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My Meeting with Gurmeet & Drashti (with pictures)

evasumi IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 06 March 2011 at 4:10am | IP Logged
Meeting with Gurmeet and Drashti.


Well I am going to put few details of my meeting with Gurmeet and Drashti.


Before going to India, I was in contact with few of my friends in Mumbai who themselves are actors and were able to make arrangement for me to visit the set of Geet and meet Gurmeet.


Well after going to Mumbai on 16th, to my dismay, Rishi Khurana (Birju of Choti Bahu) who made arrangements for me to visit the set of Geet informed me that Gurmeet is on vacation for three days and the lead lady Drashti is also on leave on 17th.   I had only two days (16th and 17th ) in Mumbai and 16th I was visiting the set of Sanjog se bani Sangini to meet my friend Samta Sagar (who acts as Gauri's mother)  and I was kind of feeling sad that if they are not shooting on those days there is no use of going to the set of Geet.


Well on 16th went on the set of Sanjog se bani sangini to meet Samta Sagar, Binny Sharma and others if they are there.  I had wonderful time chatting with these lovely ladies who are so humble and down to earth people and welcomed my friends and me, invited us in her dressing room and sat with us, introduced me with director and gave me the tour of the set. 

After that we met Darshan Gandas (Purab of Chotibahu) who is absolutely amazing and fantastic person.  So I told Darshan about what happened with the meeting with Gurmeet and he said Didi it is not a problem as Gurmeet is one of my very close friend and I could take you to meet him.  I told him but he is on vacation due to his wedding reception tomorrow and is unreachable.  He said he would try and call me later.

Well on 17th my friend Rishi invited us to his house for dinner at around 8.30 pm but the Mumbai traffic got me late and we reached an hour late for the dinner.  Meanwhile Darshan calls me to tell me that he has the invitation to the reception and he could take me to the reception if I want.  Well I did not need any more invitation and I told him, though I am not dressed up for the party but I will go.  So I sent my nephew back to the hotel and asked him to bring the gifts I had for Gurmeet and Drashti..  He brought my small suitcase but as I needed to leave so I took suitcase with me to Rishi's place. 

I am not at all familiar with Mumbai so it took us little time to find the place.  While in the taxi Darshan calls me to say that he cannot pack up his shoot but will make an arrangement for me with one of his good friend to go to the Reception.  I was bit skeptical but he assured that his friend also would take me as he would and I do not need to worry. 

Well we found Rishi's apt and were chatting with him and his adorable wife.  And then came the call from Darshan telling me that his friend Raajveer Sharma is waiting for me at the restaurant.  So I asked Rishi if he new where the restaurant is.  He said yes he does and very kindly he took me to the restaurant.  Coming at the restaurant I called Raajveer and he came out to meet me.  I introduced myself and he took me to meet Gurmeet who was then having the Press conference near the main door of the restaurant.  The moment I saw him I just could not believe my own eyes that I am really watching him just from 10 ft away.  He looked absolutely gorgeous and very handsome and so did Debina she looked very pretty and beautiful.  Rajveer pulls him out of the conference to tell him that I am Darshan's didi and have come from US to meet him.  Gurmeet steps aside and tells me graciously that he will meet me but first let him finish this Q/A with Press and he told Raajveer to take me inside the reception hall and wait for him. 


Well I had my luggage with me and it was not allowed in the reception hall.  So Raajveer made arrangement to put that in one of his friend's car and then took me inside and introduced me to Gurmeet's parents and brother and then asked me to have a sit and have some refreshment while he can mingle with his own friends.


There were many celebrity and TV stars but I did not know anybody.  So I stood in one corner and clicked few pictures waiting for Gurmeet to come inside.   Well after a while a wedding planner came and asked me if I was invited.  I told her no and was looking for Raajveer to save me from this situation.   He immediately came to my aid and told the lady that I am with him and should not be bothered.  She said oh sorry she did not know and said that she only needed to check it.  Then she asked me to enjoy the party and have some refreshment too. 

After a while Gurmeet and Debina came in and were greeted by all their friends.  I chatted few minutes with Gurmeet's mom and told him that we love the performance of her son and just love the way he acts.  She was very happy listening to my praises of her son and so was his dad.  Then his brother came and she introduced me with his brother too.


Then Gurmeet was little free to come and I told him that I am sorry to disturb him in his reception party but I only need his 10-15 minutes and he needs to sign an autograph for me.  He said there is not a problem he will do it and I can stay and enjoy the party and he will spare the time as soon as possible.   Now I had a problem that the gifts I had for them were in the car.  So I was looking for that person in the dimly lighted hall.  But then I could not find him and was about to go out to look for him.  The moment I opened the door, I saw Drashti answering few questions from the Press.  I was sooo  very happy that now I can meet Drashti also.  Well I took few pictures of her while she was talking to Press and when she came in I told her that I would like to meet her also whenever she is free as I have come a long way to meet them.  She was very gracious and very kind and told me definitely she will as soon as she greets the newly married couple.  She came in and hugged Debina and congratulated both of them and was chatting comfortably with them while I went to search for my gifts. 


Well once more Raajveer came to my aid and fetched that guy for me and I went and got Drashti's Gifts from the car while I kept Gurmeet's in his car with my suitcase.  When I came in Gurmeet and Debina were mingling with crowd and Drashti also was not seen.   I waited for them to get free and as soon as I saw Gurmeet little free I called him and he came and chatted with me.  I told him how we love his show and how much at India-forum people are crazy about him.  When I pulled few of his pictures to give him and asked his autograph on few papers.  He jokingly said do I need to sign all these???.   I told him not to worry these are just his pictures and letters from the fans but he has to sign at least couple of them.  He smiled and said he would.  So I told him what gift I brought him and he was especially happy with the set of DVDs I got him of Geet.  I told him I left his gifts with his friend in my suitcase, as they did not allow me to bring in it.  He said that's ok he will get it (but I am not sure if he got it) anyways we chatted for few minutes and I asked him If I could have picture with him he said sure and then I asked if Debina could join us.  He called Debina for the picture too.  I was just happy with that much time, as he really needed to get back to his guests. 


So then I was waiting for Drashti but did not wanted to go in the crowd. But then while talking with Gurmeet's mom she said she has seen the girl who plays Geet.  So she went and fetched her for me.  As soon as Drashti saw me she said oh I am so sorry to be late I promised to come to you right away but was busy chatting with friends.  I told her oh please do not worry, waiting to meet with you was not a problem at all.   Then I gave her the gifts I brought her.  She said oh she could not take all that but I told her that she has to as I have carried these all the way from New York and she graciously took it and thanked me.  She sat with me and I told her how much I love her performance and how much people love her at India-forum.  Then I pulled the fan's letters for her and gave her all of it and the pictures and the dvd's set.  She was very excited with the letters of fans and she also signed few papers for me.  She is extremely pleasant and lively lady and so very gracious.  I asked her if I could take pictures with her and she said of course and Gurmeet's brother took our pictures.  Some other older lady also came and gave her gifts and she was overwhelmed by it.  And then she gave me her email and said to keep in touch.  I told her that I needed to head back tomorrow as I am leaving for Surat by early train.  Then she started talking with me in Gujarati and said so you are Gujarati, I am Gujarati too.  Then we chatted for few minutes more.  She gave me a nice hug and left to attend the party.   Then I really needed to leave as my friend Rishi was waiting for me for dinner.  Before leaving I met Gurmeet and said goodbye and he so Graciously came to the door to escort me out.


Oh boy!!  I came out of the restaurant and could not believe that I really met Gurmeet and Drashti both and that is also on the day of his wedding reception where only limited guest were allowed.  Even the Press was not allowed to go in the hall!!!!!!


It was almost 11.30 PM by the time I came and then got the auto to take me to Rishi's apartment.  I really appreciate Rishi waiting for me that late even though he was shooting whole day and was tired and so his wife.  I had dinner with him and his wife and saw their little baby.  Rishi also came to drop us at taxi stand as it was really late and we could not have found the taxi near his apt.  


But I really thank my little brother Darshan to make it possible for me to meet Gurmeet and Drashti.    With all the circumstances it was next to impossible but he really took care of everything and made it possible for me.  And I also thank Raajveer who really took good care of me at the reception hall and saved me from many unwanted situation and stayed by my side.


It was totally pleasant experience and I enjoyed every moment of it.  I wish I could have meet them at set with other actors so that they could have remember the meeting and I could have convey many things to them and talk about Geet and many things about the show but well under the circumstances this was the best thing happened to me and I am really really happy and excited that I got to meet Gurmeet and Drashti.


Here are few pictures for you to enjoy'


Love to all eva

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These are my private pictures and I am sharing them with the forum as here at Geet forum we are like the family.   If you want to save them for yourself it is ok...  
It is my request to all that please do not post them on other webpages or websites 
Kindly remove them if you did...    love eva


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Omg Omg Omg eva di u actually met gurmeet and r sooooooo lucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg the pic SillySillySillySomeone please sprinkle some water o my face im faint aftr seeing the pics Deaddont u have Gurtis pic togethr Embarrassed i really really misd ur posts..!!welocme back !!Hugu made my day eva di ....i love almst faint aft seeing the picsBlushingBlushingBlushing

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Jadee777 Goldie

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OMG!!!! Buddy welcome back from vacation..truly missed you. I can see that you had an amazing vacation.  Wow.....can't believe that you have met Gurmeet & Dhastri and happy to hear that they were so kind and thoughtful and even took the time to give you autographs and pics.  And GCDay Dreaming truly awesome that the took time away from his reception to meet with you. Thanks so very much for the beautiful pics...ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhSmile We had our own representative at his wedding..Bravo Eva...ClapClapClap  Love Ya...and thanks so much for sharing your wonderful experience with all of us and these lovely pics.Thumbs Up

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xXRzmastiXx Goldie

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omg !!! you are soo lucky t o seee gurmeet and drashti, lol if i was in ur place i woud have fainted on the spot seeing gurmeet..
awww thank u soo so much for sharing this with us and the pictures are lovely...haha gurmeet and drashti are always laughing and grinning when together .. such naughty  people.
thank you soo so much for the pictures and gving details really aprreciate. drashti looks so stunning in the pictures im jelaous of her lol. why does she have to  be so pretty.

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SSWATIS Senior Member

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wow so lucky........................and thnx a lot lot foe d pics......finally at gc reception we get one pic of gurti together.......lovely pics.....thnx a lot dear....:):):)

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.Scripted. Senior Member

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Omg omg ur so lucky

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thats really great,so wonderful that u got to meet Gurmeet on his nice of both Gurmeet  and drashti  to hv chatted with u,esp Gurmeet becoz he was so busy during his reception-always heard what a gem of a person he is,now got proof also.great pictures.Tongue

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