Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee


Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

~Tantalizing Beauty Marks~ OS

rahmona_pakswe IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 2:15am | IP Logged
Is it time? OMG it is?! *looks around nervously**trying to breath*...*no luck*...*trying to remember the breathing excercise that came in handy all those years ago in the delivery room*...ok...*breaths in...breaths out*...I think I'm calmer now. Whew!
Hello everyone on GF!
Today I'm making my debut as on OS writer. This is my first ever creation and that too in English. Sorry for any mistakes, grammatically, that I have made but I'm still in the process of learning the English langauage.
Also this is the very first time I'm making a topic on IF ever. Been member for a long time but never really dared to make a topic. So two debuts on one day.

 I would like to thank all in 'The Wine Club' for all your love and support. Your encouragement (and the non-existing romantic scenes in GeetLOL) is the reason for me to have come this far. You helped me to break out of my shell.  

Hope you enjoy this OS of mine!
Geet was standing by the window staring out at the dark night. Wearing a long white silky robe over her equally silky white nightie she could feel the cool breeze caressing all over her face. Her hair was lightly flying in the wind. The last couple of weeks had been hectic and stressful. This was the first moment of calm and silence for her in a very long time.  Married for a month...but she was still getting use to the idea of being Mrs Maan Singh Khurana. The thought of it brought a smile to her face and a slight blush to her cheeks. Completely lost in her thoughts she didn't notice Maan entering the room.


Maan, wearing  black pyjama bottoms and vest, stood the in the room(close to the door) for the longest time just staring at his wife. Yes his beautiful and sometimes crazy WIFE. He was still getting use to the idea of being married. Never did he think he would find anyone to share his life with after being burnt so badly. Never did he think he would be able to trust and love someone again. But Geet changed everything for him. She taught him to love and live again.


Silently and smoothly like a panther he approached Geet from behind. He didn't touch her just stood there enjoying the closeness. He could smell her perfume which itself was very lovely but on Geet absolutely intoxicating.  


Geet could hear someone breathe right behind her back but she didn't move nor did she need too. She could tell by the fragrance that it was her husband. The air started to fill with anticipation and she waited for his next move. When nothing happened for the longest time she started to turn around.


M: Don't move...

G: Maan ...?
M: Chup bilkul chup...


He moved even closer...and carefully slid his arms around Geet's waist. Immediately her heart started to beat faster. With his fingers he caressed her stomach in small circular motions...tickling and exciting her at the same time. He came in touch with the knot of Geet's robe... fumbling with it a little before untying it. He opened the robe and let it slip of Geet's body exposing her creamy white skin. The sudden chill made Geet shiver...


From behind Maan carefully put his hand on Geet's left hand and started slowly slowly moving his fingers Geet goose bumps from head to toe. He stopped right under the beauty mark she had at the back of her arm. He bent down and gave it an ever so light kiss...Geet's skin burnt at the touch of his lips. Standing straight again he continued to slowly move his hand upwards and let it rest on her shoulder. With the other hand he moved away her beautiful tresses so he could get a clear view of Geet's ear...where he knew she had another beauty mark. Maan knew where all of them were and he was going to use them to his full advantage today...he thought naughtily.


Geet could feel his breath tickling her ear...small doses of pure torture to her skin. He moved forward and gave her ear a slight kiss...making her gasp a bit. He took a small step back... and with a feathery touch let his hand slide along her bare back to the next beauty spot which was under her right shoulder blade. Geet couldn't control her shivers..... He bent down to kiss her bare back but this time he put some pressure in his kiss.


Standing straight again but never removing his hands from Geet's body he turned her around. He took hold of her hands and moved them both further in the room away from preying eyes. Without uttering a single word Geet followed Maan's every move. Standing in the middle of the room he slid booth of his arm around Geet's waist bringing them closer. He stared at her with those intense eyes knowing full well what it did to her.


Geet looked into his eyes and felt herself drowning in them. Never ever could she get tired of these two windows to his soul where every emotion could be easily read.


They both stood there staring into each other's eyes... taking quick glances at each other's lips...feeling the air crackle with electricity.


Without leaving the hold of his beautiful wife he began to move towards a very comfortable chair. Maan sat down bringing Geet with him...he made her sit face to face and with her bare legs on each side of him. Still not happy he brought her even closer. Suddenly their most intimate body parts were touching each other through their clothes... Geet's mouth formed a slight "o" at this and Maan let out a small groan. For a moment he forgot what he was doing but soon he remembered again. Maan took Geet's right hand and brought it close to his face and kissed it...but he didn't stop there. He continued with the kisses along her arm...reaching her shoulder. With his nose he nudged down the tiny strap of her nightie exposing more of her skin and cleavage... Geet took a sharp intake of breath and took a firmer grip of Maan's arms.


He saw what he was looking for...the beauty mark right under her collarbone. Maan kissed it lovingly. He continued with hot open mouth kisses up to the next little black dot on Geet's neck. She couldn't help pulling her head back and squeeze her eyes harder. The feeling of his lips on her neck made her almost dizzy and the pit deep feeling in her stomach grew even deeper.


He continued with his kisses along her jaw line up to her face and kissed every sexy little beauty mark. The ones a bit above her lips...and the one on the nose. Then he drew his attention to her full lips. Her eyes were closed and her lips were slightly parted... hot breath was coming out of her mouth. He moved closer.


Geet could feel Maan's breath on her. She knew he was about to kiss her and the anticipation made her breath become even more erratic.


Not being able to hold it anymore he crashed his lips against her.  One hand was firmly gripping her head the other one her waist and he was kissing her passionately. Geet was holding on for her dear life to keep up with his sweet assault. She couldn't help to wriggle a little in his lap igniting the fire even more. The kissing and the rubbing against each other's body only increased the desire for each other.


They were both desperately trying to get better access to each other's skin but their clothes were in the way. Both finally managed to take a break from their kisses... he got hold of her silky nightwear and while touching her skin he pulled the nightie off her.  His breath became ragged at the sight of his beautiful wife only clad in underwear.


Feeling exposed she tried to cover up herself with her arms but Maan stopped her. Instead he took both of her hand and put them on his waist indicating her to take off his vest. She got hold of the hem and sensually pulled off his vest while lingering her fingers on his smooth skin. His muscular body became visible...she sighed deeply. Geet could never get tired at the sight of Maan's gorgeous body.


Instinctively both moved forward to kiss each other. Their lips touched and now their bodies also to skin creating a sensation which couldn't be described. Their kissing became more frantic and with one swift move he stood up....still holding Geet around his waist. He led her to the bed with their lips still glued... he carefully laid Geet down on the soft bed and followed after. Both were caressing each other and with each second their kisses and touches became more feverish.

The remaining clothes were quickly nothing was there to separate them.  Both let the passion take over and what was happening around them didn't matter anymore. It was only them and a very long night.


The End

So everyone what's your verdict? Love it? Hate it? Or in between?
Do I deserve 'phullon ki barsaat' or 'sade ve tamater'? Or a mix of both? LOL
Whatever you think of my first OS pleeeaaase be honest. Don't be afraid of criticising me. It's good to know your weak points too. Big smile Thanks!

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that was one HOT OS .... wwoww .. it was awesome ...
u defo get  "Phoolon ki barsaat"
am @work and reading this .   LOL imagine my halat  Blushing
keep writing

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BTW u only deserve phulon  ki barsaat for this! LOL


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itzangell Groupbie

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HAWT......... is my first expression... scintillating passion .EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed.. oodles of love for the nite.... makes  ur OS ... awesome......... way to go ... keep up the good work....... ClapClapClap

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Amiiish IF-Dazzler

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Indeed you deserve phulon ki barsaat dear, this was awesome, so beautifully described, I had a clear picture in ma mindEmbarrassed
And Im not a writer so didnt see the faults, but there is always scope for betterments I believe, but cant point outLOL
The attempt was great, keep it up dear;)

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rickks IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 3:30am | IP Logged
Wow that was one excellent, sensuous piece of writing.....Kudos to you, for your first Brilliantly written OS.....Clap Hug

Thanks for the PM yaar....aage se bhi do  PM me Smile

Maaneet are tagged the Most Passionate onscreen couple on Screen yet, what we have now is nothing less than a 7th grade Romance...I know on Indian TV...Its impossible to showcase things to this level, but yet there is no harm in the initial buildup.....i wonder why that too is impossible for them to show...when there have been innumerable such moments in the past mainly before their marriage....and now when after Marriage the scenario is supposed to change, wonder why the CV's are making MAANEET look like KidsAngry

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wow..........i am blushing profuselyEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
u deserve a phoolon ki barsaat.........
simply awesome

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wow!!! i can't believe this is ur first OS... it's really really good... Clap and super hot!! Blushing

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