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heermeher IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by FIRESafiReFIRE

Originally posted by heermeher

Thats not fair Kemya with the people who geniunely read ur FF u cant do this to us

Now even i will behave like others that mean we who reply does not count is it Broken Heart

of course it does... why people MU... read my comments in remo... thats why me updatingEmbarrassed
that comment only for people who never lev comment... me will always update... but would love to see people commenting... as they read & never bothers to leave any comments hun... xxx

thanks sweety waiting for update

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Rocks.Dhara IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 10:10am | IP Logged
me too waiting...!!!

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fairyland_1234 Senior Member

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 10:12am | IP Logged
Me waitingDay Dreaming

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FireSafireFiree IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 10:25am | IP Logged

part 16
Thanks for all the love & support... this probably will be
updated 2wice daily... :) if not... atleast once...


Geet was just praying for this meting to finish! There was few eyes on geet! More then few! Aslies boss kesar! He felt like he have seen her somewhere! As the meeting ended, geet tried to sneak out but maan bought her with every passing second!
Maan "what are you doing?" he asked annoyingly!
Geet "sir!... Umm... Oh... Me..." geet had some panic attack! Her feet was itching to run out of here! She just wanted to dissapear! Somewhere far! Of course she couldn't dare not to mention this! She staied quit!
Maan "stop behaving like a loontic!" geet gives him a angry glare! Loonatic! Lunatic! What does he think of him self? In which way she exactly looked like a loontic! She felt like eating him alive as with every passing second there eyes were only falling on her!
Kesar "hello mr khurana! &...." he looks at geet with concentration! He was sure this was geet! Aslis friend. He have seen many photos! "miss geet handa! Right! I ..." kesar was about to blub out! Geet was shaking now! Then suddenly she shouts out "bandar!" maan & kesar looks at her!
Maan "bandar! What?" curious!
Kesar "we never seen bandar in london!"
Geet gives a historic laugh! "it's..." she nearly spoke her Fluent English then stops! What exactly she was thinking! "I felt like! You know when ever I see my boss (maan sirs!) face it reminds me of bandor! & now it's in a perfect angle of... I mean like a bandar!" she smiles! Kesar was controlling his laughter much as possible! Lucky there professional meeting was over! Maan just fumed in anger! Bandar! A monkey! She thinks I look like a monkey!
Maan "GEET!"
Kesar just couldn't control anymore! He have some clue about geets life! She maybe was in a dark... But she is a happy go lucky girl!! & too cute!
Geet "per sir! What could I do if you!..." her word disappeared by seeing maans red angry eyes! She just insulted him in front of his Clint!
Maan "hurry! I am waiting for you in the car!"

Maan walks of in strop! Geet takes a set!
Ashly "what's wrong? & what happen to your clothing sense?"
Geet "oh.. um.. ehhh!"
Kesar "miss geet handa! Right! Bandar! You compared mr MSK to bandar?" he laugs!
Geet "ha! Ha! Very funny! You nearly open my little secret!"
Ashly "what secret?"
Geet "he doesn't know who exactly I am! Actually his brother helping me! My real dad works with him!" geet suddenly became sad! Remembering her mother! Ashly sits next to her to comfort. Putting her hand round! "don't worry hunny! Everything will be fine!" geet nodes. & smiles...
Kesar "I can't believe this! Strong dislike towards men! & your boss is a man! & that to what every girls die for!"
Geet "who cares! I am happy the way I am!"
Ashly "how is everyone! I have seen Shila on the ramp few weeks back!"
Geet "yes! Sibling alright! & Shila is doing well!"
Ashly "so how long this act will carry on?"
Geet "much as I can! Then of course I have to try to black mail mr khurana!" all three laughs! Most important thing was how easily she made a fool out of him! "oh and my sibling is my child! I am married with 3 kids! That's what he knows!" aslies mouth feel right open! "& thats what he believed?" geet nodes! Kesar just couldn't stop him self laughing! Now how will he control his laughter from now on seeing geets fake act in front of maan!
Kesar "do you even know what he is capable of when he finds this out!"
Geet " I will run! & anyway I am trying my best to transfer everything back here!"

Ashly & kesar walks out, laughing! Smiling flowed by geet! Whose face was bright red! Flashed. She wasn't sure what just happen! But she couldn't care less! There was mad laughter going through her brain!

Maan "what's wrong with your face?"
Geet "kuch nahi sir! Me to uhi!" maan observed her every move! She was laughing! Laughing! But laughing at what? He left it that night! Of course this was geet! Everything about her was weird! Very weird! He have been working with her few months now & only thing he managed with every passing second! Was getting confused after confused! He tried to start a conversation! As she was bashing her phone! Shaking to call India!
Maan "what happen?"
Geet "it's not connecting!" she looked at her phone with a baby face! Hoping everyone is alright back home! She didn't trust shila! If she could probably will feed alcohol to the kids!
Maan "you leave your kids to your husband all the time! I am sure he is taking great care!"
Geet "ha! Pata hi! He is a best husband!" she was still looking at her phone! Maan looks out of the window! Husband! Husband! & husband! Is husband ki to me! Kabbab! No sheek kabab! Then feed to cows!
Geet "per phir bhi! Wife should care na!" she looks at maan. Smiles then back to her baby ace to the phone!

Maan "kitni cute lagti hi, specially with her baby face! But gives the phone a baby face! Not me! Is phone ko bhi sheek kabab banugi!" his thought broke by geets bashing her phone against her hand!
geet "kuch kha apne?"
Maan "try back in hotel!"
Geet "nahi! I have promised them I will call now! It's breaking a promise na! Imagine how they will feel!"
Maan "itni worry! Do they even think about you! They probably having time of there life!"
Geet "aisa math khao! Au meri family hi! They could never think like that! I am sure they are also trying to call me!"
Maan "ha! Ha! I am sure not! & how do you know?"
Geet "ap hamesha negative thinking kar ti ho?" she makes a false angry face! Then back to her phone! She was I deed worried!
Maan "of course! It's good to think negative! It doesn't disappoint you!"
Geet "ha! Ha! Malum hi!"
Maan "you know?" he asked in a hurry! Of course she doesn't! Otherwise she would have left this job way before! & anyway... What's the wrong of thinking? That maan sing khurana have a crash on a married girl! Oops! His head started to but in again & the thought went back to ranos wise comment! "free kids!" at-least I don't have to be a father! He laughs how silly is his thought... He laughs!
Geet "is phone ko to me!" maan looks at her. She was crashing the phone!
Maan "just relax!
Geet "ka relax karu? I have been trying for past 10 minutes! She said with a cry baby face!... Maan did not want to give his phone! They probably will do romance romance with his phone! Romance my foot! If he had the gut he would stay in England forever! Never let them met! Uff! Back to his devilish thoughts!
Geet wanted to ask him of she could brow his phone! But of course she couldn't! That's her boss! Then suddenly with all the bashing geet somehow managed to break her phone in to two! Snap it in to two! Geet eyes widens! "no! No! Oh no!" somewhere in maans head there was little child saying "YES! A week without any trouble! But also somewhere! There was shame that he wanted to do something with a married girl!"
Maan "that's what happen when you!"
Geet "shut up! Uff!
Maan "did you just tell me to shut up!"
Geet "oh no! No! No... Me apko kasi shut up kahe sakti hu! Ap to meri boss hi na!" she said innocently yet mocking!
Maan "geet!"
Geet "me Ab kasi meri bacho ko phone karu! Ae to tut gyi na!" she had tears forming!
Maan "ok! Ok! Just calm down!" of course he knew a mothers heart! He sees rano going mental trying number after number to call! But it never reaches the right one! He couldn't be that cruel!

MY NEW FF KOSH.... Please do leave me comments... 

next- ops... stuck in the car park..

hay you all.. thanks for all the love & support
loved reading all the comments
do leave me some pls

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pushpi IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 April 2011 at 10:26am | IP Logged funny! :-)

Stuck in the car park...poor Geet

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Janakivallav IF-Addictz

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awesome part. loved it.
 continue soon.

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zaara2212 IF-Sizzlerz

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loved it

kab geet ki chori pakdi jayegi Ouch

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..hinal.. IF-Sizzlerz

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wow loved it MSK n bandar n loved the way maan was telling in his mind yes yes when geet's fun broke into 2

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