Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

New ff -RAAZ , ch 6 updated pg 3 raaz revealed

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All fanfics and oneshots  which i have been written with my own knowledge - this is solely my work and no one can recreate or copy my work without permission 


ch 1

Gopi is an extremely beautiful woman, born into a poor family of the Shah Parivaar. Aehem who has a degree of MBA and is the owner of the Modi house and also the owner of the Modi enterprise. He is a bachelor and loved a girl called Anita.Anita whom is his standard and how he want a girl to be like. He kept this a raaz from everyone. Being his Uncle Chirag favorite son, he had shifted everything under Aehem name as he toiled hard for everything. Unlikely his younger cousin Jigar who is adopted and he doesn't know that he is, as Hetal was barren all her life so Koki handed jigar over to her after she gave birth to him( Jigar and Aehem in reality are blood brothers).

Eventually he arrives in Gopi village and goes past her and didn't notice her beauty. He goes past the village and suddenly the car goes through a puddle and the dirty puddle splashes on Urmi who gave a huge lecture to him. He stops the car and gets out. He walks towards her and says sorry as he had never been to this village before so didn't know this would happen. He goes back to the car and the car breaks down. Urmi, Jitu and Rashi goes up and Urmi again gives a lecture to him. Aehem ignores her and the car then goes. Urmi, Jitu and Rashi finally arrive at the Modi house and accepts the hand of Aehem modi to their daughter Gopi. And there Aehem comes in holding his waist coat and looks around. Urmi gets up and sees him in a stupefaction.

After a few days it was the wedding day, Aehem refuses to talk to his mother about Anita and dumps her there and Anita abuses him as he is a mother's pet and will not disobey her. So there she leaves him heartbroken and goes USA and gets married to another man. Aehem goes and sits at the mandap and does the saat phere and gets married. He was not happy and enthusiastic as he was before.

He finds out a couple of days Gopi is illiterate, after the 5 lack necklace and gives her a tight slap. There Gopi is afraid to go outside the room, covers her head and cheek and goes to the kitchen, While then Koki notices the mark and shouts at him in his room.

Kinjal gets married to the guy whom she hated so much. Dhawaal, who is an restaurant owner, has 3 hotels under his name in Bombay and shifts there. There Kinjal got intrigued with his work and fell in love slowly and she never notices.

Nani had come to the Modi mansion to stay, and there she finds out about GoHem relationship on the first day. Koki and her plots a soil proof plan to bring them together.

After a couple of days, Aehem got fed up acting falsely in front of the family and decided to bring out the truth out in front of the family about him -Anita- Gopi( what a love triangle). He didn't have the courage so he waited for the right time to come.

Rashi on the other hand is observing Gopi, and had to know what she is up to, as she felt sorry for her to get a husband like Aehem who is a disgrace , strict and heavyhearted man. She also noticed the relationship between Hetal and Koki and how Koki always does everything for Aehem and Jigar, and taunts us DIL as there Hetal listens and doesn't say anything. Surely she thought something is behind this plot. She had a feeling Jigar wasn't Hetal son at all.

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excellent really nice please continue.
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nice - please  continue
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Rashi on the other hand is observing Gopi, and had to know what she is up to, as she felt sorry for her to get a husband like aehem who is a disgrace , strict and heavyhearted man. She also noticed the relationship between hetal and koki and how koki always does everything for Aehem and Jigar, and taunts us DIL as there hetal listens and doesn't say anything. Surely she thought something is behind this plot. She had a feeling Jigar wasn't Hetal son at all.

Chapter 2

The next day, Rashi wakes up and yawns. She sees the time, got a fright. She was late. She quickly had a shower, wore her pink sari and went down. 'thank god' she spoke as she was on time. No one was at the temple. She cleaned and dusted the place and got everything ready for the veneration. Everyone came down and saw a change in her. Koki was shocked to see, and never expected to see this change in her. Rashi, did the pooja and gave the aarti to everyone. Gopi and Rashi went to the kitchen.

Rashi: gopi, teach me how to cook, thats not fair you are always doing the work, and am sitting idle and watching you.

Gopi: ok fine, take out, the garam masala etc.

Gopi teached her how to cook her first dish. Pilaf. They made that for dinner and put it aside. They gave everyone their breakfast. Gopi was afraid to go near him. Rashi was watching their reaction. She gave him toast. He ate without looking at anyone. Nani was staring at him and wondered what happened to his natak today.

At lunch, Aehem was deciding what to do. He wondered how Anita was. How her married life was. Is she happy. He certainly wasn't feeling alright. He had a headache and tiredness showed on his face. He wasn't paying attention to his project and was lost in his thoughts. Jigar comes in and moves him a bit. He wanted some help with the new project they were handling so aehem started to explain what to do, just like any other older brother will.

Jigar was pleased and noticed something was bothering him so he ask if he needed help. Aehem thought for a minute and told him not to tell anyone what he was going to say. Aehem started to tell him the relationship between him and Anita, how his mother forced him to the marriage with gopi, how he broke with anita on the wedding day, what happened between him and gopi - the incident of the naap , the incident of the 5 lack necklace, laptop etc, his nani return, the natak his mother told him to do. He asked to give a solution as he was stuck in between.

Jigar for the first time in his life was shocked to see his brother in so much anguish and pain, also he was happy for the first time he shared his pain with him. He thought for a while and spoke: Bhai, I think of something and tell you later, this is complicated, all I can say, since nani is here keep on pretending until we sort all this out.

Jigar went to his cabin and sat down. He thought of all the problems his brother was facing. He never knew how much pain he was having. He can't even tell bhai that he slowly is getting trapped in gopi love. He was happy for that for sure. He then thought, something is surely happened between koki and hetal something has. He thought of the days when Koki would feed him first before Aehem and how he got irritated because of it.

On the other hand, Aehem sat back on his chair and put his head back and shut his eyes. Tears came running down his eyes.

Piya haiii
Moraa .aaa.. Moraa
Piya .. mora piyaa ..
Piya Mora.. Mora piya
Maanat nahin .. more piya ..
Mora piya

Both brothers were thinking about their childhood days. How they grow up. How there parents were strict. How they completed their education and got a degree in MBA.

Mora piya mu se bolat naahin
Mora piya mu se bolat naahin
(you are all I want.. I am nothing but you, just look at me please, say something)
Dawar jiya ke
(why dont you speak to me, you are all I need)
Ooohh dawar jiye ke kholat naahinnn
Mora piya mu se bolat naahin
Mora piya mu se bolat naahin

Aehem thought about the day he first met Anita and how they made a bond of love together. How they spent wonderful time together. How they came to India and sneaked out and went to their favorite place. How he thought about breaking her heart. How he dumped her after a 3 years relationship. How he married to Gopi. A girl whom he never wanted to get married to. All the scenes after marriage, which was unpleasant for him. How he thought he never spends time with his brother, and never laugh, or joke about like him. He thought: am I like this. He thought he had to change. Change the way his thinking and melt his heart somehow. Melt his heart for the poor Gopi whom takes my taunts everyday for no single reason. He knew he had to go and ask forgiveness.

Darpan dekhun(ba ga re re sa ni da sa), roop niharun
Hoo darpan dekhun, roop niharun
Aur sola shringaar karun
Phir nazariya baitha bairi
Kaise ankhiyan chaar karoon
Koi jatan ab,
Koi jatan ab kaam na aave
Uss kach sohat naahin
Mora piya mu se bolat naahin
Mora piya mu se bolat naahin

Jigar on the other hand thought about the days with Rashi. The days with Sonal and how he hurt her. The days when he started to avoid Rashi. He still does as she had to change he thought. He realized she has and go and ask forgiveness to. He thought about how Rashi did all the troubles. He was totally upset. He piled his work and went to Aehem office.

Hamari ek (ga re si da ga), muskaan pe woh toh
Haan hamari ek muskaan pe woh toh apni jaan lutaata tha
Jag bisra ki aanthon pehariya, more hi gun gata tha
Baagai kaaa
Bhagai ka koyi sautan ho ke mora kuch baawat naahin
Mora piya muh se bolat naahin
(say something, why dont you speak to me, look at me)
Mora piya muh se bolat naahin
Dawar jiya ke
(just speak to me please)
Ooo dawar jiye ke kholat naahin
(don't you know I just can't live without you)
Mora piya muh se bolat naahin - 5 times

Aehem was still in the same position. Jigar came and bent down to him. He wiped his tears and asked him lets go home. Aehem put everything in his bag and left office. They sat in the car and drove off. They were silent. In silence motion. Both in tears.

Jigar saw ice cream stall and asked him to stop the car. He went outside and got two ice creams and came back in the car.

He gave one to Aehem and he starts to laugh : You still know I like this flavour Vanilla.

Jigar: off course bhai, your my brother, if I don't know you then who will.

They ate the ice cream and drove of.

They arrive at the Modi mansion, laughing and mucking about. Everyone was sitting eating dinner stopped eating and came to the main hall. They notice both brothers were laughing after a long time. Koki was relieved as both of her sons were back to normal. On the other hand Hetal was smiling, just a normal smile thinking about all her barren she had all her life and how she got koki son jigar and adopted him. She was disappointed. She wanted to reveal everything but Chirag stopped her. Rashi was noticing them, she noticed how one was smiling and one had a disappointed smile. She was sure something is wrong for sure.

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Ayesha read it thanks, boiled eggs is a No No in Modi house, remember smell of ande (egg) raw and what it did to Hetal and Kokila, they are strict vegetarian, not even eggs allowed in the house. Otherwise good, liked the song Mora Piya is so suitable as a song sang to Aham by Gopi.

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lol didnt knw that ill change it in a minute oops how can i forget

there u go ave changed it

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Chapter 3

Jigar notices rashi a bit disappointed and left to the room. He had hurt her as far as he know and felt. Jigar went to the bedroom after her and locked the door behind him. He went towards her and told her sorry for everything he had done and misunderstood her.

He noticed she was worried and rashi tells him of what she been noticing.

Jigar replied : I know I noticed the same thing but we will figure out something even Aehem bhai knws this thing between maa and kaki. They go to sleep. Aehem without apologizing goes to sleep.

The next day the 2 brothers started to get some clue from outside from hospitals etc while on the other hand rashi tries to get into the secret room of Modi house where the secret lies beyond that . Even Mani was helping her. But they couldn't they keys was with koki.

They had to get the keys somehow they had to.Aehem bhai she thought. She ringed him and told him she can't get into the secret room the keys are with Koki am afraid to get them she will taunt me. Do something am afraid, things are getting out of hands here. Mom and kaki fights a lot while ur away office, its unbearable and me and gopi and mani gets taunted along with it.

Ahem coulnt bear all this, and was shocked to hear this. He had to get the keys of her. He thought of something.

He called his mom : mom can u give the keys to rashi for a minute she has to go to study room to get some files for me.

She gave the keys to her, made the duplicates quickly, gave it back to koki and it was midnight. Jigar, Aehem and Rashi tip toed to the secret room on the top floor and rashi quickly opened the door and heard a noise.

They all entered and locked the door.

What is the clue? What will they find ? Will they ? What is in the room? What secret do they find ? Let's see , Do read and find out soon ..

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loved it...plz continue soon (:

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