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AR FF-Ten Ways to Get Him Back-Ch1 to Ch9 (Page 96)

LaPlumeDOr Senior Member

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 12:48pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by teenorchid did u manage to write tha awesomelyyy... Tears came into my eyes reading rids pain. So that tells how awesome writer u areee... I agree armaan went over board nd u m glad he is at the first step of realizationn... Waiting fr morreee... All the best fr ur exams
Awww, thanks so so much! Here's a hug for making you cryHug I am happy you liked the chapter!
Love, Alisha K.
Originally posted by ARMAAN-KSGFAN

yayyy u updated been dying to read further and the update was sooo heart touching i just loved i to the core every emotion was portrayed so so beautifully. really awesome part. cont soon and pls pm me :)
Hi! thanks so much for reading and I am really happy you like it! Sorry if I forgot to pm you this time, they were done sort of fast!
Love Alisha K.
Originally posted by Audiwalia

I liked the part... I know armaan was right at his place because he wasn't aware abt past but in this part he crossed his limits... I riddima to forget abt armaan 4r some tym ...
Hey! Glad you liked the part! Thanks so so much! He crossed his limits that's for sure, but he was desperate for answers as well... anger, despair, pain.. these things always leads one to act irrationally.
Riddhima won't forget Armaan, I think that's impossible for her, but next chapter, Armaan is the one who will approach her!
Love, Alisha K.

LaPlumeDOr Senior Member

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 12:51pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by KaJen_addiction

hey! i just can't say how much i loved this part!  this chapter was so touching! i even felt like crying! nd hats off 2 u da way u write!
i felt so disgusted at Armaan 4 doing dat 2 Ridz! this time he crossed his limits! poor Riddhima how much she has 2 go through! but i m happy 4 her dat she has a friend like Rahul! he made Armaan realize his mistake! nd i m loving Rahul more 4 this...4 opening his eyes!
i just loved this part 2 da core! plz plz plz do update asap...i don't think i can wait any longer 2 read da next update!
thnx 4 pm:))

Hey! Thanks so so much! Yeah, Armaan can be pretty dense at times, this surely won't be the last time! But we'll always count on Rahul to knock some sense into him! LIteraly!
Love, Alisha K.

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LaPlumeDOr Senior Member

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 1:11pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Ethereal-Path

Originally posted by ksgforlife07

Originally posted by Ethereal-Path

That just made me cry ! Rahul is so right. I'm glad Ridz has him in her life. What Armaan did was so so wrong this time. He crossed his limits. If not for his fear of a highlighted scandal, who knows what would have happened  to Ridz's image had it become newspaper headlines..

I'm so glad Rahul knocked him coz I would have either way. He has made me so pissed off with his act.. My heart goes out to Ridz.. She's just bearing pain and pain for nothing but a selfless act on her part.. no matter how much Armaan loves her ahead and tries to rectify his mistakes after knowing the truth, he would not be able to reciprocate her love to that extent.. She loves him way too much!

And btw, I wonder if Rahul's article will be something important ... may be a hidden message or something ...

I cant wait to read ahead.!! I'm super happy you updated !! =D =D


P.S: Good luck with your exams :)

Hey! Thanks so so much!!

I know, I made Rahul like this perfect friend, and now I want one in real life.Wink I wanted Armaan to do something that would have drastic consequences, because I wanted to guilt him into realizing that things don't add up, that there is surely more to the story.

Even since I started writing this story, I've always wanted Rahul to punch Armaan, so I figured this was a good moment. I initially wanted a bigger fight scene, but lets not prone to much violenceLOL

As for the article, I never really thought about that, but it actually gives me an idea. Thanks!!

-Alisha K.

P.S.: Thank you for wishing me luck in my exams, really need it... have a horrible exam schedule..Thank God for COFFEE!!
Haha Rahul is indeed a great friend. I'm so glad Ridz has RM in her life .. makes life better for her Embarrassed am sure you would find a friend life that too =D
Omg! You wanted that since the beginning and it happened NOW .. What patience yaa! LOL Trust me, this scene was better than bigger fighting scene.. Rahul would have been bruised for no reason and then who knows may be Muskaan would kill Armaan too LOL
Lol, dont mention.. I was just wondering that article scene would fit considering how you mentioned about Rahul having no idea what and where to start with :)

PS: Are you a caffeine addict too? Good luck ahead! Hope your exams are going good :)

Originally posted by ksgforlife07

Originally posted by Ethereal-Path

Just out of curiosity, would you update or give us a sneak-peek soon?!!  Embarrassed

LOL I am going to update the next part on the 15th! Pinky Promise. Cross my heart!
And as for a sneak peak, I truly doubt I will. I'll probably disappear today until the 15th. But after that, I am all yours!Big smile
@bold: Does that mean we can demand endless updates then? Dancing
LOLLOL I've always been an extremely patient person and truth to be told, the fighting scene I first planned was going to be much later.. I was going to have all four of them present, and the fight would have taken place at a club/pub.. I even had part of the dialogues in my head lol. But as I wrote, I deviated alot from my original thoughts.
As for endless updates, your wish is my commandWinkBig smile LOL. I'll try to update every other day. I can't promise everyday, because my chapters are rather long.
Love, Alisha K.
P.S: Not a caffeine addict, unless exam time! December and April are the only time the substance will actually touch my lips. Only sibling in my family that does not drink coffee or tea on a regular basis.

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aftermath.. IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 1:16pm | IP Logged
Thank You Hacker for telling me about this FF (; Gonna read soonish!

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sjain IF-Addictz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 1:24pm | IP Logged
Comment updated on page 99

PS I want a sneak peak

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FleetingWishes. IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 2:00pm | IP Logged
OMG, so  was telling myself I need to comment here and tell you how awesome you are, and you're the "shit"<<<in the most f**king best way to come up with such an awesome fan fiction, and with the writing skills you've got babe. And am loving every moment of this fan fiction. Yes including the waiting, the anticipation, the hopes, then acknowledging you updated, feeling my heart beat elevating, my stomach doing cartwheels, and butterlfies are flying around<<<ermm too unrealistic?Ermm But it happens, figuratively in my lala landBlushing

I love reading what you write. None of your chapter is a filler, the way you give equal ammount of concentration to every character is amazing. I love how they aren't just supporting characters, carving their presences once in a while. I love how each of them has a layer to them, how each of them have their edges, their imperfections, their moments, their roles in the story to give it such an awesome touch. I love both Muskaan and Rahul, reading them is so much fun. They are such full of life, exotic and colourful characters, I love every bit of reading them, and helping Riddhima, the arguments that follow. I love Rahul, Muskaan and Riddhima's moments. They are a treat to read. 

Coming to the update, I definitely love the speed of the fiction. It is flowing smoothly. The web of both Armaan and Riddhima's emotions are a complicated yet transparent mess, their feelings, their sorrows, Armaan's constant mode of denial, the fear of letting her hurt him again, the desperation to want to hate her and yet acknowledging the cracks in his armour. His love for her, the little moments of those sweet flashbacks, and the sneak peak into the love that had bounded them together so formidably. I love every bit of it. The imperfections of the character, which I think is really important in any story, because what I believe is, a story, with perfect characters, starts feeling unappealing. Armaan and Riddhima both have their flaws, both seem like idiots at times, both seem like fighting their own wills at times, both are stubborn, both are determined, and LMFAO both are in love. Madly might be the apt word. 

The update was the fruit of heaven after such a long hiatus. I think I READ AND REREAD :$ There was such a varying combination of every emotion and hope in it. I loved how it begin. Armaan reminiscing the moments when he and Riddhima were together and the little conflict they had, and the way they made up. It was really touching, deep and cute. And ahan the kiss was HOT "Turns the fan on" ;)

I think Armaan's reactions were penned down really nicely. They were natural. Any guy, especially one endeavouring so hard to hate that particular woman would be pissed at her entering into his house like that. Okay so I might contradict all others and say the hospital scene was EFFING HOT. LOL, yeah am this Armaan fangirl all the way :$ and I am really biased to Mr. HOLLYWOOD BECAUSE HE IS DRIPPING SEXINESS :$ What I personally thought as he said he was furious at her listening him singing, he was angry, because he wanted to protect himself and that one piece that he wanted to keep concealed, from her. And he feared if he gave it back to her, she might crush it again, and he was acting on instincts, because knowing people having a taste of what you want to hide from them the most is anger impressing. And maybe he was taking out all his frustration out there, or maybe trying to find a desperate way, hanging on the weakest thread of impatience demanding answers, not by raised voices but simply gesticulation. And somewhat I think his fury was natural. And at times, men tend to be more angry, they just areErmm a little defaulted in that particular emotionROFL

But it was definitely hurting to see the affect of consequences of his drastic actions on Riddhima. I think she is the one who has to face the brunt always, and has been the one to face such excruciating pain. And I definitely want, when they get back, whenever they do, she makes it as hard for him, as hard it had been for her all this while. They need to have equal scores when they reunite, and atm I think Riddhima has a great difference of it from him, so he might have to work pretty much hard to win her back, maybe another ten ways to win HER back? ;)

OMG RAHUL MY MAN ILY SOOO VERY VERY VERY MUCH :$ I would admit, that Armaan was an asshole over here, and that's not because he did what he did, but when he did it, its because of the impression that caused it. If you love someone you know them, you know them inside and out, and just because someone said it, she vanished you don't start thinking of her as a vamp, or a selfish bitch in a matter of seconds. Yes doubts are there, human minds are mean themselves, wanting explanation for every act, but the heart knows, and the heart feels it. Trust is really an important factor in any relationship, and Armaan should have tried finding her, tried looking into her eyes and knowing she won't have ever stooped so low for just acquiring money for luxuries. He should have known better all that time, but he didn't. And I am dying to know what inner emotion was it that stopped him. Was it fear that it would all be true if he went bersek searching for her, found her and found out that she was not what he had thought of her all his life and then seeing himself break even more. I really would love more and more insight into Armaan's heart and Armaan's brain. AND RAHUL YOU ARE THE BEST BEST FRIEND ANYONE CAN HAVE. The dialogues between both Armaan and Rahul, especially Rahul's dialogues were AMAZING, HAVING SUCH A GREAT IMPACT :$ I LOVE HIM AHRGNDKJGNDTK :$

Okay, I seriously feel it for Riddhima. This girl has been so strong, and so loving, and so amazing all throughout this fiction, that the breaking point was heart wrenching and the built in frustration was shown classically :$ Yes I love reading emotional breakdowns LMFAO, its just the emotions, the aura and the dialogues, and the intensity that comes wrapped with it that leaves me in awe, ofcourse the ones executed perfectly. And this one was. I loved her outburst, she definitely needed one, and her stand for herself. And finally the combination of guilt and Armaan. Both of them love each other madly, and the madder the love, the deeper every emotion is, be it love or hatred or angst. I loved their confrontation and the revolving of emotions around it. That STUPID SON OF A BITCH GUY WHO WAS TRYING TO TAKE HER, and the reason as she said too, being Armaan really did make me whimper with her, and my heart felt for her :( Armaan really does need to make it upto her, and how is going to be interesting to read.

I loved how you brought in Rahul's dialogues again and again in the story, its really an amzing tactic writers use to emphasise on that one particular point and let things revolve around it. And you just did that, creating the impact. 

All in all YOU ARE A GENIUS WITH WRITING. I love reading this fiction, its one of the best I have read. Cannot wait for the next update and the story to unfold.
And heyy, you are a human apart from being a writer, and have a life so take all your time woman :D


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LaPlumeDOr Senior Member

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 8:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by sjain

Moist eyes & wet face ..Yeah I was in that condition when I finished reading this chapter Alisha ...

Too much pain SIGHH..every bit of this update was so so emotioanl I could feel Ridhima's pain & helplessness ..As it started I was expecting may be this gift from her will melt Armaan a little bit but his giant ego UHHH I loved that FB sequence which you included was so cute loved the what Ridhima Mnaofyed Armaan AWWW...coming to Hospital scene I was kinda hurt by Armaan's behavior at one point I thought may be now he will stop seeing Ridhim's condition may be his love for her will stop him but...He was so cruel to her ..and that end scene when she gathered herself & tried to behave normally made me thoda sa cry..then when Armaan called someone & asked that person to solve that matter it angered me embarrassed Ridhima was in front of her boss ..poor girl..coming to next part her scene with her mom took my heart away ..the way she poured her feeling in front of her - "H
is words hurt mom. Every time he says something cruel, I feel like my heart is being ripped out of my chest. I don't know what to do anymore..Mom I love him so much that it hurts" OUCH that sentence showed her depth of love for him (& in my heart I said Armaan you moron Jerk)..then her house part I was like OMG he is also doing same thing which his mom did PSHTT IDIOT...but that KISSS was WOW hot & steamy..then Rahul was a complete sweetheart I loved how he interacted with Armaan he did put something in to that block headed guy WOAH..& Rahul Ridhima's interaction showed how much she trusts him so cute ..Now the most heart wrenching part 'that park scene' All I did was cry cry cry cry I didn't realize when tears started coming out & then the wayRidhima blasted on him - "When I heard about your first movie, I was so proud. I skipped my class just so I can catch the first show. I used to catch a glimpse of you here and there, and it was enough for me. But then, you came back so I started to hope again. Hope that maybe fairytales did exist. I never blamed you for your anger, because you were entitled to it. So I took in all your harsh words, all your taunts, but each and every one of them hurt. I'm not that strong Armaan. I'm only human." - these lines just broke my heart in to pieces..*sniff* ...this just crushed my heart once again - "You were the only man I kissed, and I lost that too today. I nearly lost my job, and now, I nearly lost'" She inhaled sharply. "I nearly lost my virtue. How much more do you want me to lose? How much more do you need to punish me?"- now in the end part felt little relief shyad ab kuch achha ho-  Arman running after Ridhima may be  

OMG just realized how much I have written ..emotions mein beh gayi mein HAWW OOPSS

PS : I am truely happy to see you back , this story is so addictive & good ki kya bataoon wont believe I have read previous chapter for like 54354369793132469 times I love it so much ..when ever I feel like reading something passionate & emotional I read this seriously keep up the good work KUDOSSS

Hey!! Thank you soo sooo muchhh!!Big smile Glad you liked it!
 HugHugHug A hug for making you cry. Hopefully the next chapter won't make you cry, though there might be emotional pieces.. I'm trying to go for a smile for my next chapterWink
I know... a lot of pain and guilt in the update but it was necessary to move the story forward, but fear not because it will get better and better until it becomes worse again.

At the hospital, Armaan's behavior is in some sense justified.. I mean the guy is desperate for answers and super mad at Riddhima for prying into his life, but at the time he didn't think about the he does cross his limits.. but in some sadistic twisted way, we understand why...

I mentioned this to others too, I didn't want Armaan's love to show yet, because it would be random... he's still angry  and he's been in that state for seven years.. it's not by simple actions that he will come back to her, so my point was to guilt him to it, guilt him into realizing that he was to some point blind for the past years, and it's really the park scene that brings about the guilt.

The scene with the mom is actually an important one, I actually mentioned something in there that will come back later on! Well, Armaan won't literally run behind her yet, it's going to be gradual.. he has to seek her forgiveness first, and Riddhima won't forgive him just yet. There is still a lot to come.

As for a sneak preview, as much as I would love to give it to you, I truly don't think I could... all I can say for my story now is that there is calm before and after the storm, and there is always a storm before a hurricane (this is my version of the quote)... so this chapter was like the storm...

Love, Alisha K.

P. S.: I am glad to be back, I really missed writing, like a lot!! I am terribly sorry that you had to read and re-read my story without knowing what would happen next, but at the very same time I feel quite honored that you read it countless time. So sorry and thank you!HugBIG HUG for all your patience! I shall now resume studying again!

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Munchkin. IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 December 2012 at 9:08pm | IP Logged
I literally have been AWOL here since months, and I don't comment anywhere anymore. But I owe you one here. I'm the biggest fan of 'An Offer You Can't Refuse' and I came to read it only once I read about it here, on your story. But truth be told, I was skeptical about how good your story would be after I read the book. Well, well, I was wrong, haha. I'm in love with this story, for the mere fact that unlike Armaan, Doug's feelings never truly came out in the book! And I actually love the minor twists and turns you're giving to the story, its giving it a very personal appeal. 

I would give you a bigger comment, but I'll save it for when you update next, cause you make us wait way too much! LOL! So, I shall comment when your updates come quicker. HA! 

Great job, A!

All the best for your exams!

P.S. Simply can't wait for Chapter 9 x

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