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*Kismat Se Bandhi Ye Dori* MN FF(Update Pg 59) (Page 20)

Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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waiting 4 ur update
Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz update soon

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Hello readersHug
I'm backBig smile

Thank you sooooo much for all your wishesHug
and now I need them more, coz I am awaiting my results.... plzz plzz plzz pray for meEmbarrassed
as this is really very important for meOuch
okk... sorry for being emotionalEmbarrassed... 

as I promised, I am back with an update, and again a loooooonnnngggggggggg oneSleepy
phew... this must have been the longest update ever, and still I feel I left out on few thingsDisapprove
if you too feel so, plzzzzzz let me know, I will be waiting for your suggestionsEmbarrassed

Thank You again Guys, for being such wonderful and patient readers


@Ishi - all the best for exams sweetyHug

with loads of love


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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Chapter 8

Mayank was very happy to find his old friend back with him, and happier that he was a good friend of Nupur too. The three were busy recalling their college days, when Mayak's sixth sense ticked and he looked at her. She looked uncomfortable, a little lost; he felt something wrong about her, and he was not mistaken. She was about to fall when he sprinted by her side and securely wrapped his arms around her.


Mr. Bhushan slammed the door behind him and looked at his wife with eyes full of rage. "Shobha, kya tumhe us bachchi pe zara si bhi taras nahi aati? Pichle bees saalon se tum usse us galti ki saza de rahi ho jo usne ki hi nahi!!"

"Ussiki galti hai!!" Shobha looked at her husband with equal rage and adamancy, "ussiki wajahse aaj hamara Paarth hamare paas nahi hai"

"SHOBHAA!!" Shashibhushan growled, but the pain in his voice was evident "Paarth ki kismet mein utni hi zindagi likhi thi, aur hamari kismet mein bhi." His eyes brimmed with tears, "uss haadse ka zimmedaar Nupur nahi hai, aur naahi koi aur. Wo sirf ek haadsa tha'"

"Nahi, nahi, nahi" Shobha screamed and ran inside, while Shashi fell on his knees, dejected, heartbroken.


"MAA!!" Nupur woke up with a startle to three anxious faces looking over her, who heaved a sigh of relief seeing her wake up. "Nupur!!" As the loving voice fell in her ears, she stared blankly at her mother-in-law who sitting right beside her, gently stroking her forehead. She tried to smile, but didn't succeed that much. She looked around to find herself in her room. Pri and Arshi were anxiously waiting for her to say something, worry was evident on their face. "Ab kaisa lag raha hai beta?" Shilpa calmly asked while helping her sit up. She was worried, but she did not want to show it on her face. "Main thik hoon" Nupur paused a bit "Maa." She dreaded the word now, maa. The lady she had been addressing as Maa ever since she remembered, was not her maa. She never loved her, she never cared for her, her world came crashing down again, but this time she held herself. She weakly smiled at Shilpa, who knew there was something amiss, but she didn't want to force her, specially now when she was mentally so weak. She remembered what the doctor had said.

"Aise toh ghabraane ki koi baat nahi hai, stress ki wajahse aisa ho jata hai kabhi kabhi, lekin yeh bahut weak ho gayi hai, isse zyada stress inke liye harmful ho sakta hai"   

"Nupur beta" Shilpa showered utmost love and care with her eyes "Tum aaram karo, hum bahar chalte hai" She gestured Pri and Arshi to leave, who obeyed very reluctantly. They smiled at Nupur and left the room with Shilpa, no words were spoken, but they knew each other too well to need words to speak to each other.


Pri almost bumped into Mayank who was frantically pacing in the corridor while Aarav and Samrat attended the guests with fake smiles plastered on them.

"Tum log bahar kyun aa gaye? Nupur kaisi hai? Usse hosh aaya ki nahi? Pri bolo naa, chup kyun ho?" Mayank was getting irritated with Pri's silence. "Tum usse bolne doge tab toh bolegi naa" Arshi quipped in rolling her eyes, to which Mayank frowned. "Nupur ko hosh aagaya" Arshi smiled at him in assurance. Mayank sighed in relief, "par Shilpa aunty ne kaha hai ki abhi usse araam karne de." Arshi added with a frown as Maynk began to move towards his room. "Main bas dekhke aa jaaonga" Mayank almost pleaded, and not only Arshi and Pri, but Mayank himself was astonished with the amount of concern he held in himself for Nupur. Arshi nodded in kind of a trance and he sprinted away towards his room.


A eight year old girl was engrossed in painting the last strand of Ariel's dark red tresses, when a ten year old ran past, spilling the whole bowl of coloured water on the paper. "DI!!!" the eight year old screamed "yeh kya kiya? Maine itni mehnat se banayi thi!!" tears brimmed in her eyes, but 10 year old Payal was least bothered "oh please Nupur, ek stupid painting hi toh hai," she shrugged, but her expression changed when she saw the back of her white skirt which had got paint marks as a result of her jumping on the bowl. She growled at once "aur dekh tune kya kiya!!! Teri wajahse meri dress kharab ho gayi"

"Maine kya kiya? Aapne kick mara tha meri bowl pe, ispe meri kya galti hai" Nupur managed to say between her tears.

"Achcha!!!" Payal glared at her, and started shouting "Maa!! Maa!! Dekho Nupur ne kya kiya!!"

Shobha came running out of the kitchen "Ab kya kiya iss ladki ne?" She gasped in horror when she looked at Payal's skirt. "Yeh kaise hua?" She looked at Nupur with eyes full of rage "yeh tune kiya??"

"Nahi maa, di ne meri paint-bowl pe kick maari, maine kuch nahi kiya" She was still sobbing.

"toh tujhe kisne kaha tha aise hall ke beech mein painting karne ke liye" Shobha was fuming with anger

"Par maa'" before nupur could complete her sentence, a tight slap landed on her soft cheeks making them go red. She looked up at her in utmost shock and horror. Shobha was about to slap her again, but Shashi just came in time to stop her.

 "SHOBHA!!" He held her hand "aise koi maarta hai kya bachchi ko?" He glared at her ignoring the daggers she was shooting through her eyes. He bent and picked up Nupur in his arms who had gone quiet after the slap. He wiped the tears from her face, and asked her "kya hua bachcha? Meri bahadur beti kyun ro rahi hai?" She nodded a "nothing" but then Shashi turned towards his elder daughter, who was standing at a corner. "Payal?? Kya hua??" he demanded an answer from her. She sheepishly looked towards her mother, who stomped back to the kitchen, "wo papa' wo' main jaa rahi thi' aur maine dekha nahi ki Nupur' aur mere skirt pe paint lag gaya'" She constantly looked down as she spoke the words, because she knew she was at fault here. She did not realize that her mother would go to such an extent, she thought she would just scold her and leave the matter. She never even imagined that Nupur would have to face a slap. "I am really sorry Papa" she uttered amidst a gush of tears that ran down her cheeks.

"Mujhe nahi, Nupur ko sorry bolo" Shashi commanded her as he put down Nupur from his lap. Payal sheepishly came forward and hugged her sister "I am sorry Nupur" She uttered as some fresh tears went down, but Nupur smiled and wiped her tears "It's ok Di"

Later that afternoon, she sat on her father's lap as he was reading the evening newspaper, and asked "Papa? Maa mujhse pyaar nahi karti?"

Shashi was startled at the question, "nahi beta? Maa tumse bahut pyaar karti hai!"

"toh wo mujhe itna daant-ti kyun hai?"

Shashi sighed, but quickly hid his emotions "wo isliye, taaki tum ek strong girl ban jaao." He smiled at her "Ab dekho naa, agar wo tumhe aaj subah nahi daant-ti, toh tum who Ariel waali painting dobara nahi banati, aur second time who kitni achchi bani thi, hai naa?"

Nupur smiled whole heartedly "haan"

She had believed him then, she had believed him every time he assured her that the lady she called maa loved her a lot. She believed that all the rebukes she faced, every time she had to sacrifice something for Payal, it was all because her maa wanted her to be strong and able to face the world. But now as she knew that all of it was a big lie, she felt hollow inside. She closed her eyes in an attempt to remove all the past memories, but they came back to her again and again, and a fresh tear drop trickled down from the corner of her eyes.


He peeped inside, she was lying on the bed with her eyes closed. He saw a tear trickle down from the corner her eyes, he realized how pale her face looked. He wondered what had happened that affected her so much within such short span of time. She was so happy in the evening, he remembered how cute she looked when she was enjoying the banter with her friends, and how happy she was when Samrat, Pri and Arshi sang that song for her. He was used to see her like that, happy, she was not this much gloomy even on the day they got married. She was a strong girl, and he got to know this within the one week he had spent with her. She was the one, who would cover up all her sorrows behind that beautiful smile of hers. But what had happened today, that she's not even able to smile? He needed to know, but he didn't want to disturb her now. He knew she needed some time alone, his heart told him that. He quietly went away from the door, with a slight pricking sensation in his heart. He was amused at the same time, because he never felt like this before, not for any other person, not even for Payal.


Shobha took out an old worn out album from the cupboard. On the first page was a picture of a 3 year old boy. He was wearing his pajamas, and had a toy in his hand. "Paarth!!" She whispered. His smile sparkled in her eyes as she flipped the page. A 1 year old Payal smiled at her sitting on her Papa's lap, as the boy looked over. Shobha flipped some pages again, and stopped at one picture. It was the same boy, a little older, 6 years now. He held a 2 year old Nupur in his lap, as a 4 year old Payal stood beside them. All of them were smiling. She traced her fingers on the boy's face, but stopped as she reached Nupur. Her vision became blurred with tears as her mind raced to that fateful day 20 years back.

"Paarth!! Seeri samhaalke!!" Shobha screamed as 6 year old Paarth ran down the stairs. He stood at the bottom the staircase, with his hands on his hips "uffo maa, main bada ho gaya hoon!!" Shobha chuckled at her big boy, and descended the stairs clasping little Payal's fists in her hand. She ruffled his hairs, to which he frowned, "maa!! mere baal kharab ho jaayenge"

"toh hone do" she moved her fingers through his hair again and Payal chuckled at her borther's misery, adding to his despair "tu kyun hans rahi hai?" he pulled her ponytail making her cry and ran off to the lawn before Shobha could pull him into her grip. But he rushed back in within seconds, jumping with joy "maa!! Shrish mamu aa gaye!!" A handsome young man followed him with his 2 year old daughter in his lap, and his beautiful wife by his side. Paarth stretched his arms out towards him, and he smilingly handed him what he wanted' his sister. The little girl giggled as her brother twirled around holding her "Nupur!!"

"Paarth!!" Shobha shrieked as she saw her son twirling, "aaraam se beta, gira doge usse tum"

Paarth stood there pouting, but he still didn't let go of her. "Rehne do didi" Shrish intervened, "hamara Paarth bada ho gaya hai' nahi giraayega apni behen ko" he smiled at his nephew and patted his cheek, who was more than happy to get that compliment.

"Achcha ab chaliye bhi, humein der ho rahi hai" Shrish's wife quipped. They were to go to attend a wedding ceremony. "Haan Neeta, bas tumhaare jeeja-ji aa jaaye" Shobha looked at the staircase "la aa gaye" she smiled as she saw Shashi coming down. He descended the stairs as Neeta complained "kya jeeja-ji? kitni der lagate ho aap?"

"Kya karoon Neeta? Tum logon ko impress karne ke liye itna toh karna hi parta hai naa? Waise aaj tum bahut achchi lag rahi ho!!" he winked at her, to which she blushed "jeeja-ji, app bhi naa"

"Achcha ab ho gaya jeeja-saali ka toh hum chale??" Shobha faked anger. Neeta was her brother's wife, but she treated her like her own sister. She knew all of it was in good humour. Shashi smiled to her and nodded, and started making way to the exit. "Paarth!!" Shobha nudged her son who was very busy entertaining his muse, and Nupur was giggling and chuckling to his gestures. Payal frowned a little to see his brother giving more attention to her cousin, "maa!! talo naa" she whined.

"Haan beta" Shobha picked her up as she again nudged her son "Paarth chalo' humein der ho rahi hai'. Nupur ko do mami ke paas"

Both the kids frowned on the mention of separation, big tear droplets formed in Nupur's eyes "muje dada ke paash rena ai!!" She voiced her opinion in her childish accent.

"Maa, main aaj mamu ki gaadi mein jaaon? Mujhe Nupur ke saath rehna hai'" Paarth cutely pouted so that the chances of rejection were minimum. Shobha was pondering for a while, but Shrish quickly approved "haan haan, kyun nahi!!"


Shashi, Shobha and Payal had reached the venue, but there were no signs of Shrish's car. "Chinta mat karo Shobha!! Kahin signal mein fas gaye honge?" Shashi assured his wife, but on the inside, he was equally anxious. He excused himself from the host of the ceremony, "Shobha!! Chalo hum chaltein hain' agar wo raaste mein kahi fase honge, to unhe bhi le lenge"

"Mujhe bahut darr lag raha hai" worry etched on her face.

"Darro mat shobha, kuch nahi hua hoga unhe" He didn't know how wrong he was.

It was a dark night, the moon did not show himself, even the stars had disappeared because of some unknown reason. Everything looked like a bad omen, and Shobha shuddered inside. Shashi stopped seeing a crowd standing at the middle of the otherwise empty road. He stopped his car, and pulled out his head "Arey bhaiya!! Kya hua? Itni bheed kyun hai?"

A man came up to them ""babuji... abhi kuch der pehle ek accident hua yahaan' pura parivaar khatam ho gaya babuji' do chote chote bachche bhi the'" The man's words seemed distant to the couple "a-a-accident??" Shashi gulped. He started moving out of his car, but the man stopped him "arey babuji!! Kahan jaa rahen hai?? wo nahi hai yahan?"

"k-k-kahan le gaye unko?" He was finding it difficult to speak.

"Yahi' paas mein' city hospital" The man replied, and made his way back to where he came from.

"wo' wo Shrish ki gaadi nahi hai Shobha" He said, as if he was trying to assure himself, and turned his car towards City Hospital.


"I'm really sorry Mr. Bhushan, hum sirf us bachchi ko bacha paaye" Shashi went numb as the doctor uttered the words. "Nahi!!" Shobha's scream echoed in the empty walls of the hospital. "I'm really very sorry Mr. Bhushan. Jab unhe yahan laaya gaya tha, tab aapke brother-in-law aur unki wife, dono ki death ho chuki thi."

"aur Paarth!!" Shashi grabbed his collar and shook him hard "Usse kyuun nahi bachaya aapne doctor??"

He lowered his eyes "Paarth jis condition mein yahan aaya tha, uske survival chances sirf 0.5% the Mr. Bhushan, aur aaj hamare yahaan sirf ek hi doctor hai' hum Paarth ka treatment pehle karke do zindagiyaan kho dete Mr. Bhushan' I am really sorry" It was getting difficult for Shashi to take in the truth, but he had to be strong, for Shobha, for Payal, and for Nupur. "Nupur??" Shashi whispered in his mind and asked the doctor again "Nupur kaisi hai doctor? Kahan hai wo?"

The doctor pointed towards the glass window of the room where the child lay, entwined in wires, with an oxygen mask on her face. His eyes welled up seeing her in that condition. Few hours ago, she was playing in her brothers lap, and now, her brother was gone forever, and so was her family. Shashi turned towards his wife who was sitting on the wooden bench like a stone figure. "Shobha??" he nudged her "Shobhaaa!!!"

She blankly looked up to him "mujhe Paarth ko dekhna hai"


There lay her son, wrapped in white sheet, the cut above his eyebrow looked like a pen mark which he used to put playfully. The wind ruffled his hair, and she heard his voice "mere baal kharab ho jaayenge." The photo stood there behind his corpse with a big garland on it. People from the neighbourhood had come by, but even they had forgotten to cry. How could god be so cruel to snatch away such a lively child from his parents? His smile would never be seen now, his chuckles would never be heard again. He would never roll his eyes and say "main bada ho gaya hoon!!" putting his hands on his hips. He would never...

Shashi got up and picked the little body in his arms, and made way through the front door, followed by the neighbourhood men. She stared at their leaving figure with void eyes.

That was the last time she saw Paarth, her son, her first born. His smile, his laughter, everything was still prominent to her, even today. She couldn't forget him ever, not even after Shashi brought Nupur home. Not even after he told him to never mention Shrish, Neeta and Paarth again. He wanted to give Nupur a family, he didn't want her to know that she was not their daughter. But, how could she forget? How could she forget that Paarth went in that fateful car because he wanted to be with Nupur? How could she forget the doctor's words? They couldn't treat her son, because they treated Nupur before. Nupur was responsible, she was. Shobha didn't want to believe anything else. She just knew Nupur was responsible, she believed she was.


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-SAISakura16- IF-Sizzlerz

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res ...Wink

Chapter 8

-I really felt bad for Nupur. No matter how thoughtless/rude ur parents may be, there is a sense of belonging with them. She has grown up with that sense of belonging and suddenly finding out that she is not their daughter, would be heartbreaking to the poor girl!! Also, if she gets to know the reason behind Shobha's hate, she would probably feel guilty, though she is not at fault. I hope Mayank's love will be able to bring her out of that.

-I'm glad to see how Mayank is so caring towards her "He was amused at the same time, because he never felt like this before, not for any other person, not even for Payal."

-Paarth & Nupur's little moment was so cute...

-The flashback was really superb. U portrayed everything so well. I was crying throughout the whole last bit.

-Finally, we have Shobha's pov. Till now, it has really bothered me why she was being partial towards Nupur when Nupur is also her daughter. Now, I totally understand the reason behind her behaviour and also this chapter justified her behaviour to some extent. She did lose her child and though, it's not right, her behaviour is understandable. She was going through a lot of sorrows and being a human, she found it easier to blame it on somebody ' Nupur.  I really hope she realizes that Nupur is not responsible.

"That was the last time she saw Paarth, her son, her first born. His smile, his laughter, everything was still prominent to her, even today." ...Cry

An Amazing Chapter Jiya!!! Clap

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cutiepie12 Goldie

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my heary cried after reading dis update.....Cry

nupurs' condition is unbearable for me n i simply loved da fact dat mayank showed way too much care for her...i knw he'll erase all her pains.......Ouch

as for shahshi bushan ..m glad he never let nupur feel da absence of her own parents n treated her like her own daughter.....m proud of him...although she is shobha's bro daughter bt whtever he did is gr8....even after losing his only son he treated her well.....Clap

as fpr shobha i cn understand dat she lost her 1st child bt she shud aslo understand dat its not nupur's fault at all......she treated her badly throughour her life n punished her for da sin she never did......Dead

i soo want mayank n shilpa aunti to take extreme care of her ........n i knw dey'll do dis.....Embarrassed

excellent update sisi..
loads of loveSmile

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Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Jiya it was a very sad and heart wrenching update
felt really very bad for nups
poor girld- she had no fault  yet suffered a lot.
my eyes bcme teary while reading d flashback..
nups is so innocent- she believed in Mr. bhushan's word- she believed that shobha scolded her becoz she wanted so her strong..............sighhhhhhhh
but its not true-
but u know waht we cant blame shobha- poor lady lost her child
akhir maa ki dil jo hai------isliye aisa sochti hai

i just hope shobha will accept that there was no fault of nups
and i also hope that ups will get all the happiness of d world

awesome part jiyaaaaaaaaaaa
keep it up

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Mayank himself astonished for the concern he hold for Nupur WOW..............a positive signWink.......................but the flashback ufff so sad................truly a dark night.............can feel Nupur's immense pain................she lost her family twice...............can understand Shobha's pain n rage but she has to believe that Nupur is not all fault infact she is the one who suffered the most.................hope she understand soon....................n surely Nupur is in safe hands now...............Mayank n Shilpa aunty's love will fade away all her BLUES..........................thanks for a lonnngggggg come up with some magical momentsWinkEmbarrassed.......................thnx for pm..................!!!

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OmG What was Nupur's fault..Why she is blaming her..
After so long we got an Fab Update..
Too Nice part..
Thnx for the pm Jiya and missed u..Hug

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