aspect of her life. More so, we have a common aim for her. Her success, her happiness, her contentment, her peacefulness, because that is what we wish for every girl, every wife, every daughter, every sister, every mother, every woman. 

Note on IWD (Extract from Wikipedia) - International Women's Day (IWD), originally called International Working Women's Day is marked on March 8 every year. It is a major day of global celebration of women. In different regions the focus of the celebrations ranges from general celebration of respect, appreciation and love towards women to a celebration for women's economic, political and social achievements.


Episode Analysis
(I am yet to watch the episode but just jotting down points from what I have read so far)

I know we asked for some cute baby talk, but looks like that is all you have for us these days in your stock
The baby talk when done occasionally and aptly was very enjoyable and nice. Like the sonography scene. Or the one immediately after KBM. But offlate Maan and Geet seem to bring the baby discussion without context. Understandable. They are going to be parents for the first time. But it is becoming too much these days. Yes, all of us now get the drift if that was the idea. We know the CV's intend to use the baby as a means for Dev to show his true colors again. Just tone it down a little bit. The conversation between them even about the baby can be silly and fun, but give us some meaningful stuff at least once in a while. 

You want to show Maan as being Insecure, the script better be original and pure
Well, from the way Dev screamed out Geet's name today and their kitchen scene tomorrow, it is obvious that Maan will start feeling a little insecure and maybe jealous. The CV's gave us MSK, someone we had not seen on TV before. We love him despite his short-comings because he is unique. He is different. I do wish the CV's keep this in mind when they chalk out this track. Because no matter how MSK reacts, it just has to be different.

Also, like Pooja mentioned, Insecurity arises mostly because of lack of confidence in your own self and in a slight mistrust on someone else. Maan does not trust Dev one bit, but he has no reason to feel insecure if he trusts his love for Geet. I hope Maan's feeling is not that of insecurity but more of mistrust towards Dev and his intentions. Because Maan has extreme confidence in himself and supreme confidence in Geet's love for him. No reason to feel insecure. But he should be cautious because of his mistrust towards Dev and his basic nature to be vigilant. 

Anne-Arjun-Maanav-Nitya-Don ka beta. Who else?
In pursuing this track endlessly, the CV's are just proving to us their incapability to think creative stuff. I am glad there have been some changes in the creative team, but they seem to be concentrating too much on Maan-Geet-Dev, Understandably so, but please give us some indication that this track will end soon. With the number of characters you are introducing here, I am really nervous. Bit for myself, but for the CV's. Their creativity might be dying.

Future track
I have a headache and am just jotting things down. So feel free to not take me seriously if you think it is stupid. With all the baby talk it is likely that we might see a Miscarriage soon. But how? And who will be responsible. Also, we want a total Bad-a$$ face-off between Maan and Dev. But how? I was wondering, what if it is neither Dev not Maan who is responsible for the MC but NT. Just a scenario where NT wakes up from her coma, figures out all the dynamics so far and sees that Dev is showing concern towards Geet and her unborn. What should be NT's reaction to this? If NT takes the extreme step of harming the baby and Dev and Maan are not aware of how it happened, the first person Maan will doubt is Dev and Dev can be made to think that Maan harmed the baby because of Dev's concern towards it. Maan and Dev fight against each other and the one who is winning is NT. 

Well, I hope I have given you all something to think about. Now, I am going to sleep LOL

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jyoti06 Channel Moderator

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged

Mayb I m not with Majority but I loved today's Episode minus AA-Scenes ....I m not just looking out for meaningless passion or intimacy in a serial but also for a strong story development which I saw today right in the starting scene when Geet is standing in between and we hear two voices screaming for Geet's is her past and other is her present...for me that one scene sets the rest of the episode in a interesting direction where I can feel that tables r slowly turning..finally the biological father's feelings r coming out in open and he is not able to control it and seeing this MSK who is not the biological father is getting insecure and is hell bent to prove that he can b the best father in the world ..and this tug of war between two fathers will give rise to the various complex feelings between the characters starting from possessiveness to obsession to passion to intimacy....So to bring the passionate element back in the story,its very improtant to first develop a strong story base and I feel thats what the CVs hv done in today's episode and thats why the episode worked for meThumbs Up...

I know majority r bored of baby-talks on a daily basis and I agree mayb CVs need to balance out the baby-talks in each episode in a proper way and not go overboard with it but after watching today's episode I realised why suddenly we r hving so much of baby-talks and why suddenly MSK  wants to prove himself as the best father because somewhere he is feeling competition here since Dev is staying under the same roofEvil Smile;We saw that in both starting as well as ending scene here; MSK knows that Geet hates Dev and no way he can hv any doubts there but he is also aware that Dev is still the biological father of the child and today seeing Dev's concern for the child in the starting scene and mayb in the precap too,it gives a feeling of grt insecurity to MSK as a father and thats where MSK will act possessive towards Geet and thats where we will get to witness the passion and desire from MSK's POV because he is aware that somewhere he and Geet hv not been together physicallySmile....MSK's hatred for Dev has been shown very extreme in last few weeks right from the honeymoon time when MSK sees Dev in the hotel....MSK just doesn't care whether he is dead or alive as per one of the episode and this says it all to what extent MSK hates Dev....In fact MSK's over-possessiveness for Geet can b judged from dialogues like "Mujhe laga ki tum sirf meri ho" which was his first reaction after Geet told him the truth about her life....then his reaction in the tailor episode when he gave this another dialogue to Geet that "I m possessive about u...I cannot share u with u dare make fun of all this".....these dialogues sort of gives an indication that he just can't see anyone even staring at Geet..forget about touching herLOL...and here his own brother is already sharing this strong bond with Geet....that of the baby......MSK loves the baby as much as he loves Geet but what mayb killing him from inside is the fact that he cannot change that past where Dev has touched or slept with his Geet and thats what makes MSK hate Dev so muchOuch... ..So to bring out this entire realisation in MSK's mind,CVs will hv to play the baby trumpcard to show how Dev is feeling attached to the baby now, since its his blood and this is what will give rise to a passionate MSK who will want to get bonded with Geet physically nowEmbarrassed...Thats the whole purpose of bringing these baby-talks because this is what will lead to some bigger complexities between MSK-Geet-Dev and this is what will result in MSK-Geet taking their relatinoship to the next levelSmile
I know many here want to remove the baby out of the picture because they think its hindering the Maaneet love storyErmm;I agree mayb the pregnency track is illogical now...mayb it needs the much needed progress or a conclusion.....But at this point killing the baby will kill the story completely because do we really expect MSK-Geet to get passionate instantly once the baby is out of the picture ??Do we expect Geet to behave all romantically after suffering a MC ??Will that b logical  ??ConfusedLOL...In fact if the baby is killed now,then Dev track will come to an end there and then as his purpose of getting back in Maaneet's life will b over....then all we will see is Geet crying for the loss...MSK will keep blaming himself that he could not save the baby...and all we will get is guilt-ridden Maaneet in actionOuch...Do we really want this....think about itSmile....But if the baby  stays then we can really get to witness the clash of the titans between two fathers Dev and MSK here and that will give rise to a strong determinded angry passionate and possessive MSK in action and mayb a strong Geet as wellApprove...So all we need is a little patience so that CVs can properly develop this track in a way where Dev's interference in Maaneet's life will give rise to the ultimate union of Maan-Geet physicallyEmbarrassed....
Ok being a married woman with some experience I can say few things about a relationship between man and woman pre and post marriageLOL
Before Marriage the phase of falling in love and pre-confession phase is the phase when one feels the maximum sexual tension and passion for each other...thats the time we can see maximum intimacy between a man and woman when they look at each other or hold each other ..or the need to b with each otherEmbarrassed...Its because both r trying to hide their feelings for each other and expecting their partner to confess first and during this process the whole tension of holding onself back creates the maximum sexual thirst for each other which becomes evident from their body languageEmbarrassed...
Once the confession is done,both r at ease with each other but still the sexual tension remains till they both get physically together forever...Embarrassed..
Now after marriage,in most cases either during SR or mayb few days after marriage,that sexual tension disappears once they both physically come together....and then that same passion doesn't remain because once u do the Consummation,automatically passion takes a backseat and other responsibilities of life becomes the top priority;So in such cases to keep one's love-life spicy,its important to hv some silly nok-jhoks or arguments which can once again ignite the passion inside you and thats the mantra of a healthy love life or u can say sex-life post marriageSmile
In Maan-Geet's case,post marriage in few occasions we did see the growing sexual tension between them which forced them to sleep separatelyWink but now that phase has passed and slowly they r shown developing a good self-control with the help of their strong weapon which is their bickering or nok-jhoksTongue;They r not worried about loosing each other..they r not worried anymore about separation...they r together in a very secure relationship where they know that one day or the other they will b physically together as there is no such tension where one will  find the need to get passionate with the other or else he or she will go away forever....And thats the reason why we don't see those passionplay anymore because somewhere they both r controlling their desires through nok-jhoks....they know very well that if they give up on their nok-jhoks ,it will b difficult for them to controlWink..we saw that in yesterday's episode in the morning scene itselfWink...Even in real life when a girl is in no mood to do it or the guy is tired ,they both use this same weapon of bickering to control their partner's thirstLOLSmile...So CVs r choosing the right path to take their relationship to the next level because once their nok-jhoks stops with Dev's interference,the whole hidden burning desire will come out from both ends and it will b easier for the CVs to justify such scenes then with proper dialoguesErmm...
To show love between newly married couple,its not always necessary to show a RTM sequence or kisses or hugs...because then marriage will look limited to only physical need...u hv different variations in a marriage which needed to b shown...and fights or small bickerings out of love is also one of the important aspects of a marriage which keeps the relationship going and makes a newly married couple feel at ease in their regular married lifeEmbarrassed...yes physical need too plays a vital role but its not the only motto of marriage I feel when the time will b right we will see Maan-Geet too feeling the need to get physically together but here their relationship is just not limited to physical need.....and this is where CVs r bringing Dev in the picture to once again ignite that passion in Maaneet's life....passion and desire always comes when one feels the need to show his or her authority over his/her partner Embarrassed....MSK too will feel this need soon ...thats what the precap suggests and thats where the track is leading right now....This I can very well judge from my own 13 yrs of serial experienceLOLEmbarrassed
Infact MSK's true love for Geet is beautifully depicted here I feel...because a man who is extremely passionate and aggressive in his approach is holding himself back just to make sure that Geet feels comfortable during her most delicate phase of lifeEmbarrassed...and One more thing couples in real life r worst...romance toh durr ki baat week after marriage u will see them fighting with each other about electricity billsROFLROFLROFLROFL... Maaneet r at least fighting for baby ka room hereLOLLOL....Anyways like I said these fights r just a build up for the Dev track where Dev will b feeling jealous to see Maaneet's happy and blissfull marital life and he will go through a realisation phase where he might feel what was suppose to b mine has been snatched away by my bro but now I want it backEvil Smile ...and this is where Dev's evil self will come out which will work like a blessing in disguise for Maaneet to go back to their passionate bestTongue

Things I loved in today's Episode...
  • I loved the starting scene which looked like a interesting climax to me the way both brothers MSK and Dev shout Geet's name at the same time thus giving us a clear picture of the upcoming trackThumbs Up...People might argue that how come all of a sudden Dev can feel for the baby but I will say its only human and realistic that finally a biological father is feeling for the baby....And here I loved the way MSK was showing over the top concern for the baby just to hide his own insecurities about the very fact that he is not the biological father and the baby's real father is standing behind onlyEvil Smile....this is the very complexity in between these 3 characters which can take the story in a really interesting direction if only fans can show the patience and let this track develop fully without jumping to conclusionsSmile
  • MSK's Doodhwala actROFLEmbarrassed,...Good GC was drinking half of that seems CVs r taking our Feed GC mission quite seriously these days and no wonder he is looking quite hatta-katta and yummy too these daysLOLEmbarrassed...It seemed DD din't drink that milk but instead she was hving orange juice maybErmm...Either she hates milk or because she was not well ,thats why she din't drink the milkErmm..WhateverLOL...the milk wala scene was quite cuteEmbarrassed...
  • Dadi once again taking advantage of the situation to make MSK realise that he can b a good brother also by giving job to DevROFLROFLROFLROFL...yes yes Dadi is damn irritating in this scene but Dadi's manipulative nature itself will take the story track ahead.,..remember this ...haanTongue...And now MSK will give job to Dev in KC for 3 reasons..First is Dadi ka emotional atyaachar on himLOL..Second is his name might b at stake with other clients telling him about how his brother is roamnig here and there asking for JobOuch...and third is he will pack Dev off to KC everyday to keep him away from his GithWinkTongue...And this will mark the possessive MSK back in action againEvil Smile...
  • If CVs feel they can apply the band baja baarat film funda in AA-Track to make it interesting,then CVs plss jaag jao and smell the coffee...because the whole track is looking disjointed from the main serial and it really doesn't hv any head or tailThumbs Down..So plsss end this track asapSmile
  • Geet cooking food and deciding baby's room or name with MSK is all fine...but can we plss see Geet getting back to work in Khurana ConstructionsSmile...If Dev joins Khurana constructions and Geet too joins the company with MSK...we can really get a very interesting office track hereEvil Smile...
  • Baby talks r good ...but CVs don't overdo it all in one episode onlyLOLEmbarrassed
Episode Rating:8/10...If I ignore AA-Track then the episode worked for me because I saw a strong story development today with Dev slowly getting into the act and making MSK insecure with his presense around GeetSmile...if one feels it will lead to another set of MU or anything,then all I can say is plss take a chill pillBig smileBig smile

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MarshP IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
Dev's concern for Geet has Maan seething. Now we'll get to see the insecurities and possessiveness pop up Thumbs Up

Maan-Geet scene was cute. Love the overprotective hubby/daddy-to-be avatar. Can't wait for this baby to be born. EmbarrassedBig smile And I'm with Maan, it's a girl LOL It has to be a girl; the whole name charade from yesterday revealed that much. They discussed boy names because it's not a boy. They want to keep the girl name a secret EmbarrassedLOL Aww BSK Day Dreaming


How long is Geet going to be spending her day in the kitchen? This whole housewife thing doesn't suit her. Plus, isn't Maan like a gazillioner? why is he having his pregnant wife slaving over the stove everyday?  Geet is a career woman and she needs to get back to the office with Maan. Office romance between married Maaneet would be a treat to watch.

In order to get office romance, KC needs to get its office back. The wedding planning train-wreck known as AAN needs to be over. They are hogging the KC office and employees and all they do is run around like headless chickens. AA are trying to one up the other and it is truly a torture to watch. Nitya is tolerable but her combo with AA just Question

There is another new entry SleepyROFL Is GEET in the Guinness book of records for the most number of cameos yet? No? Okie Lage raho ROFLROFL While you are at it, can you find two people to replace AA and get rid their characters? Thanks Big smile

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mi7chimes IF-Rockerz

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got a lappy arrest agn.. :( so no Reserving...Cry

Here is my OS for u CVs.. i hope u gain somthing frm it,,.. 

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