Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Mohabbat Lounge[8/3 - Epi. 95].

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Welcome back,'Mohabbatians', to show 'Kitani Mohabbat Hai' iss show se by sharing the analysis and constructive critics and comments;
However, not to forget few rules.
1. No actor or character bashing.
2. No derogatory terms to be used.
3. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this forum.
4. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show.
5. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.
6. First 2 pages of the lounge can be reserved only for takes, NO conversations.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for KMH forum"
Note:Permission given by the KMH2 Dev team.


Before we start with the analysis & discussions, here are few important links to share..

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Give your feedback & make your requests at
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Link to previous thread:
Mohabbat Lounge [4/3 - Epi. 93]
I am soo looking forward to this BAD BOY today Blushing

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Originally posted by Dr.BasketGupta


WE'RE NEARING 100 EPISODES SOON Party so in that excitement we have decided that we are going to have our own fun here on Mohabbat Lounge. I know there is barely much time for it and we are just announcing this, but my brain did just realize we reached 93 episodes LOL

Alright so I'm going to shut up....and let Tehreem post what is going to happen because I have to leave for college and I'm already late LOL

Alright sooo there is another part to this like Tehreem said wait till I edit LOL

you ready??? *DRUMROLLS*

Alrightttt so the next thing we have is VM/Siggie/Avi Contest Thumbs UpThumbs Up *yes i want u to copy that emoticon* so all you creative people, get your minds working and software's rolling because you have to make some amazing VMs/Siggies/Avi!!! Dancing I know everyone is excited about this...because I am excited to watch all of them Approve
PM me with the subject as "VM/Siggie/Avi Contest" and hmm the deadline is Saturday, March 11, 2011 Big smile

Maximum siggies allowed: 2
Maximum VMs allowed: 1

soooo content is basically, 100th episode celebration VM/Siggie/Avi PartyDancing

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Originally posted by -tehreem-

Thankeyou soo much MissDrBasketGupta thats the first time you are letting me speak Ermm
Ok w/e lets fight later right now everybody must be waiting for that special note we have which you didnt care to post TongueLOL
So Hello Mohhabatians =)
As we know that Episode 100 of Kitni Mohhabat hai is nearing  so its time for ......... guess guess yes you are right ....CELEBRATIONS Party
We are going to have a bash on this very day when our ML is going to make a century PartyTeheh i cant believe that its growing up Day Dreaming
So for the celebration we are conducting  an award function and some other things so that you guys can participate and show your love towards ML and KMH ( it doesnt mean other people dont love it i know they can express much better in words )
For award function we have some nominations what you guys have to do is nominate ML members for every category BUT BUT we have some rules defined for it
1) You can nominate the same person for different categories only two times that means a certain person can be nominated for one and then the other thats it not more than that.
2)If you think two members deserve the same award then write both their names both not more than two.
3)These awards are just for fun and celebrations DONOT i say DONOT take them personally and nominate people randomly not by their specific quality or something =)
So the nominations are as follows
1) Best spammer of ML
2) Best writer of ML
3) Best entertainer of ML
4) Ghajini of ML
5) Miss absent of ML
6) Lady gaga of ML
7) Bittu sharma of ML
8) Raj of ML
9) Don of ML
10) Teacher of ML
Now after voting you guys have to pm all the nominations to me that is -tehreem-  and the subject must be Nominations for ML award function or just Nominations LOL


Do vote guys its a kind request though i can order also but i chose to remain polite LOL
P.S Maaf kar dena if i made any typos LOL
P.S.S something is still a mystery which Miss Pooja is going to tell and if she doesnt i cant help but edit this post again LOL

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Nelz.. Goldie

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res..... EDITED.....

finally here wiv mii take on 2days was mindblowin...........yeah Arjun hum sab ko dreamland mein le choka.......

before startin i lyk 2 wish all happy women's day............

sowat can i say bout 2days words left 2 xpress wat i da epi started wiv dadi talkin bout credit card....nd 4rm there started da saas-bahu arguing nd nice 2 c arohi fightin 4 arjun's right...
den cums da shower scene which every1 luved......i was so shocked wen dat happened 2day as da promo was also shown 2day dis was such a treat 4 us KMHians....Arjun looked so hawttttttttttt in 2days epi.....first da shower scene den da trainin nd den da jacket wiv sunglasses ufffffff wat can i say......hum sab toh saath mein aasman mein ponch gaye.....Day Dreaming

dis miss london will bring Arjuhi closer as 4rm 2days epi we all culd c how jeolous Arohi was gettin 4rm da fake fone calll........nd da dialogues she sed was just so funny.....ROFL......but i did feel sorry 4 her......but dis jeolousy clearly shows Kitani Mohabbat im luvin it..........
so den cums da cookin scene.....yeh gym kitchen ke bar kab se tha...ROFL....anywayz arohi ne biryani ko chala diya....obviously jal chatta Arjun bar beth kar training kar raha tha owr woh bus usko dekh raha tha owr hot hot bol rahi thi........LOL
yeh kumud cookin classes leti thiShocked.......waisey mujhe lagta hai yeh khanna use ne nahi banaya tha leikin kisi aur neh.......
nd yeh Kumud abhi Jignesh ke peechi kyu hai......he bloody cheated on ur daughter wat kind of mum is she...AngryAngry......she still cares 4 dat stupid pignesh Pig more den Arjun....

well wat can we say 2days epi was filled wiv love, jeolousy, competition....gr8 epi overallThumbs Up

Day Dreaming

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piamistchanni_starrasika_DSroshaniDglitter567kavyasamzooni.blueAnjalii...xXx IF-Rockerz

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   Speed ... 
shower scene today !!!!! cloud 9 or 10 or even higher!!

Star  Star Star Star Star 5 stars for intense  epi

fantabulous epi todayTongue.... have loads to say about it but in short it was just WOW
saas bahu fight gets the rani into pani .. wah wah arjun lage raho
pehle drag wifey into shower floor her of the ground, phir ignore her  !!LOL

ye koun hai jo mere se zyada important hai ... fake call hai arohiWink tumse zyada important arjun ke liye koyi koi nahi hai not even himself Embarrassed

arjun on fire .. itna passion itna passion itna passion ................LOL

this show should come with a warning too much passion and hotness in here please watch only with extinguishers near you!

so dhonds has a proper name danish thanks for that bua 

biryani... first tym in kitchen bet my mom would be double happy if she heard that from me !!LOL
now  now arjun biryani se door rehna tha u burnt it with ur hotness!

kumud cooked it ? seriously? iam sure it was some cook!Sleepy i want some too iam hungry

i like jay more than dhonds .. really hope he gets the girl

n this was day one or mission arohi ko attention na do! jays wedding is gonna be fun Smile

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I m late so i cant wish happy womens day...but koi na belated happy womens day girliesHug

OMG!!!!!!!i m very late to edit...but what to do i had to compose myself and my brain before i started writing my take...gosh this epi was just out of the worldWink

Good news of prev epi: the bad boy is backDancing

Good news of todays epi: the super awesome and strong dadi is back...loved how she was controlling kumud and arohi...dadi u rock Thumbs Up

CV's....muahhhhhhhh!!!!!thousand flying kisses to u...u guys have developed an awesome trend promo is like the precap for the coming epi...its just awesome the amount of wait we had to do for rtm was just...too much...i love this....i was so convinced this scene would take atleast a week or so but truly amazing this was...thanku so much....
Promo killed and epi took my breath away....kuch toh rehem karo cv's,karan and kritz di...i m just a kid still mujhe abhi dunia dekhni hai

Kmh whatever u people do u add a bit of u're own taste in it and it is becomes completely diff from every other serial....just too many times havent we seen saas bahu drama over house keys....but omg this was a novel idea....fight over a credit and that too arohi defending arjun...

hayeee the shower emotions had a wide range of variety  Clap....absolutely awesome sequence...i cant define it in words and reduce its charm...all i can say is it was part "the bad boy is getting badder...and we are getting naughtier" i was making up scenarios in my mind how arjun and arohi could end up in the same bathroom...this was just 2-3-4-5 much...arjun such a bad boy u r....tumhe pata tha she was in ki besharmi ka asar tumpar dikh raha hai lage raho we dont mind....when i read the arjun to seduce arohi article and i read karans comment "the shower scene will be interesting" hehe something seemed fishy to me in that[too many dream sequence effect Cry] wanted to c if his definition of interesting turns out to be good or bad for arjuhi....and thankfully the intresting sequence indeed was very interesting and super seemed more romantic to me than seductive...just beaitiful it was...i have seen this sort of a scene quite a few times in other serials but none of em had this effect on me...not able to decide i should blame karanika or arjuhi or kmh....maybe its the combined effect that creates the magic...either ways m luving it i need to put thanda water over my head to calm myself down.................loving kmh more everyday dont even know how that is possible as i already love it way too much

Aro making biryani i couldnt help but remember karans real life biryani kritz di real life biryani ka badla reel lyf mein lol too good....wish u had made him eat that...i was rofling all through that scene even when u got distracted by arjun or maybe karan i didnt get distracted from that biryani yeh gayi mehnat sari pani mein and yeh ban gayi exact karan ishtyle biryani lol LOL

Kumud making that much at all belivable not even with her cooking classes somethings fishy...everyone doing tareef of kumuds food but arjun didnt eat....ahhhh how i wish he had sneaked in a little and ate the food his "wifey" made...that would have been the cherry on the cake....

but yeh kya why was he sitting with a banyan on the table...gosh pehle phate kapde and ab no shirt at people seriously going kangal....but then he wore that blazer and i was like i loved that shade of the blazer and the way he put on shades after that karan kundras ishtyle is unbeateble...

god 2 heart attacks in a day was so convinced that this promo will also take a few weeks like the rtm sequence but god was that quick...thanku for a mind blowing epi...awesome expressions and execution...and the continuity i have to thank the most editing blunder this time....Amazingggggggggggggg epi....11/10....extra marks for hot shower sceneEvil Smile....besharmi at its heights in meEvil Smile....

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will edit wen m bac 4m dreamland......

oh cool...1st page 4 d 1st tym...Big smile

Arifa...dun worry....i can beat u in being late 2 edit....ROFLROFL
Okay.....wat an episode.....m still in dreamland.....hott hott Arjun Singhania...2day was his day totally....
Karan stole d show....jus lyk sum1 stole all his t-shirts..ROFL
ROFL otherwise who comes 2 d dining table lyk dat?!!ROFLROFLROFL...
or maybe..he donated dem 2 his ashram....paise toh wifey ne jala diye....aur ab wifey ko jala raha hai....Wink
OMG!! Arjun...if dis is ur kinda treatment...den...Day Dreaming
Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
shower scene....Arjunnnnn...BlushingBlushingBlushing..Aro was all...BlushingBlushingBlushing....unwillingly saying...chodo- jane do- plz....LOL
n shibzyTongue....ditto!! i 2 was thinking if shifting d gym is a part of Don Singhania's plan or its jus keeps moving on its own....ROFL
fake call 2 london vali...Thumbs Up...loved seeing Aro getting jealous....enuf of Arjun's jealousy...Embarrassed
now dis is ur style mann..!!! I so love him as d bad boy..Star
n i feel Kumud din cook d food....maybe she ordered it or sumthing...Ermm...nyways m in no mood 2 talk abot chote dadaji now.. i'll leave...
ok...i writing sheer nonsense...cuz m nt in my senses..... i'd bttr stop..

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Happy Women's  Day Hug
Loved   the   episode  today .   Shocked WinkStar  all  for  arjun the bad  badmaash boy today,   WinkLOLEmbarrassed fro  arohi.   bichaari  itna  julm  us par Wink.   aise  pareshaan   karega   to  biryani   kya  aur bhi   bahut  kuch jal jayega.   shower mein  pata  tha  ki  aro  hai  phir  bhi  shuru ho gaye,   u  too   was  equally  affected  like  arohi na Wink sach bata LOL.   Arohi  is clean bould  sply after  the  closeness to her man,  uski expession se  to lag raha tha  ki  ahem  chodo I wont  tell  what  she  might have seen  when   she  glanced  down  ShockedWink ,  arey woh to  wife  hai bhai  utna  to   chalega Wink.    super loved arohi's stammer  'mai - jane do - please ' (kritz had perfect expressions here ClapClap).... aur aur aur  phir  jaaane diya  ShockedOuch   jalim husband LOL (karan  too good in this whole scene ClapClap ).     phir  phone  pe   fake  call  to london wali  LOL  yeh  huyi  na baat  and aro  keenly following the convo  Embarrassed  and  thinking  mujhse  bhi  jyada  important kaun hai ,  kisse baat karke itna  kush  ho raha hai,  miss london OuchHug  .    wahi  par  ruka  nahi   uske  saamne  workout karne  laga Shocked  aaj  to   arjun  lagataar  non stop  wifey  pe  teer  maare ja raha hai,   itna sab ek din mein  to  7 days  mein  aur kya kya karoge ?   arohi   spots him  and  is  least  bothered  about  her  home science practicals  ROFL (chalo  pata chala ki usne degree kisme ki hai ) .   she  was checking him   out  big time ,  and  why wouldnt  she  after  he  gave  her the  shock treatment  early in the morning LOL.   ab  phir  se  paani  dalni  padi dono ko  Wink  aur  nateeza  khana jal gaya EmbarrassedThumbs Up  everything  else  is given least priority  and thats what I liked. Clap
saas bahu  drama  was okay ,   still din get   why  arjun  wont  be  able  to   join  the club again if kumud gets it cancelled,  I mean  wont  he have his own card or  money Confused.   kaha  na  dumb  hai  kumud.    Lunch scene was good ,   however she  did  kumud  finally provided food for her family and that too   to  all those she hated  ROFL.    Arjun  further teases arohi who  is  tounge tied Embarrassed.   dont worry hun  once  he comes to know the truth  abt  dhondz  even if u say 'jaane do' he wont leave u.  and same with u once u realise it was a fake call to miss london  u  wont let  him  ignore you.  Embarrassed
great episode today  not  only because of close  scenes  but  also  for   arjun's attitude  and  his confidence  in  knowing  how  to  make  arohi  go  weak.  and  arohi  getting  more and more  frustrated abt  miss london.  
Karan Kritika  brilliant  job ClapClap  appreciate all the hard work  u  guys  are putting  in.   bg score  good ,  dialouges  were  very good .   good work  by everyone Thumbs Up.

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