Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge[8/3 - Epi. 95]. (Page 2)

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 8:41am | IP Logged

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armulover IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 8:47am | IP Logged
Awesome Episode... I have no words to write anything.... Only in one day Arjun gives us this big of a jatka.... agar Seduce hi karna hai toh one step at a time yaar.... hehehe... yeh toh maar daala.... LOL.... Arohi must be burning inside.... Bechari.... pehle shower mein and then he has the guts to ignore her... Tongue 

I don't at all mind such saas bahu fights if it means Arohi being sneaky and then Arjun catches her in the shower? Like what more could we ask for.... Arohi-Kumud ladte raho.... hahaha... 

It'll be fun to watch Dhondu go to the wedding with a different name... and with Arjun ignoring Arohi plus helping Jay would just make Arohi go crazyyyy .... hahaha... Also I was thinking... Arjun should be happy na soon? Cause when he finds out that Dhondu loves Archana and not Arohi? Will he clear the misunderstanding with Arohi?!? I wonder? So many questions on my mind.... and this episode has made me go "coo coo" along with Arohi... hahaha...

I have so much more to say... but Can't think anymore... So I'll have to come back later and edit... .hehe...

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aksh4IF IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 8:51am | IP Logged
res .. ROFL
luv u daddi..Hug
"Itni vaddi agency tumhari, tumhare paas ek bhi bai nahi hai"LOL
"bhaad me jao, khotte da puttar"Clap  luv her galis!!
"woh bade chashme wali aur chote skirt wali"ROFL
"housekeeper kam aur manager zyada"Clap so true..toh abhi aap iss post ke liye kumud n arohi singhania ko train karoge!! Clap

daddi found a gud way to involve both kumud n arohi in the household chores n thereby making them take on the roles of the women of the house!! great way to celebrate women's day!! daddi must be happy...ek bahu se kaam nikalvane ki planning thi..abhi dono competition me utar gayi hai!! Wink

Welcome to Daddi's school of Home Science!!  *taaliyan*
 "chup ho jao, house-keeper da matlab yeh nahi hota ki haath me paise aajayenge! zimmedariyan bhi aati hai..aur zimmedariyan amal tareeke se aani chahiye, ghar chalana aana chahiye"StarStarStar
well said daddi...plan bhi changa haiga.. pehle maa banke dikhao, abhi ghar chalo..agla kya??Evil Smile n kya thaat se order diya - "sabse pehle toh tumhe hindustan ki naari ki tarah accha sa khana banana padega!! aaj ka khana tum dono ko banana padega"Star

arre waah, kumud ko bhi punjabi aati hai "mennu rakhi". and yeh kya kumud, jignesh ka bills kyun pay kiya jaa raha hai!?!  its nice to see the domestic side of kumud.. Winkofcourse yeh paise pani ki tarah baha rahi hai..aur woh bhi pignesh par.. Deadbut isko sach much khana pakana aata hai ya mangvaya tha??Shocked even arjun asked "mom yeh sab aapne banaya hai?"

arohi is fighting for her pati-dev's haq.. 5 club ke membership bacha rahi hai!! LOLkitni mehnat hai!!Clap i was surprised arohi served the biryani instead of ordering in though.. Shockedwoh din kab aayega jab arjun iski jali-hui biryani bhi khalega!!Day Dreaming

yeh bua accha pt. pakda tha..tum dono ek hi bathroom se bahar aa rahe ho??LOL but thank god arohi dint explain.. ab aayega mazaa.. yeh bhulakkad bua ho gayi hai na.. ek din..ek sahi situation me yaad aayega n it will support ppl's perception that these two r living the pati-patni life WinkDay Dreaming

finally dhondu ka real name!! Danish Malhotra!! D'ohthnx bua...apne humare aaj do do kaam kar diya!!Hug

Jay n Arjun on the mission arohi-ko-attention-na-dekar-attention-lo!! LOLloved that scene.. 
"yeh kaun hai jo mujhse zyada important hai? kaun hai??" aru dear... how does it feel to have the shoe on the other foot??Tongue arjun tere aur dhondz ke piche bhaag raha tha..ab tu jaa arjun ke piche!!Approve

amrit ulluwaliya shocks me everytime.. pehle apni shaadi shuda ladki ke liye dusra ladka dekh rahi thi.. Ouchabhi khush ho rahi hai ki arohi is cooking at the singu household like a gud bahu!!LOLin logon ko kabhi point wali baatein kyu nahi dint occur to them that the girl - whoz takin care of Raj like a mum, helping out with Rashi like a gud sis-in-law, helped in kicking out Pignesh like a gud bahu/wife/sis-in-law, cooking in Singu household like a gud bahu, fighting for Arjun's rights like the ideal wife, n biggest thing of all..not coming home even after having a solid ground for divorce.. like Arohi Arjun Singhania!! - doesnt want that divorce.. shez happy where she is!! khair, abhi ulluwaliya hai toh ullupane se piche kaise hat sakte hai!!LOL on that note, StarStarStarStarStar to arohi arjun singhania for all teh above qualities..

luved arohi's awe at her superhawt husband finally.. Winkfinally is bandi ko sujha ki kabhi apne pati ko bhi dekha jaaye!! D'oharjun's plan is panning out so well..gud job hubby..apni wifey ko kinna changa jaanda hai tu!! Clapsuper hawt scene!!

bechara raj - "mom koi options hai kya?" "mein khane ke pehle prayer karunga aur khane ke baad bhi" LOL"thank u chotte dadaji"Hug n a star for that flying kiss to chotte daddu - kumud..

"khana meri vajah se kaise kharab hua? mein toh vahan aaya bhi nahi tha.. ya aaya tha? soch kya rahi ho?" luv the challenge in his voice.. kya predicament hai arohi.. isko kehte hain nehle pe dehla.. pehle khana jal gaya..uske baad dil...abhi rassi!!LOL

cant wait to see how arohi gets bak at kumud...n wat other assignments these two get from daddi!! gud episode!! Thumbs Up

p.s. nothing to say on arjun .. coz hez to hawwwt to handle.. topic too hot to touch WinkTongue

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glitter567 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 8:56am | IP Logged sure was a 'too hot to handle' epi Nuke
guys i've come down with a fever and after watching the epi...meri haalat toh aur bhigadh gayi LOL whilst watching the epi i was tucked away under my quilt and then BOOM!!! along comes the shower temperature shot up so much i literally had to open the windows ROFLROFL then it was followed by him working out (outside the kitchenStern SmileLOL)  and the last scene where zips up his jacket and puts his shades on Cool I definitely need to start training and preparing myself for the future!!! this karan and arjuhi chemistry is bound to get me killed or make me end up in ICU one day!! LOL I need to be stronger...but kya karu jab aise scenes dekhti hoon toh mera dil automatically balle balle..aur meri mind shava shava karne lagta hai Silly...honestly my heart has a mind of it's own and my mind has a mind of it's ownSillyLOL
ok i really don't know what i'm talking about Silly


I liked the way the epi started off with dadi cursing the maid...khotte de puttar ROFLROFL daadi you rock StarStar also liked how the saas-bahu are now competing against each other for the credit card. I have to admit initially i was a bit sceptible about this track but it's managed to start off on a positive note,
Thumbs Up well for me anyway..dekho na iss track ki vaijaise we got the hot shower scene, so no complaints from my side considering this track. Also this isn't the typical saas-bahu kitchen politics nautanki it's a few steps ahead of that...tell me have you ever seen any saas-bahu on a rat race to get hold of a credit card??LOL I say lage raho arohi aur kumud Thumbs Up at least this way we will get more hot and intense scenes Blushing..but on a more serious note we are seeing arohi fighting for arjun and his rights like a proper wifeEmbarrassed, just loved it when she jumped in and defended him when kumud said she will cancel his memberships, so i guess arohi's love for arjun will be seen in the form of her actions that will be taken in order to defeat kumudEmbarrassed. This kumud eugghh Dead she's still paying for pignesh? what kind of a mother is she?Dead

OK so the rat race begins all thanks to daadi Star...yeh daadi bhi na kitna clever hai... arohi aur kumud ko ullu bana diya...kya tareeka dhoonda hai in order to get the work done LOLClapso our pyaari arohi decides she will chorify the card in orderd to stay in the lead...well she's done it before and she wants to do it again!! so madame goes to her monster-in-law's room par yeh kya arjun wants to take a shower in his parents en suite, and before anyones spots her she goes and hides in the bathroom (the big hint towards the hot scene LOL) well we all know what happened after that...but i loved the way arjun used this opportunity to put his plan in to action...well well looks like the bad boy is really back and i'm glad he stuck to his words Evil Smile...just teased her and let her go, leaving her confusedOuchLOL...haha love him EmbarrassedCool
the way he pulled her in the shower Blushing the way he forced her to look Blushing...arohiiiiii or should i say kritikaaaa...couldn't help but take a glimpe huh?!?! ROFLROFL...and her expressions after the quick scan
ROFL..don't worry hun we all needed CPR after this whole scene Blushing ok i'l stop commentimg more on this scene right here!!!LOL yeh karan ne maar dalaBlushing that too on women's dayLOL

arohi-bua scene: liked the way she just brushed it off as if it's no big deal when bua was enquired her Thumbs Up..and from this scene we got to know dhondu's real name...danish pastry...erm i mean danish malhotra
LOLLOL arohi taking advantage of bua being the wedding planner and making him the photographer LOLStern Smile

Loved it when arjun was pretending to be on the phone with LKL..really managed to get to arohi Thumbs Up keep it up arjun coz now it's your turn so seize the opportunity Evil Smile kaisa lag raha hai arohi? i'm sorry i don't feel sorry for you and may you burn with jealousy like this Big smile
loved karan in the red shirt Day Dreaming

burnt biriyani scene:...uff arjun working out again (outside the kitchen?ConfusedStern Smile)...don't worry i'm not complaining LOL..i could watch him work out all dayBlushing anyway coming back to that scene....yeh amrit ulluwaliya itna khush kyun hai Confused her daughter is cooking for the enemies Confused oh i forgot she is a ulluwaliya.

I just love the dialogue writers this season

amrit: kaisa lag raha hai?
arohi whilst checking arjun out: bohot acha lag raha hai
amrit: haan khane mai bhi bohot acha lage ga

oh arjun you are such a big tease...arohi couldn't take her eyes off you for one second...she was so arjun struck Star lage raho!!!!! Thumbs Up

lunch time: raj is just too funny LOL wants to say a prayer before attempting to eat the biriyani LOL par yeh kya? chote dadaji to the rescue Shocked...yeh i'm convinced she ordered the foot you cooked it kumud!!! LOL
ufff the way arjun got up, put his jacket & shades on and just left...if only words could describe how hot he lookedDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming *sighs*

Super liked today's epi...fab fab acting by all Star
so tomorrow we will see arjun leaving on his motorbike and arohi will obviously follow him out!!!
with the way things are shaping up i have to say so far so good Thumbs Up...bad boy's plan is turning out to be a hit Thumbs Up...waiting for tomorrow's epi!!!

phew!! i'm done...writing this take was so hard as i was drowing in my besharam thoughtsLOLEmbarrassed

p.s. happy women's day everyone!!!

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tanu111a Goldie

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 9:10am | IP Logged

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shibz IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 9:40am | IP Logged
hubby wooing wify in styleBlushing Blushing Blushing

haayee..........!!! Arjun Singhania!!!!!!! Day Dreaming u nailed it!!
BlushingBlushing Blushing

Arohi ki saat saat hum bhi lattu hogaye!! LOL LOL

& Thanx to Singhania's gym that keeps shifting from place to place...kabhi Arjun ki room ki baahar tho kabhi any random place...iss baar 
kitchen ki baaharLOL LOL

kumud cooked the food? D'oh LOL he he...who cares!! we have other things to botherWink Tongue LOL

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channi_star Goldie

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 9:52am | IP Logged
Day DreamingBlushingDay Dreaming BlushingDay Dreaming  Blushing Day Dreaming  Blushing Day Dreaming
wat a start!!! wat a fight!!!
wat a moment!!!
i cnt talk abt the shower scene....coz i just came frm the hospital!!  needed a cpr neh!! i dnt think i wanna go bak there by imagining or thinkin abt it...not atleast till i c the repeat...  Blushing
just say it was mindblowin, stupendulous,!!! hot!!! hot!!!
karan wat a women's day gift 4 all woment...if v wudnt hv gt the cpr on time then the population of women on this special day wud hv definately gn dwn...LOLLOLLOL
arohi in the kitchen: 4 the first time!!! wow!!!
haha!! mother daughter convo was funny!!!
biryani jalgayi...Shocked
dnt wry arohi jab arjun tumhare samne ho aur woh bhi aisi halat mei, yeh toh hona hi tha!!!
kritika make sure karan eats the burnt biryani.....last velntines he burnt the biryani neh!! so gud day n gud tym 2 take a revenge... Tongue
awwnnn!! raj my cutie pie!! u wntd 2 pray b4 eatin!! gud manners!! Smile
well wat was that prayer 4...i gues u were prayin 2 god 2 save u frm eatin the burnt biryani made by ur mamma!!!
welll god fulfilled ur wish with a click of a finger n served u wid good food...seems ur connection with god is rly gud..just lyk ur mammas connection wid god...
but our arjun is only left out...god nevr does justice wid him...but m sure nw that u n ur mamma r there with him...god will surely do justice wid him....
made by???????????????????????  itz a mystry!!!
kumud + kitchen + cooking classed =  Thumbs DownDisapprove
karan stole the show 2de!!!! ClapClapClapClapClap
arohi this hug is 4 u....Hug
dnt wat u lost this game...ur a winner coz ur a winner's wife...Wink
ok i guess day by day my expectations r gettin higher!!!
  1. in yest epi, wen arohi tells arjun 2 break wateva he wnt i wntd him 2 break the glass n hurt was a gud moment n this wud add a lil bit more tadka...seeing arohi dressing his hand n tears fallin frm her eyes wid tere saanson se as bg....
  2. 2dez shower scene wud hv been a lil longer... Embarrassed
  3. wntd arohi's hand 2 get burnt (she was cookin 4 the first time neh) n arjun wud dress her... Wink

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-Olly- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
ohhh cant think of anything except arjun..karan..arjun!!HeartBlushing
wat style attitude!....and fully don style ..arjun is pataoing arohi without even giving her a chance to think!Wink...great job my arjun!...and hats off to kk for doing it so beautifully and with so much ease!....when arohi was saying ''very hot'' i was like stop arohi ele i will go mad now!!..i was fully red blushing!LOL..
so don's plan working! it has to work coz its arjun afterall..lolz bathroom scene was good spclly the eyelock ..Heart..and the kmh 1 bg!..
i am sure kumud din cook the food..but not to worry our arohi is there she will fight for her hubby meanwhile her hubby is busy pataoing his wifey!..
last scene arjun was looking uff!..god i have gone mad today!..but seriously fab!..
ok this much from ..waiting for tomorrow's episode!..cant wait!Embarrassed
PS: karan showed that he had many coloured vests too apart from balck one!Tongue..
karan was too hot! in short show stealer!Embarrassed..our arohi aka kritz was too cute today loved her too!

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