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*Kismat Se Bandhi Ye Dori* MN FF(Update Pg 59) (Page 5)

-firebird- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 5:28am | IP Logged
finally they r moving on.....loved it.........cont soon

-SAISakura16- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 12:58pm | IP Logged
I've updated my post on p.2 hun!
ShwePoo IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 08 March 2011 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
continue soon plss...
waiting eagerly..!
--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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HeartKismat Se Bandhi Ye DoriHeart

Chapter 5

The soft rays of the rising sun kissed her good morning, and she opened her eyes to a beautiful day ahead. It seemed that she had suddenly developed this habit of looking over the pillow wall every time she woke up, and today was no different. She was happy to see Mayank still sleeping, because that meant she wasn't late. She quickly got off the bed and headed towards the washroom.

When she came out, he was still sleeping. How adorable! She slapped herself for having that thought, and went downstairs, where her new Maa was waiting.

"Good Morning Maa!!" She said, spreading a bright smile on her face.

"Good morning beta!! So… college jaane ke liye tayyar?"

"Jee…." Her smile became wider (as if it had some scope to become wider)

"Good…. Mayuu utha nahi ab tak?"

Nupur nodded a no while slicing an apple.

"toh jaake utha do use… warna subah subah sabki shamat aa jaayegi"


"matlab wo agar late hogaya… toh iska gussa wo hamare bechaare staff pe nikalega"

"wo gussa bhi hote hain??"

Shilpa rolled her eyes "bahut…"


"Mayank!! Utth jaayie… office ke liye late ho jaayenge…" She stood near his sleeping figure, maintaining a 5ft distance. However, in reply to her words, she only got a "hmm…" as he turned to face the other side.



Hopeless… she thought, and then she did something very unexpected, especially for Mayank.

SPLASH!!! The sudden shower on his face woke him up with a jolt. He frowned hard, but went in a state of awe seeing his wife laughing her heart out as she held an empty jug in her hands So cute….. what??? You are supposed to be angry Mr. Sharma, he smacked himself inside, and scowled "God Nupur!! Aise koi utha ta hai kya??"

"maine aap ko do baar bulaya… par aap uthe hi nahi… toh main kya karti!!!" She pouted cutely, trying hard to suppress her giggles, "Achcha ab aap jaake tayyar ho jaayiye, Maa aapka breakfast pe intezaar kar rahi hai"

He grunted and got off the bed, but his "hmph" turned into a "WHAT!!!" as his gaze fell on the clock which announced 8:30 a.m. "Shit man!! 8:30 baj gaye!! God I'm late…" he hurried towards the washroom "suno… main nahane jaa raha hoon… tum mere kapde nikal do plzz"

"Jee?? Main??" She was a little startled, first by the sudden ruckus he created, and second, by the fact that he just asked her to put out clothes for him, (she still needed some of the adarsh biwi lectures, don't you think?WinkLOL) However, her question went unanswered, because he had already disappeared by then.

When Mayank came out, she was not in the room, but his clothes lay neatly on his bed, waiting for him. He didn't realize, but a smile crept up his face when he saw the black/silver tie lying beside his white shirt.


Mayank was adjusting his coat in front of the mirror when he saw her entering the room. She smiled as their eyes met, but her smile said that she wanted to say something.

"Kya baat hai Nupur?" He asked looking at her reflection.

"jee… wo…"

He turned to face her and walked up close, "kya hai? bolo!!"

"mm… wo… aap mujhe college chhod denge?" She said, not meeting his eyes, and quickly added "agar aapko koi problem naa ho toh…"

He chuckled inside to her behavior She's so cute..."nahi!! mujhe kya problem hogi?? Waise bhi main tumhe kehne hi wala tha…"

"Thank you" She smiled, and turned to leave

"tumhe nahi lagta ki tum kuch bhool rahi ho…"

She stopped with a startle, "kya?" and turned to see him holding up the tie she had put out for him, flashing a naughty grin. She remembered their last night conversation, and smiled. Walking up to him, she took it from his hand, her fingers slightly touched his, and a little tingle she felt. Stop it Nupur!! concentrate... her mind got another slap, the second time this morning. She was working up the tie with utmost sincerity, but trust me, it was NOT easyLOL. As for Mayank, he was just chuckling at her innocence.


They were, standing in front of Excel College of Management, precisely, Nupur's college.


"Wo… main chalti hoon… warna first class ke liye late ho jaongi"

"achcha… bye…"

"bye…" she faintly smiled and turned around.



"Shaam ko pick karne aaoon?"

"Nahi… main chali jaongi… wo aaj 2 weeks ke baad college aayi hoon, toh pending work bahut hoga… shayad late ho jaaye…"

"Ok" He went back inside his car and turned it around, while she proceeded towards the college gate. But, something told her to stay, and she turned back, and he stopped. Putting his head out of the window, he smiled and waved to her. An unknown happiness filled her heart, and she waved back with a beautiful smile that came direct dil se.


"Nupsiiiiiii!!!!" A girl almost Nupur's age, squealed as she saw her enter the classroom, and almost dragged her inside. Nupur was not shocked though, because she was quite used to this. So, she hugged her friend "Hey Pri!!! Kaisi hai?"

Pri, rather, Priyashree immediately changed her expression to a hurt one "tujhe kya padi hai? Ki main kaisi hoon? 2 weeks mein ekbaar phone bhi nahi kiya… aur maine tere ghar pe call kiya, toh aunty ne bola, ki tu ab college nahi aayegi… phir maine puchha aisa kyun, to unhone kaha ki teri shaadi ho gayi hai…. meri toh jaan hi nikal gayi… tu ne shaadi kar li, aur bataya bhi nahi… apne best friend ko nahi bataya… yehi thi teri dosti?? ab chup kyun hai? bol naa kuch??" Pri paused to look at her amused face.

"tu chup hogi tab naa main kuch bolungi"

"Ok… ye maine zip lagayi" Pri moved her finger on her lips "ab bol…"

"abhi nahi…" Nupur gestured at Professor Mehta who was coming down the corridor "class shuru hone waali hai… lunch time pe detail mein bataongi"

Though Pri was not at all happy with the interference, but she knew it was of no use arguing right now. So she threw an you-better look at her friend and concentrated back at Professor Mehta, who had by now entered the classroom.


"Kya baat kar rahi hai????" gasped Pri as Nupur explained the happenings of the last few days. "lekin wo aisa kaise kar sakte hai??? This is so unfair!!!" another girl retorted in anger while a boy beside her put his arms around her, giving her a calm-down look. But, this girl was very angry, because she jerked off his hand and banged her fist on the table "NO SAM!! HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO HER?? IT"S ABOUT HER WHOLE LIFE GODDAMIT!!"

Nupur quietly held her hands, "Aarshi… calm down…"

"How can you be so calm Nupur? And why the hell did you agree??"

"Aarshi understand yaa… I didn't have a choice… do you realize what would have happened if I said no? And moreover, I'm happy with my new family"

"WHAT???" Aarshi looked at Nupur with horror on her face "Have you gone insane, woman??"

"Yes…" she smiled, and they could say that it was not a fake smile "I am very happy in my new home, Mayank is a friend, Maa treats me like her own daughter" suddenly a tear glistened in her eyes "it's been only two days, and I feel like home, my real home."

Samrat, a.k.a Sam, had been listening quietly since, and had not uttered a word till now. But seeing the happiness in her tears, he could not stop himself "you know what Nupur? I'm really happy for you. Because as far as I know Mayank and Shilpa aunty, you'll get all the love you always deserved." He passed a smile of assurance, and was joined by Pri, while Aarshi looked at them with disbelief.

Samrat was an old friend of Mayank, they were part of the same friend circle when in college. After graduation, Mayank went on to complete his higher studies, while Samrat had to commence working due to financial issues. Now he was doing his MBA in Marketing from Excel College of Management, as he had got a sponsorship from the company he worked with. Though Nupur was three years younger to him, they had come quite close. She was the sister he never had, and thus he really cared for her.

Aarshi was a pampered rich brat, but a gem of a person. She loved her friends like anything, and she was a nightmare to the people she hated, and currently, after this discussion, Ms. Payal Bhushan topped her list. She hardly cared about studies, and if Samrat had not threatened her of a break-up, (oops! I forgot to tell you, Aarshi is Samrat's girlfriendLOL) she wouldn't even have made it to second year.  

Priyashree, better known as Pri, was a sweet talkative bubbly girl, belonging to an upper middle class family. She was full of positive energy, and strongly believed that jo bhi hota hai, achche ke liye hota hai… aur agar kabhi bhi kuch bhi bura ho, toh iska matlab, kuch bahut achcha hone waala hai…

The four of them were best of friends. They had met just a year ago, but now it felt as if they knew each other since forever. They knew each other in and out, and this is why Samrat was happy for Nupur, and he actually meant what he said.

And he was not wrong, because Mayank did come to pick her up in the evening.


So guys... that's it for Chapter 5... I know... it's long naaOuch?? Ok I promise... the story will definitely pick up pace from the next update... ye waala jhel lo plzzEmbarrassed

Do leave your precious comments

Luv ya all



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cutiepie12 Goldie

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Posted: 09 March 2011 at 7:22am | IP Logged
awwwww jiya it ws most cutest....da morning scene ws sooo beautiful n full of innocence....Big smileBig smileBig smile

loved da way she woke up n looked up at mayank....awww his first sight in da morning already made her day.........EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed

n da way she poured da jug of water onto him....LOLLOLLOLLOL n he really liked it bt pretended to b angry.........WinkWinkWinkWink

awww samrat n deir grp is soo cool.....dey understood each other soo well.......SmileSmileSmileSmile

bt my fav part ws when he turned n waved at him n she too stop n looked back at him.....da moment dey shared for jus spectalous.......Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

tczzz....excelent update
loads of love....muah muah muahWink

Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

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Chapter 5 - Another amazing chapter hun!! ClapClap

I was pretty much going gaga over each and every part…even little gestures were so sweet yaar!! EmbarrassedClap

-Loved the whole morning seq…esp when she was admiring Mayu while he is sleeping….awww.Day Dreaming

-LOLLOLLOLLOLShe poured water on his face….I just love Nupur!! Hm…Mr.Sharma has also started admiring how cute his wife looks…not bad!! Wink

-Yes, hun! I think she does need another lecture on itLOLWink….but I was so happy to see Mayu asking her to do that…another improvement in their relationship. Aww….and he smiled…how cute! Day Dreaming

-tingle? Hmmm….Wink

"She was working up the tie with utmost sincerity, but trust me, it was NOT easy . – I believe youWink...LOL

-"But, something told her to stay, and she turned back, and he stopped. Putting his head out of the window, he smiled and waved to her. An unknown happiness filled her heart, and she waved back with a beautiful smile that came direct dil se." – Aww…..So sweet!! This was my fav's like their heart can talk...and she knew she had to look back...and then she was so happy seeing him waving at her...Day DreamingClap

-"it's been only two days, and I feel like home, my real home." – Aww…..I'm so happy for her...Big smile

-I really love all her friends…Sam is really a gem! Aarshi is a friend we all need, she would stand up for u when needed no matter who it's against. Pri is sweet and I totally love  Pri's belief:jo bhi hota hai, achche ke liye hota hai… aur agar kabhi bhi kuch bhi bura ho, toh iska matlab, kuch bahut achcha hone waala hai…

Thank you so much for such a wonderful part!!! Love u so much!! Hug

Thanks for the pm as well.

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so part kya tu sakkar khake likhne baithi thi.jokes a part.

it was superb......waiting for next part......plz cont soon plzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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jiya...beautiful update...
totally loved it...
thnx alot for the pm

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