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MG HARD TRUTH SS last part pg 49 (Page 41)

Infinity. IF-Addictz

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waiting Day Dreaming

maaneetmaahi IF-Rockerz

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hi dear..
its nice concept..nice update..
but u hv nt updated since ages..
please continue soon
maaneetmaahi IF-Rockerz

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maan n geet maaried...ShockedShocked
please continue soon

-Awaari- Goldie

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kaha ho tum...???????????????
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Last Part

1 year later

Maan tried everything to make Geet love him. He even tried to make her jealous but didn't succeed. Geet had no problem with Maan's closeness with other girls which made him angry and sad. Even Prem and Raunak too felt that Geet needed to move on but she was adamant.

But Geet used to do all wifely duties like making him coffee, setting his clothes etc but whenever Maan come close to Geet, she stood like a doll. Maan even tried to force on Geet but she stayed still and didn't react which made him think that he is forcing on a corpse. Geet even helped Daadi and other members of Khurana family. Even Pari was happy in her sasural as Geet does everything for her. Pari gave birth to a baby boy and named him 'Ansh'.

Prerna and Mukti tried to make Geet accept Maan but she was not ready. Prem and others stopped calling her mom and started to call her 'Geet'. They even made Abhay and Misha stop calling her 'Daadi' and asked them to call her 'Bua'. Geet didn't like it and also was hurt.

One day, Aparna Chowdary came to meet Bajaj family for apologizing for her hiding Rahul's last letter to Geet. Bajaj family was shocked to know that Rahul had written a letter for Geet before his death. They called Geet and asked her to come. Geet came to Bajaj Mansion along with Pari and Vicky.

Geet : Hi Aparna aunty. How are you?

Aparna : I'm not fine Geet. I'm paying for my sins that I have done to you.

Geet : What are you talking about Aparna aunty?

Aparna : Please forgive me Geet.

Geet : For what?(Confused)

Aparna : I took away the letter which Rahul wrote for you from your room.

Geet : What letter?

Aparna : Before dying, Rahul wrote a letter to you. But I stole it. I was actually Jealous of you. I hated you Geet because if Rahul was not married to you he would have married me. I know you both doesn't share husband-wife relation but Rahul came out of his depression when he got you in his life. I always wanted to be Mrs. Rahul Bajaj but he didn't have time to look at me because he was more concerned about you. This made me hate you more. So I took that last letter of Rahul's. Sorry Geet.

Aparna handed the letter over to Geet and left. Geet was shocked and surprised. She opened the letter and started reading.

Dear Geet

You are the most precious thing I got from God. When God took my Sonia from me, I had lost all hope. Even my children didn't need me as they are self-sufficient and never understood why I didn't spend my time with them. No one cared about me though they were concerned about me. But when you entered my life, everything changed. I suddenly had a reason to live. You always dependent on me for everything making me forget all my sorrows. You always waited for me to come home. You always made a habit to use my chest as pillow to sleep and always used to tell all your school stories. You always comforted me when I had business related tension. You made me have my food correctly and also medicine. You always took care of me as much as I took care of you and protected you. I protected you from world and you protected me from my inner sorrows.

Even though we never had physical relation like a husband and wife, we filled other duties of husband and wife. We had trust on each other. We loved each other even though it was based on respect. Though Prem and others found our living in a same room disgusting, we only know that how empty we feel without seeing each other. I hated to go abroad for my business trips because I missed you so much and can't sleep without hearing your breathe rhythm.

When my Sonia left me, I always wanted to go to a calm place where there was only silence. But even my children didn't want to go with me. But when you came to my life, we went to different place on every vacation. You never ever questioned me, but infact you loved to spend time with me. A cup of tea with someone who love to spend time with me without talking but enjoying the nature was a fantasy to me. Even Sonia loved it like you love it. I felt my emptiness getting filled slowly when you came to my life.

I know Geet that you love me. Even I love you. But I don't know what type of love I have for you but I love you deeply. I want my Geetu to be successful in future even without me. I know that you can't live without me but trust me Geet, I too thought that I can't live my Sonia, but when she left me, You came to my life. And I started to live again. What you and I had is special and I know that no one can have this weird love. But I want you to experience the love which I and Sonia once cherished.

Yes Geet, the real taste of love is little different and sweet. I want you to find someone who will cherish you like I cherished Sonia. Yes Geet, I want you to marry someone and move on with your life with him. Find your better half. Live each and every moment with him. Cherish your each moment with him. LOVE HIM MADLY AND DEEPLY.

Promise me Geetu that you'll name your daughter as 'Sonia' as I want my Sonia to be reborn as your daughter as you'll be a best mom. I also want her to experience the magic when I was with you. Promise me Geetu. Marry a person who will love you and make you forget me.

Remember Geetu, I'm always there with you. Just close your eyes when you wanna feel me. I'LL BE THERE FOR YOU ALWAYS.

With Love


Geet cried reading the letter. She knew he loved her as much as she loved him. She promised to fulfil his wish. Yes, she'll work on her marriage with Maan. Prem hugged her and consoled her.

Prem (st) : What dad and Geet shared was a magical love. Geet understood dad more than anyone. Her love for dad was pure and innocent. Dad was right, she is an angel. I promise you dad, I'll look after your little angel every time and will never ever leave her.

It took Geet sometime to realize Maan's feeling. She knew that she was wrong in not giving Maan any chance. She remembered Maan's each and every gesture, his love for her and his patience.

Daadi noticed Geet's restlessness and guilty face. She called Geet in her room.

Daadi : What happen Geet? Why are you sad?

Geet told Daadi everything to Daadi. Daadi was angry first but then calmed down seeing Geet's guilty face.

Daadi : Promise me Geet that you'll never hurt Maan again. You'll always take care of him.

Geet : Yes Daadi, i'll take care of him and will love him. But will Maan forgive me?

Daadi : You still don't know Maan beta Geet. When he gives something to someone, he never expect anything in return. His love is always selfless and he never think of himself but only about others happiness. I'm sure, he'll forgive you. I'm also sure, he'll never question you. My Maan only knows to love but will never hurt anyone.

2 days later

Maan came back to KM from his 1 week business trip. His eyes were searching for his Geet but she was nowhere to be seen. He thought that Geet is in hospital. He too bath and was waiting for Geet in their room. He suddenly got a call from Geet.

Maan : Hello Geet. Kaha ho tum?

Geet : Maan, come to outhouse now.

Geet cut the call. Maan ran outside the outhouse. He heard a chan-chan noise of her bangles.


Maan : Geet, where are you?


Geet : Maan before facing you I want to say sorry and thanks. Sorry for my past behaviour and thanks for coming into my life. You never crossed your limit and always was patient with me. You never stopped loving me despite my behaviour. Once again thank you Maan.

Maan suddenly turned his face and saw Geet lighting a candle and looking stunning in a beautiful sari. She looked like an angel and he was lost in her.

He was shocked to see her smiling at him. His heart started to beat fast seeing her smile. Slowly he started to walk towards her.


He caressed her face in a trance but suddenly took off his hands from his face. She smiled at him understanding.


She took her hand and started to caress his face with a beautiful smile.

Geet : Maan, you have every right on me. I'm yours.

Maan : Geet (Happy and Surprise)

Geet : I'm sorry Maan for everything. I know i've hurt you. You always loved me and always gave me everything i needed but you never asked for anything other than my love. Will you forgive me?

Maan : No

Geet : Maan (Hurt)

Maan : ithna samach payi ho aapne Maan ko? Geet, I never asked you to forget Rahul Uncle but I only needed you acceptance. I never ever wish to take his place but I just want a place in your heart and whatever you give me should be sincere. I love you Geet.

Geet : Thank you Maan. I like you and i'm sure i'll soon... (Shy)

Maan : you'll soon (Teasing)

Mature content : 13+

Instead of replying,she came more close to him and kissed him on his lips. Maan was really happy and responded to her kiss. He picked her up and went to near bedroom and laid her on bed. He was caressing her face as if he is dreaming. Geet snaked her arm around him and pulled him on her and kissed him.

Maan to responded and passionately kissed him back. He slowly removed her sari and his shirt. He kissed her forehead, her nose, her lips, her chin, her neck and her cleavage. Blouse was an obstacle to proceed further.

Maan : Ijazzat hai?

Geet : I'm yours Maan.

Maan took of her every bit of clothing and his. He looked at her beautiful body and started to kiss her from her head to toe without leaving any place. He was worshipping her body with kisses. Geet pushed him and came on top of him and started to kiss on his chest. After 2 mintes of Geet's administration, Maan pushed her and came on top of her. He licked and sucked her bre*** and his hands were busy caressing her thighs. He then came down and kissed her hidden lips between her legs. He tasted her juice and sucked for more. She pulled him up and kissed him on his lips. He then parted her legs and thrusted into her. He waited for her to get adjust and then he went in and out. After climaxing, he laid down and pulled Geet over him and embraced her.

Maan : Thanks Geet.

Geet : Hmm (Blushing)

5 years later

Geet was running around a naughty 3 years old girl. She was giggling and running around the table followed by Geet.

Geet : Rukh Soni. Beta drink your milk.

Sonia : No mama, I ate milk.

Saying this Sonia ran out but before Geet go out, a hand snaked around her waist and pulled her, closing the door.

Geet : Maan, please leave naa.

Maan : No way Sweetheart. You have no time for me now and always busy with Sonia. So you'll be punished for ignoring your poor husband.

Saying this Maan pushed Geet on bed and started to kiss her. Geet sighed knowing that she can't go out now. She too kissed him back.

Geet : Maan I love you. Thanks for everything.

Maan : I love you too Geet.

Maan was happy with Geet and his daughter Sonia. He thanked Rahul in his mind for writing that letter to Geet and he also was grateful to Aparna because if she had given Geet that letter earlier, Geet would have married someone else. He loved Geet very much and his world was her.

Atlast, Aman confessed his feeling to Tia and married her. Aman was jealous when Tia ignored him and agreed to marry the guy which Raunak and Prerna chose. He then confessed his love infront of the whole college and proposed her. Aman was little scared of Arjun but he was shocked when Arjun supported him.

Arjun too got married to Arohi, his secretary. He loved her simplicity and bubbly nature and proposed her. It took 2 years for Arohi to reciprocate his feelings.

Prem and Mukti were happy with their children and Pari was also happy with Vicky. Atlast, Dev and NT had twins which were just like them. They had one boy - Dhruv and one girl - Naina, who fought with each other just like them. But still the Baccha Party can't compete with their parents in name-calling competition.

NT's pregnancy period made Dev's life hell. She made poor Dev massage her feet and also made him cook. He was NT's personal servant for 2 years. Dev decided that he'll never have another child.

Brij married NT's sister Sasha who was just like NT. She too made Brij's life hell and Sasha also made tough Brij do all works when she was pregnant.

Sunday Morning

Everyone was sitting in living hall as it was holiday. Sonia was playing with her cousins. Suddenly NT and Sasha came running and hugged Dev and Brijj. Dev and Brijj were shocked and also the family.

Dev : NT, are you ok? (Confused)

NT : I have a good news Dev. I'm pregnant again.

Dev : NAAAHHHIII (Fainted thinking about the past experience)

Brijj : Don't tell me, you are also pregnant? (Scared)

Sasha : Yes baby. I'm Pregnant too.

Brijj : NAAAHHIII (He too fainted)


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This SS mainly stress on Geet's loyalty and Maan's selfless love for Geet. He is ready to wait for her. Love is BASED ON TRUST AND LOYALTY.

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nice ...
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simply fabulous.loved it;
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nice part

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