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MG HARD TRUTH SS last part pg 49 (Page 23)

18mypride IF-Rockerz

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waiting ....

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waitingggggggggggggggg.............................. update soonnnn......

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loved it
Part 1 & 2 were wonderful

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_BlackPearl_ IF-Stunnerz

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me too waiting...........

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ArjunKiAsh Senior Member

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Sorry for the mistakes. Had no time to correct the errors.

Part 3



She remembers the dulha and her marriage. She did not know anything neither he. Rahul came to her Village for Business purpose and it ended marrying her.


Geet : Aaj bohut busy din tha. You know Mrs. Khuruna is Vicky's grandmom. Woh bohut aache hai. I'm happy that Pari is soon going to become Khuruna bahu. I love that family aur hamari beti bohut khush hoga. I know that you want me to talk to Khuranas about Vicky's and Pari's marriage but let her finish her result come and after that I will talk to Khurunas. (Geet was talking in front of Rahul's photo.)


After talking for about 1 hour, she went to sleep saying goodnight to Rahul ( Rahul's photo).



Next day she went to Sanjeevani and as usual Armaan and Riddima were fighting; and she in middle tolerating them.

Armaan : Basket ek baat puchu?

Riddimma : Kya? (Angry)

Armaan : Aaj koi special day hai kya?

Ridimma : Nahi tho. Why?

Armaan : today you really look different.

Riddimma : Really. Thanks. (Blushing)

Armaan : Why are you saying thanks?

Riddimma : Because '(she blushed)

Armaan : Oyye' Don't get wrong ideas Basket. I said you look different not Beautiful. You look today different because of your OVER MAKE-UP.

Riddimma : Kya???? (Shocked)


Armaan : Haan.


Riddimma : Over Make-Up??? (Angry)


Armaan : yes.

Riddimma : Mr. Malik I'll kill you. (She started to come near him but announcement broke their fight)

Geet : Amy Ritz, we will continue this fight later. Ab chal naa'

They left to take their duties. Geet went to see Savtri devi. She entered Savtri Devi's room and saw a emotional Savtri Devi who had a teary face. Dr. Atul was sitting near her and had same expression in his face.

Geet : Good morning Mrs. Khuruna. Good morning Dr. Atul.

Savtri Devi : Hmm'


Geet : Kya hua? Aap itna chup kyun hai?


Savtri Devi : Dr. whats your age?

Geet : Kya??

Savtri Devi : Age kya hai aapka?

Geet : Ji I'm 23. (Confused)

Savtri Devi : Vicky is also 23. then how come he call her aunty? (Self-talk)

Geet : Kuch kaha aap ne?

Savtri Devi : Nahi tho.

Atul : Dr. Geet can I ask you 1 question?

Geet : Yes.

Atul : Are you really 23?

Geet : Kya???

Atul : mera matalab hai. Err' (Thinking) Yes, when is your birthday Dr. Geet.

Geet : April 5th. (Smiling) Kyun?

 Atul : Nothing. (Self-talk: I thinking dadi's pea-sized brain is hallucinating. Geet, a mother of 22 years old girl. NONSENSE. She, herself is young and how can she have a 22year daughter. I think Dadi's dream level high hogaya. Sapne dheakthae pagal tho nahi hogaya naa? Uff ye soch kar meih pagal ho rahi hu.)

Geet : Dr. Atul sab teek tho hai naa?

Dr. Atul : Yes.

Geet : OK.

She opened the door and was about to go but she bumped into someone and was about to fall but two strong hands caught her by waist. She closed her eyes in fear of falling but when she felt two hands on her waist, she opened her eyes and saw Maan. He looked into her Hazel eyes and was mesmerized by her captivating beautiful face. A small eye-lock but Geet was looking at Maan with a relief and had a thank-you look but Maan was busy staring at her. Daadima was happy seeing this and started to imagine their wedding scene again. She was struggling to stand on her feet and broke him out of the trance. He made her stand on her feet.

Geet : Thanks.

Maan : No mention please.

Geet : OK. I gotta go.

Maan : OK.


Maan came inside and greeted daadi and Dr. Atul. He then got a call from KC and he went back to his office. Daadi was now with her new plan. She asked Dr. Atul to help her in it and Atul agreed.

NT and Dev came to visit daadi when Dr. Geet was inside her room checking Daadi. Geet saw NT and Dev fighting over a silly matter and said.

Geet : Cute couples.

NT and Dev heard her and said.

NT : CUTE aur ye? DR. don't joke.

Dev : Dr Geet please check you eye sight. From which angle she look cute? She is not even C of cute.

NT : Really?? You moron face

Dev : Really' yes you Nain Dum Tara.

Geet : Guys this is hospital. How much you guys fight?

NT : 24/7.

Geet : On your wedding too did you guys fight? (Laughing)

Dev : Don't ask. (Dev's mind go to flashback)


Flashback (SR of Dev and NT)


The door click open and Dev came inside with a crying face. He felt to kick Anne, his sister because she made him sign a blank cheque. He locked the door and took of his sherwani and went to his wardrobe to pick his night suit. He failed to see the decorated bed. He was really tired. Poor guy, even forgot that a girl was waiting for him for his attention, sitting in the middle of the bed. He went inside the washroom and got changed into black vest and track pants. (BLACK VEST AND TRACK PANTS WERE OFFICIAL NIGHT SUIT OF KHURUNA MENS'.)


NT got irritated when he gave no attention. She got up from the bed and changed her wedding attire from the room and slipped into her night suit. She applied her Tomato paste beauty cream on her face. She always did it to make her skin glowing. Her hair was left open. When she heard the click open voice of the washroom door, she decided to go in when Dev come out. Dev who was tired didn't see NT coming and bumped into her. When he saw her face, he started to scream.

Dev : Bhoot' Bhoot' help help Bhoot (scared)LOL

NT : I'm not Bhoot you pumpkin head.Angry

Dev : (Paused for 1sec and then looked at her from top to bottom, then shouted) OK. Bhootni Bhootni help dadi, Bhaiya OuchLOLLOLLOLLOL

NT : shut up or else 'Angry


NT was really irritated and charged towards him. Dev saw Bhootni aka NT coming towards him, so he ran towards the bed and jumped up causing all the Floral decoration to fall off from the bed. He was jumping and running on bed, sometimes he fell off from bed but will soon manage to crawl up. NT was really angry seeing Dev's reaction and when he called her "Bhootni" she felt to squeeze his neck and drink his blood.

NT : Stop shouting you Moron or I will kill you' Now come down. I'm tired. I really wanna sl' (NT was about to say Sleep but Dev shouted in middle. )



The whole house heard his yelling and was shocked to hear it.




Anne : ye awaaz Dev bhai ki hai naa? Woh chilla kyu rahae ho?Confused

Vicky : Pata nahi shayad NT bhabi ne kuch kiya hogaLOLEmbarrassed

Anne : Aisa kya kiya hoga NT bhabi ne joh Bro aisae chilla rahi ho???LOLWink

Vicky : pata nahi. Anne Brijj bro and dadi is coming lets stop this topic here.

Anne : Hmm


Dadi : ye awaaz tho Dev ki hai naa?

Brijj  : Yes, But why the hell is he crying???Angry

They knocked the door but no one opened, so Brijj  with his all HE-MAN strength pushed it and the door snapped opened. Brijj  and Dadi were shocked to see the sight before them. Dev was screaming and running around the bed chased by NT. She had a flower vase on her hand. Each time she was close to him, she hit him with the vase on his back. It was like a LIVE-TOM&JERRY SHOW. Dev jumped on the bed and was literally begging her.LOL


Dev : Chodtho mujhe'please baghwan ke liye mujhe chordo.LOLConfused


NT : Nahi, aaj meih tera khoon pijaongaAngryLOL


Dev : Mummy, Help.. (Scared)LOL


NT : Now I look like Mummy to you, you moron. Embarrassed

Dev cried for his mother but NT mistook it and thought that Dev called her Egyptian mummy. Now she was super angry. The room was little dark as the lights were switched off but the candle light made it visible to see things which were close. Brijj  and Daadi were not able to see NT's face properly. Brijj  was frustrated seeing this and shouted "Stop". His voice made NT stop her assault. Vicky switched on the light.



This owner of this scream was none other than our BRIJJ  SINGH KHURUNA. Daadi and Anne fainted seeing NT's face and Vicky ran away from there room seeing BHOOTNI. LOL


Brijj  : Tum yaha kya kar rahi hai Bhootni? (Stammers)LOLWink


NT : kya kahan tumne?Angry


Brijj  : mera matalab hai Bhootniji (Stammers)ConfusedLOL


NT : tum ne mujhe Bhootni kaha ? (Dangerously walking towards him)Angry


Brijj  : mera matalab hai auntyji. (Stammers)LOL


NT : How dare you call me aunty?? (Anger)Angry

Scared Brijj now running and NT following him, Dev slipped away from the room without the knowledge of both NT and Brijj. Poor Brijj was running around for his life and NT for Brijj's life. Maan came inside with a scared Vicky and Dev. Maan saw the TOM&JERRY scene and became angry. He shouted "ENOUGH".


Brijj hearing Maan's sound jumped on him. His legs was snaked around Maan's waist and hands around Maan's neck and he hid his face on Maan shoulder. Maan was feeling difficult to breath. He was pushing Brijj off from him but the more he push, the more Brijj cling to him. Maan at last pushed him off from him and Brijj fall down. He was scared and ran to Dev and Vicky. Maan saw NT and said.


Maan : what is this NT?Angry

NT : Maan veerji, aap ne mujhe pehchan liya? (emotional and happy)LOL

Maan : Answer my question NT. Angry

NT : Veerji. This is my  new Face-Pack. This helps your skin to glow and will help to look young. And also'LOL

Maan : NT' Stop it and wash your face.Angry

NT : But Maan Veerji..CryLOL

Maan : no but. Wash your face now and one more thing don't put these things on your face when someone's around you. Angry

NT : par..'

Maan : NT..

NT : OK.


Now Maan turned back and saw Dev, Vicky and his cousin Brijj. They were looking at Maan as he is a knight who saved them from Evil. LOL

Maan : Dev, now stop behaving like an immature person. You are married now and stop creating these dramas. I don't want to hear any noise of your fight now. Is that clear?

Dev : yes bro.LOL

Maan : Good. Vicky, Brijj. You both come with me.

Vicky and Brijj : where???ConfusedLOL

Maan : To hell. C'mon you idiots go to your respective rooms now. Angry


Vicky and Brijj looked at Dev and gave him a we-are-sorry look and ran away. Dev was now scared and saw Maan going out his room . LOL


Dev : Bro where are you going?


NT : stop asking this stupid question Dev. Off-course, he is going to his room.


Dev : mujhe akela chorkae mat jao bro.LOL


Maan : Shut up and stop this drama and go to sleep now.Angry

Maan went to his room and NT went to washroom to wash her face and Dev laid on bed and covered his head with Spread.



Flashback ends..

Geet : Mr . Khuruna' Mr. Khuruna

Dev : Yes (came back from flashback)

Geet : I need to talk to you about your grandmom.

NT : Haan bolo

Dev : (Irritated) are you Dev? She wanna talk to me not to you.Angry

NT : So what? I'm also a member. I have right to know about dadi.Angry

Dev : acha' What right?Angry

NT : Right to Information. ConfusedLOL

Dev : what information ? (confused)ConfusedLOL

NT: According to Right to Information Act.

Dev : hmm' Woh kya hota hai?LOLLOL

NT : uff' you idiot don't know that'AngryLOL

Dev : Shut Wrinkle face.AngryLOL

NT : you called me wrinkle face??? You moron..AngryConfused

Geet : Shut up. Where is your Brother???AngryAngry

Dev : which Brother? Maan bro or Vicky?

Geet : any matured person will do. Ufff'. When your brother come, I'll talk to him about Savtri Devi's health.

She opened the door and again bumped into Maan. He again caught her by waist but this time there was a small another eye-lock session.

Dev caught NT hand tight seeing this seen unknowingly.

NT : Chodo Chodo (looking at Dev)Angry

Dev : yes Chodo (looking at Maneet)

NT : Haath chodoAngry

Dev : Haath nahi kamarConfusedLOL

NT : mera haath chodoAngry

Dev : bro is not holding you idiot. He is holding Dr.

NT : But you are holding me you Moron.


PRE-CAP : more revelation about Rahul's and Geet's marriage.

                      Maan amused.

Note : Sorry for the delay. But next update will be sometimes a serious one.

Plzz comment and press LIKE button.

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OMG it was ROFL


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bhanu_rekhag IF-Stunnerz

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nice update... cont soon

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Sabmeratu. IF-Sizzlerz

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Fab update
The naintara & dev part was jus super hilarious ROFL still laughingROFLROFL
haha the whole family calling her bhootni
LOL brij was lyk bhootni no no bhootniji no no auntyji & dev was crying 4 his mummy LOLROFLROFL
thx god maan recognised luks lyk he'z the only man in the house
Awww maaneets fall & catch is so sweet
Cont soon Xx...
thx 4 the PM

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