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First time... and confused. -AR OS.

crazyforkaran Senior Member

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 5:47am | IP Logged

hey, this is a AR piece. I have named it as an OS but i dont know whether it can be called one as it is not a story in one go! but i hope you like it...

dedicated to all the super writers in india forums and of course my top Favorites...







... and kiran di!!!

AND DEVANSHI!!!!!!! <3( even thought she does not write!)


The morning sun hit her face as the huge smile on her face turned in to a small frown. She was having a beautiful dream. From the past three years all her beautiful dreams comprised of only one person. Him. The dream was so amazing but now it was  disturbed by this unwanted illumination in her room. 'Stupid Sun' she thought as she pulled the blanket over face to prevent the light. She wanted to sleep again, more than sleeping she wanted to dream again. She wanted to get back in his embrace even though it was in her dreams she wanted to go!!! But the blanket did not serve any help in getting her back to sleep.

"Stupid blanket!!!" she shouted as she sat up on the bed in frustration.She knew now sleeping was pointless, so she had decided to get off the bed. As she got off the bed her eyes fell on the picture frame on her side table. And the frown on Dr. Riddhima Gupta's pretty face turned into a smile again. It was a picture of them, taken during their engagement. It was a full length picture. Armaan holding her waist from the back. Their happiness could not be measured that day. He looked amazing staring at the cameras with a huge huge HUGE smile. He looked dashing in his black sherwani, while she thought she looked okay in her golden lehenga. She never had found her self pretty honestly. It was only Armaan who just could not stop telling her how beautiful she was. Armaan still tells her that she looked unbelievably beautiful on their engagement. But the truth is Riddhima had never found her self good looking enough for Armaan. Slowly she touched the side of her lips and shut her eyes. The smile never left her face as the whole date, last night played in her mind. They had had their first kiss yesterday! Wow! That was all Riddhima could say when she thought of that kiss. There were no words to describe that feeling. She had been missing on so much for the past three years. She wondered how much more love is hidden as her face tuned red at that thought. The kiss was gentle and soft as it was their first. Armaan had decided to keep it simple. She had definitely never wanted the kiss to end. She would have not ended it also, if her lungs would have not shouted for air!! That sensation of his lips was still on her lips and she wanted it too last forever. It was a beautiful feeling. Apart from the kiss Riddhima could not stop thinking about how handsome Armaan looked in his white shirt, last night. It was true,  yes she had always found Armaan good looking and all but now it was different. Before she found him cute, dashing and adorable but now she had started to find him hot and sexy! Before she noticed his face, his dimples, his smile... but now it was his perfectly strong chest she noticed though that open button shirt, his perfectly chiseled body. She definitely loved his open button shirts, but she sometime weirdly wanted all his buttons open ONLY for her.

She emphasized on that word, and smirked. Lately when ever she hugged him her hand would just not stay in one place they would have to move everywhere on his back and chest!

She then giggled at that those thoughts! Oh god, she thought what was wrong with her!! These were such new feelings. Omg, Riddhima what has gotten into you she thought. When another part of her mind responded saying what to do Dr. Armaan Mallik was so irresistible just when another part of her mind corrected her Dr. Riddhima's Forever Armaan Mallik was so irresistible!

Giggling at her thoughts again she walked to her dressing table as she looked at herself in the mirror. She wore here usual pink night suit and her hair was kind off messed up as she had just woken up. She picked up her brush and stared to brush her hair. She thought as she looked at her self what had Armaan seen in her that he loves  her so much. He was too too too good for her. She was so plain, so simple so normal and he was just so special. She was not even that beautiful. Why? What had she done to get Armaan? She thought as  her thoughts were disturbed by the buzz of her cell phone. Keeping her brush down she picked up her phone. It was a message from Armaan.

                                           "Good Morning, Beautiful."

That was all the message said she smiled as she read it. But that message changed every thing as the very next second when she looked into the mirror she felt so nice too look at her self now.Unlike before, She felt so good. She  felt beautiful. She felt special, she felt new. Riddhima looked at her red face and felt loved now!! She felt like there was no one in this whole wide world who was as pretty as her. God!! Did he have magic or something she thought, as she  typed a message back and walked into the bathroom...smiling.




She had come almost half an hour early to Sanjeevani. Time was just not passing and she wanted to see Armaan as soon as possible. They had been together for the past three years but every day felt like they had just yesterday confessed their love. Every day was a new feeling and the first love feeling never faded for them. Confusion of love, confession of love, misunderstandings, Shashank, Armaans memory loss, Sid were all just tests of love which they had to go through and they had passed it. Now no more, now only love.

She dumped her bag in the locker and sat on the bench of her locker room wearing her lab coat. So what if she was early she thought Armaan would as usual come just on time or late. He was known for being late!

" tch, late lateef!! Ek din jaldi nahi aa sakta hai kya? God, abhi duty ko 20 mins baaki hai!!! Jaldi aao na Armaan!!" she said as waited alone there in that empty locker room.

" I am here basket!" someone whispered into her ears. Startled at first, Riddhima shut her eyes as she recognized that breath. Her face automatically turned red and a smile conquered her face. She slowly turned too look at that angelic face which was just inches apart from hers. He slowly moved forward and placed a small kiss on her cheek. She then looked down and blushed as his lips still lingered on her cheek. Then he moved and jumped over the bench to come and sit next to her.

" waise you know, mujhe itna miss mat kiya karo!" he said with a grin as he teased her. So, Riddhima being her self decided to play along too.

"what rubbish!! I was not missing you!! Pleeeesssseee, mujhe aur koi kaam nahi hai kaya!?

"definitely nahi hai, that's why you have come 20 mins early basket!!"  he replied.

"toh!" she replied still playing along. " mujhe kaam tha."

"achha, aur who kya tha jo tum abhi bol rahi thi?"

"Ek din jaldi nahi aa sakta hai kya. Jaldi aao na Armaan!!" he replied imitating her.

Riddhima looked down in embarrassment. Oh, so he had heard her, she thought! Armaan smiled at this triumph and as he looked at his Riddhima blush. Gosh, she was beautiful he thought. Then suddenly Riddhima thought of a come back and looked up at him.

" accha really! By the way how come you have come so early?!" she asked him grinning.

He being Armaan Mallik, definitely had and answer. He knew how to play along. He pulled her closer by her hand and nuzzled her hair as he slowly whispered.

" because I was missing my baby..!"

Riddima smiled and blushed even more. God, I could never win too him she thought as the other part of her mind said as if she minded loosing to him!!

She slowly turned her face to face him. They looked at each other with want and love. As Armaan's eyes slowly drifted to look at her lips. One of his hands held her waist while the other held her chin and pulled her closer. She knew he wanted to kiss her. She wanted to too. She had waited for this moment for a whole night. She placed both her hands on his shoulder as they moved forward. Armaan had lost all his senses as usual, but Riddhima had that 1% sense in her, which made her aware of where they were.

"Armaan... Locker room k..koi" she said as he just had too much effect on her, she could not form a sentence right now. It was too hard to think of anything else. But Him.

Understanding what she was trying to say, he stood up and so did she as he pulled her into the changing room in  the locker room.

Shutting the curtains, he slowly pinned her to the wall or rather she pinned her self. God knows what happened. It was all so much in sync that within no time Riddhima felt her lips touching his. Slowly their kiss stared as their lips brushed together. He held her around her waist while she held him with her hands locked around his neck. Slowly the kiss grew more passionate and more intense. They stood there kissing each other like there was no tomorrow. Leaving no space between them Armaan  and Riddhima pulled each other more and more closer. This was definitely way harder and way passionate than yesterday. Riddhima obviously had only little idea about what to do. She had decided that she would just follow Armaan. A kiss forms in the moment, but Riddhima always thought she dint know how to kiss or make out and all that. One could never learn how to kiss, it was just natural but there was still some time for Riddhima to learn that fact. She continued to follow him. After his lips were done, he decided to move a step forward and brought his tongue forward to lick Riddhimas lips in midst of the kiss. Riddhima moaned at this gesture as she fisted some of his hair. Once he brought his tongue back Riddhima thought she should do the same too! So she too moved to lick his upper lip while kissing. And she had to agree it was amazing. He smiled during their kiss at this gesture. Slowly they were running out of stupid oxygen which always broke their kiss. But no, both were just not going to stop. While she was licking him, he took it as a signal and opened his mouth and Riddhima dint know when she entered his mouth. As their kiss filled with more intensity, more passion...more love! Riddhima had actually got excited that she had taken the first new movement in that kiss, with the gained confidence Riddhima kissed harder. To which Armaan equally replied. In midst of all that excitement, suddenly Armaan broke the kiss with a jerk as he touched his lower lip and moved back. As if he had got hurt or something. Riddhima looked at him first dazed and then confused. Kya hua? She thought.

"Oww Riddhima" he said in pain. Then he moved his hand from his lips. Riddhima was shocked as she saw a small little cut on the corner of his lips. Little blood oozed out, as he touched the place again with his fingers to check whether blood was coming out.

She looked at him still in shock did she bite him? She thought. Her stupid question was answered when he exclaimed,

" you bit me basket!" he said giggling a bit.

She dint find it funny at all, she moved forward and held his face with one hand as she pulled her dupatta from the other hand and slowly pressed and the wiped the cut to stop the blood.

" I am so sorry Armaan. I dint mean too. God knows how this happen. I am so bad. Mujhe yeh sab nahi karna aata hai. You know na? I am so sorry. I really dint mean to. It is too much pain? Sorry Armaan." She continued wiping his lips. She was so worried. She knew she could not she wondered why she tried. She had got so engrossed in the kiss. That she had no idea what she was doing.

Riddhima panicked more and more. The blood had stopped but she still continued to blame herself. Armaan at the other end obviously did not mind bite or whatever. He enjoyed that expression on her face and decided to calm her down. He pulled her hand from his face and held to his chest to calm her down. She continued panicking.

"shhh basket. Relax its no big deal, its okay!! Biting is a part of the whole.....kind off." He said thinking after a while. Whatever he said just now was so weird but it was true. He giggled at his thoughts. Riddhima looked at him and said

" your laughing? Are you mad!! Armaaann!! I know I am so bad at this but, its not that funny!" she said depressed as she looked down.

"Riddhima, I am not laughing at you baby. And I am telling you  its okay its no big deal."

Riddhima still felt bad. It was her fault she thought. 

Armaan read her expression and  said,

"aur waise bhi who says you cant do this, you are amazing at this! Kahan se seeka?" he said to lighten the mood, with a wink.

"what!! Pagal ho!! I am so so so bad at this! And what you mean seekha, its my first okay! Unlike you!" she now felt way better after his comment. Was she really that good she thought...

"Hello,basket ji! I have not done some P.H.D. in this its my first too!" he announced.

" really?! I am not going to buy that Dr. Mallik!"" she played as she felt much better.

"Arre.." he wanted to reply in defense..

But she cut him," but I am really sorry Armaan."

Armaan smiled in awe and pulled her into a hug in response. After hugging silently for a while.

"Armaan if any one asks tell them you hit against the door.Okay. Knowing you, you are capable of telling them how it really happened. Tumhe toh farak nahi padta but I have to go through all that teasing."

Armaan smiled at her bahana..

"but, what are you going to tell every one, have you seen how swollen your lips are!"

"Really?!" asked Riddhima panicking..

A shocked Riddhima broke the hug and walked to the mirror over the sink.

"oh my god! Is it that prominent?" she asked touching her lips. They were swollen and really red. She blushed at that condition and then smiled. She liked it like this. But she was worried about people finding out too..

He came and held her from the back to reply..

"no not really, if you look at it closely then its visible, and trust me no one has the guts to look at you and definitely not your lips with me being there!!"

She laughed and so did he, it was so true.

Their conversation was disturbed as Riddhima's  pager rang which hung on her lab coat. It was from Dr. Keeti , they were late for their briefing session.

"Oh shit!" they said together as they rushed to the nurse station.





Riddhima was sitting in her room. Armaan was coming for dinner tonight. It was like Padma's latest obsession too call Armaan for lunches and dinners. Riddhima was thinking about the kiss. It was no doubt blissful and she was loving the whole thing the swollen lips, the sensation, the feeling. But she was still feeling bad about the bite. It was nothing wrong. But according to her it was the worst thing! That's how cutely silly our Riddhima is. Then suddenly a thought hit her head. She walked to her study table and opened her laptop to go to google. She gulped once, never in her wildest dreams had she thought she would use google for this. But then after a thought she searched...

 'How to kiss perfectly'

Google had just shown some results when she was about to open one, Armaan entered.

Panicked she shut the top plane of the laptop.

"Armaan!" she said startled... as she walked towards him to take his attention off the laptop.

"uhmm Riddhima tum theek ho?" he asked confused he knew she was hiding something.

"h..aaan. ok. I am okay. T..tum yahhaan upar?" she asked changing the topic.

"haan I had just come so maa had asked me to call you down." he said still looking around suspiciously. 

"accha toh chalo" she said pulling him towards the door. She so wanted to get out of  that room. She dint want Armaan to know what she was doing. It would be so embarrassing. But Armaan knew something was up.. and he had to know it.

"ek minute Riddhima" he said as he walked towards her study table where the laptop lay.

"Armaan.. woh.." Riddhima stood there not knowing what to do.

He opened the lap top and took two seconds too read as he burst out laughing and fell on her bed.

" tum yeh chupa rahi thi!" he said laughing at a embarrassed Riddhima.

He could not stop laughing and she just could not look up. He looked at her in midst of laughing,

How cute was she? He thought. God, all this unbelievably cute things only Riddhima could.  He thought. She felt more and more embarrassed as he laughed.

Okay , Armaan decided to stop being more mean and went and hugged her.

" tum kitni pagal ho! Pata hai?!" he said giggling. And she nooded in agreement as she buried her head in his chest. She needed that cover of his chest so badly now!!

"Riddhima, just forget about it. Please yaar, trust me it is really okay. And tumhari koi galti hi nahi hai. Tch.. Riddhima please." He said cupping her face and wondering how else to explain it to her that the bite was no big deal. It happens.

" pata hai, actually dard hua hi nahi, woh I know I overreacted because.. it happened so fast.!" He said explaining it further.

Riddhima looked at him she knew he felt bad cause she felt bad. So she decided to end the topic there. 

"okay." She said softly. She didn't know what else to say to end it.

He smiled and held her hand to take her down, she pulled him back. He looked at her in confused. She smiled and moved towards him and locked her arms around his neck''

Armaans small smile now turned into a big one as she said...

"Kiss me,Armaan."



so what do you think guys?Confused

please let me know...



















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waitng for your replies guys...
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awesome one continue any such concept...Smile

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nice os.
i was laughing on riddhima's was so embarassing when armaan caught her searching.
but loved ur write more
pm me when u updt anytime

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hey it was really awesum .......
very well written .......
n nope at least i wasn't bored ........

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heyyy dear,
nice OS
do write more


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omg tht was so freaking cute.... aww Riddhima i jst cldn't stop smiling at her cuteness.... the kiss was indeed hot even though she thought tht she didn't knew how to kiss she did it pretty good m sure Armaan wd have loved it too the core.... the OS/moment was jst so adorable... do write some more n ya Pm me wen u do so....
-wild- IF-Dazzler

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hey sweet awsome........................... OS i must sat u describe the feeling so perfectly and bveautifully ........ClapClapClap................hahaha man the google scene was awsome................................. its must be so embarassing yaaar. ..LOLLOL........................but its very helpful too.Wink
do write more OS
love  u

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