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*Kismat Se Bandhi Ye Dori* MN FF(Update Pg 59)

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Heyyaaa peopleHug

For those who don't know me.. I am Jiya,Big smile and I joined IF this year on 1st Jan, what a nice way to start the new year naaWink.. anyways, sorry for getting carried away,Embarrassed I'll come straight to the point... Tongue

I have my own OS gallery in the MJHT forumBig smile, and I was working on my latest SSTongue, when I thought of turning into a full length FFStar, and since my readers have agreed to bear the torture, I will be continuing the SS turned FF here in the Fan Fictions forum..Wink hereby torturing all of you who might have just dropped by..LOL

And for those who have been bearing with me till now.. 
Thank you sooo much Hug

Luv ya all


P.S. technically speaking... this would be my first FFEmbarrassed

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Heart ~ PM List ~ Heart


Ok now... since I don't want to bother anyone, therefore I have not added all who are there in my buddy list...Geek 
but, if I have missed someone importantConfused, I am really sorryOuch... please remind me to enter your name in the listEmbarrassed

Thank you guys...Hug

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Heart ~ Index ~ Heart

Chapter 1 - Pg 1
Chapter 2 - Pg 1
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Chapter 6 - Pg 10
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Chapter 8 - Pg 20
Chapter 9 - Pg 25
Chapter 10 - Pg 29
Chapter 11 - Pg 44
Chapter 12 - Pg 44
Chapter 13 - Pg 59

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HeartKismat se bandhi yeh doriHeart


There was a lot of hustle bustle going on in the house, and why not? After all, the elder daughter of the household was going to get married today. Squeaky children ran about in their sherwani's and lehenga's, often running into fat bellied uncles, who pretended to be very busy, but actually were saving their skins from responsibilities. Perky teenage boys perched themselves at convenient corners, trying to get maximum attention from the girls, who were busy giggling around amongst themselves.

Inside the house, the scenario was no different. The bride's mother, Mrs. Shobha Bhushan was busy attending the Kanpur waale Chachaji and Sholapur waali Mausiji, while the father, Mr. Shashi Bhushan was running around checking all the last minute arrangements. Lot's of people, lot's of work. So, we won't disturb the poor parents, let's go check on the bride.

A young girl in her twenties carefully placed the red veil on the bride's head, and it flowed down like water over her shoulders. She was looking gorgeous.

"Haaye' Payal Di, aaj toh jeeju ke hosh hi udd jaayenge'" Payal, the bride, sighed at the remark made by her younger sister. She managed a faint smile on her face, and was about to say something, when'

"Nupur didiiii'" a group of 4 feet kareena-s entered the room, squealing "baaraat aa gayiiii'."


The groom was at the gate, striding on a white horse, clad in a gorgeous white sherwani and a complementing red chunar, his face covered with the sehra' he looked like the Prince Charming of all Cinderella's. Shobha was performing the rituals, while Nupur watched patiently, well, she only appeared patient. "Ek din mera raajkumaar bhi aise hi safed ghode pe aayega" the thought made her eyes sparkle.

"Aao Mayank beta, aapka swagat hai" the elders of the family escorted the groom inside


"Kya baat hai jeeju!! Bade light maar rahe ho!!!" she winked at him while she placed herself on the chair beside his throne.

"Yeh sab aap hi ke liye to hai saali saheba'" he replied flashing his naughty smile "Waise aap ko dekhke lagta hai aaj apne mera qatal karne ka plan banaya hai'"

"Haaye' kyun?" She placed her palm on her cheeks pretending to be shocked.

He leaned a bit towards her, and whispered "Aaj toh aapse nazarein hi nahi hat rahi' aise toh aapki behen mera murder kar degi' iraada kya hai aapka? Ab bhi waqt hai' kaho toh dulhaniya replace kara doon?"

"Hawww'." She hit his shoulder playfully and both of them burst into laughter. She was about to say something more, but was intervened by a kid "Nupur didi' aapko taya ji bula rahe hain"


"Bui' ye aap kya keh rahi hai???" Nupur was shocked. She was standing in the room where she had left Payal in her bridal attire an hour back, and now instead of the bride, only a note was left. Her distraught father was sitting on the bed that once belonged to her elder sister, while her mother was shedding silent tears. The woman she called bui, handed her over the note.

Papa, Mumma, mujhe pata hai iswaqt aap ke dil pe kya beet rahi hogi' par mere paas aur koi raasta nahi tha' main ye shaadi karke apne sapno ki kurbaani nahi de sakti' mujhe ek bahut badi film offer hui hai' aur main uske liye Rajeev ke saath Mumbai jaa rahi hoon' ho sake toh mujhe maaf kar dena'

Aapki beti


Nupur read it over and over again, trying to believe that Payal has actually left. She has deserted her parents to face humiliation and embarrassment in front of the whole society, she has deserted her sister to be mocked at for the rest of her life, and more than that, she has deserted a man who had weaved his dreams around her, whom she claimed to be in love with even a few hours back, her groom, Mayank.

"Ab toh ek hi raasta bacha hai'" bui's words brought her back to reality, only to swipe away the ground beneath her feet "Nupur ki shaadi Mayank se'"

"NAHIII" she screamed, not letting her bui complete "AAP JAANTE HO AAP KYA KEH RAHE HO BUI???"

"Main jaanti hoon main kya keh rahi hoon'" she uttered coldly to her, and then turned to her brother who was still sitting on the bed like a statue "Bhaiya' yehi ek raasta hai' warna aaj agar yeh baarat laut gayi' to hum kisiko mooh dikhaane layak nahi rahenge'"

He was too broken to say anything, so his wife spoke instead amidst her sobs "beta' humare paas aur koi chaara nahi hai'" she clutched Nupur's hands in her palms "ab sab kuch tere haath mein hain Nupur'"

She felt her heart being pierced with a sharp weapon, her dreams being torn and strewn on the floor. Her desire of a perfect life, her goals of a perfect career, her dream of a perfect wedding, everything was turning into ashes in front of her eyes. All she could see now was a man in despair, standing at the edge of loosing his dignity because of his daughter. He, who had taught her the meaning of self-respect, was now about to loose his own. How could she refuse him, even if it cost her entire life?

"Par'. Mayank??" she asked, because at a far corner of her mind lay a tiny ray of hope.

"Mujhe koi aetraaz nahi'." the baritone entered the room, leaving all the four souls inside numb to react. He was there, standing at the door, and he had heard the entire conversation. "Main Nupur se shaadi karne ke liye tayyar hoon'." he repeated, and for the first time in the past half an hour, Shashi Bhushan stood up from his position, and went up to him. He joined his palms, and was about to speak, but Mayank held his hands "aap chinta naa karein Papa' main Payal ke kiye ki sazaa aap logo ko nahi de sakta'" his tone was of assurance, but only he knew what was going on inside his heart. He took a glance inside towards Nupur, whose gaze was fixed on the ground. He could see a tear drop fall, and he silently went away. "Chal Nupur, mahurat ka samay ho raha hai' jaldi se tayyar ho jaa" a hyper excited Bui concluded.


She descended the stairs looking like the most beautiful bride in the world, escorted by her mother and bui' the anklets on her feet stirred up a perfect melody, just like her name, and Mayank looked up. She looked as calm as a lake, but he could see the storm that was tearing her inside, he could see through her, because there was a storm going on inside himself too. Only he knew what he was going through. The day that was supposed to be the happiest day in his life, has now turned into a compromise that he did with life. "Ab bhi waqt hai' kaho toh dulhaniya replace kara doon?" he smiled at the irony of life. She looked at him in astonishment, because she could see the pain that was there in his smile.

They placed her beside him and the priest started his chants'

"Kanyadaan ke liye vadhu ke maata-pitaa aage aayein'"

Shashi Bhushan stepped forward with Shobha and knelt down. He put the hand of Nupur in Mayank's hands. The priest continued'.

"Mangalam Bhagwaan Vishnu' Mangalam Garudadhwaja' Mangalam Pundarikakshya' Mangalaya Tanohari' 

Ab aap dono pheron ke liye khare ho jaaye'"

A cousin came up to tie the knot, and they completed their circles around the sacred fire. He tied the mangalsutra around her neck and put the vermillon on her forehead.

"Yeh vivaah sampanna hua' ab ap dono pati patni hue'"


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HeartKismat Se Bandhi Ye DoriHeart


She was standing at the balcony of her new room, in her new home. The soft moonlight shone on her face, enhancing the serenity of her innocence. The cool winter breeze blew in her hair, sending a slight shiver down her soul. She stood there, staring at the horizon, but her eyes were void. A hand touched her shoulders, and she turned around to face reality.

"andar aao Nupur... thand lag jaayegi"

She quietly followed her husband.

The room was decorated with purple orchids all over, Payal's favourite. The curtains, the furniture, even the bed-sheet, everything was there according to her taste. But now, she herself was not here.


Mayank's voice broke her chain of thoughts, and she looked at him, as he gestured her to sit.

"Dekho Nupur... main jaanta hoon yeh tumhaare liye aasaan nahi hai... yeh mere liye bhi aasaan nahi hai... par uswaqt, mere paas koi chaara nahi tha... yeh baat tum bhi jaanti ho aur main bhi, ki agar hamari shaadi aaj nahi hui hoti, toh tumhaare maa bauji ko bahut humiliation sehni padti... aur main yeh nahi chahta tha..." He paused for a while waiting for her reaction, but she was quiet...

 "mujhe nahi pata hamare is rishtey ki manzil kahan hai... bas main itna jaanta hoon, ki ab humein iss rishtey ko nibhana hai..."

"Mujhe thoda waqt chahiye..." was all she managed

"Waqt toh mujhe bhi chahiye Nupur... apna pehla pyaar bhulana itna aasaan nahi..."

She faintly smiled at him, because she knew that though he was speaking these words with so much ease and composure, he had a volcano of anguish hidden inside his heart. Seeing her smile, he also smiled back, and forwarded his hand 

"toh kya hum dosti se shuruat kar sakte hai?"

She smiled genuinely now, and nodded yes holding his hand.


The bright morning sunrays peeped through the large window greeting her good morning. Nupur rubbed her eyes and opened them, to find herself in a totally unfamiliar surrounding. She looked by her side and almost fell off the bed out of shock. There was a man sleeping at the other end of the giant bed, between them was a wall of pillows. It took a while for her to realize that the sleeping man was her husband, and she has got married last night.

She made way to the washroom to freshen up, and then opened the closet to find some clothes. She brushed through them, wearing a confused look on her face. All the stuff reminded her of her sister, because all of it was bought for Payal, and not for her.

"Kya dhoond rahi ho?"

She was startled to hear his voice.

"Jee... wo... main... kapde... uhm... wo..." she fumbled big time.

He smiled at her, because he understood why she was confused. "abhi in mein se kuch pehenlo, sham ko tumhaare ghar se tumhaare kapde le aayenge."

She was shocked hearing him speak her heart "jee... uhm... thanks"


They descended the stairs together, she looked beautiful in a purple saree, and he was as handsome in a white churidaar kurta. Mayank had a big house, rather, a mansion, but only two people to live there, Mayank and his mother Mrs. Shilpa Sharma. Oops, sorry, I forgot, now there would be three people living here, the latest addition being Mrs. Nupur Sharma, the newly wed wife of Mr. Mayank Sharma.

Shilpa was waiting for her son and daughter-in-law at the breakfast table. She was a mature person, and had supported Mayank with all his decisions, including the latest one. She greeted Nupur with a smile of affection.

"Kaisi ho beta?? Raat ko koi taqleef toh nahi hui naa tumhe??"

"Jee nahi aunty... thanks" Nupur replied with a smile, and bent down to touch her feet.

"Aunty nahi... Maa" She held her by her shoulders in a gesture to stop, and kissed her forehead "tum is ghar ki bahu nahi, beti ho... aur hamare ghar mein betiyaan pair nahi chhuti"

She was touched by her words, a drop of tear threatened to fall from her eyes, but before it could fall, she was taken in a warm embrace by her mother-in-law. 

"Chalo chalo... jaldi se breakfast kar lo, phir tum dono ko Nupur ke maayike bhi toh jaana hai"


They reached Bhushan house, and were greeted with warmth. Though they could not avoid the whispers being passed around, yet the day started well.

"Nupur... main tumhe sham ko 7 baje lene aaoonga..."

After Mayank left, Nupur was flooded with questions and more than that, advices.

"Beta, apne maa-baap ka maan rakhna... kuch aisa mat karna jisse hamara naam kharaab ho... Payal ne toh humein kahi ka nahi chhoda... ab to sab kuch tere hi hawale hai...

wahan zyaada chapar chapar mat karna... Mayank aur apni saas ki har baat manna... tujhe ek achchi biwi aur ek achchi bahu banke dikhana hai... 

etc etc etc..."


Mayank came to pick her up sharp at 7 p.m. She was actually very happy seeing him, because, the place she called home till yesterday, had suddenly become suffocating for her today. She was subjected to continuous advice sessions from different people, all of whom said apparently the same thing. Amidst this torture, she forgot that she had to pack her stuff, and she remembered that only after Mayank reminded her.

"Arey... tujhe packing karne ki kya zaroorat hai? Humne naye kapde bheje hain naa wahan..." Bui interrupted in a harsh tone, but she was too exhausted to fight with her now, so she quietly continued her packing.

"Arey... bhabhi... aap hi samjhao isse... sasuraal mein apne puraane kapde pehenegi... toh wo log kya sochenge hamare bare mein?" Bui looked at Shobha who was equally disapproving of Nupur's deed.

"Bui... wo kapde mere nahi... di ke hain... main unhe nahi pehen sakti..." Nupur uttered coldly, while she zipped close the bag.

"Kya matlab di ke hain?? Payal ne unhe kabhi nahi pehne... toh wo uske kaise hue?? Aur agar uske hain bhi... toh yeh pehli baar to nahi ki tu uske kapde pehen rahi hai??" It was Shobha this time.


Nupur could not bear it any more. She had been hiding a lot inside, but out of sheer respect for her parents, she did not utter a word till now. But, this small incident was enough to trigger her outburst. "Bachpan se leke aaj tak... Di ke kapde, uski kitaabein, uske khilone, uski wo har cheez jo use naa pasand ho, wo aap log mujhe de dete the... Payal ko pasand nahi? Koi baat nahi... Nupur hai naa... Kabhi ye socha aapne, ki mujhe wo pasand hai yaa nahi? Di shaadi ke din bhaag gayi, toh aap ne meri shaadi karwa di... ye socha aapne, ki main iss shaadi se khush rahoongi yaa nahi? Mere sapne, meri khushiyaan, kya ye sab koi maaine nahi rakhte?" She was fuming with anger, while the two ladies in front of her listened dumbstruck. But they did not know, that there were two more persons, who witnessed her outburst from outside the door. Both of them lowered their eyes, one felt guilty of forcing a relationship on his daughter just for the sake his own respect, and the other felt guilty of taking such an important decision like marriage without even talking to his bride. They turned back, and quietly left the place, not waiting to hear her next words "Main uss ghar mein ek nayi zindagi ki shuruat karne jaa rahi hoon... aur main ye shuruat di ke utran se nahi kar sakti..."       


Throughout the journey back home, both Mayank and Nupur were quiet. While Mayank tried hard to not think of his past, Nupur was busy figuring out her hazy future. They reached home, and quietly headed towards their room.

"Maa... main thak gaya hoon... bilkul bhookh nahi hai... aap dinner kar lo"

"Haan aunty... sorry, Maa... main bhi bahut thak gayi hoon... aap dinner kar lijiye"


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HeartKismat Se Bandhi Ye DoriHeart

Chapter 3

She woke up in the middle of the night by the ferocious growl of her stomach. The room was pretty much dark and the small alarm clock on the side table indicated 2:30 a.m. She looked around, there was no Mayank on the other side of the pillow wall. She wondered where he was at this hour, but another growl from her empty stomach reminded her that she did not have dinner, and eating was her first priority currently.

She reached the kitchen downstairs, and froze at the sight. There was a shadow hovering around the fridge, perhaps looking for something. She grabbed the vase that was kept on the stool beside the door, and tip-toed up to behind him. She was about to hit him hard, when he suddenly sprang around and pinned her to the wall



The two pair of eyes looked at each other with ultimate shock and disbelief, and then suddenly burst into laughter, a whole hearted laughter, for the first time in the last two days.

"Tum itni raat ko yahan kya kar rahi ho?"

"Wohi' jo aap kar rahe hai"

"Achcha?? Hmm' aur ye kya hai?" he pointed at the iron vase in her hand, and she was hell embarrassed. After all, which wife in this world mistakes her husband for a thief? She lowered her gaze "jee' wo' main'"

"hmm'." He nodded mockingly "thank god' mera sixth sense kaam kar gaya, warna tum toh shaadi ke doosre din hi vid..."

"NAHI!!" she shrieked suddenly, not letting him complete.   

He looked at her face; even in the dark he could see how pale it has become suddenly "arey' main toh mazak kar raha tha..." he tried to calm her "tum yeh sab maanti ho?"

She looked at him with blank eyes "ab maanti hoon..." and he knew why. He didn't want to take the discussion further, so he diverted the topic.

"Come on... let's eat..."


Shilpa woke up with sounds of laughter coming in to her room. She opened her eyes, and saw light coming in her room from the kitchen.

"itni raat ko kitchen mein kaun hai?"

She got up and went to the kitchen, and what met her eyes was extremely pacifying for her soul. She saw them giggling, talking, playing with the food like little kids. She returned to her bed smiling with the thought that they were trying to move on.    


"Mera ek dost lawyer hai' aur maine zindagi mein use bada duffer lawyer aaj tak nahi dekha"


"Kyun?? Ok... toh suno... once I had some work in the court, and he also had a trial that day... so humne socha ki lunch saath mein karte hai... toh mera kaam toh khatam ho gaya, but usko time tha... so I thought I'll wait in the courtroom... pata nahi kaun sa case tha... par, arguments?? Hilarious... ek sample suno... your honour, mere kaabil dost ne yeh toh prove kar diya ki yeh stairs 1st floor se upar 2nd floor tak jaati hai, lekin unhone yeh prove nahi kiya ki yehi stairs 2nd floor se 1st floor tak neeche bhi aati hai'."


And they continued laughing'.

"aur ek baar pata hai kya hua tha?"


"wo humein ek restaurant pe mila tha... main aur Payal..." and again, silence took over the atmosphere. He averted his gaze from her, and she looked down on her plate. But, she was not liking this sudden change in the atmosphere, and it was her turn to break the ice.

"aap di se bahut pyaar karte the naa?"

He simply nodded, still not meeting her eyes.

"main aapse ek baat kahoon?"

He looked up at her, not uttering single word.

"yaad hai' aapne kal raat mujhse kaha tha ki hum is rishtey ki shuruat dosti se karte hain?"


"toh aap apne dost se apna dard share nahi karoge?"


"dekhiye, aap jo apne chehre pe ye khushi mask pehen ke ghoom rahe hai, uska mujh pe koi asar nahi ho raha... kyunki main jaanti hoon... ke aapke dil pe kya beet rahi hai... aapne apne sapne di ke saath dekhe the... mere saath nahi... main aapke dil mein di ki jagah kabhi nahi le sakti... aur main uski jagah lena chahti bhi nahi... par aap mujhe ek dost ki jagah toh de sakte hai naa?"

He faintly smiled at her "kya tum mujhe kabhi maaf kar paaogi?"

"Maaf?? Kis baat ke liye?" she did not understand why he was asking forgiveness.

"maine hamari shaadi ka decision tumse bina puche le liya... aur..."

"us baat ke liye mujhe aapko thank you kehna chahiye... kyunki agar aap mujhse baat karte, toh main shayad mana kar deti... aur uske baad jo hota, uske liye main apne aap ko kabhi maaf nahi kar paati"

"par... tumne bhi toh kuch sapne dekhe honge'"

"har sapna poora ho yeh zaroori toh nahi'"

"par jab sapne toot the hai, toh bahut dard hota hai'"

"aur wo dard baatne se kam ho jaata hai'" she smiled at him, and forwarded her hand. He took it in his palms, and smiled back.

"thik hai... par tumhe mujhse ek promise karna hoga'"

"wo kya?"

"yehi... ke tumhaare dil mein kabhi bhi koi bhi baat ho, toh tum mujhe bataogi, kabhi hesitate nahi karogi... mujhe apne husband se pehle, apna friend samjhogi'"

"pehle aap promise kijiye, phir main'"

"main kya promise karoon?"

"yehi... jo aapne abhi kaha... ki aapke dil mein koi bhi baat ho, aap mujhe batane se kabhi hesitate nahi karenge... main aapki wife baadme, pehle aapki friend hoon'"

"achcha baba... promise'"


"aur ek aur baat'"

"ab kya?"

"tum mujhe Mayank kehke bulaogi.... yeh "suniye" and "jee" nahi chalega'"

"Kyaa?? Par main kaise?"

"Main kuch nahi sunna chahta'"

"Ok fine" she nodded disappointedly.


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HeartKismat Se Bandhi Ye DoriHeart

Chapter 4

The next morning brought new sunshine, as they decided on to give life a second chance, and move on with it. The day started quite late, because they had chatted out almost all night, and had gone to sleep only in the morning.

Aayi meri subah hansti hansaati… boli aankhen tere liye sandesa hai… haan hai

Jaagi aankhon ko bhi sapna milega… koi khushi aane ka bhi andesa hai… haan hai

Nupur sleepily dragged her hand towards her cell with closed eyes, and mumbled a very coarse "hello!"

"NUPURRRR!!!! TU ABHI TAK SO RAHI HAI???" a horrendous shriek came from the other end, and Nupur sat up on the bed with a startle.

"jee…. Nahi maa… wo bas… wo main.."


"Maa par…"

Shobha was not a person to let it go so easily. So, after fifteen minutes of how to be an Adarsh Bahu lecture, Nupur thanked her god that her Maa had finally put down the phone. She looked over to the other side of the pillow wall, and Mayank was not there.

"Shit!! Sach mein bahut der ho gayi… pata nahi Mayank aur Maa kya soch rahe honge… jaldi se tayyar ho jaati hoon…"  

and she hurried towards the washroom


Mayank and Shilpa were sitting at the dining table, discussing something, when she descended the stairs, looking pretty in a white churidaar. She saw her mother-in-law smiling at her, and felt peace inside her heart. She remembered the day when she had first met the lady, at Mayank and Payal's engagement party. There was certain warmth around her, that made her feel extremely comfortable, and Shilpa too had liked her a lot.

"umm… sorry Maa… wo… aaj thodi der ho gayi… phir kabhi aisa nahi hoga" she said looking down with embarrassment.

"arey… koi baat nahi beta…" Shilpa smiled to her "waise bhi… aaj toh Sunday hai… aur Sunday ke hisab se you are not that late…"

"Thanks Maa…"

"arey… isme thanks kis baat ki… chalo baitho… breakfast ka time toh chala gaya… toh kuch fruits hi kha lo…"

"Jee…" Nupur happily placed herself on the chair opposite Mayank, and started slicing an apple from the fruit basket. She offered Mayank some, but he refused, and went back to his business discussion with Shilpa.

"Maa… aap who Khanna waale tender ki tension mat lo, wo main handle kar loonga… waise bhi main kal se office aa hi raha hoon…"

"Haan… yeh bhi thik hai…" Shilpa nodded at her son, and then turned to Nupur "arrey Nupur!! Tumhe college kabse join karna hai??"

She was about to put a slice of apple in her mouth, but it fell off from her hands on Shilpa's question. "Jee??"

"Isme itna chaukne waali kya baat hai? Maine toh bas ye pucha ki tumhe college kabse jaana hai? As in tumne kitne din ki chutti li hai?"

She had still not recovered from the shock. "aur haan… tu ab yeh MBA ki zidd chhor de… teri shaadi ho chuki hai… ab padhai likhai bhool jaa, aur apne ghar pe dhyaan de…" She was heartbroken when she had heard these words from her mother yesterday, but had quietly accepted the reality, but here what she was hearing from her mother-in-law, was hard for her to believe. "Is it true??" She pinched herself in her mind. 

A finger went snap in front of her, bringing her down to earth. "Kahan kho gayi?" Mayank asked.

"Jee? nahi…. wo main… wo… matlab…" She tried hard to sound normal "wo actually kal maa ne kaha tha ki…"

and Shilpa understood why she was shocked, so she interrupted in between "dekho beta… tumhaari shaadi ho gayi hai iska matlab yeh nahi ki tum apni padhai adhoori chhod do… aur phir… yeh to tumhara aakhri saal hai… tumne itne din itni mehnat se padhai ki, ab adhoora chodogi to thik hoga kya?"

She leapt from her chair and hugged Shilpa like a little girl who had just got her new Barbie doll. "Thanks Maa… I love you"

Shilpa hugged her back with a smile "I love you too beta…"

Mayank smiled at the two women in his life (wow, he already considered Nupur as a part of his life, now that's called improvementWink) as Nupur went back to her chair. "Achcha toh tumne bataya nahi… tumhe kabse join karna hai?"

"Kal se…"

"Kal se… toh phir thik hai… kal se toh main aur maa bhi office join kar lenge… toh tum bore nahi hogi"

Shilpa interfered "Wo sab toh thik hai… lekin aaj sham ko tum dono ko mere saath jaana hai"

"Kahan?" they asked in unison.

"Wo mujhe kuch shopping karni hai…"

"SHOPPING?" Mayank almost shrieked "aur wo bhi aap dono ke saath? Bilkul nahi… main bilkul nahi jaa raha…"

"Kyun?" Both the women narrowed their eyes.

"Maa please… aap toh ye naa hi pucho toh achcha hai… ek saree khareed ne ke liye 10 shops mein ghoomti ho, aur phir pehli shop mein jo pehli saree dekhi thi, wo kharid ti ho…"

Shilpa got quiet, but Nupur was not the one to let go so easily "Aur main?"

"Tum??" He looked at Nupur straight "aise toh tumhara pata nahi… par ho to tum Payal Bhushan ki hi behen naa… pata nahi kitne shops ke chakkar lagwaogi ek pair of stilettos ke liye…"

He suddenly realized what he had just blurted out, and removed his gaze from Nupur. Seeing the atmosphere changing its way, Shilpa intervened "main kuch nahi sunna chahti… tu chal raha hai… bas…"

"Par maa!!"

"Mayuu…" Shilpa glared at her son.



"Nupur!! Dekho, yeh wala achcha hai??" Shilpa pointed to a yellow heavy work curtain hanging in the home furnishings store.

Nupur frowned a little, but quickly changed her expression "haan Maa… achcha hai…" but her frown did not go unnoticed by Shilpa, so she smiled

"nahi… ye itna achcha nahi hai… tumhe kuch pasand aaya?"

Nupur's grin widened to a genuine smile "haan… ye wala…" as she pointed to a simple yet beautiful white lace curtain.

"Arey… ye to maine dekha hi nahi… Mayuu!! Dekh ye kitna achcha hai naa??"

Mayuu, however, was least interested and was getting terribly bored, so he nodded with a frown "whatever Maa…"

"Mayuu…" Shilpa glared again

"Ok fine Maa…" he gave in "ye bahut achcha hai… ab hum chal sakte hai please??" he was visibly irritated, but was looking so cute with that frown that Nupur could not help giggling. "aap di ke saath kaise shopping karte the?" Surprisingly, this time her statement did not initialize the silence it normally did, perhaps because Mayank was too irked to react at that time, or maybe it was the comfort level that was growing in their relationship, though we sincerely hope that it was the latter.

They came out of the shop and to Mayank's horror, Shilpa headed towards Pantaloons, but before Mayank could say anything, Nupur spoke "Maa? Aap Pantaloons kyun jaa rahi hai? Wahan achchi sareeyan nahi milti…"

Shilpa stopped in the middle and looked at Nupur, her face expressed shock, but her eyes were smiling. "tum college saree pehen ke jaati ho?"

This was the second time in the day when Nupur was shocked by her mother-in-law, "jee??"

Shilpa couldn't hold it anymore, and she burst into laughter "arey mujhe tumhaare liye kapde kharidne hai, isliye wahan jaa rahi hoon… aur tum dono bhi aa rahe ho…." She added the last sentence with authority.

"par Maa… mere paas toh kapde hain… main kal lekar aayi thi ghar se…"

"toh kya hua… mera mann hai apni beti ko kuch dilaane ka… ab chup chaap mere saath chalo…." And she almost dragged her inside, while Mayank slapped his forehead "ho gaya do ghante ka kaam…"

Well, Mayank was a little wrong here, because they did not take two hours, they took a good three hour span. Mayank was getting more agitated with each passing second, so he decided to sit in the coffee lounge outside, and pay attention to his Blackberry. He saw them coming out with heaps of baggage in addition to the few he was already holding. He sighed, and was about to get up, when they suddenly turned around and disappeared inside again. He muttered a "what the hell!!" and dropped himself back on the chair. After half an hour more, they finally came out, and he sighed in relief.


"Jee suniye!!"

Mayank heard the voice, but did not answer.

"*cough cough* suniye!!" She tried again, but got only a glare in return, and she realized why he was not answering. So, she finally gathered herself "Mayank!!"

"ye hui naa baat…" he smiled "ab batao, kya hai?"

"wo… maine aap ke liye kuch liya hai…"

"mere liye?" his voice was not very enthusiastic, but still he did not want to disappoint her "kya hai?"

She held out a rectangular box towards him, while he was preparing himself for a shock. He had never liked the gifts Payal got for him, and after all, Nupur was her sister.

And a shock it was. Inside the box lay a black tie with grey stripes and a silver pin. "TIE???"

"haan…." She was a little taken aback from the reaction "kyun? Aapko pasand nahi aaya?"

"nahi… aisi baat nahi hai… par…"

"wo maine cupboard mein bahut saare different colours ke tie dekhe the, toh mujhe laga aapko ties pasand hai…" she was very disappointed now, because it was the first gift she got for her husband, and he did not like it (hmm.. husband... not bad NupurWink).

He realized the distress in her tone "dekho Nupur… aisi baat nahi hai… mujhe ties achchi lagti hai… par… ek chhotisi problem hai…"


"haan…" He sighed "mujhe tie bandhni nahi aati…"

"kya?" and she burst into a hearty laugh, but quickly composed herself seeing his frown. "toh aapki cupboard mein itni saari ties kyun hai?"

"wo sab tumhaari behen ki den hai…" he sighed again, and they had got used to the mention of Payal in their conversations by now, because they knew they could not avoid it.   

"achcha thik hai… main baandh doongi… ghar pe bhi papa ki tie main hi baandh ti thi" she concluded the matter for the night with a nod of his and both went off to sleep, at either sides of the pillow wall.


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All part r amazing.Big smile

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