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*Kismat Se Bandhi Ye Dori* MN FF(Update Pg 59) (Page 10)

Faria. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 12 March 2011 at 10:02am | IP Logged
we r waiting for ur update
plz update soon

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mayuloveu IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 March 2011 at 1:03pm | IP Logged
fab update. plz pm me

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daniella05 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 March 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged
awesome update
do continue soon
thanks 4 the pm

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
HeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartTHANK YOUHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeartHeart

A very big thank you to all my readers who have been so patient with me and have been following my FF. I wouldn't be writing this if your support and encouragement weren't there. You all have really motivated me a lot to continue writing, which I might have ceased to do after my first OS. So, once again, THANK YOU.Big smileHug

I know I'm updating after quite some time, and I'm really sorry for that. Actually I have been busy these days with my studies, and I will be for this month and perhaps next month too. So, I may take time to update the next parts. Please bear with me.Embarrassed

I'll bug you once more, and that is I would really like to know if there is something that you would like to see in this FF. Please do tell me if you think there is anything I should improve on. I would really love to see your suggestions.

HeartMessages from MeHeart
@Ishi, Fari, Ridi - all the best for your exams, do well HugBig smile
@Moona - HAPPY BIRTHDAY once again Party
@Rosheen - thnx for the pmEmbarrassed
@Fiza - come back with an update soonWink
@Sujata-di - keep up the good workThumbs Up, all the best, and dis one has a special treat for you... I think you'll be able to get itWink
@Umi - my sweet sis, thank you for praying for meHug
and @all the others and silent readers - thank you so muchHug

with luv

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--jiya-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 9:40am | IP Logged

Heart Kismat se Bandhi ye Dori Heart

Chapter 6

Mayank dropped Nupur at college, and headed office. Unknown to him, there was a little smile on his face, that had come after seeing her smile. He entered the hall, and was greeted by his staff, a regular affair. He passed a smile at everyone, and went straight into his cabin.

He was preparing himself for this, but still it did hurt. On his table lay a frame that captured a happy moment he had cherished with Payal. Her eyes stared at him on his PC screen. The key to his drawer had a heart shaped ring attached to it, it was gifted by Payal. The moments he managed to confine at the farthest corner of his heart in the last two days, were suddenly back right in front of his eyes. He took the frame in his hands, her eyes were smiling at him, he traced her face with his finger, and a stinging pain passed through. It hurt, but it did not flow away in the form of tears. Rather, it took the shape of rage and fury, so much, that he threw away the frame with all his might, and it shattered to pieces, distorting the smiles it had fondly held till now.   

"Sir!! Is everything fine?" his anxious personal secretary entered the room, as she had heard the shriek of the frame before it breathed its last. For a flash of a second, she saw the heat that was emanating from his eyes, but it changed to calm in the very next second.

"Shreya, would you please get somebody to clear this mess?" He bluntly said, before going back to his chair "and please get me the details of the last two weeks asap" he added like a stern boss.


He was engrossed in a file, the crease on his forehead showed his concentration. He felt a certain weight near his throat, and his hand automatically reached his collar. The smooth touch of the silk had him wondering for a second, and then he realized what it was, the tie. Nupur's thought in his mind led it towards her, she's so innocent, she's like a little kid lost in this big bad world, who has big dreams, but always gives in to the nuisances of the society' so unlike Payal. And again, the mention of Payal stabbed his heart.


 "Sir! May I come in?" Shreya peeped through the door, bringing him back to the present. He looked up at her once, and went back to his file again "Yes"

"Sir' umm'"

"Yes Shreya, what is the matter?" He still didn't look up.

"Sir, this for you and ma'am, from all of us" She said in a single breath, and kept a bouquet on his table. He looked up at her, but gulped his anger seeing her innocent smile, "Thank you Shreya"

"Sirf thank you se kaam nahi chalega," a handsome man around Mayank's age entered the room "humein party chahiye, haina Shreya" he placed his hand on her shoulders and she nodded passing a sheepish smile at him. Mayank left his chair and engulfed the man in a bear hug "Aarav!!!"

"Hey bro'" he hugged him back, "sorry dude, main teri shaadi me nahi aa saka, wo meeting itni postpone ho gayi" he pouted cutely.

Mayank passed a faint smile at him before instructing Shreya to get coffee for them, and turned back to his best friend.

"Hey Mayank!! Kya baat hai dude' you don't look so good" Aarav could sense Mayank was in tension, but he didn't know what it was.


"IT'S ALL YOUR FAULT" Aarav almost screamed at Mayank, while he sat there fixing his gaze on the ground. "KITNI BAAR SAMJHAYA THA MAINE TUJHE' BUT YOU WERE SO BLIND IN LOVE'" Mayank couldn't say anything, because he knew whatever Aarav was saying was absolutely true. Aarav had never liked Payal, and he had always said that she was not the right girl for Mayank, but her captivating beauty had made Mayank blind' and deaf too'

"Aarav, I don't know, I didn't have a choice but to marry Nupur at that time, but now'"

"Dekh Mayank, it's true ki abhi main tujhpe bahut gussa hoon' lekin ek baat sach hai, ki uswaqt tune jo bhi kiya, sahi kiya' lekin mujhe is baat ka darr hai, ki wo ladki bhi akhir ussi ki behen hai'"

"Nahi Aarav' she's a lot different from Payal, a lot" somewhere inside, Mayank didn't like Aarav speaking against Nupur.    

"Oh please Mayank, tu toh bol hi mat' tu do saalon mein Payal ko nahi samajh paya' aur do din mein tune use samajh liya" He was still angry on his foolish friend.

"nahi dude, trust me this time, wo aisi nahi hai" Mayank tried to pacify him again, but was intrreupted by someone

"Kya baatein ho rahi hai" Shilpa Sharma entered the cabin with her ever smiling face which lit up more to see the man she loved as much as her own son "Aarav!!" She opened her arms towards him and he hugged her immediately "Maa!! Kaisi ho??"

"Chup kar!!" She retorted in mock anger "ab yaad aayi Maa ki? Mayu ki shaadi mein kyun nahi aaya?"

"Wo kya hai na Maa, tumhara Mayu mujhse jalta hai' isliye usne mujhe apni shaadi ke time pe France bhej diya' agar shaadi ke din main usse zyaada handsome lagta toh?" He winked mischievously at Mayank, while Mayank sighed in relief seeing the atmosphere getting lighter.

"achcha bas bas.. bahut hua tera.." Shilpa stated "aur achcha hua tu aa gaya' warna party kaun organize karta?"

"Party??" Mayank looked at his mom with shock evident on his face "Maa!! Party ki kya zaroorat hai?"

Shilpa expected this reaction, and she had her answer ready "dekh Mayu, party toh deni padegi' chhotosi hi sahi' sirf hamare friends aur office walon ke liye' warna inko bhi bura lagega naa" She turned to Aarav for support "kyun Aarav?"

Though Aarav was not very much in support, but he understood her point, so he also nodded yes, and Mayank didn't have any choice but to agree after this.

  "Good boy" Shilpa smiled at her son and turned to leave, but then she remembered something and came back "arey haan' tu Nupur ko pick karne jaa raha hai naa?"

"Nahi' wo usne kaha tha ki usse late ho jaayega'"

"Arre, tab to tujhe aur jana chahiye' zyada late ho jaayega to akeli kaise wapas aayegi?"

"haan' baat toh sahi hai tumhaari' use abhi is ghar ki adat bhi nahi hai' thik hai' main chala jaonga'"

 "Aur uske friends ko bhi invite kar lena party ke liye'" Shilpa smiled at the concern he showed, while Aarav was amazed, because he had never shown this much concern even for Payal, but he didn't say anything.

"arrey par Party hai kab?" Mayank asked amused at the sudden demand by his mother, but this time Aarav was the one to reply "Saturday night' ghar pe"


It was past 8:00 in the night, and Mayank was waiting outside the college gate. An amazing sight attracted his gaze and he couldn't help chuckle on it. Nupur was running with something in her hand, and another girl was after her. She was trying hard to snatch it, like her life depended on it, and everytime Nupur managed to dodge her. She was giggling like a kid, and she was looking extremely cute. All the glum that Mayank had inside, seemed to disappear within a moment as he saw her. Her smile had a magic, it made her eyes sparkle.

Nupur ran out of the gate looking at Arshi, who was still behind her, giving her you-are-so-dead-when-I-catch you looks' and she bumped onto something hard. She clutched the support that touched her hand and closed her eyes tightly in fear. Somebody was holding her by her shoulders. She heard Arshi scream "Hey!! Leave her okay!!" and then a very familiar baritone "Nupur"

She opened her eyes with a jolt, and sprang apart from him. What is he doing here? Did he see me fooling aroundlike that? OMG!! What he must be thinking about me? OMG!! She looked at him with a mixed expression of shock and embarrassment. "Mayank' wo' main' umm'"

Mayank shook his head amused at her behavior, but before he could say anything, he was interrupted "Hey!! Back off dude!!" Arshi blocked his way, "uske paas bhi mat jaana" she said in a warning tone. Mayank was even more surprised, but he decided to play on a little. So before Nupur could stop her friend cum bodyguard, he spoke raising his brows "Kyun? Kya kar logi?"

Arshi took a step forward and pointed her index finger at his face "Jin aankhon se use dekh rahe ho naa' unhe nikalke haath mein de doongi" Her face reflected anger which he could see even in the dim light of the road, and he couldn't help but laugh at it. Arshi was shocked and more enraged seeing him laugh. "Teri toh main!!" she was about to hit him when a petite palm caught her hands, "Arshi' stop"

"Nupur!! Chhod' tu jaanti nahi hai in jaise logon ko"

"Arshi bas kar, please" Nupur pleaded her.

"Agar maine isse chhod diya na' toh phirse tujhe tang karega'" She was in no mood to listen, but Nupur couldn't take it any more "WO MAYANK HAI!!"

Arshi suddenly stopped struggling to get out of Nupur's hold, and gaped at her in horror "kaun hai??"

"Mayank" Nupur whispered "my husband'"

"Nice to meet you' Arshi" Mayank said with mischief written all over his face. Arshi was hell embarrassed. She wanted to run away from the place but Nupur's strong hold on her hand prevented her to do so. "Umm.. I'm.. umm.. Sorry!!" She muttered helplessly.

Mayank burst into a hearty laugh for the first time today, which ceased seeing the level of embarrassment in the two girls standing infront of him. He refrained himself to say anything more that may lead to give inferiority complex to tomatoes, and calmly (with much difficulty I must sayWink) approached his wife "Ghar chale?"

She quietly went and sat inside the car, leaving Mayank's mind splitting into laughter again, but he controlled very hard "Arshi' chalo main aapko bhi ghar chhod deta hoon' kaafi raat ho gayi hai" Even Arshi forgot to argue and quietly nodded. He opened the back door of his car like a gentleman, and she sat inside obediently (Arshi being obedientShocked, now that's a guiness world recordLOL).

The journey went in silence, with Mayank's frequent chortles that he tried hard to suppress.

They reached Arshi's home, and she was bidding a quiet goodbye to her friend and her husband (much against her natureLOL) when Mayank stopped her' "Arshi!!"


He got out of the car and stood before her "Wo Saturday ko humne party rakhi hai' aap aana zaroor' thik hai?"

"Party? Par Nupur ne toh kuch bataya nahi is bareme"

"Usse nahi pata' actually aaj din mein decide hua hai' aap logo ko koi problem toh nahi hai naa?"

"Nahi' aise toh koi problem nahi hai'"

"Thik hai' phir aap aaiyega zaroor' aur apne dosto ko bhi inform kar dijiye' wo kya hai naa' aap hongi to mujhe chinta nahi hogi"

"Jee? Main samjhi nahi'"

"Wo aap ke rehte party mein koi gadbad nahi hogi naa' aap jo hongi' security samhalne ke liye'" he split into laughter again embarrassing her all the more "Dekhiye' I'm really sorry' main aapko pehchaanti nahi thi, isliye mujhe laga ki'"

"Arey arey... main toh mazak kar raha tha" Mayank composed himself "actually mujhe bahut khushi hai ki Nupur ke aap jaise dost hai' she's very lucky" he said looking her' she was fiddling with the car's music player, paying least attention to them. Arshi followed his gaze and then looked at him "I hope she is'" Mayank moved his eyes back on Arshi on hearing her "Uska khayal rakhna Mayank, she's been through a lot'"

  Mayank passed a smile of assurance to her, and she could say it was not fake. Kyunki aankhen jhoot nahi bolti' She smiled back at him and they bade goodbye to each other.


So guys... how was it? I hope it was likeable...

Luv you all


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drfizaahmed IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:10am | IP Logged
wah wah welcum back dear...
n i'll be back soon til 24 inshAllah
n about the update
i just love wht he did with payal's foto
n his frnd n mom converstion was very beautiful
n bst was the colloge secne....n the way mayank reactd to arshi.......gr8 it was...ROFL
n tha last part.... ihope she is luck...tooo..Day Dreaming
lovely part
c whn i am off i do big do u really want me to cum backWinkLOL
n ya abt ur question
hmm...i want them to remove slowly there pains n find true happiness inside..n whn priya came up ...i dont want mayank to feel a single bit for her neither love nor hatered
lov ya

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-SAISakura16- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 March 2011 at 11:13am | IP Logged


Part 6

-         he smiled seeing her smile…how cute!! Smile

-         Poor Mayu!! It must've hurt him so much to see all those things.  CryCry

-         I don't understand one thing Jiya…why did Payal buy these things for Mayu when she loved someone else?ConfusedConfused

-         Wow, I like Aarav already…he has known that Payal was not right for Mayu…and how he lightened the atmosphere later..nice!Big smile

-         He didn't like Aarav saying stuff against Nupur…awww…and then the concern he showed….I love how their relationship is improvingBig smile

-         Aww…he was admiring her…how cute! Day DreamingNupur being embarassed about how much Mayu had seen…awww…she is such a lil kid. Mayu is very naughty…fooling Arshi like that!LOLLOL

-         I LOVED Arshi!!! Everyone should have a friend like hers, she stands up for them no matter who it's against.

-         LOL poor Arshi…she is so cute!! ROFL

-          (Arshi being obedient , now that's a guiness world record ). – LOL what to do yaar poor girl has just got the shock of her life..lolROFL

-         "Wo aap ke rehte party mein koi gadbad nahi hogi naa' aap jo hongi' security samhalne ke liye'" - ROFLLOL!!! Mayu just cracked me up!!ROFL

Loved the update Jiya! Like I said earlier, these little events are helping to build their relationship and I'm glad u r showing them all. Please don't cut out any part u feel is necessary coz if u feel like that, it must be right!!!
Love u hun!Hug

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cutiepie12 Goldie

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Posted: 17 March 2011 at 5:52am | IP Logged
sisi i totally loved it GOD aarshi ws too good...jus lyk nupur of mjht......LOLLOLLOLLOLLOL awww loved daei childish gestures......WinkWinkWinkWinkWink

n mayank i sooo caring towards nupur n dat assurance smile ws out of da world......SmileSmileSmileSmileSmile

n all da memories of payal...i hope he gets out of dem soon.....da description of her memories ws amazing sisiClapClapClapClapClap ....mayank did a fab job by thrwing away da photoframe......he must get rid of all da other accesories soon......WinkWinkWinkWinkWink

hmm gonna wait for party......i knw it surely will b rocking n aarav will also like nupur....shes soo unlike her sis........Big smileBig smileBig smileBig smileBig smile

loved it alot......
plzzz cont. soon
<3 u alotWinkWinkWinkWink

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