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Untitled001 Goldie

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 3:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ritu1618

Originally posted by Paradisekiss053

Originally posted by ritu1618

@Charu, Thanks for liking the story.. now im writtin on madhu-haseena ROFL I dnt knw how did paradise pair them up ROFL  yeh mis match nai.. match miss hai LOL

The answer will be... maine match nahi kiya.... Maine to sirf jo nam sar me ayaa woh bithha diya... meine to post karne ke baad realize kiya ki kiske sath kaun he... weise idea achha hei na? Tongue

That was a gud ans ROFL
I can say only 1 thing, tum cupid math bana varna sabki vatt lag jayengi Evil Smile
Yea the task idea was lovely Thumbs Up n jodiz were quiet intrestin ROFL

Sorry mujhe non paying proffesion me nahi janaa hai...... Aur woh mushi mushi chise sirf padne me achhi lagti hei aur serial me... Samne hoga na to me bhag jaungi!

Just imagine someone saying. "My love do you want to go for a long drive and have some fun afterwards?" and then they hold each others hand... Many will think that is cute... I will too but i will shy away Embarrassed

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Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 3:40am | IP Logged
Tum dono kab apni stories post karogi?

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Meeko IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 4:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by romaila

@Ritu n Eliza......che che che stop watching PKYEK kya kya stories bananey lagey ho......... woman romancing woman hayye rabba kya zamana agaya hai.......ROFL
i thought Ek's k writers are too advanced maamla yahan b gadh badh haiROFL
good job guys.

its just a talent tht u all have to accept.. me and ritu a just 2 plain good story writersROFL

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Ms.Goody IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 4:35am | IP Logged
Story 4
Shankar n Panchi


Jo dekhta hai, Wo hota nahi

"What are u sayin, misha???? Shocked" Panchi was talkin on the ph n walkin in the colg corridor "Shankar n phycho killer!!! ????????????? Don't worry, I'll catch him red handed today itself... I got a plan" cuts the ph n calls up Sid

"Hello Sid, I need ur help!! U know, Mujhe patha chal gaya hai ke wo phycho killer kaun hai!!! Stern Smile" Panchi tells Sid over ph

"So, tumhe patha chal gaya!! That's what i like about u.. beauty with brains Wink" Sid replies, calmly "but what's the proof Evil Smile" he asks wickedly

"wohi tho i dnt have any proof but u have to help me get a proof??" Panchi requests Sid

"Help u??? Ah, Panchi..are u not expectin way to much from me? I should help u trap me? Confused" Sid says confusedly

"What Sir?? Trap u... No, i wanna trap that phycho killer, Shankar!!!! Confused" Panchi says

"Shankar!???????? Confused" Sid drops the ph n strts rolfin on the floor "Why are u upto droppin Vampire standards?? LOL Ok tel me, how can i help u??"

"The plan is, midnight... we both will go all alone to the woods" Panchi starts explaining the plan to Sid

"Intresting!!! Cool" Sid says wickedly

"then I will lay down b/w the woods as if im injured n pretend to be be prey/food" Panchi says in a enthu way

"Very Very intresting!!! Evil Smile" Sid smiles wickedly

"But u sir, have to hide behind the tree... so that when shankar comes to attack me... u attack him n protect me?? Cool??? Tongue" Panchi says

"Coool Coool!!! U r really a smart women, Panchi!!! Wink" Sid says sarcastically n cuts the ph "Ah!!! I got a Invitation for a Birdy-Panchi-Chicken Sizzler meal by the Chicken itself !!! Evil Smile" grins wickedly

Midnight: Sid n Panchi reach the jungle, Panchi lays down b/w on the grass while Sid hides behind the tree. Panchi closes her eyes, Sid looks at his prey/panchi n walks towards her in a vampire avatar.

Shankar's car was passin by the main road when he looked into the woods n saw that Vampire Sid walkin towards Panchi, He stopped his car n ran into the woods towards them.

Sid was just about to take a deep bite into panchi's neck when Shankar yelled "Panchiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!!", She opened her eyes n to her shock she saw Sid in front of her with his two vampire teeths tuckin out "Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!" She yelled.. "Dont fear... Im here" Shankar told Panchi, Sid looked at Shankar up to down n laughted sarcastically n said "U??? what are u gonna do???"

Shankar looked left n right n pointed out to some third direction n said "Hey, look.... Abhay n Piya romancing!!!" Sid turned n looked meanwhile Shankar pulled Panchi hand n said "Bhaagoooooooo" n both ran away faster than abhay-sid-chand-haseena's speed put together.

After reaching a distance quiet far from Sid... Panchi hugged Shankar n said "Main jishe acha samaj thi ho, wo humesha bura nikal tha hai?? Pahele danish aur ab sid!!! Kyun???" Shankar hugs her n pats her back

"Thanksss n Sorry!!! Thanks for saving my life n Sorry coz maine tumhe galath samje!!!" Panchi conts speakin "Pahele barr maine kise ko galath samja aur wo sahi nikla... aur wo tum ho!!!"

She looks at him n she sees her Mr Right in his face. "We are mean to be!!!" she says n smiles

"No no noo!!!" Shankar says in a panic then thinks to himself: Haan keh de!! Misha tho milne wali nai hai... n Shaurya se better Panchi hai... Say yes "Yes Yes Yes"

Both hug each other tighly!!!

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Meeko IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 4:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Paradisekiss053

Originally posted by elizaa

Couple 1

Kabeer and ruhi

Young love

''Aaj mujhe kuch khaali khaali kyon lag raha hai ?'' Ruhi wondered to herself.Confused

She looked at Angad standing next to her, talking happily.Confused

''You know what, Ruhi ?''Big smile


 ''Kabir is coming back! I missed him a LOOOOOOOOOT in this vacation he took!''Big smile


A slow smile spread over her lips.Blushing

At once, she saw Kabir approaching them from the other end of the corridor.

He looked at her and.. Something about the way he looked at her made her blush.Blushing

 He winked at her, and took a step forward.Cool

Her gaze shot down to his red top, and blue ripped jeans. She looked back at his face. He approached her slowly, and raised a hand forward to caress her cheeks. She closed her eyes. He took her hand and kissed it gently.Heart

''Main tumhaare liye kuch laaya hoon'' He whispered.

She opened her eyes.Embarrassed ''Kya?''

He bent down on his knees and showed her a ring.Star

''Ruhi, will you marry me?''Embarrassed

She grinned. ''Yesssss!''Hug

''Ruhi, tum chila kyon rahi ho?''Shocked

Angad kept a hand on his ears.Ouch

Ruhi looked around, no rose, no ring, no Kabir.Broken Heart

''Oh look, there's Kabir.'' Angad shouted out, and her gaze darted forward.Big smile

There he stood, in a red shirt and blue ripped jeans, looking at the two of them. And something about the way he looked at her made her blush ...again.Blushing

'omg, is that tracker.. how come I never noticed her wen I was here.. lagta hai mere brains mere vacation spot par hi reh gaye hai.. but she looks so beautiful' kabeer grinned.Day Dreaming

All hail Eliza.... Bap re tumne to story me jaan dal diya... it was great.... Kabir and Ruhi... not a bad idea right? TongueLOL

if thts a compliment.. thankyou...LOL
kabeer ruhi.
Meeko IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 4:38am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Paradisekiss053

Originally posted by elizaa

Couple 2

Haseena raichand and madhu dobriyal

Fire and ice

It had been a while since haseena had been for the party, she had been very restless there.Ouch She couldn't bear the smell of the blood around her, after years she had tht feeling. ConfusedThe blood of the only one she thought about for the whole four hoursConfused

"hello, mrs dobriyal, I need to talk to you about something really important. Can you please meet me outside the real estate? Yeah.. in an hour. Bye"Tongue

It had been ages since she had done this. This feeling would overcome any of her fulfilled desires. She so loved it. "hissss" she sighed.LOL

Madhu drived the car, she was impatient to learn more from the raichand. 'she is so pretty, how does she manage to be so beautiful till today' she thought.Embarrassed "aur yeh arnab ko dekho.. age toh hui nahi, mere dadaji ke umar ke lagte hai!" she moaned.ROFL

There she saw her again in her black slim dress. "maaa.. kya dikhti hai yeh..LOL am sure baal bhi dye karne ki zaroorat nahi hoti hogi.." ROFLshe smiled.

"hello madhu" haseena hugged her taking in her scent.ROFL "heyy haseena, you look beautiful as ever!"Embarrassed

"jaldi bolo haseena, mein arnab se kaafi tang aa chuki hoon, akele bahar nikalne hi nahi dete.. meri life dictate karna chahte hai, khud ki sheher mein kitne bacche hai uska koi hosh nahi, aur agar mein kisi aur admi se baat karoon toh problem hoti hai.. argh.. bloody male chauvinist.. I the these men." She gasped.ROFL

"me too" haseena smiled, "I hate men as well, but arnab has issues if u meet other men rite? What bout meeting ladies?"Embarrassed

"oh.. he wouldn't mind if they r as hot as you." She blushed.Blushing

"aah.. you knw what maddy, u actually stole my heart in the party, you looked gorgeous.. and as u hate men, id just try my luck out here.. I guess, I like you.. wld u want to be with me for the rest of your life? I promise I wont stop you from meeting other men!"ROFLROFL haseena smiled.

"awww.." madhu pounced on haseena,ROFL "this has been the best night of my life.. you know hasso, for a long time I thought I wanted to be a nun, but then I realized that what I really wanted was.. to be a lesbian'yes.. yes.. ill be with you.. now.. and forever!"HugHug

lmao.. i was laughing throughout while i wrote this piece.. ahahaah

Sorry yeh parke me partial shock me chali gayi... Uske baad itna hasi ki mera sir dukh raha he! Ouch

Meeko IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 11 March 2011 at 4:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Paradisekiss053

Originally posted by elizaa

Couple 3.

Angad and tanushree

The beauty and her purse

Tanushree was wondering how to get to her parlor on time, her driver went missing, and the other students in the college would never give the snob a lift. So she finally thought of traveling by bus. She waited for a while till she saw angad passing by.Angry

"angad.." she called, "t ko parlor jaana hai, tumhein pata hai ki kaunsi bus jaayegi?"Sleepy

Angad replied, "wait here at the bus stop for the number 32 bus. Main tumhein le jaata, par.."Sleepy

"par am too hot for your bike.. thanks, but no thanks.. t khud chali jayegi" she snortedAngry

Three hours later angad returned to the same area, and found tanushree still waiting at the same bus stop.Shocked

"t..i told u to wait for the number 32 bus, but that was 3 hrs. y r u still waiting?"ConfusedOuch

T replied, "oh angad, don't you worry, I wnt take much time now. The 28th bus just left, 5 more, and ill get in it."ROFLROFL

Angad fell in awe for her. "t, your so cute!" he said. "cuter thn ruhi.." he thought.WinkLOL

"come ill give u a ride to your parlor, and then ill drop u home, u are a princess, u need the princess-like treatment" he smiled.WinkLOL

T couldn't believe her ears, she dropped her bag hysterically.LOL 'no one has ever treated me like a princess should be treated.'Embarrassed

Angad quickly picked her bag, "chalein princess"Blushing

"haan, but only if tum mere saath parlor chaloge.. tumhari shakal t ko pasand nahi, t ke hisab se badalni padegi" she sat on his bike looked at his tshirt "aur kapde bhi" she grinned.EmbarrassedSleepyWink

T in her real form. That is what came to my mind.. First that pig headedness and then the counting the bus... Everything was like her... Liked it... It could come true sometime! LOL

f this wld come true, id really like to watch tht epi. tanu counting each and every busLOL
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Originally posted by Paradisekiss053

Okay mujhe ek achha sa speach marna hei... ahem ahem *clears her throat* Ye jo parrahe he unke liye me yeh bol rahi hu

Mujhe pata hei ki eliza aur ritu mujhe bhhon dalne ka planning kar rahe heOuch... magar unko bhi is task me mazaa aa raha hei! (u two cant deny that) Tumlog kitne achhe stories likhte hoShocked... Aur i am proud that i gave this task and inspiredLOL you  to write so beautifully! Cry These are just tears of shear happiness..

Thank you everyone.. Thank you

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